Linda Cole

Linda Cole

I ve always found pets and all animals to be amazing. I will not turn my back on stray or lost pets who need a home or a helping hand. As a contributing writer for the Responsible Pet Ownership blog, I try to help pet owners deal with specific problems.

I also enjoy politics because I believe it s our responsibility as voters to stay informed by asking questions and demanding proof from our political leaders and watching what they do and not listening to what they say.

I love playing softball, tennis, racquetball, basketball and most sports and I m an advocate for wildlife, wildlife conservation, renewable energy and protection of habitats in the U.S. and around the world.
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College. Education never stops. We never stop learning as long as we have an opened mind. I m a life long pet owner.


Don t be afraid to reach higher than you think you can go.

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  • Toads and Frogs: Hidden Dangers for Dogs and Cats
    No matter where you live, toads and frogs can be found by dogs or cats rummaging through the grass looking for something interesting. Not all toads or frogs will cause a problem, but there is one frog and two toad species that can be deadly for pets.
  • Snails and Slugs: Hidden Dangers for Dogs
    Snails and slugs aren't one of the more lovable creatures to encounter. Although, even they have their own hidden beauty. These slimy creatures have a beneficial role to play in the environment, but they can also create hidden dangers for dogs.
  • Great Pyrenees Dog Breed: A Determined Guardian of Sheep and Cattle
    The Great Pyrenees has roots that go back to the Bronze Age. This is a flock guardian dog that is relentless in protecting his charges from any predator. The breed was once crowned the Royal Dog of France and was highly prized by shepherds.
  • Why Skunk Odor is Hard to Remove – How to Wash it Off a Dog or Cat
    There's no mistaking the odor of skunk spray. It's hard to wash off of a dog or cat and you might as well toss sprayed clothing away. Tomato juice only masks the smell, but you can wash it off with a simple homemade mixture that will work.
  • What is the Spitz Family of Dogs
    Members of the Spitz Family of Dogs are among the oldest breeds with some having roots going back to the stone age era. Northern Spitz breeds are credited with making human migration from the Arctic regions of the world possible.
  • Famous Dog Statues Across America
    Statues are built to honor great men and women, and sometimes a monument is erected to honor an outstanding dog for his loyalty, devotion, and bravery. Unique canines that earned admiration from humans and inspired those around them.
  • Personality Traits of Terrier Dog Breeds
    Not all dog breeds in the Terrier Group are one in the same, but they do share personality traits that can make them a bit of a challenge for some dog owners. Known for their feisty and independent attitude, a terrier will also steal your heart.
  • How Long Does Kitten Teething Last
    Kittens can have mild to severe discomfort during the teething process, while some kitties sail through this period with no signs of pain. If your kitten seems to be chewing more than usual, she's probably in the teething stage.
  • How Playing with Your Dog Builds Trust and a Bond
    Dogs love to play and games are always more fun when there's more than one player. Playing with your dog is one of the best ways to build a bond and earn his trust. Even learning basic commands can be a fun game for some dogs.
  • Canine Body Language: How Dogs Communicate with Their Paws
    The only way dogs can communicate to us is with their body language, growls, barks, and whines. Puppies learn they can get attention from us when they hand us a paw, but there are other reasons why dogs paw us.
  • Signs of Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome in Aging Dogs and Cats
    With advances in veterinary medicine, dogs and cats are living longer, some well into their 20's. But with advanced age, there's a possibility of dogs and cats developing cognitive dysfunction syndrome, also known as senility.
  • Dog and Cat Health: Three Barbed Grass Seed Awns That Can Kill Pets
    Grass Awn Migration Disease is caused by foxtail and other barbed grass seed awns. These awns have sticky dagger-like hooks that go one way and can pierce the skin and move through the body of dogs and cats causing injury, infection, and even death.
