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  • A New Book About Guinea Fowl – and It's Free
    The new book Living With Guinea Fowl is well written, very informative, has amazing photographs and is free in both large and small PDF formats
  • Grasshoppers to Reach Plague Proportions in 2010
    Imagine a landscape of grasshoppers for as far as the eye can see. No ground or roads or tree leaves visible. That's what's predicted for parts of the west this year.
  • The Bucking Horse Sale in Miles City, Montana
    The Bucking Horse Sale in Miles City, Montana is attended by an international audience of horse lovers and old west fans. Miles City residents eagerly anticipate the annual event, and give visitors a warm western welcome to their delightful old west town
  • Affordable Healthcare in Miles City Montana
    You will receive affordable primary healthcare at the Custer County Community Health Care Center in Miles City Montana. Patients of all ages can qualify for discounts on physical exams, immunizations and prescription medication by completing a few forms.
  • Popular Tutorial Videos on YouTube
    Watching a tutorial video is a fast, easy and popular way to learn something new. YouTube makes it easy to watch tutorial videos on your home computer or PDA, with topics like applying makeup, learning to use software and how to play video games.
  • Lady Gaga Makeup Tutorials on YouTube
    Lady Gaga is being idolized in makeup tutorials on YouTube. Makeup artist Michelle Phan shows Lady Gaga fans how to easily look like the Monster Ball Momma. Watch these easy to follow, fun makeup tutorials so you too can look like Lady Gaga.
  • Solar Power: Look Before You Leap
    Switching your home to a solar power system, whether as an augmentation to grid power or as a full solar power home is a fantastically costly adventure with a very long payback period. Here's why.
  • A Hatchaholic's Dream Come True
    Hatchaholics can't help themselves - they love to incubate and hatch 100's of poults every season! Not an easy task to accomplish - but my dream package of incubating equipment and supplies will lessen the task and enhance the enjoyment.
  • Lady Gaga Music and Video Awards Update
    A list of awards and nominations Lady Gaga has received since launching her first album, The Fame, in August 2008. The list includes awards Lady Gaga has won for music videos, with links to the music videos on YouTube
  • If Google Can Get Cyber-Attacked, Who's Next?
    Now that Google has successfully been cyber-attacked, despite its overwhelming technological resources, who or what is next. And what can we do to protect ourselves.
  • Maraschino Cherry Dessert Puffs Recipe
    This is one of my all time favorites. It's easy to make, sweet, crispy, juicy and delicious. When you make these, make more than you think you'll need - they are light and disappear from the serving plate at an alarming rate.
  • The Guinea Fowl Online Guide
    Prospective owner, new owner or seasoned keeper, use my guide to Guinea fowl information online to quickly find the very best resources and websites, forums, videos, photos, books, recipes and gifts - all geared towards Guinea fowl.
  • Using the ALT Character Shortcuts in Windows
    Using the Windows Alt Key Numeric Codes not only enhances the appearance of your documents, it improves readability and most often reduces their size. Using the Windows Alt Key Numeric Codes also allows for correct foreign spellings and currency symbols
  • Tools - Gifts for the Man Who Has Them All
    He doesn't have these tools, and he'll love them. These high end tools will make any handyman happy - and eager to tackle more projects around the house. Unique, high quality tools for the discriminating handyman or DIY enthusiast.
  • Buy Lady Gaga's Clothing & Collectables
    Need a crystal encrusted Vambrace? Lady Gaga has joined the countless celebrities who sell their clothing and other memorabilia to collectors and fans. Check out some of the Lady Gaga clothing and collectables I found for sale on the internet.
  • The UFO Craze
    Every month, millions of people search the internet for UFO sightings, proof, technology and more. And those searchers find plenty to read and look at. Has a UFO with alien beings aboard visited earth - maybe more than one?
  • Where to Buy Leather Dog Collars Online
    Leather dog collars are easy to clean and help to keep your dog's fur from matting around the collar area, and ultimately causing bare spots. Read my suggestions on where to find some of the best, most unique leather dog collars online.
