Malina Debrie

Malina Debrie

I am the owner and founder of a small professional writing service, I volunteer at a local school and contribute weekly articles to a local newspaper. I provide professional and private writing services for clients. I am also a ghostwriter, copywriter and contribute to several online writing sites.

I am an avid Christian and Love the Lord. I have three sons who make my life worth living. While in college, my first English instructor wrote a book. In her book, she mentioned me and several of my works were included.

I am a member of the English Honor Society, National Womens Management Association and Who s Who of America.

After 33 years in management, I retired and now write daily. Over the years, I have worked as a television hostess, a fashion designer, owned an etiquette salon, worked as a wedding coordinator, taught modeling, modeled and indulged in numerous other specialties. My passion is learning, writing and mentoring children.
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