  • What to Do If Your Dog Attacks an Opossum
    Opossums are beneficial to environments, and despite belief do not carry the rabies virus. These critters are slow moving and have to deal with dog attacks throughout their short lives. What happens during an attack, and what should you do?
  • How Did Fido Become a Common Generic Name That Means Any Dog
    It's not uncommon to hear someone refer to a dog as Fido, which is a common name that generally means any dog. But, it's not a name that is found on any list of the most popular dog names, so why is Fido a generic name that means any dog?
  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi: The Mythical Fairy Dog of Wales
    The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a herding dog from Wales, and one of only a few breeds that can herd geese. This is an old breed, and according to folklore, was a favorite of elves and fairies who lived in the hills of Wales.
  • Dog Health: Understanding Your Dog's Anal Sacs
    Dogs and cats can suffer from problems with the anal sacs. Left untreated, an infected gland can be painful for the dog and expensive to treat if one becomes infected. It's important to know where the sacs are located and symptoms that indicate a problem.
  • Ear Cropping and Tail Docking in Dogs: Original Purpose and History
    Ear cropping and tail docking is an ancient procedure that may have made sense at one time. Today, the reasons to continue the practice seems to be more about tradition and aesthetics than the health and well being of the dogs.
  • Glen of Imaal Terrier: A Hardy and Spirited Farm Dog of Ireland
    The Glen of Imaal Terrier originated in a remote glen in Ireland's Wicklow mountains. The breed history includes a queen of England, a lack of money, a rebellion in Ireland, and mercenaries – all playing a role in creating this spirited dog of Ireland.
  • Natural Instincts in Dogs that Came from the Wolf
    Natural instincts that came from the wolf are hardwired in all dog breeds. It's part of who they are and why dogs act in certain ways. A well trained dog can do the job he was bred to do because of the instincts retained when wolves became domesticated.
  • Raised Hackles in Dogs: Does it Matter Where the Hair is Raised?
    Raised hackles don't always indicate aggression. There's a variety of reasons why a dog can get his back up. But, are there different meanings depending on where the raised hackles are located that helps us understand what a dog is feeling?
  • Samoyed Dog Breed: Reindeer Herder of Siberia
    The Samoyed dog breed migrated with their nomadic owners until they finally ended up in Siberia. It was in this frozen land where the Samoyed became a reindeer herder and family protector. The people survived in part because of this versatile dog.
  • The Fastest Dog Breeds: How Fast Are They?
    Most dog breeds can easily outrun us. Their top speed is based on sprinting distance, not endurance. Working breeds need speed and endurance to help them do the jobs they were bred to do, and some of the fastest dog breeds have impressive speeds.
  • Why You Should Add Pumpkin to Your Pet's Diet
    Dogs and cats can have issues with diarrhea and constipation from time to time. Most episodes clear up on their own, but either one can be due to a medical issue. Adding pumpkin to your pet's diet is a natural way to ease intestinal problems.
  • Debunking Five Small Dog Myths
    When you consider how a small dog views the world, it might be easy to believe myths swirling around these little canines. Myths about any dog is a misconception of dog behavior, and can be detrimental to dogs when they are believed.
  • Rat Terrier: A Hard Working All Purpose Dog Breed
    The Rat Terrier is an American made dog breed, developed by farmers and hunters to hunt vermin and small game. More laid back than other terriers, the Rattie is a great family pet, and a hard working all purpose dog breed.
  • Chinook Dog Breed: The Only Sled Dog from New Hampshire
    The all American Chinook is the only sled dog created in New Hampshire. The breed was born from a vision one man had for a quality sled dog that could haul freight and win dog sled races. The Chinook breed was named after a very special dog.
  • The Portuguese Podengo Pequeno: An Ancient Dog Breed Known for Speed
    The Portuguese Podengo Pequeno is an ancient breed with a well earned reputation as a premier rabbit hunter. This little dog played a pivotal role contributing to the survival of the Portugal people during the 400 year Moorish occupation.