  • Best Places to Stay in Billings Montana During the PBR Invitational
    When the PBR Invitational comes to Billings, Montana, make sure you stay at a hotel or motel within walking distance of the event. My best places to stay list includes the names of motels, their amenities, address, phone number and website address.
  • Photoshop: Making Video Titles
    Making your video just a bit more special is as easy as adding a custom title. Here are some suggestions, tips and guidelines for video titling with Photoshop.
  • Google Versus China
    Will China yield to Google's demands for less censorship, or will Google end up ending its China services. I think it will be the latter, and we wont' have to wait long to see it happen.
  • Fast & Easy Recipe for Cheesy Pie
    Your kids will love this hot, cheesy, one-dish meal. You will love how tasty, and quick this recipe is to make and bake. Use chicken eggs, or if your prefer, use fresh, rich guinea fowl eggs. Cheesy Pie is a great make-ahead-meal for busy moms and dads
  • Recipe for Creamy Mushroom Sauce Over Guinea Fowl
    Guinea Fowl have a high protein, low fat content, are considered a delicacy and a healthy alternative to other poultry. This lean meat bird is popular in kitchens around the world. Prepare my guinea fowl recipe and enjoy this delicious bird yourself
  • Recipe for Guinea Fowl Stir-Fry
    A classic oriental dish, until you add guinea fowl meat. What a delicious surprise! The next time you get your wok out try my guinea fowl stir-fry recipe. Guinea fowl meat is lean, high in protein and low in cholesterol, making it a smart, healthy choice
  • Valentine's Day Recipe: Strawberry Bread
    The tiny bits of sweet, red fruit found inside this festive bread make it the perfect Valentine's Day gift. Choose from a variety of fun-shaped pans to bake it in. No matter what the occasion, Strawberry Bread is like a gift of love for your mouth.
  • Photoshop: Using Layers
    Photoshop Layers give users limitless control over their work. But they don't' just help manage work, Layers can be very creative tools that allow for continued processes, duplication and more.
  • Recipe for Sunday Roasted Guinea Fowl with Dressing
    This guinea fowl recipe features a savory onion dressing and thick, rich gravy. Looking for a leaner meat to cook with? Guinea fowl is it. This popular gourmet fowl can be substituted for chicken and used to create delicious healthy meals
  • Photoshop: The Clone Stamp Tool
    Whether you want to quickly remove some facial lines, freckles, or a person from a photograph, the Photoshop Clone Stamp tool is ideal. It is also quite well suited to adding elements to a photograph.
  • Successfully Growing Tomato Plants in Montana
    Extreme Montana temperatures, dry winds, poor soil quality and short growing seasons make growing delicious, juicy tomatoes different but doable. Some of my growing tips, like using old tires or milk jugs, can increase growth and improve your harvest.
  • A Portable Shelter Can Keep Your Calf Safe, Warm & Dry
    On the plains of North America, ranchers must protect their calves from rain, cold winds and chilly temperatures. Cattlemen are relentless in keeping their young livestock alive. Portable calf shelters are one way ranchers can protect their investment.
  • Photoshop: Typography Do's and Don'ts
    The age of desktop publishing has made everyone into a typographer. Be a better typographer by following a few of the basic rules of typography.
  • Calculating Speed - a Boggling Endeavor
    Unbridled discussions on speed; how to calculate it and what the results of the calculations actually mean, are deep, intriguing and ultimately somewhat mind boggling. Read on to become enthralled and confused.
  • Easy Access to Casinos in Miles City, Montana
    Miles City Montana has several casinos convenient located close to the Interstate. Pull off the Interstate and drop some coins into one of the poker, bingo or keno video gambling machines. You can even gamble while you wait on your latte to be made!
  • What to Feed Adult Guinea Fowl and Keets
    Grow strong, healthy guinea fowl using my feed suggestions and feeding tips. Since feed mills are not making a Guinea Fowl feed, you'll need to locate a suitable game bird or poultry feed in order to satisfy the diet requirements your guinea fowl.
