Juniper Russo

Juniper Russo

Juniper Russo is a freelance writer living in the Southern US. She writes for several online and print-based publications and passionately advocates an evidence-based approach to holistic health and activism.

Since 2008, Juniper Russo has authored over 4,000 articles for numerous online and print-based publications, including award-winning content in Yahoo! Voices and Yahoo! Shine. She has also ghostwritten five published books and dozens of blogs for professional clients, including medical experts and self-help professionals.

Russo also owns and operates several private websites. Her work includes Fish Care Profiles, a green-focused website dedicated to ornamental fish; The Truth About Noccalula Falls, about a local legend in Northeast Alabama; Diamond Fish, about wit and wisdom from an autistic child; and A Family Like Yours, a website for children about family diversity.

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