  • Which Dog Breeds Were the Most Searched on Google?
    Google just released their annual list of most popular searches of 2013. A variety of topics made the list, including the top ten searches of interesting people, blogs, celebrity break-ups, celebrity pregnancies, and the top ten most searched dog breeds.
  • Stereotyping Pit Bulls, Bully Breeds, and Other Dog Breeds
    Stereotyping is a perceived notion or perception of what we believe about other people, as well as animals, regardless of what the truth is. Certain dog breeds are stereotyped based on fear of what might happen, disregarding their true nature.
  • How to Make Your Pet's Christmas Merry and Stress Free
    With all of the excitement of the holiday season, it's easy to put your pet's needs on the back burner while you attend to Christmas preparations. But, with some planning, it doesn't take a lot of time to make your pet's Christmas merry and stress free.
  • The Danger of Feeding Cats Dog Food
    The nutritional needs of cats are not the same as dogs, and feeding cats dog food can put your pet at risk of developing health problems. Cats are true carnivores, and their dietary needs are put at risk if they have a steady diet of dog food.
  • Seven Inventions Inspired by Dogs and Cats
    Many inventions were discovered by accident while someone was trying to solve a problem. The hunt for innovative ideas are often in found unlikely places, and some inventors were inspired by dogs and cats to come up with a unique concept.
  • Mythology and Legends of the Norwegian Forest Cat
    The Norwegian Forest Cat is one of the oldest cat breeds, created by natural selection. This mystical cat is found in Viking legends, superstitions, and Nordic mythology. According to legend, trolls are not fans of the Forest cat.
  • How Does Marijuana Affect Dogs and Cats
    With more states legalizing marijuana, vets have reported an increase in marijuana poisoning in dogs and cats who find their owners' medical marijuana and eat it. But, some pet owners swear medical marijuana can benefit pets the same way it helps humans.
  • How to Teach Your Dog to Focus on You
    There are times when it's necessary to have your dog focus on you. If you can't get his attention, you will have trouble teaching him basic commands. Getting your dog's attention and holding it is one way to keep you in control and keep your pet safe.
  • Will Tougher FDA Regulations Save Pets from Tainted Food
    Tougher FDA regulations are being proposed to give the agency better tools to try and prevent tainted food for humans and pets from getting into the food supply. These new rules, if enacted, will regulate foreign food imports and domestic production.
  • Why Dogs Chew on Their Leash and How to Stop It
    Walking your dog isn't much fun when you spend the entire time trying to get him to stop chewing his leash. It's a dangerous habit that needs to be broken for his protection. You can end the battle of the leash and enjoy a walk with your dog.
  • How a Government Shutdown Impacts Dogs, Cats, and Other Animals
    The best way to find out what our government does for us, is to have it shutdown. Most of the time reasonable debate and sensible solutions are found to avoid a messy situation, but when it doesn't people, dogs, cats, and other animals feel the impact.
  • How to Get Your Dog to Listen to You
    If you can't get your dog to listen to you, training him or getting him to focus on commands he already knows may be harder to do. Dogs live in a distracting world, and your dog's safety may depend on how well he pays attention to you.
  • How Dog Intelligence is Measured
    Dogs can count up to four or five, and even add and subtract. They understand fairness, and read our emotions. Researchers are discovering dogs are a lot smarter than they once thought, and dog intelligence is higher today than it was in their ancestors.
  • Irish Terrier: The Dog that Knows No Fear
    The Irish Terrier has a well earned reputation as the dog that knows no fear. Native to Ireland, this breed is a tenacious hunter with a strong sense of loyalty to the ones he loves, and will protect them with his life, if necessary.
  • Help for Struggling Pet Owners: Food Stamps for Pets
    With a slow economy and good paying jobs hard to find, many pet parents struggle to feed themselves, and their pets. Low-income pet owners can now find help from a new non-profit organization called Pet Food Stamps. Who is eligible and how to apply.