  • Where to Buy Baby Chicks Online
    Springtime is the perfect time to order baby chicks online. Many of the big hatcheries are running specials on egg layers, rare breeds and broilers. Select a hatchery that offers a good guarantee, and that is located in or near your state.
  • The Most Underused Tool in Photoshop
    The Custom Shape tool in Photoshop has hundreds of pre-drawn shapes that allow users to quickly and easily spruce up artwork or photographs. The Custom Shape tool might be just what you need to give your artwork some extra pizzazz.
  • Buyers Guide to Knife Sharpeners
    Five knife superior knife sharpeners are covered. One will surely fit any budget or knife sharpening requirement. Knife sharpeners for serrated edge and straight edge knives are covered.
  • New Super Mario Brothers Wii Game Walkthrough Videos and Guides
    Did you know there is a secret world in the New Super Mario Brothers video game? Having trouble finding the hidden Star Coins? Read my suggested list of guides and videos to help you find your way through one of the best selling video games of 2009!
  • Custom Metal Art Made in Montana
    Metal art has become more affordable thanks to computer controlled plasma cutters. You can have just about any design made into metal art or metal wall art. Before you start your next home remodel, consider adding metal art to the design scheme
  • Photoshop: Pen Tools Versus Lasso Tools
    The Photoshop Marquis Tools instantly knockout circles, squares, rectangles and ellipses. The Lasso Tools are fine for simple shapes, but can only simulate curves. Photoshop's Pen Tools are the savvy user's tools of choice for knockout work in Photoshop
  • Twilight's Anna Kendrick on the Ellen DeGeneres Show
    Twilight's Anna Kendrick has received 4 awards and 18 nominations for her role in the box-office hit, Up in the Air. What sort of gossip nuggets will Anna drop to show host Ellen DeGeneres about her two sexy co-stars, Robert Pattison and George Clooney?
  • Bed Mattress Buyers Beware of the No-Flip FAIL!
    Do you find a no-flip bed mattress appealing? Some owners of the one-sided mattress are kicking them to the curb after 1 year of use, only to replace them with the old fashioned two-sided variety. Find out why, before you invest in your next bed mattress
  • Apple Trees Successfully Grown in Montana
    Before you spend a bucket of money on apple trees, find out what your hardiness zone is. And don't just plant one apple tree, it will likely FAIL! Read my tips to planting and growing apple trees successfully: Avoid frustration and save a tree.
  • Orthopedic Dog Beds for Older Dogs
    We spend a lot of time and money on our dogs, so why not give them the added health benefits of sleeping on an orthopedic dog bed. Read my top finds for Fido that not only look great in your home, but feel great to your dog too.
  • How to Make Snow or Rain in Photoshop
    Learn how to add falling rain or snow to your photograph or artwork in 2 minutes or less using Photoshop. With just a few clicks you can have a blizzard, light snow, gentle rain or a gully-washer. Learn how here.
  • A Guide to Designer Dog Beds for Small Dogs
    Nothing but the best for our best friends! Put your small dog on a cloud of high fashion, using my guide to designer dog beds for small dogs. From chaise loungers, sofa beds, corner sofa beds to sleigh beds, Fido will love you forever!
  • How to Start a Fire
    Whether you want to start a fire in a wood stove or at a campsite, the science of fire always remains the same. Understanding the science is the doorway to the art. Also, the world's best fire starting accessory is listed.
  • Guinea Fowl Pictures: Watch This Unsightly Bird Age
    Detailed close up pictures of the ugly, tick and insect eating, pearl grey guinea fowl, a popular, environmentally friendly alternative to poisons and insecticides. See anatomical details of guinea fowl, some that you've most likely never seen before.
  • Affordable & Reliable Egg Incubators from $50 Up
    Before you set your hatching eggs, make sure you have a dependable egg incubator ready to go. The market is full of unreliable egg incubators. Read my list of suggested egg incubators, so you don't end up putting all your eggs into one bad basket.
  • Poultry Terms, Trivia and Misnomers
    A lighthearted, informative look into some terms, trivia and misnomers in the world of poultry. Keeping poultry is gaining popularity in non-rural areas. Brush up on your poultry knowledge and impress your neighbor when he gets 3 Frizzle chickens.
