Robert O. Adair

Robert O. Adair

Robert has spent over 50 years doing extensive study, writing, teaching and research. Robert s poetry has appeared in several poetry anthologies including Norma s Garden, Treasured Moments and Midwest Poetry, seven chapbooks, and such journals as Time Of Singing, Poetry Garden and Mind.
He is a world traveler, having traveled to such places as Macao, Hong Kong, Morocco, Aruba, Liechtenstein, San Marino and Tibet as well as more conventional places like France and Germany. He spent a week in Florence studying Renaissance art and ten days in Rome with a group studying the possible reunion of the Episcopal Church with Rome. The Pope, John Paul II, granted them a group audience. He spent two weeks in Israel at a Christian mission located there.He is assistant pastor at Grace Baptist Church, a mission work in a working class neighborhood in Indianapolis. He spent ten years working with store front churches in the inner city. He has worked at various occupations, in a book bindery, at Wishard Hospital in the Therapy Department, as a Bailiff in a civil court and as a partner in a marketing research company. He is a Kentucky Colonel and has mentored people through their doctoral dissertations. He has a growing library of over 60,000 volumes. Prov. 23:23. He has just published a book of his poetry: Hope For a Broken World.
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Th.D in theology, Indiana Christian University; Ph.D. in Philosophy of History, Honolulu University; literature, St. Charles University.


The unexamined life is not worth living and ideas have consequences!

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  • Our God of Perfect Freedom
    This is a free verse poem concerning the perfect freedom of our God.
  • The God of Truth
    This is a free verse poem concerning the nature of God.
  • God the Never Changing
    This is a free verse poem concerning the immutability, the unchagingness of God.
  • God the All Powerful
    This is a free verse poem concerning the Omnipotentce of God, that He is all powerfull and can do anything consistent with his nature.
  • God the All Knowing
    This is a free verse poem concerning the omniscience of God. He knows everything. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.
  • I'm a Good Man
    This is a free verse poem about the hope of Heaven and how God says we can get there.
  • The Pain of Wisdom
    This is a free verse poem concerning the nature of Wisdom and difficulties to overcome in attaining it.
  • Little Fox Creek
    This is a free verse poem about a scene in the foothills of West Virginia.
  • Adoration
    This is a free verse prayer poem addressed to God. I believe in Him in order to understand, not understand in order to believe.
  • The God of Wisdom
    This is a poem about that rare treasure which goes beyond knowledge: Wisdom, especially the wisdom of God.
  • Diane
    This is a poem about the romantic heroines of bygone days who filled the pages of heroic romantic fiction.
  • How Far to Bethlehem?
    This is a free verse poem concerning going to Bethlehem, where Christ was born, where Jesus was born, a light to them that sit in darkness, the Savior.
  • The Great Physician
    This is a free verse poem concerning the biblical image of God as the great Physician of the soul.
  • Dark Moon, a Review
    This is a review of a thirties Space Opera book by a great, forgotten science fiction writer.
  • God the Eternal
    This is a free verse poem addressed as a prayer to God, praising Him for His attribute of being everlasting and dependable.
  • Springtime in My Soul
    This is a poem about the transformation of my soul through Christ.
  • The Light in Your Eyes
    This is a poem I wrote after my first wife died.
  • God is Everywhere
    This a free verse poem on the omnipresence or immanence of God, His universal presence everywhere.
  • The All Knowing God
    This free verse poem concerns the All Knowing character of God.
  • Cosmo, the Philosopher Cat
    Cosmo, the Philosopher Cat, Looks at Who's Who and What's What.
  • Is Our God a Jealous God?
    This pertains to a biblical expression found in The Ten Commandments and many other places in the Bible. What should we make of this expression?
  • Jesus Wept
    This is a free verse poem about Jesus, showing us his divine image is embodied in us, however distorted by sin, who can also weep.
  • Philemon, the End of Slavery
    This free verse poem celebrates another radical landmark in Biblical Truth that readers tend to gloss over.
  • To Glorify God
    This is a free verse poem reflecting on what this means "To glorify God and enjoy Him forever."
  • Our Radical New Testament
    This is a free verse poem concerning, the then radical ideas, about people and women especially which are contained in The New Testament. Which is not to say they weren't nascent in the Hebrew Scriptures.
  • Thou Shalt
    This is a free verse poem exploring the meaning of the word "Thou" in the King James translation of the Bible.