  • Origin of the Six-Toed Hemingway Polydactyl Cat
    Ernest Hemingway loved the independence of cats, but polydactyl cats were in America long before Hemingway's birth. The origin of six-toed cats begin with the developed of the Main Coon cat breed during the early days of America.
  • How the Bulldog Became the U.S. Marine Corps Mascot
    The Bulldog has been the mascot of the Marine Corps since 1922. It was a WWI battle in France that earned the fighting Marines the nickname of Devil Dogs – given to them by the Germans who fought against the Marines in a far away battle.
  • New Guidelines on How to Perform CPR on Pets: Four Easy to Understand Steps
    New guidelines on how to perform CPR on pets was released in 2012 with updated recommendations to improve a pet's chance of surviving cardiac arrest. Knowing how to perform CPR on people or pets can save lives.
  • Dog Breeds Gaining in Popularity: Sporting Group G-W
    The Sporting Group members represent dogs bred to work closely with hunters. One breed was trained to mimic the actions foxes use to lure in ducks for an easy meal. Over the last decade, nine breeds have gained in their popularity.
  • Dog Breeds Gaining in Popularity: Sporting Group
    The Sporting Group of dogs are the Pointers, Setters, Spaniels, and Retrievers that work closely with hunters to flush out and retrieve waterfowl, and other game. Energetic and family-friendly, nine breeds have seen their popularity rise.
  • Dog Breeds Gaining in Popularity: Non-Sporting Group S-X
    The Non-Sporting Group is made up of an interesting mix of breeds in size, appearance, and coat type. One member, the Xoloitzcuintli, one of North America's first breeds, has gained in popularity after receiving AKC recognition in 2011.
  • Dog Breeds Gaining in Popularity: Non-Sporting Group
    One member from the Non-Sporting Group calms horses, and another breed can only give birth by caesarean, making them one of the most expensive breeds. With a mix of sizes, appearance, and coat type, six breeds are gaining in popularity.
  • Dog Breeds Gaining in Popularity: Working Group P-S
    The Working Group of dogs made it possible for man to move goods to market, control vermin, protect their families, and guard their homes. Their bravery can not be questioned, and their loyalty is true. One reason why 15 breeds are gaining in popularity.
  • Dog Breeds Gaining in Popularity: Working Group D-N
    Among the Working Group are breeds that share an ancestral history with the Molossus Dog. Mastiff-like dogs that hunted lions, and fought bravely in battles. But, today, these breeds are more refined, and gaining in popularity.
  • Dog Breeds Gaining in Popularity: Working Group A-C
    The Working Group is an interesting variety of blue collar workers of the dog world, with some dating back to ancient times. Some of these breeds are extremely powerful and massive, meant to be intimidating to protect family and home.
  • Dog Breeds Gaining in Popularity: Terrier Group
    Dog breeds in the Terrier Group are intelligent free thinkers who, despite their small size, have the courage and fearless attitude to match their prey. Terriers are great pets, for the right owner, and five breeds are gaining in popularity.
  • Dog Breeds Gaining in Popularity: Hound Group
    Each breed in the Hound Group was bred to do one thing well, hunt. These dogs have a relentless determination to track the prey, no matter where it goes. Six Hound breeds have been gaining in popularity over the last 10 years.
  • Dog Breeds Gaining in Popularity: Toy Group
    The Toy Group is one of seven groups the American Kennel Club uses to categorize dogs based on the function of the breed, why the dog was created. Toy dogs were created as companion pets and two toy breeds are becoming quite popular.
  • Dog Breeds Gaining in Popularity: Herding Group
    The American Kennel Club created the Herding Group in 1983. Prior to that, dog breeds in this group belonged to the Working Group. Six breeds in this group have seen an upturn in their popularity over the last decade.