  • Passwords a - 9
    Here is a list of the passwords you should never use. Some examples of weak passwords. How to make strong, safe passwords. Free software that makes strong passwords for you and also logs you into your passworded accounts with a single click.
  • Business Card Design
    You can do your own business card design - and do it well - at many websites. Everything needed is just a few clicks away. Where to get free business cards printed is also covered. Plus, a business card design alternative you likely have not considered.
  • Buyer's Guide to Poultry Supplies: Feeders & Waterers
    Suggestions and considerations for buying poultry feeders and waterers. Plastic or metal, how many of each, what sizes. Covers poultry feeders and waterers for grown poultry only. Chicks, keets, ducklings, etc. have other special considerations.
  • Photoshop Tips & Shortcuts
    Photoshop Tool Shortcut Keys, Quick keys, faster ways to accomplish common tasks in Photoshop. 18 ways to save time and get results faster with Photoshop.
  • The Plants and Animals of Avatar Are Scientifically Plausible
    Yes, the flora and fauna of Avatar are quite scientifically feasible. We have numerous living organisms on earth that show the adversity under which life can thrive.
  • Guide to Buying a Chicken Coop
    Before you buy an expensive chicken coop, consider converting a storage shed, used camper or dog house into a chicken coop. My guide to buying a chicken coop will give you suggestions and ideas on how to find and buy a chicken coop for your poultry.
  • Winter Tips for Keeping Guinea Fowl
    Is your guinea fowl coop ready for winter? Guinea fowl owners know that extra care for their birds during the winter months is a necessary task. My list of tips is a great starting point to preparing your guinea fowl flock for impending winter weather
  • Digital Photography Checklists
    Two checklists, 21 items totaled, of things to check before you go out on your next digital photography shoot, and before you snap the shutter button once you start taking photographs.
  • Where to Buy Guinea Fowl Eggs for Hatching
    You can start your own flock of insect-eating guinea fowl with day-old keets or by purchasing fertilized hatching eggs. There are hundreds of breeders who sell hatching eggs, but which one should you use? What's required to hatch? Read on to find out.
  • Michael Jackson Theme Party Ideas
    A Michael Jackson theme party is perfect for any age group. With a little creativity and suggestions from my list, you can plan and host a fun and physically active party with Michael Jackson music, dance moves, costumes and party favors galore!
  • Photography Lighting
    Try looking at your photography in a new way. Here are six photography lighting problems and some helpful fixes. Get more photographs that you are pleased with by simply redirecting your pre-shutter release attention
  • PhotoShop & Digital Photography
    You don't need the newest or most expensive version of PhotoShop to greatly improve your digital photography. Learn three simple settings and steps to drastically improve your digital photographs instantly.
  • Digital Photography Bags & Vests
    Avoid the common mistakes, like the ones I made, and get the right digital photography equipment storage, transport and use items. Learn what to look for in a camera bag or vest, and what to avoid.
  • Stabilizers for Digital Photography
    Do you need to pay for a fluid head tripod for your digital photography kit? What to look for in tripods, monopods and other digital photography stabilizers.
  • Stabilize Your Camera for Better Digital Photography
    Easily test the steadiness of your digital camera-holding technique. Learn ways to improve stability and practice different techniques.
  • YouTube Has Many Great Uses
    YouTube has many uses for both business and personal application. Promote your business or event on YouTube, or exchange precious video memories with friends and family. See how to get started and use YouTube here
  • Michael Jackson in This is it on DVD Soon
    This DVD will completely entertain you with two hours of personal conversations, perfect dance moves and classic Michael Jackson lyrics. But you'll also walk away with a new respect for the King of Pop, after you see him prepare for his last concert tour
  • Make Your Digital Photography Stand Out
    Categorize, scrutinize and resize your digital photography to make it stand out. Here's how you can do it.
  • Are You Experiencing Panic Attack Symptoms?
