Lisa Robertson has been a professional Copy-Writer since 2001. She provides a comprehensive knowledge of a broad range of industries.

Lisa’ background includes writing for the communications function of organisations throughout the world, across training, charity and marketing communications.

Lisa’ current role is Freelance Creative Writer, which includes the development and implementation of written content for Small Business, leading Corporate Organisations and Government projects for Australia, New Zealand, China and India -

Writer for the National Diabetes Health Magazine as expert health journalist. Yahoo News, Online articles highlighting the legislation of fireworks and safety prevention and community newspaper articles for The Hamtramck Review.

Writing Press Releases for ‘Women in Touch’ and ‘Male Awareness Foundation.

Blog writing for the Boxer-Wachler Vision Institute and Fighting the Incurable, Fibromyalgia.

In 2009, Lisa published the very first book written about Fibromyalgia called ‘Fighting Fibromyalgia: Top 3 Ways to Cope with Pain’. Which was published later in the year and available from

Prior to this, Lisa co-wrote ‘I Want to Rap to You’, a playwright produced and performed in San Diego by Angela Nixon.

Lisa started her career as a Blogger and quickly moved up to Creative Writer, extending her skills to health, technology and business.
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