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Kerry Gleason writes informative articles about home improvement, health issues, business,food and sports. He's won national awards as an investigative journalist, covered NFL football, produced a how-to home improvement radio show and helped turn a retired manicurist into
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  • How to Make Maple Syrup
    Making homemade maple syrup is a rewarding experience -- twice. First, you get to make it, and then you get to eat it.
  • Sled Dogs the Stars in the Iditarod
    The Iditarod starts the first Saturday in March, and pays homage to the 1925 trek from Anchorage to Nome, which was a race to save lives. Sled dogs and their drivers will face freezing temperatures, perilous terrains and threats from wild animals.
  • Frederick Douglass Paved Way for Other African-American Heroes
    Because of Frederick Douglass, the United States' flag flies with 50 stars. Douglass was a distinguished orator, author, publisher, diplomat, bank president, vice presidential candidate and friend and counsel to five different U.S. presidents.
  • How to Avoid Acid Reflux
    Acid reflux is on the rise -- literally and figuratively -- affecting more than 7 million Americans. Researchers say that certain steps can be taken to remedy the discomfort it causes, and to avoid more serious consequences if the symptoms persist.
  • Peachtree Venison Wins Recipe Reward Club Honors
    Ryan Knowles of Houghton, NY, won top honors in the December Tasteful Events Recipe Reward Club Challenge. The Tasteful Ingredient of the month was venison, and his winning recipe was Peachtree Venison with Cracked Peppercorn.
  • Grant Named Lacrosse Player of the Week
    A record-setting 15-point game by lacrosse star John Grant, Jr. of the Rochester Knighthawks propelled him to earn National Lacrosse League honors as Player of the Week.
  • Rochester Music Suits Any Style
    Rochester-born music stars like Teddy Geiger and Tweet owe a debt of gratitude to an amateur pianist who put Rochester on the music map, George Eastman. His Eastman School of Music has contributed to every avenue of music enjoyment.
  • The Spabulous Spork
    The Spork has a lively history and a new-found popularity with the military and in online cult communities. But what is the future of the Swiss Army Knife of utensils?

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