    Panic attacks affect more women than men. Read about some of the common physical and mental symptoms of panic attack disorders. You should know the symptoms and be prepared to help if someone close to you is caught in the mental agony of panic attacks
  • City Guide: Bars, Saloons and Pubs in Miles City, Montana
    Come along on my pub crawl through the streets of Miles City, Montana. My guide to bars, saloons and pubs will begin at exit 138 off Interstate 94. Don't miss the biggest grouping of western flavor saloons found downtown on Main Street
  • Tips to Improve Your Digital Photography
    Improve your digital photography instantly with these five quick, easy tips. Follow these tips and see the results the next time you upload your digital photographs onto your computer.
  • Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper Create Sweet Shades of Spring
    Two lipstick loving diva's, Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper, have teamed up for the M.A.C. Viva Glam Spring campaign to help raise money for the AIDS fund. Will these sultry singers decide to take their pop harmony to a concert stage?
  • Avatar Extended Features
    Links to and descriptions of 8 great videos about James Cameron's Avatar. These videos cover everything from the planet Pandora and its inhabitants to the weapons used by the "sky people."
  • Avatar - Even More Than You Expected
    James Cameron's Avatar defies categorization. It's scf-fi, action, suspense, animation, 3-D, drama and a moving love story. Avatar is more than anyone could have expected, and now everyone will want more
  • Local Guide to Miles City, Montana Hotels and Motels
    Use my Local Guide to Miles City, Montana, Hotels and Motels to find the best hotels and motels in SE Montana. My hotel motel local guide features great dining options as well as complete contact information
  • Copenhagen Climate Talks - Epic Fail
    The dismal failure of world leaders to accomplish anything positive at the Copenhagen conference is sending a clear and very unpleasant, unsettling message.
  • The Best Lady Gaga Interviews of 2009
    Lady Gaga gave several revealing interviews this year. Ellen DeGeneres and Barbara Walters are but two of the major talk show hosts who were charmed by the Monster Ball momma. My list of the Best Lady Gaga Interviews of 2009 includes links to videos
  • Best LIVE Performances by Lady Gaga
    Lady Gaga fans all over the world are lining up to buy tickets to watch her perform LIVE. If you can't afford a ticket to her Monster Ball Tour, sit back and enjoy my list of the best LIVE performances by Lady Gaga for FREE. Includes links to video clips!
  • Lady Gaga Concert Tour Walkout
    Who in their right mind would walk out on Lady Gaga, one of the most fascinating people of the year? Kid Cudi did, that's who. But don't worry, he's already been replaced. Read on to find out who'll be warming up the monsters for mommy dearest, Lady Gaga
  • James Cameron and Avatar
    James Cameron is a gifted visionary who creates uniquely appealing movie entertainment. Is his latest, and riskiest offering, Avatar, Cameron creates an entire world of eye-popping, edge-of-your-seat visions. But is it enough
  • Fast, Easy TV Football Snacks: All Star Tangy BBQ Smokies
    Don't make a TV football snack that requires your time being spent in the kitchen, you'll miss the game! Make my All Star Tangy BBQ Smokies in a crock pot and they will be just as hot and delicious when the last buzzer sounds as they were at kick-off
  • Fast, Easy TV Football Snacks: Extra Point Cheesy Quesadillas
    With just a few ingredients and some flour tortillas, you can make a fun, fast, delicious snack for your TV football watching friends. These festive pockets of Mexican fare are fantastic snack foods for your next game day event
  • Fast, Easy TV Football Snacks: Lineman's Mini-Pizza Recipe
    These delicious, mouth watering TV football snacks are so easy to make, and always become the center of attention. Consider having extra ingredients on-hand to fix a second batch on football game day
  • Fast, Easy TV Football Snacks: Hot Zone Crab Dip
    Watching TV Football without snacks is an 'illegal procedure' in my opinion. Before you get penalized, make sure you have plenty of snacks on hand for your next TV football watching party. Blow your friends away with my easy recipe for Hot Zone Crab Dip
  • Fast, Easy, TV Football Snacks: Backfield Chili Con Queso Recipe
    So easy, and yet so delicious. This TV football snack can be prepared ahead of time and then microwaved and served - all during a short commercial break in the game. It stores well, reheats well and gets better with age
  • Fast, Easy TV Football Snacks: Champion Chipped Beef Dip Recipe
    You don't need a lot of time or culinary skill to put together some delicious TV football game snacks. Try any of my Fast, Easy TV Football Snacks recipes, and your hungry TV football watching buddies will think you had the party catered
  • Fast, Easy, TV Football Snacks: Nachos Blitz Recipe
    This recipe for Nachos Blitz will have you in and out of the kitchen - and back to the game with snacks - in less than 10 minutes. They're mouth-watering, crispy, delicious and hearty - perfect TV football snacks!