  • Why Border Collies Can Be Hard to Train
    Never underestimate the ability of a Border Collie to think for himself. He is smart enough to outsmart a novice dog trainer. How easy or hard to train a Border Collie is depends on your ability to stay one step ahead of this intelligent breed.
  • Easiest Small Dog Breeds to Train
    Training any dog can be hard if you aren't consistent, patient, and dedicated. Small dogs have big attitudes that need to be control. The easiest small dog breeds to train are smart, loyal, and quick to learn as long as you take the time to teach.
  • Service Dogs and Unnecessary Certification Kits
    It's never difficult to find businesses or people willing to misrepresent consumers to sell products or services. Some online companies are selling certification kits and misrepresenting the need for certification papers for service dogs.
  • Never Underestimate a Bloodhound's Nose or Intelligence
    Intelligence is a matter of perspective and it isn't wise to underestimate the ability of a Bloodhound's nose or his intelligence. This breed may be labeled as one of the dumbest breeds, but it's not brains he lacking, it's an extreme stubborn streak.
  • April – Pet First Aid Kit Awareness: Be Ready for Pet Emergencies
    April is Pet First Aid Kit Awareness Month. Accidents and emergencies happen in the blink of an eye. Being prepared is the first line of defense we have to protect an injured or sick pet. Having a first aid kit could save your pet's life.
  • How Lassie, AKA Pal, Captured the Heart of a Generation
    When Lassie, aka Pal, starred in his first movie, "Lassie Come Home," movie goers rooted for the dog who, against the odds, found his way back home. But, it was a writer who made it possible for Pal to capture a generation's heart.
  • Symptoms of Chocolate Poisoning in Cats and Dogs
    Chocolate poisoning in cats and dogs is a very real and potentially deadly medical condition. Recognizing the symptoms can help you save your pet's life. It doesn't take much of this tasty treat to put a pet in a life-threatening condition.
  • Norwegian Lundehund – the World's Most Unique and Unusual Dog Breed
    The Norwegian Lundehund, also known as the Puffin dog, is the most unusual and unique dog in the world. An ancient and rare breed, it's believed this dog survived the third Ice Age, finding refugee on an island off the coast of Norway.
  • American Pit Bull Terrier: A History of Torture and Abuse
    The American Pit Bull Terrier is actually an ancient breed of unknown origin, and they have come a long way since their early beginnings in looks and size. But it's Man's fascination with blood sports that unfairly defines the Pit Bull.
  • National Pet Day: One Person Can Make a Difference
    National Pet Day is April 11 and is a day to remember how much pets depend on us for their health and safety. Stray pets aren't on the streets by choice and shelter pets deserve a forever home. One person can make a difference in the life of a pet.
  • Why the Dalmatian is Known as the Carriage Dog and Firehouse Dog
    The Dalmatian has a unique relationship with horses no other dog breed has. In fact, their bond is so strong, Dalmatians are the perfect pet for a horse. Dalmatians have a reputation as a carriage dog and firehouse dog for good reason.
  • Top Six Puppy and Dog Training Tips
    The time to start a puppy's education begins on the first day you bring him home. Shelter dogs may need a refresher course in their training. Help your pet learn how you expect him to behave with these top training tips.
  • Why Hasn't the Labrador Retriever Won Westminster's Best in Show
    The Labrador Retriever has been America's pick for the number one breed in the country for the last 22 years, but the breed has never had a win at the prestigious Westminster Dog Show. Why hasn't the Lab won a Best In Show at Westminster?
  • When a Dog Bites: Five Responsible Actions to Take
    No matter how friendly you think your dog is, there's always a possibility he could bite someone. When you accept responsibility for his actions, it may not stop a lawsuit, but it could help limit your potential liability. When a dog bites, don't panic.
  • How Popular Are the Top Ten Dog Breeds as Westminster Best in Show Winners
    The American Kennel Club puts out a list each year of the top dog breeds in the country. The Labrador Retriever has been the number one dog breed for years, but how well do the top dogs fare as Westminster Best in Show Winners?
