Kathryn Tyler King

Kathryn Tyler King

Born and raised in Michigan and moved West in the 60's where I attended high school and college. I married young and raised four sons. My husband died eight years ago and I've been writing a great deal of poetry and music.

I have been remarried almost three years to a wonderful Texan, Terry. We both manage a mobile home community and struggle at times with the tenants.

I have been a worship leader at our church in Gallup for almost 8 years now. We've sung some of the songs I've written in our worship service and I'm continally being inspired to write more.

All my sons live in Arizona and are artists and musicians.
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U of A, Tucson, AZ majored in nursing, NAU, Flagstaff, AZ, majored in Sociology, Denver Business College, Mesa, AZ, Assoc. Degree in Graphic Art


"I will always Praise and Worship my Lord and King"


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  • Trip to the Moon
    A futuristic view of an apocalyptic earth and a voyage to save a crew on the moon.
  • Living and Managing a Mobile Home Community
    Many don't know the problems that a mobile home community would have. Here I try to give a more detailed account of overseeing about 500 people living close together.
  • Canyon De Chelly
    Red rock cliffs, valleys of green, horses grazing, beautiful terrain.
  • Going Green - Economy Containers
    Using throw away plastic containers are beneficial. They can be used over and over to plant flowers and plants and can conserve water.
  • Earth Day - Go Green
    This is just a little highlight of what we should try to do in order to enhance our experience with Earth Day.
  • What Do They Say?
    This was a poem that was inspired by negative people who wanted to put a damper on my love for a man I met online. We will be married in the near future and I wanted to express my disagreement.
  • St Patty's Day
    A short poem describing some of the festivities that goes on during St Patrick's Day.
  • Looking for My Valentine
    I am still looking for my soul mate and Valentine season brings feelings of aloneness and the desire for companionship, friendship and love. I tried to express this in poetic form.
  • Viewing the New Year - Poem
    As I thought about my personal resolutions and building an outline of that very thing, I also felt like writing a poem describing what it is to make resolutions.
  • My Dear Valentine
    Valentines is not just for lovers but for those who love.
  • My Paper Mary
    A description of a paper mache' figure and figures that I made while in college for Christmas. I describe how Mary, holding baby Jesus has traveled with me for over 40 years.
  • Christmas Glitter
    Our material world with all of its baubles and beads needs to remember what Christmas is all about.
  • Christmas Eve Dinner: An Easy Meal
    Every year growing up, my mom made it a tradition on Christmas Eve to have a light, easy meal.
  • How to Make a Paper Mache' Angel
    This is a description of how to make a holiday angel out of paper mache. It is easy to do if you're good with crafts. Materials needed are included in the article.
  • Thanksgiving - 2008
    What I am thankful for this holiday season.
  • All I Want for Christmas - a Christmas Poem
    A reflection of the past year and the course of my life and interaction with friends and family. I cherish the time I have here and the friends I make.

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