  • Gift Guide to Top Rated Small Appliances
    Buying small kitchen appliances as gifts can be affordable and very rewarding. The cook in your life will appreciate a new toaster, microwave or even a new coffee maker. Make sure you buy a top rated appliance to ensure many years of dependable use
  • Gift Guide for Men: Buying Sexy Lingerie for the Plus Size Woman in Your Life
    Buying sexy lingerie online is much easier than driving to the mall and shopping at the only plus size store in the building. You'll have better luck if you skip the mall and shop online. But first, read my tips for buying plus size lingerie online
  • Sexiest Music Videos
    Links are included to all of these super sexy music videos so that you can watch them and agree or disagree with my rankings. So you'll really need to watch them all - for research purposes, of course.
  • Buyer's Guide to Small Kitchen Appliances at Sears
    Looking to replace your essential small kitchen appliances? Need to find the perfect house warming gift? Read my Buyer's Guide to Small Kitchen Appliances at Sears before you begin your search. Order online and have appliances delivered to your door
  • Tiger Woods' Revenge
    The media may have won some battles in their apparent war on golfing celebrity Tiger Woods, but Tiger Woods has absolutely won the war.
  • Guinea Fowl: The Natural Insect Exterminators
    Guinea fowl are voracious insect eaters. These ground dwelling birds will quickly eliminate ticks and other insects from their foraging areas. They are also very entertaining birds that bond to family members and pets
  • How to Clean Tools
    Learn how to clean tools fast and easy without using environmentally unfriendly solvents. How to clean exposed electric motors on tools is also covered.
  • Super Easy Cookie Recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies
    This is not just another cookie recipe for chocolate chip cookies. This is a recipe for a piece of chocolate heaven! If you are a chocolate chip cookie fan, make these delicious, mouth watering cookies for your next party or family gathering
  • Dexter - the Season 4 Finale and Beyond
    The season 4 finale of Dexter was all that fans could have hoped for, and more. Dexter is freed from his husband duties, but now must face a lonely, single parental role for at least one child. But Dexter may also be in a lot of trouble next season.
  • Paris Hilton, the Celebrity Styler, on the Ellen DeGeneres Show
    This week on The Ellen DeGeneres Show is model, actress and singer Paris Hilton. Host Ellen DeGeneres will be talking to BFF, Paris Hilton, about the past year, the launching of her newest fragrance, Siren, and her new hair tool, The Celebrity Styler
  • Solar Lights - Buyer's Information & Tips
    If you are considering purchasing some solar lights, read this first. Solar lights can be the perfect lighting solution, or a disappointing waste of money and good intentions for a better environment
  • Gifts for Men: Tools for Woodworking from Rockler
    If you're not familiar with tools used in woodworking, but you'd like to surprise your special woodworker with a great gift, pick from any that I've listed in this guide. Any of the tools listed would be greatly appreciated by any woodworker
  • Gifts for Men: Men's Clothing Online
    In this guide to gifts for men, see what's available online in the way of neckties, jeans and winter gloves. Online shopping for gifts for men is a smart choice: you'll get to see more, save money on fuel, save time and help keep the environment cleaner
  • Easy Recipe for Beef Chili
    Everyone needs an easy recipe for beef chili. So let me share mine with you. Make sure you use my special ingredients of prime sirloin steak and Hershey's Chocolate Kisses®. They are key to what makes my chili recipe stand out from all others
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