Kate Freer

Kate Freer

I am a Master Herbalist, Health Coach and Freelance writer. My husband and I just recently moved back to Spring Valley, CA. Our business, Moringa and Healing Herbs is also located here now. We sell quality Moringa leaf powder from Honduras and other herbs. I look forward to growing Moringa trees again and the gentler
San Diego climate.

Moringa is a tree that is being used to end starvation. It is one of the most nutritious trees in the world. It is power packed organic nutrition right off the tree.

Writing has been a passion since childhood. My path into herbal medicine came later in life. Both passions have now blended into my life and work. . It is a honor to be able to share my knowledge and experience with readers here.

One of my projects is to get people to start herb gardens as in the old days of this country. It is important to incorporate medicinal herbs into your herb garden for the sake of you and your family. We have just moved to a house with almost an acre to grow on with a creek running through it. An oasis of peace in the fasted pace here. It will be an exciting year of growth.
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