  • The Museums of Heaven
    This is my opinion of what it might be possible to learn about in Heaven.
  • Redeeming the Time
    This is a free verse poem about the Benedictine order redeemed the time by inventing the mechanical clock.
  • God of Revolution and of Poetry
    This is a free verse poem about concern for freedom and justice in the world. It references the Christian revolution which is not achieved by guns and blood but the revolution in the soul within through transformed lives.
  • The Beauty of Nature
    This is a free verse poem about the beauty of a certain landscape which embodies my feelings abot the beauty of God's Creation.
  • Feeding the Birds
    This is a poem about the kindness of Winter bird feeding.
  • Emptiness
    This is a free verse poem exploring the various meanings of emptiness.
  • A Glimpse of Beyond
    This is a free verse poem about a glimpse of Eternity experienced by a little girl and her parents.
  • Chuckhole Charley
    This is a humorous poem about that bane of Indianapolis, the chuckhole. I dedicate this to my wife who moved here from Los Angeles and his newly acquired this skill of chuckhole dodging.
  • Follow the Drinking Gourd
    This is a free verse poem honoring Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad which carried many slaves to freedom. Sadly, we must remember that slavery is not dead yet.
  • My Pilgrim Journey
    This free verse poem describes my pilgrim journey toward that great and shining City of God , my true home.
  • The Derelict
    This free verse poem describes a mystery ship.
  • Old Neighborhood
    This is a free verse reflection on what I liked about some of the old neighborhoods I lived in.
  • Father Abraham
    This is a free verse poem about Abraham, Father of Many, whose name was changed from Abram.
  • Purity of Heart
    This is a free verse meditation poem.
  • Listening to the Rain
    This is a poem about the evocative effect of the rain and how it affects me in many different ways.
  • A Sense of Place
    This a free verse poem reflecting on the resonance of places far and near which speak of history and exotic lands encountered.
  • Madison Avenue
    This free verse poem is a humorous take on the overdone hype on advertised products which projects irrelevant fluff over the quality of the product.
  • The Life Lost in Living
    This is a free verse reflection on a theme I often think about.
  • Longing for Spring
    This is a poem for those who are suffering from midwinter "cabin fever".
  • Morning, Glorious
    This is a simple rhyming hymn of praise to God.
  • The Dawn of Nothing
    This is a poem about a mystical interpretation of Reality.
  • Gail
    this is a description of a woman who is the living image of the romantic heroines of the past who were the object of romantic and epic poetry. This is a free verse poem with some rhyming lines at the beginning and the end.
  • Only a Single Rose
    This is a poem for my wife using images to express what words cannot.
  • One Size Fits All
    This free verse poem applies a common manufacturing method to another area of our lives.
  • Glory of Eternal Light
    This poem concerns the Christian image of Light which figures in many Scripture passages. The most notable one being The Gospel of John 1:1-9. A key verse is: "In Him was life, and the life was the light of men."
  • Soli Deo Gloria
    This poem concerns the Christian Latin phrase meaning "To God Alone the Glory", It is a sort of cornerstone of Christian Theology and devotion. It denotes the Sovereignty of God and the Christian's complete dedication.
  • Christmas 1917
    This is a poem about the other, less noted, casualties of war, the families that wait and wonder about sons and daughters in the military.
  • Elaine
    This is a poem about Elaine, a beautiful woman who appears in the Arthurian romances.
  • Camelot
    This is a poem about the glorious legend of Camelot and Arthur. Camelot is a mythic tale with an historic core, which has lived on down through the centuries in song and story!
  • The Treasure of the Incas: Book Review
    This is a review of G. A. Henty's little known adventure classic concerning an expedition into Peru to discover a lost treasure.
  • Glory to God in the Highest
    This a free verse poem about the Glory of God.
  • Dark Night
    This is a short short story about events in a lonely country farmhouse on a dark night.
  • Camping Out
    This is a poem about camping out in the wilderness.
  • 'The Fire People'
    This is a review of Ray Cummings' book, an adventure which takes place on the planet Mercury.
  • Christmas Stable
    This is a free verse meditation on the birth of our Lord.
  • Island of Nightmares
    This is a review of of a tale of high adventure by Francis Stevens.
  • Beyond the Crystal Door V
    This is the further adventures of James Wright, adventurer, poet, Philosopher. How he managed to build an empire based on freedom and justice with a minimum of bloodshed conquering barbarian enemies.
