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I ve been a freelance writer for several years, choosing it after leaving law enforcement to raise my children. I love the freedom it gives me. I have written more than 8,000 articles over just the past three years, although most were from ghostwriting assignments. I am currently writing for an Italian website on current events, news, television, and entertainment. I am a wife, a mother of three girls, and a full time student pursuing a degree in technical writing. Cooking is one of my other passions and my family has become my guinea pigs.
I ve had alot of experience in a number of different industries. My husband and I owned a minor league football team and I took care of the business end of this nonprofit organization. I have waited tables, worked as a gas station clerk, dispatched for a police department, worked a bail bondman and fugitive recovery agent, worked in sales, and was a licensed EMT. I just never could find the one job that really made me happy until I started writing.
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  • A Sooners Fan’s Guide to the University of Oklahoma’s Memorial Stadium
    There are few stadiums in college football that are more recognized than Memorial Stadium at the University of Oklahoma.
  • First Person: We Cut Over $1,400 a Year With Cable TV Alternatives
    until six months ago, my family was “bundler.” We fell into the same trap as millions of others across the country, paying more than $2160 a year for cable, internet, and phone service. We found a better way.
  • 5 Fantastic Golf Courses in Branson, Missouri
    Branson is known for its country music shows, Silver Dollar City, and Table Rock Lake, but there are a number of fantastic golf courses to be found, as well.
  • 2012 Olympics TV Schedule: Sailing
    The waters of Weymouth Bay and Portland Harbour will be the locations for 10 sailing events at the 2012 Olympics. The schedule for the sailing events is extensive because there are so many races.
  • 2012 Olympic Schedule: Rowing
    Eton Dorney, Buckinghamshire, is the location of the 2012 Olympic Games rowing events. There are 14 medal events that will feature 353 men and 197 women athletes. Here's the TV schedule for the 2012 Olympic rowing events
  • 2012 Olympic TV Schedule: Volleyball
    Olympic volleyball is very fast-paced and demanding, both physically and mentally. Athletes must play as a team and have the strength and stamina needed to perform well. The TV schedule for this year’s volleyball event is listed here.
  • 2012 Olympic TV Schedule: Water Polo
    Water polo has been an Olympic event since the 1900 Paris Games. This year, there are 12 men’s teams and eight women’s teams. Here's the TV schedule for this year’s Olympic water polo events.
  • 2012 Olympics TV Schedule: Handball
    There are a total of 336 athletes competing in handball at this year’s Olympic Games. The game is very physically demanding and requires strength and stamina, but also the ability to think quickly and play as a team. Here's the TV schedule for handball.
  • 2012 Olympic TV Schedule: Field Hockey
    There are 384 athletes participating in field hockey at the Olympic Games this year. Here's the TV schedule for the event, which will be played in the beautiful Riverbank Arena in Olympic Park.
  • 2012 Olympics TV Schedule: Trampoline
    These athletes can reach heights of over ten meters. The event will only be televised for two days, but it’s certainly worth your time to check it out. Here’s the TV schedule for the trampoline events.
  • 2012 Olympic TV Schedule: Badminton
    With shuttlecocks traveling at more than 248.5 mph/hr, the athletes participating in the badminton events will have to incredibly fast reflexes. Here's the television schedule for the 2012 Olympic Games badminton events.
  • 2012 Olympics TV Schedule: Diving
    In total, there are 136 athletes competing in the Olympic diving events.Here's the TV schedule for each of the eight diving events so you won't miss any of this amazing competition.
  • 2012 Olympics TV Schedule: Modern Pentathlon
    The modern pentathlon is a combination of five elements: fencing, a 200-meter swim, equestrian show jumping, and a 3-km run, with three stops for shooting at five targets. Here is the TV schedule for the 2012 Olympic Games modern pentathlon.
  • A Guide to Mexico at the 2012 Olympic Games
    The first Olympic Games Mexico participated in were in 1900. It would be another 24 years before Mexico sent athletes to compete again; however, since then, there have been athletes from Mexico in every Summer Olympic Games.
  • My Favorite Olympic Opening Ceremony Moment: Los Angeles 1984
    As long as I can remember, I’ve watched the Olympics Opening Ceremonies and while I’m showing my age here, that means I’ve seen about 26 opening ceremonies between the Summer and Winter Olympics. Here's the ones that stand out in my memories!
  • Olympics 2012: History and Highlights of the Closing Ceremony
    The Olympic Games Closing Ceremony is one steeped in tradition. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) must approve the format and details of the Closing Ceremony; however, the protocols are not quite as stringent as they are for the Opening Ceremony.
  • London 2012 Summer Olympics: History and Highlights of the Opening Ceremony
    While the 2012 Summer Olympic events will draw millions of viewers from around the world, the Opening Ceremony for the 2012 Summer Olympics is expected to draw a television audience of 6 billion.
  • London 2012 Summer Olympics: Closing Ceremony Guide
    The 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony will celebrate all of the hard work and dedication of the Olympians. It also includes the handover of the Olympic Flag from London, England to Rio de Janeiro, which is where the 2016 Summer Olympics will be held.
  • London Summer Olympics 2012: Opening Ceremony Guide
    The 2012 Summer Olympic Games are almost upon us and there are billions of people around the world who cannot wait to cheer for their favorite athletes. The Opening Ceremony pays tribute to the Ancient Olympic Games and to today’s cultural identity.
  • All-Time Toronto Blue Jays Team: Some of Baseball’s Best
    The Toronto Blue Jays were founded in 1977 as an expansion franchise. After a few bumpy years, the Blue Jays became a powerhouse in the AL East and won back-to-back World Series in 1992 and 1993.
