Monica Bullock

Monica Bullock

A professional makeup artist and skin care technician, Monica has been working in the beauty industry for over twenty years. She is also a co-pastor of an online Christian church and works in children's ministry. She has a children's ministry blog called Tools for Kids Church.
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  • Glittery Beach Nails
    Need a fun and sparkling nail job for an upcoming beach party? Try this DIY beach nail! You can control the amount of glitter you wear.
  • See Mobile! 7 Walking Tours in Mobile, AL
    If you've decided to visit historic Mobile, you must include one or more of these walking tours on your itinerary. All of these tours are free and self-guided but will give you a snapshot of the rich and varied history of the Port City.
  • Cloud Watching: Is That Really a Hobby?
    Cloud watching or Nephelococcygia is a calming hobby that many people enjoy worldwide. Learn more about this soothing and, some say, spiritual pastime.
  • Satisfying an Unhappy Customer
    Nobody wants to deal with a grumpy person—especially if the company you represent is in the wrong. Do you know how to calm an angry customer?
  • Working With Teen Volunteers in Children's Church
    Successful children’s ministries use volunteers from all walks of life including teenagers. However, before you release these minors loose in your program set some guidelines.
  • Sorting Out the Eyeliners: Which is Best for You?
    Confused about which eyeliner to wear? You've got choices but which is right for you?
  • What to Do About an Impatient Volunteer in Children's Ministry
    Does you newest volunteer (or an old one) have anger issues? That's a problem when you work in children's ministry. Do you know what to do?
  • Turn Samples Into Sales
    Before you begin handing out product samples like you’re riding a float at a parade, have a strategy. Learn how to track samples and turn them into sales!
  • Eye Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older
    Eyes aren’t just the windows of the soul—they also reveal your age. Are you making these eye makeup mistakes?
  • 10 Commandments of Children's Ministry Leadership
    Sure, you know the 10 commandments but do you know the 10 commandments of children’s ministry? If you teach Sunday School or children’s church, you should know them by heart!
  • Fun Things to Do with Balloons in Kids Church
    Have a bag of balloons? That's all you need (well, and some air) to have a good time in kids' church. Try these ideas for games and teaching!
  • How to Fake Confidence
    Feel nervous whenever you walk into a room of professional people? It’s not unusual to feel nervous in social situations; however, you can fake confidence.
  • How to Host a Children's Ministry Movie Night
    Looking for a fun event for children’s ministry that doesn’t cost a ton of money? You can’t go wrong with movie night!
  • Exciting Features to Include in a Children's Ministry Bulletin
    Your children’s ministry bulletin is probably the most important communication you have with parents and grandparents. Take advantage of this old-fashioned, yet relevant communique and keep families in the loop about all that’s happening.
  • How to Choose a Good Children’s Ministry Volunteer
    You need a reliable, good volunteer to help you in children’s church or Sunday School but who should you pick? Learn how to pick the right person for your team!
  • Sorting Through Referrals
    Your referral program worked! Now you have to sort through those tips and find good candidates for appointments. Don’t get bogged down in a pile of bad contacts—get to the right referrals.
  • Should You Choose a Kids' Crusade or a VBS?
    Many churches fill their summer calendars with VBS (vacation Bible schools) and/or kids' crusades. Which one is right for you particular ministry?
  • Review of Demeter’s Saltwater Taffy Fragrance
    Recently, I had the opportunity to try Demeter’s Saltwater Taffy Fragrance. I put this sweet-smelling product to the test and here is my product review.
  • Easy Ways to Look Younger With Makeup
    Despite what some may think, a makeup brush isn’t a magic wand but it can give help you sweep away a few of the signs of aging. All you need are the right products and techniques. Ready to give it a try?
  • How to Begin a Bible Bucks Store in a Children's Ministry
    I use Bible Bucks in my children’s ministry to encourage good behavior and reward kids for attendance and other things too. Thinking about beginning a store in your classroom? Here’s how I did it!
  • How to Begin a Children's Church in Your Community
    Noticing an abundance of children in your community? It might be a good time to think about beginning a kids’ church.
  • 4 Reasons for a Church to Host a Kids' Crusade
    When you don’t have the staff or volunteers needed to host a VBS, a kids’ crusade is a wonderful alternative. I can count at least four good reasons for hosting these events regularly.
  • Neat Ways to Teach Bible Verses
    Do you struggle to teach your Sunday School class or children’s church attendees bible verses? It can be a challenge but I’ve found some fun ways for kids to memorize important verses.