  • Emotional and Physical Dangers of Shock Collars for Cats
    Shock collars have been around for decades and used on dogs to try and correct unwanted behavior. The use of collars on cats is just as troubling as it is for dogs. There are emotional and physical dangers to pets that can produce unintended consequences.
  • Does Humping Same Sex Dogs Mean a Dog is Gay
    Dog behavior can be difficult to sort out, but what we see as embarrassing behavior, to the dog it's perfectly normal. There are reasons why dogs hump other dogs, and some pet owners believe that means their dog is gay, but is that what it means?
  • Who was Petey, the Pit Bull from Our Gang?
    Petey, the Pit Bull from Our Gang, was played by more than one dog, but there's only two, a father and son that shared the spotlight as the most famous dog with the ring around his eye. Max Factor even had a role in helping to create the famous pup?
  • Denali National Park's Sled Dogs: Alaskan Husky, True Working Dog of the North
    The Alaskan Husky is a true working dog of the North. Sled dogs have been part of Alaska's history for centuries, and a reliable means of transportation. Without them, it would be difficult to protect the vast wilderness of Denali National Park.
  • Dog Breeds Recognized as Official State Mascots
    Each state takes pride in the symbols that reflect who we are as individual states. Some states have chosen to honor a specific dog breed, but considering the love affair we have with dogs, only 11 have adopted a dog breed as their official mascot.
  • English Shepherd: An All American Farm Dog
    The English Shepherd is an American farm dog bred to be a farmer's “right arm.” This is a dog that can track, hunt, guard, and protect, but his main job is as an intelligent livestock driver. Known as the “thinking dog” because of his adaptability.
  • Shep – the Faithful Dog that Stole the Hearts of Fort Benton, Montana
    Fort Benton, Montana is a historical town on the banks of the Missouri River. The small town's place in history was so important, it's a National landmark. But, what they are most proud of is the story of Shep, a faithful dog that stole their hearts.
  • Why the Jack Russell Terrier Isn't Recognized by the American Kennel Club
    Even though the Jack Russell Terrier is a popular breed, it still has not been recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). The reason why has to do with the politics of dog breeding, and arguments between Parson Terrier, and Jack Russell Terrier groups.
  • Hero Dogs of the 1925 Iditarod Serum Run: Balto, and Togo
    The second running of the Iditarod race was in 1973 to promote the culture of sled dogs in Alaska, and preserve the history of the Iditarod Trail. The first running was the 1925 Iditarod Serum Run relay race against time to save lives.
  • Breed Profile: Karelian Bear Dog a Rare and Ancient Dog Breed
    The Karelian Bear Dog is a rare and ancient dog, bred to take on powerful and large predators. He's a confident, able, and fearless hunter, with the courage, and tenacity to stand up to a grizzly bear with a never back down from a fight attitude.
  • The Politics of Animal Cruelty Laws
    The Animal Welfare Act was written to address a demand by the public for animal cruelty laws. State laws are written by politicians. No animal cruelty laws gives pets protection, let alone tough enough to properly address the problem of pet abuse.
  • Beware: Nigerian Puppy Internet Scam
    The Nigerian puppy Internet scam has been around for quite a few years, and doesn't appear as if it's going away anytime soon. The Internet is a popular place to advertise pups, because puppy mills, and unscrupulous people can find easy targets.
  • 3 Special Christmas Gifts Pets Need
    Pet owners will spend close to $5 billion dollars buying Christmas gifts for their pets. With such a wide variety of pet gifts available, it isn't hard to find something for even a finicky pet. However, there's 3 special gifts every pet needs.
  • Five Things Cats Do to Show Their Love
    Cats may appear aloof, and standoffish, but they are social creatures capable of giving you their trust, and friendship. A trusting feline is affectionate and loving. Although, sometimes they have some rather strange ways of showing their love.