  • What I Look Forward to in Heaven
    This is a commentary on what I look forward to in Heaven, what will make it truly blessed to me. This is a very personal account.
  • Death's Mocking Face
    This is a poem about the Christian view of death.
  • More Questions About Evolution
    This article explores more questions about the Evolutionist scenarios of Man's origins. It is a followup to my earlier article, "Ten Questions No Evolutionist Can Answer".
  • View from an Airplane
    This is a poem about a view from a plane I found inspiring.
  • What Makes Christian Writing Really Christian?
    This is a review of American Literature & Christian Doctrine by Randall Stewart.
  • Hummingbird
    This is a poem about a Humming bird seen flitting among the flowersFlF
  • Making a Better World
    This is a poem about changing the World.
  • Tama of the Light Country
    This is a review of a Science Fantasy trilogy by Ray Cummings.
  • Twilight Song
    This is a poem about what I like most at the end of the day.
  • Lost Love
    This is a sad romantic tale of two ill fated lovers, Josh and Holly.
  • My Own Little Christmas World,
    This is a description of a little light-up, three-dimensional Christmas scene with a train coming out of a tunnel and a village high on a hill.
  • Under the Old Oak Tree
    This poem is an old fashioned love song about old times and lost love.
  • A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven
    This is a wonderful, humorous look at some of the foibles of church life, not a hatchet job and deeply religious.
  • Dreamscape
    This is a poem about a romantic fantasy, making use of imagery mor than direct statements.
  • Jerusalem the Golden
    This is a poem about the Jerusalem coming down from Heaven seen by John.
  • Epic Battles of the Civil War
    This is a review of a four volume comic book treatment of this subject. Epic Battles of the Civil War, Historical Comics Marvel, Volume 1: Bull run , Volume 2.: Shiloh, Volume 3: Antietam, Volume 4: Gettysburg.
  • What I Learned from the Study of Philosophy
    I have found the study of Philosophy an indispensible set of tools for thinking about things.
  • The Red Umbrella
    This is a sort of impressionistic poem about the dynamics of an umbrella. It is a companion piece to my Steel Truss bridge poem.
  • Steel Truss Bridge
    This is a description of a steel bridge, a triumph of sound construction, dynamic not static.
  • Nearer My God
    This a commentary on the meaning of "Bethel" referenced in the Christian hymn "Nearer My God to Thee".
  • Never Forsaken
    This poem concerns life under the and above the sun as Scripture conceives it. To the unbelievers, faith is blind but to faithful Christians, it opens our eyes to the Glory of God.
  • The Hidden Cost
    This a poem about an aspect of warfare, which seems to me, to be seldom mentioned.
  • The Saints in the Desert
    This poem concerns the Christian Fathers who fled the corruption of the fourth-century corruption in society much like our own.
  • The Old Schoolhouse
    This is a poem describing an old, abandoned schoolhouse, a memory of past times.
  • A Tropical Paradise
    This poem is concerned with a tropical paradise in Central America.
  • Winter Fun
    This poem is about winter fun in Minnesota when I was ten.
  • Words
    This a poem about words, their force, their evocativity, their eternity.
  • What a Christian Philosopher Ought to Know
    In this article I am explaining the necessary background a Christian Philosopher should have. It is based on my extensive knowledge of the subject gained in earning a doctor's degree in Philosophy, another in Theology and one in the study of Literature.
  • Spring Thaw in Minnesota
    This poem describes how I enjoyed the Spring thaw in St. Paul, Minnesota when I was a boy living there.
  • The Shadow of the Storm
    This poem describes the fury of nature in a thunderstorm and the greater power of God.
  • One Rose
    This is a poem about that one rose, The Rose of Sharon.
  • Easter Morn
    This is a hymn celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, Our Lord.
  • The Blue of Evening
    This poem is my attempt to write a Triolet. The form stems from medieval French poetry - the earliest written examples are from the late 13th century. The triolet is a close cousin of the rondeau, another French verse form emphasizing repetition and rhyme
  • After June Rain
    This is a poem about my favorite time of day, sunset.
  • The Ancient Castle
    This is a poem about an ancient castle, a monument of days gone by.
  • Time Moves On
    This poem concerns how time flows like a river sweeping us along.
  • Beyond the Crystal Door IV
    This is the further adventures of James Wright, adventurer, poet, Philosopher. The continuing story of how a great empire was carved out superior weapons and civilizing policies and a minimum of bloodshed.
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