  • Ways to Use Bible Bucks as Incentives
    Offering kids’ incentives to follow the rules and participate in promotions will make your ministry time together go smoother. Try these effective ways to use “Bible Bucks” as incentives.
  • How to Hold a Successful Promotion for a Children’s Ministry
    Do you want to create a buzz about your children’s ministry? It might be time to have a promotion or a series of promotions.
  • Cool Items to Put in a Bible Bucks Store
    Want to incentivize your kids to follow the rules in your children’s ministry? Consider opening a Bible Bucks store! It’s working for me. Start stocking a store with these neat items that kids will love.
  • Easy Ways to Add Color to a White Room Without Painting
    Painting a wall takes commitment and that’s hard to make if you have ever changing décor ideas. White wall paint gives you a blank canvas but it can leave a room looking boring, even stark. Add color to a white room without paint!
  • Tips for an Awesome Home Selling Party
    You volunteered to host a home selling party but you want it to be awesome! Need some tips to have an exceptional shindig? Try these home sales tips!
  • How to Recycle an Old Artificial Flower Arrangement
    You spent a chunk of change on that flower arrangement—five years ago! Now the silk blooms look dusty and frankly, you’re just tired of looking at it. Don’t throw it out; recycle it!
  • 4th of July Outfits to Rock the Holidays
    Want to compete with the sparkling sights and sounds of the 4th of July? You can rock the holidays with these outfit suggestions for women and girls.
  • Clever Ways Kids Can Use Shoeboxes
    Oh the possibilities when you have an empty shoe box! Give your kid a creative kickstart by suggesting one of these cool crafts.
  • Serve a Salad Bar for a Summer Party
    Planning a summer party but don’t want to spend a fortune on meat? A crisp, delicious salad bar could be just what your party needs!
  • Ideas for Summer Party Dips
    Don’t fill your summer party menu with foods that will “weigh” your guests down if they jump in the pool. Leave those unhealthy, processed dips on the shelf and try something lighter and healthier.
  • Tips for Better Handwriting
    Not everyone excels at handwriting but you can improve it. Regardless of how old you are, you can write more legibly by making a few changes.
  • Christian Prayers for Direction
    Following the will of God is important to people of the Christian faith and many rely on prayer to lead them. When you don’t know how to pray, you can use these prayers for direction.
  • Helping Kids Manage Long Hair
    Kids have definite ideas about their hair but if your child has opted for long hair, it can be a challenge to handle. Learn some tips on helping your child manage longer hairstyles without all the screaming and crying.
  • Ideas for Kids to Get Money in the Summer
    Older children (and some younger ones) like having pocket money for summer. Empower your kids by teaching them how to earn and spend money just in time for the family vacation.
  • How to Keep Spiders From Campsites
    People go camping to get back to nature but not many people want to hunker down with a spider. Learn how to keep those eight-legged intruders out of your campsite.
  • Tricks for Squeezing Citrus
    Want fresh citrus flavor on your favorite summer salads and dishes? Harvest as much juice as possible with these citrus squeezing tips.
  • Garden Decoration Ideas
    Enjoying your garden but want to dress it up? Well placed garden ornaments add a bit of whimsy to a flowerbed or a garden. Take inspiration from these ideas.
  • What is the Daniel Diet?
    Before the biblical Daniel faced a den of lions, he was influencing his friends to prescribe to his version of the traditional Hebrew diet. Many people today follow the Daniel diet before a fast.
  • Make Savory Potatoes
    Have a few potatoes on hand? That’s the most important ingredient of this handy savory potato dish. This appetizing dish works well at any meal!
  • Increase Tomato Plant Flowers
    Your tomato plants look great, well except for the lack of flowers. Without a bunch of blooms, you won’t have those coveted fruits. Learn how to get more flowers!
  • Christmas in July Party Ideas
    We’re halfway to Christmas—it’s time party! If you have an excuse to host a party in July, like a birthday, give it this festive holiday theme.
  • Cleaning Plastic Beverage Pitchers
    Summer is upon us—that means busy hostesses will be pouring iced tea, fruit punch and lemonade to thirsty guests. Once the party is over, do you know how to properly clean that plastic beverage pitcher?
  • Should I Reconnect With Old Friends?
    Once upon a time, you were BFFs, sisters of the traveling pants. Maybe your old friend is someone who you played football with? Your friendship never actually ended, you kind of lost touch. Should you reconnect with old friends?
  • How to Become a Christian Evangelist
    People who share the “good news” with people outside the church are called evangelists. Becoming one of these specialized ministers requires some training and certification.
  • Get Started as a Motivational Speaker
    Have something to say? Begin an exciting career as a professional motivation speaker. These tips will get you started!
