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I am an aspiring writer. Until I am a successful writer, I will be teaching English in Asia.
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  • A Solution for the Korean Litter Problem
    The Korean people are very nationalistic. Korean museum literature often claims that the Korean people are of "one pure race". The country is described sacred. With attitudes like this, you would think they would take better care of the place.
  • Dying Young and Pedophilia
    The Japanese, like all people, appreciate youth. They just have a unique way of expressing it.
  • Freedom Fighters You've Never Heard Of
    In 1592 Japan attempted to conquer Korea. Those plans had to be postponed thanks to the people of a town called Jinju.
  • Beautiful Cherry Blossoms and the Luckiest Woman in Japan
    Early spring is an excellent time to visit Japan. The cherry blossoms bloom and provide a stunning sight. One of the best places to view these beautiful trees is in Sakura Shinmachi, which is the home of Sazae-san, the luckiest woman in Japan.
  • Art or Porn?
    There were plenty of interesting souvenirs to be purchased at the Iron Phallus Shrine in Kawasaki, Japan.
  • God is a Dick - Literally
    In Kawasaki, Japan, there is a shrine where prostitutes once celebrated the arrival of spring and prayed to phallic idols for protection. No longer a draw for prostitutes, the shrine is still an interesting sight to see.

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