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Born in 1983, Nithin grew up in Kansas, and has a BA in Communication from USC and a MIA from Columbia. He currently works in Environmental Management, and freelances in his spare time.
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  • Why I Quit Facebook
    How leaving the ubiquitous, popular social network ended up being one of the best decisions I made last year.
  • The Top Players in USC History
    With four Heisman's and 11 National Championships, USC has had some of Football's greatest players come through the Coliseum gates. Here are the tops five who truly made USC the elite football school it is today.
  • LeBron James in the Playoffs: Far from Jordan's Gold Standard
    Time to check the hard facts. Can the LeBron James Heat compare to the epic Michael Jordan Bulls of the 1990's? NOPE.
  • Thanksgiving Football Memories: Chiefs @ Cowboys, 1995
    It was billed a Super Bowl preview, with the NFL's top team, the 10-1 Chiefs, going to face the 9-2 Dallas Cowboys, winners of two Super Bowls, a dynasty in the making.
  • Tailgating Rules for the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium
    Going to tailgate at a Chargers home game? Here is a helpful, quick guide to the rules, with insider tips to make your day at Qualcomm a success.
  • An Unspoken Word at Both Conventions: Syria
    As violence continues in Syria, this past week at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, neither Presidential candidate spoke about what action they would take to stem the growing crisis in the Middle East.
  • Futility: How Stanford Has Dominated USC Since 2005
    Out of nowhere, the Cardinal have become USC's toughest nemesis. After ending the Trojans 35 game home winning streak in a major upset, they then proceeded to win three of the next four games. An analysis of this rise, and a preview for Saturday's march.
  • USC Football's Timeless Traditions
    USC Football plays on hallowed ground at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, home of two Olympics and several Super Bowls. Here are some of the greatest traditions from one of the oldest Universities on the west coast.
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  • The Top 25 Best Fight Songs in College Football
    True football fans knows their college fight song by heart. In the weeks before the season starts, they hum it non-stop. These are my rankings of the best, from all corners of America.
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  • Tailgating Rules for USC Trojans at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
    The festivities start early, and end late at USC's home stadium, the Los Angeles Coliseum, where the Trojans rarely lose. This is no traditional open-parking lot tailgate though -- use this guide to maximize your Trojan football experience.
  • USC Football Team Profile: Return to Glory
    Profile of the 2012 USC Trojans, one of the early favorites in the race of the BCS championship.
  • Explaining Obama's Swing State Lead: The Romney Effect
    I explore how Obama's strong polling in states like Ohio, Florida, and Michigan are related to what we saw in the Republican primaries, and what this means for the fall.
  • Preseason Polls and USC Ranked #3 - SEC Bias Reigns
    SEC bias reigns strong in the preseason polls, despite weak opponents and an eight game schedule.
  • USC Football's Worst Losses of the Past 25 Years
    The Cardinal and Gold are one of college football's top teams, with nine national championships, but it could have been so much more if not for these heartbreaking losses.
  • The French Revolution and Women's Rights
    The Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen gives the basic rights of citizenship to both man and citizen. Are women included in this document as citizens, or does this document only refer to men?
  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Basic Political Writings
    A review of Jean-Jacques Rousseau's writings, including his philosophy on natural man, natural laws, and it's application in post-enlightenment Europe, with a comparison to John Locke's concepts of nature.
  • Review: Five Days in London by John Lucaks
    John Lukacs writes in the style of a literary book, with each day leading up towards the climax, therefore simplifying the cause of World War II's outcome into a few meeting and speeches, and ignoring the intricacy of the war.
  • Holocaust: When Did They Decide?
    Leave it up to historians to write whole books debating the mere days and weeks that certain decisions were made. Armed with their stockpile of Nazi primary sources, historians debate about what led to the "Final Solution" to the Jewish question.
  • An Ally No One Wants: Communism's Affiliation with the Civil Rights Movement
    Communism, which never had even a meager following in the African American populace, provided J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI an illegitimate and weak scapegoat with which to attack the Civil Rights Movement and attempt to stop it dead in its tracks.
  • Romantic Date Restaurants in San Francisco
    San Francisco is known as one of the most romantic cities in the world. It's also known for it's amazing restaurants - so many, how can you choose one to take your special someone to? Here are my three favorites.
  • Best Independent Cafes in Kansas City
    Kansas City is the home to many unique local cafes - tucked away in some of the cities most eclectic neighborhoods.
  • Costs and Benefits of a Cap and Trade System
    This year, Congress will debate whether or not to implement a "Cap and Trade" system regarding Global Warming issues. The main crux of both sides' argument is the idea of costs - the costs of doing nothing versus the costs of the program.
  • Wedge Issues in American Politics: A Historical Overview
    A Wedge Issue is an social or cultural issue that galvanizes voters who to vote against their economic interest, by peeling off those voters on divisive, controversial issues. A Progressive perspective.
  • Barack Obama and the Youth Vote
    Poll after poll has shown it. Barack Obama is winning the youth vote, and winning it decisively. Iowa answered the question whether this enthusiasm would reflect at the polls, against the wishes of many pundits. Why do young people love Barack?
  • Five Tips to Improve Your Blog's Traffic
    Here are five quick and easy tips to improve your writing, drive more traffic to your blog, and help make your mark on the growing blogosphere.
  • Iowa: Why Obama Won
    Barack Obama stunned the nation with his victory in the Iowa caucuses. An African American won the 5th whitest state in America. How did he do this? One word - ORGANIZATION.
  • General Election Polls: A History of Inaccuracy
    General election polls have a terrible history of actually predicting who will in the fall, with links to actual polls from elections dating back to 1976.