  • Easy Ways to Stop Hair Fall for Women
    Who knew that I’d have to deal with chronic falling hair once I turned 40? Luckily, I’ve found some easy ways to control this problem.
  • Should You Roast Espresso Beans?
    Love the deep, rich flavor of coffeehouse espresso? You can roast those beans to perfection right in your own kitchen!
  • Patriotic Party Planning
    Are you the host of a patriotic party? You'll need a few tried and true tips to plan the perfect party!
  • Southern Hospitality: Tips for Entertaining
    Southern hospitality is the standard of politeness for any social event. If you plan on hosting a party, dinner or event, apply these tips for entertaining.
  • Make Sugared Flowers for Summer Drinks
    Edible flowers jazz up a summer drink but if you toss in a flower without any preparation it will wilt and eventually fall apart. Learn how to make sugared flowers and use them in all your summer cocktails.
  • Protect a Pashmina by Hanging it
    You’ve purchased a pashmina scarf but do you know how to store your stylish, new accessory? Learn how to hang a pashmina and wear it wrinkle-free whenever you want.
  • How to Make Color Sugar
    A light dusting of color sugar on top of a plain cake gives added sweetness and color. When you need tinted sugar in a pinch, make some at home using supplies you probably already have.
  • Leave Looking Great in the Morning
    If your morning “prepping for work” routine includes several changes of clothing, a fight with your hair and quick smear of mascara, you may need help. Try these tips for looking great in the morning.
  • Magic Parties for Kids
    Children everywhere love the exciting world of magic—it’s the perfect theme for a kids’ party. Planning on hosting a magic party? Use these themes and ideas!
  • How to Hold a Promotion Interview
    Fortunately, you have a few shining stars in your business but you’ve only got room for one promotion. It all boils down to the promotion interview—are you ready?
  • Preparing for Your First Waitress Job
    Working a waitress job successfully requires some preparation. If this is your first job or the first time to waitress, you need this handy checklist!
  • Food Gifts for Dads Who Like Spicy Foods
    Planning to force Dad to cheerfully accept another outrageous tie or a pair of novelty slippers? Give him what he really wants for Father’s Day—a collection of spicy foods!
  • How to Make a Party Flyer
    You’ve got a great idea for an upcoming shindig but sending out invitations or calling a large list of guests can be daunting. You have a party to plan! If you know what to do, you can make a party flyer yourself.
  • Dealing With Your Pastor's Divorce
    When you connect with a spiritual leader like a pastor and his family, a divorce can cause extreme pain and uncertainty. If a pastor in your church is experiencing this type of tragedy, you may need some tips on dealing with his divorce.
  • New Consultant Training with Mary Kay
    You purchased a Mary Kay starter but aren’t sure what comes next. It’s natural to feel a little overwhelmed about running a business. You need new consultant training!
  • Quick Way to Clean the Bathroom
    As a purely functional room, the bathroom isn’t the place where you want to hang out. However, it must be cleaned and hopefully quickly. Learn a fast, easy way to stay on top of bathroom grime.
  • Leadership Theme Ideas
    When you want to rally the troops you need a riveting theme. A theme should be easy to understand and help inspire the message you want to send to your team. Need a few ideas?
  • Homemade Cinnamon Oil
    Love the deep fragrance of cinnamon? It's the perfect aroma for our home--isn't it? Make your own homemade cinnamon oil and you can enjoy it anytime.
  • Tulle Present Decorations
    Stick-on bows aren’t very creative and some brands don’t stick to well. If you want smarten up a basket, bag or box, reach for the tulle!
  • Glitter Heels DIY
    Looking for a sizzling pair of heels to wear with a little black dress? Put your fashion crafting skills to the test with these glittery high heels you can make yourself.
  • Cleaning Fake Trees
    When you like displaying green, leafy foliage in your home or office but don’t have a green thumb, silk plants are a great option. Unfortunately, silk trees collect dust and need to be cleaned periodically. Preserve your investment with safe cleaning.
  • Circus Party Ideas
    What’s more special than going to a carnival on your birthday? If there isn’t one in town, recreate the excitement with a circus party.
  • Take Off Fake Eyelashes at Home
    Worried about how you should remove those fake eyelashes? When you remove them correctly, you don't have to worry about lash loss or skin damage.
  • Non-Gift Ideas for Father's Day
    Need an idea for Father's Day that doesn't involve shopping or spending? Give Dad what he really wants: quality time!
  • Get Darker Lashes Without Mascara
    Have a hard time seeing your eyelashes? Chances are everyone has to strain to see them too! You can get healthier looking lashes with a few beauty techniques.