  • 2012 Summer Olympics: Five Athletes to Watch from Russia
    The 2012 Summer Olympics will begin on July 27, and as athletes come from around the globe to compete for the gold, silver, and bronze medals, there are five athletes from Russia that stand a good chance of being on the podium for their sport.
  • 2012 Summer Olympics: Top Five Athletes to Watch from Italy
    The 2012 Summer Olympics will begin on July 27, and as athletes come from around the globe to compete for the gold, silver, and bronze medals, there are five athletes from Italy that bear following.
  • Top 10 Female Summer Olympians to Follow on Twitter
    Strong, dedicated, and determined women. The 2012 Summer Olympic Games are full of women who have all overcome obstacles to make it to their dream. Below, you’ll find the top ten female Summer Olympians to follow on Twitter.
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  • The Truth About Being a Bail Bondsman
    One of the last things I ever thought I would end up doing was becoming a bail bondsman. I had seen episodes of “Dog: The Bounty Hunter” and read Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. That lifestyle really didn’t appeal to me in the least.
  • Why it Doesn't Matter that Zimmerman Passed First Lie Detector Test
    Florida prosecutors have released a confidential report showing that George Zimmerman passed a lie detector test the night he shot Trayvon Martin.
  • Top Oklahoma Football Gifts for Father’s Day: Keep the #1 Fan Happy
    If dad is a Sooners fan, then there’s no better place to start when thinking about Father’s Day gifts. The University of Oklahoma is steeped in tradition and that includes the Sooners football team.
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  • Top 10 Kansas City Royals Gifts for Father’s Day -- You Might Be Surprised
    My kids and I have been searching for the perfect gift for dad for Father’s Day this year. We finally decided that we wanted to get him a gift that had to do with the Kansas City Royals.
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  • Live Auctions – Money-Saving and Making Tips for Live Auction Newbies
    I love auctions, but these sales aren’t quite what they used to be. Sometimes, there is nothing but junk and by junk, I don’t mean “someone else’s treasures.” I mean broken toys, mildewed linens, and cracked glassware.
  • 5 Common Marketing Mistakes That Can Sink Your Business
    When my husband and I started our small business, neither one of us had any marketing experience. We figured, “How hard can it be?” We thought we could put up a website, advertise in the local newspaper, and people would simply come to us.
  • 10 Amazing Food Choices at Yankee Stadium
    Yankee Stadium has to be one of the greatest places to watch a baseball game in the country – unless you happen to be a fan of the opposing team! If your team isn’t doing so well, there are plenty of great food choices to help you hide your misery.
  • Turner Field: Atlanta Braves Stadium Guide
    When you enter Turner Field, you are greeted with a feeling of nostalgia; however, this isn’t an old-fashioned ball park. With some of the most state-of-the-art entertainment fans will enjoy watching the Atlanta Braves without missing any of the action.
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  • Hit a Home Run on Mother’s Day with These Top Kansas City Royals Gifts for Mom
    Mother’s Day is right around the corner. If your mother is a Royals fan, then you’ll love the following ten gift ideas to show your mother you not only love her, but you also understand her.
  • My Social Media Privacy Nightmare was Risque and Embarrassing!
    Three years ago, I was trying to figure out how to become a freelance writer. I needed to know how other writers found employment – steady employment. I found a company based out of the United Kingdom and they specialized in lingerie.
  • 5 Marketing Strategies for Non-Profits
    Promoting a nonprofit takes time, imagination, and a lack of fear. You must be passionate about your cause and know that you can succeed. Here are five marketing strategies for a nonprofit that will truly help yours find its place in your community.
  • 5 Books Every College Graduate Must Have
    Sometimes, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift for a teenager or a young adult, especially for an important event like a graduation. Below, you’ll find some great books that deal with topics like money, relationships, and inspiration.
  • 'Hunger Games' vs. 'Bully': Is It Acceptable to Bend the Rules?
    There comes a point when some common sense is in order, and it seems to me the MPAA has really not fulfilled its end of the deal to provide the right ratings when it comes to 'The Hunger Games' and 'Bully.'
  • 50 Things My Kids Will Probably Never Know
    Here’s a list of 50 things my kids will likely never use, attend, or have to deal with, and may not even know about. I’m sure anyone over the age of 35 can probably add a lot more. Some changes are for the better, while others are not.
  • Springfield, Mo., Batting Cages
    There are several great batting cages in Springfield that can let you get the kinks worked out of your swing or even find the help you need to have a swing that mimics the majors. Here is some information on four batting cages in Springfield, MO.
  • Springfield, Mo., Youth Baseball Fields
    Sports Illustrated voted Springfield, MO as a “Sportstown USN.” The city hosts numerous high school state baseball tournaments, as well as state and national ASA tournaments.
  • Springfield, MO Easter Egg Hunts
    There are few things that say spring has arrived more than an Easter Egg Hunt! If you live in Springfield MO, Easter Egg Hunts can be found that will delight both you and your children.
  • My 180 Degree Career Change - Writing Traffic Tickets to Freelance Writing
    When I left law enforcement after 7 years, I didn't really know what I wanted to do. Writing had always been an outlet for me, but how could I turn that into a full time job or even a career? It was easier than I thought!
  • Remember Easter 35 Years Ago
    What's your favorite memory of Easter? For some, it's the beautiful sunrise church services, the Easter egg hunt, or the fantastic homemade food. For a six-year old girl 35 years ago, it was a grandmother's visit and an Easter bunny cake!

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