  • Deicers and Other Winter Dangers for Dogs and Cats
    It's hard to avoid ice melt, and other deicers when taking your dog for walks during the winter months. However, deicers are only one winter danger for dogs and cats. Winter can be a hazardous time of year for pets that spend time outside.
  • National Dog Show Honors a New Therapy Dog Ambassador Team
    Rufus, the colored Bull Terrier, and Eli, received a moment of silence during the airing of the National Dog Show. Three special canines will take their place as the new Therapy Dog Ambassador Team. Vivian, Stella, and Li'l Abner.
  • National Dog Show to Introduce Two New Dog Breeds
    The National Dog Show by Purina is a benched show where dog lovers can go behind the scenes to get up close and personal with around 2,000 dogs. This year, the Treeing Walker Coonhound, and Russell Terrier will be introduced as new AKC recognized breeds.
  • Holiday Dangers for Dogs and Cats
    The holiday season brings some hidden dangers for dogs and cats. With more food sitting around, pets can find more opportunities to eat people food they shouldn't have. Even a Christmas tree can be dangerous.
  • What is Dog Temperament and How is it Tested
    Breed specific laws do not take into consideration the temperament of an individual dog, and how he behaves isn't based solely on his breed. A dog's temperament is determined by personality, environment, and breed characteristics.
  • How to Help Pets Adjust from Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time
    One thing pets cherish more than anything else is their daily routine, which they prefer to be set in stone. Unfortunately, a time change can alter it, and can cause stress. It is important to help pets adjust from daylight saving time to standard time.
  • October is National Pit Bull Awareness Month-Why It's Important
    October is National Pit Bull Awareness Month. An entire month to help educate people about pit bulls and bully breeds. It's a chance for bully breed owners to speak out for a group of dogs that have no voice to try an change perceptions and minds.
  • Kelly Ripa: Educate Yourself About the American Pit Bull Terrier
    Pit Bulls and other bully breeds sit at the top of the “most feared” list because of people like Kelly Ripa who continue to spread myths about a misunderstood and unfairly stereotyped dog. Pit bulls aren't the problem, bad press and bad owners are.
  • Top Ten Mistakes Dog Owners Make
    Millions of dogs end up in shelters every year for a variety of reasons. They don't come with instructions and canines aren't any more perfect than we are. We fail our pets by not understanding the mistakes dog owners make that can influence a dog's life.
  • What to Do If Your Service Dog is Denied Public Access
    The ADA is a federal law that protects disabled people from being discriminated against and it protects a disabled person's right to take their service dog with them into any public area. If your dog is denied entry, you have a right to file a complaint.
  • The Right to Public Areas for Disabled People and Their Service Dogs
    If you are disabled and have a service dog, do you know your rights and the rights of your dog? Where can you take your dog and which businesses can refuse you entry to their establishment? Public access is guaranteed under the ADA
  • Dog Behavior: Why Dogs Do the Things They Do
    Dogs don't do things on purpose to make us mad. Instinct and behavior is what guides them. There's a reason why dogs do the things they do. We should be praising their accomplishments and not posting dog shaming pictures online.
  • The Psychology Behind a Dog's Howl
    The psychology behind a dog's howl can have a variety of reasons. Like the wolf, dogs use whines, barks, yips, growls, and howls as a way to communicate how they feel. It's possible dogs howl for some of the same reasons their wild cousins howl.
  • Droughts Can Increase Unexpected Wildlife Encounters for Pets and You
    Droughts and heat spells are hard on us and our pets. Wildlife have a difficult time trying to find cooler shelter, food and water. When their food starts to wither and dry up and water levels shrink, unexpected encounters can catch you off guard.
  • Four Lifesaving Basic Commands Every Dog Should Know
    When it comes to training your dog, there's no limit to what you can or should teach your dog. However, there are basic commands every dog needs to know how to do even if you never teach him another command. These four commands could save his life.
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