  • Preventing Lip Lines
    Tiny lines and creases around the lip area can make you look older. Nobody wants that! The best way to avoid unwanted lines is to prevent them. Apply these tips for firmer skin.
  • Make Polka Dot Sunglasses
    Love polka dots but don’t want to spend money on expensive sunglasses? I don’t blame you! Try this easy sunglasses craft and make your own.
  • How I Started My Gift Basket Business
    I think of gift baskets as little arrangements of art with the added benefit of demonstrating feelings like love, excitement and sympathy.
  • Peel Cajun Crawfish Quickly
    Invited to a crawfish boil? These tasty little creatures can look a little intimidating if served cooked in the shell. Learn how to peel these Cajun treats quickly!
  • Father's Day Gift Ideas From a Son
    Sons and fathers have a special bond that should be celebrated and recognized on Father’s Day. Need a few gift ideas to get started?
  • How to Dress Up a Plain Birthday Cake
    You waited until the last minute to pick up a birthday cake and you’re frosting options are pretty boring. Dress up that plain cake and transform it into something deliciously wonderful.
  • Baking Tips for a Watermelon Cake
    Looking for a summer-inspired dessert? You can’t go wrong with a watermelon cake! From the baking to frosting, you can tweak a plain cake easily with a few changes to the recipe.
  • Make Cheese-Stuffed Burgers
    You don’t have to be a grillmaster to create perfectly shaped, cheese-stuffed burgers! Try this handy tutorial and enjoy this reinvented American tradition.
  • Noisy Shoes: How to Fix Them
    Are your noisy shoes causing embarrassment? Try these at-home fixes for squeaking footwear.
  • Stop Over-Plucking
    Do your eyebrows appear unusually thin? Could be a result of over-plucking. Break this ugly habit with a few tips.
  • Make a Goal Poster
    A goal poster is a fantastic tool if you have a big plan. Making your own visual aid will help you keep your eye on the prize!
  • Fix a Leadership Style
    As a business coach, I can attest that there are many different styles of leadership. Sometimes individuals wrongly assess their personal leadership style. Do you know how to evaluate and fix your style?
  • Bully Clients: How to Deal with Them
    Bullies aren’t found just on the playground. In the business world, sometimes clients can become bullies. Do you know how to deal with these scary situations?
  • Building Volume in Your Hair
    As a professional stylist, I hear a lot of women complain about wimpy hair. If you want to boost the volume, try this hair drying method.
  • Father's Day Gifts for the Fitness Guy
    Is Dad a fitness buff? Support his love for working out with Father’s Day gifts he will use regularly. Need some ideas?
  • Where to Buy Cheap Diapers Online
    When your budget has to include diapers, every dollar counts! You can save some money buying diapers online from these websites.
  • Summer Recreation That Kids Love
    School’s out for summer! Ready for endless hours with the kids? You might need some summer recreation ideas.
  • 2014’s Must-Have Guide to Summer Accessories
    Looking for a summer romance? We can’t promise you that, but we do know a little something about falling in love with summer accessories. Start here!
  • Tips for Harvesting Mangos
    Perfect for shade, the mango tree also provides an luscious, oval-shaped fruit. If your tree is promising a crop of fruit this year, learn how to harvest mango without damaging the fruit.
  • How to Make Parsley Pesto
    Have a few extra bunches of parsley? Luck you! Grab those handfuls and make this basil pesto alternative.
  • Best Way to Store Cucumbers at Home
    The cucumber is the cool member of the squash family and an essential ingredient in summer recipes. However, these water-filled veggies can go bad quickly if not stored properly. Learn the best way to keep cucumbers perfectly.
  • Best Way to Keep Apples Fresh
    Splendidly healthy, fragrant and delicious apples are nature’s perfect snack however they can rot quickly if not stored properly. Learn the best way to keep this fruit fresh and save money on food loss.
  • How to Oven Fry Your Favorite Fried Recipe
    Love those fried dishes but hate all the fat? Toss out those deep fryers and pans of grease—try oven frying!
  • Hide Beauty Marks
    In Hollywood's heyday, movie stars like Marilyn Munroe and Jane Russell accentuated their natural beauty marks with makeup. Today, many women have a different attitude about these spots. Do you know how to hide a beauty mark?
  • Handling the Office Womanizer
    On the surface, a “womanizer” can appear to be a nice guy; it can take some time to identify one. After you’ve privately labeled a fellow employer a womanizer, how do you handle working with him?
  • Christian Prayers for Overcoming Fears
    Fear can be a crippling emotion. For some people, Christian prayers provide some relief from these negative feelings.
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