  • Jobless Republican Candidates to Save the Day?
    As George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan have proved, hard work is a vice. While the Republican candidates for President might not have jobs, I can prove to you that each of them has been working tirelessly in the public service.
  • Will Immigration Be the Republican Wedge Issue of 2008?
    If you listen to the Republicans debate, its as if these issues don't exist. Ignoring the obvious, they ramp up the rhetoric on an different issue, a new scapegoat for all the ills of society. A diversion from the last eight years of failure.
  • Horserace Rankings - the Democrats
    The order from most likely to win the Democratic nomination to least likely to win the Democratic nomination. Momentum direction in parenthesis. Like the BCS, these rankings are generally retarded, unfounded in reality, but thankfully no computer component was used.
  • Barack Obama: Experienced Vs. The Republicans
    Let's take a look at Barack Obama's experience versus that of five Republicans. I'll define experience in four ways - legislative, executive, political, and foreign policy. I will also pro-rate this up to election day 2008. Numbers signify years of experience.
  • Unemployed Republican Candidates to Save America?
    While the Republican candidates for President might not have jobs, while they might not have to vote or take stances on the pertinent issues in Congress or in their states, I can prove to you that each of them is ready to be President of the United States.
  • John Edwards Supporters vs. Barack Obama Suppoters
    Edwards and Obama are both running as outsiders, against Washington, both are you young, fresh faces. But there is one underlying difference I've noticed when Obama supporters talk about Barack, and when Edwards supporters talk about John.
  • The Rhetoric of Hillary Clinton
    This is an academic experiment. In this article, I will examine the rhetoric and persuasiveness of the speeches given by Hillary Clinton.
  • Jefferson Jackson Dinner - Turning Point for Obama?
    It's common in Iowa circles that, one reason Kerry won the Iowa caucuses was his showing at the Iowa State Democratic Party's Jefferson Jackson Dinner in 2003, which spearheaded him to the caucus victory over frontrunner Howard Dear
  • Sultans and Censorship in the United Arab Emirates
    The UAE has been in the news a lot - the failed port deal, the construction of artificial islands and what will soon be the largest building in the world. But there is another side to the Emirates, one of censorship in a country where freedom doesn't always exist.
  • A Cordoban History Lesson
    Córdoba is fantastic, a lesson about Moorish Spain. With loads of museums, archeological sights, and the largest mosque in Europe (now a Catholic cathedral), Cordoba allows you to live history like few other citiies.
  • Planning a Long Term Trip
    There is not best way to plan. Success rates vary within all 3 schools, but the real determinant is will. If you have the will and drive to take a tour, no matter how you go about planning, in due time, you will be enjoying the experience of a lifetime.
  • Planning a Trip Around the World
    A guide on how to take a trip around the world - the goals, motivations, and planning. How to gear up and make your dreams to travel around the world into a reality about traveling.
  • True Cost Economics - Free Markets with the Environmental in Mind
    The basic tenet of True Cost Economics is that human well-being trumps economic growth. As most environmentalists know, economic growth is often a cover for increased consumption, destroying our future for growth today.
  • The Effects of Media on Children
    Undoubtedly that the media has an effect on our lives. The debate that rages is whether or not the media has a negative, discernible effect on us as humans. How much does the media effect our actions, our decisions and, in general, our lives?
  • Low Self Esteem and Plastic Surgery in Today's World
    Plastic Surgery is a modern phenomenon with major implications. Only recently has the fad become truly medical and gained the ability to change almost any part of the outer body.
  • Understand MSN's and's Privacy Policy
    MSN says that it will not give out your personal information, which it collects through many different methods, to anyone. It also said that all the information it had was kept very secure. But what is the truth about MSN's privacy policy?
  • Beginner's Guide to European Hostels
    If you're like most Americans, the idea of a hostel is undoubtedly foreign. There are only a few hostels in America. Hostels are their own culture, unique, an experience in itself, and this guide will help you to understand Hostel culture in Europe.
  • Smithsonian's National Zoo Has Something for Everyone
    Few Zoo's in the country can compare to the National Zoological Park in Washington, DC, run by the Smithsonian Institution. Where else can you see a baby panda, watch Gorillas communicate through computers, and get up close to an Asian elephant?
  • Aix-en-Provence: The Place to See French Culture and Young Vibrancy
    It's hard to explain what's so captivating about Aix-en-Provence,a town in the center of Southern France's famous Provence region. To the naked eye it looks like a typical sun drenched southern French town. But in reality, it is anything but.
  • Hidden Gem of the Smithsonian - Freer and Seckler Galleries
    The Freer Gallery of Art and the Arthur Seckler Gallery don't rank high on many "to see" lists. But if you're looking to see something different, the Freer and Seckler Galleries, are fantastic options for a more relaxing museum experience.
  • Gems in a Sea of Taste - Best Mexican Restaurants in Los Angeles
    After four years of countless trips to various Mexican establishments in Los Angeles, I came up with this list of my top three favorite restaurants/eating establishments in the entire city. Enjoy!
  • Enjoy Dublin's Famous Craic on a Budget
    With the Irish economy the strongest in Europe, Dublin has become a premier luxury destination. Unfortunately, that means its no longer one of the budget meccas of Europe, but it is still possible to live there cheaply - just follow my advice below.
  • Anti-War Rally in D.C. Sparks Memories of Vietnam
    I had barely been in the nation's capitol for three weeks when I got the chance to see the ultimate tourist attraction. A large scale, American style, Antiwar Protest! And I thought these sorts of things died with the 60's.

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