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  • Denmark's First Princess Born into the Royal Family Since 1946
    Denmark's newest royal is the first princess born into family since 1946; a family that is the oldest royal family in Europe.
  • Top Ten Dog Breeds for Families and Why
    While it is known that how you raise and train a dog will determine what kind of companion it'll be, there's no denying that certain breeds are better suited for families with children. Here is a list of 10 tried and true breeds that make wonderful family pets.
  • We Are Grateful for the Patriot Guard; They Stand for Those Who Stood for Us
    The Patriot Guard is an organization of veterans and other supportive Americans who stand guard during a fallen soldier's memorial, and keep protesters at bay. No matter what one's political affiliation is, they should support our troops and the Patriot Guard does just that!
  • Is Someone Questioning Your Parenting?
    Being a parent is hard enough, but when you're a stepparent/adoptive parent or have a special needs child it can be overwhelming. ESPECIALLY when others take it on themselves to intrude. Does it really take a village to raise a child?

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