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Amber is a seasoned Technical Communicator, currently employed as Sustainability Specialist for a college with a population of over 50,000. Raised in a military family abroad, her upbringing has cultivated a unique knowledge of the world and curiosity for life.
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B.A. English: Professional & Technical Writing from the University of South Florida


A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step...


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  • Loss of Personal Rights After 9/11
    No matter what your opinion is on who committed the atrocities of September 11th, we can all agree that Muslims are treated vastly different since before 9/11 and that all Americans have lost rights as a result of the Patriot Act.
  • Ignorance, Misinformation About Islam After 9/11
    Although September 11th brought great visibility to the religion of Islam, people have done little with that interest. Ignorance and misinformation are rampant throughout American society.
  • American Freedom Is Also for Muslims
    9/11 wasn't just an attack on America, but it was an attack on Islam, too. No true Muslim would have ever committed such a vicious attack on anyone or any nation. We are not even allowed to harm a tree in war.
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  • This is My America Too: Muslim in a Post-9/11 America
    One thing you can't do is hide your religion if you're a Muslim woman in a post-9/11 country. My husband was scared for me when I decided to cover my hair and body, known as hijab, after the Twin Tower attacks of 9/11.
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  • Remove Years from Your Face: Olay Total Effects 7-In-1 Anti-Aging Cleanser Product Review
    Olay Total Effects 7-In-1 Anti-Aging Cleanser works wonders to help you restore and keep that youthful skin without breaking the budget or being a hassle. This product works.
  • Film Review: Farmageddon
    For a first time film, Kristin Canty attacks the issues in Farmageddon in a balanced, interesting style. This documentary will leave you ready to start buying raw milk from a local grower, at the same time brewing with action against the USDA.
  • Ten At-Home Spa Secrets
    Bring the salon to your home by trying out a few of these tips and secrets.
  • Top 3 Romantic Restaurants in West Palm Beach
    Which are the best restaurants in West Palm Beach if you're planning a romantic evening? Read on for the top three places for dinner to help you plan the perfect night for that special someone.
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  • What I Did with My College Degree: Professional & Technical Writing
    Choosing a degree in college- then figuring out what to do with that degree after school- is the biggest decision a person will make during that stage of their life.
  • Southeast Florida Weekend Getaways
    Whether you're living in the big Southeast Florida cities or in one of the many small fishing communities along the coast, Southeast Florida's tropical attitude offers weekend getaways where everyone will find something they enjoy.
  • Hotel Review: Dandelion Inn in Commerce, Georgia
    The Dandelion Inn in Commerce, Georgia is a hotel that will never receive my business again. If you're traveling in the Atlanta vicinity on Highway 85, I strongly recommend paying a little more to avoid this mold box of a hotel.
  • Follow a Low-Carb Lifestyle for Weight Loss
    We are all looking for an easy way to keep the pounds off or lose the weight we've accumulated over the years. One easy and permanent way to lose weight is with a low-carb lifestyle.
  • Choosing the Right Insulation for Your Home
    Insulating your home is a great investment in reducing both your heating and cooling bills year after year. Learn about the different types of insulation in this article.
  • DIY Guide: How to Frame a Wall
    Are you looking to finish your basement or build a new wall in your home? With the right tools and a few helpful tips, framing a wall yourself can be a rewarding project while saving money at the same time.
  • 10 Ways to Prevent Signs of Aging in Your 40s Without Taking Drastic Measures
    If you are looking to reduce the signs of aging as you enter your 40s, there are many ways to take years off of your face and body that don't require drastic medical procedures and can help protect you from further aging.
  • Weightlifting for Women
    Weight lifting isn't just for guys and is a great way for women to feel good, tone up their bodies and reduce the risk for heart disease.
  • Mistaken Identity
    Someone was knocking at the door. She sat her coffee mug next to the keyboard and hurried to the door. Through the peephole of their apartment door, it wasn't the delivery she had been expecting that day.
  • Texas Tornado Clouds Roll In
    This week, dark clouds stretched across Texas as residents prepared their homes for the issued tornado and flood warnings.
  • Guide to the Best Motorized Scooters Under $2,000
    A motorized scooter can be a fun and affordable way to get around whether you're cruising around town or going to the beach. Check out the following scooter reviews of the top 5 under $2000.
  • How to Build a Brick Patio Yourself
    A brick patio can add value to your home and give you a great place to relax for the long summer nights.
  • Over the Counter Prejudice
    I feel bad for people who harbor such hatred and prejudice towards others based on anything so superficial. As I started to think about the words she said, I realized that her prejudice was only really hurting herself.
  • All Muslims Are Not Middle Eastern: Stereotype of Islam
    Islam is the second largest religion and has the fastest growing group of practitioners in the world. Despite how they are portrayed in the media or envisioned in people's minds, all Muslims are not Middle Eastern.
  • How to Convert to Islam
    If you believe with both your heart and in your mind in one God alone and the submission to that one God and want to convert to Islam, then you are ready to make your profession of faith.
  • Guide to Free Printable Easter Greeting Cards Online
    A great way to remember those special in your life at Easter time is with a free printable greeting card made from your own computer.
  • 2009 Indy 500 Events in Indianapolis
    Events leading up to the race at the Brickyard begin at the beginning of the month and range from a balloon festival to multiple music fests to even having the chance as a fan to take a lap around the speedway in your own car.
  • Tips for Taking Spring Break Photos
    How do you make sure you capture the best photos to remember your spring break? Check out these tips to ensure that you get the best shots possible that you'll be proud to share with your friends and family.
  • Making a Spring Break Scrapbook
    With the photos you've taken, small items you've collected and a little bit of creativity, a scrapbook can be a great way to remember all of the fun times you've had through the spring break vacation.
  • Adventure Vacation Ideas: Spring Break
    Spring break vacation is the perfect time to have an outdoor adventure. There are fun outdoor adventures for just about everyone to enjoy across America, no matter what your interests are or where you're located.
  • Spring Break for History Buffs
    Spring break can be a great time for history buffs to visit many of the great historical destinations around America. No matter which coast of the states you live in, there are many fun and informational destinations that you can choose to visit.
  • Houston Spring Cleaning Services Guide
    Spring is traditionally the time of year when the big cleaning gets done: the weather is just getting warm enough to open windows and clear out the stuffy winter air and it's not quite warm enough to where there's bugs outside yet.
  • Make a Gift Basket for a Birthday Anniversary or Holiday
    Consider making a personalized gift basket for that special person. You can make a romantic basket for your significant other, a fun gift basket for a child's birthday, a pet basket or a thoughtful gift basket for a friend or neighbor.
  • How to Be Creative While Cooking
    Being creative while cooking can be fun and healthy for the whole family. By using the things you have on hand you can save time, money and develop a sense of appreciation for exploration through the food you share at home.
  • Using an Automated External Defibrillator in a Cardiac Emergency
    CPR in conjunction with an AED gives a victim the best chance of survival in a cardiac emergency. Every minute that use of an AED is delayed, the victim's survival rate decreases by 10%.
  • Understanding the Good Samaritan Law when Responding to an Emergency
    People sue for almost anything these days. How do you protect yourself and remove the fear of being sued when acting in an emergency situation?
  • Guide to Choosing an Apartment
    Whether you're just getting your first place or downsizing, choosing an apartment that's right for you can be a daunting task, especially if you don't know what you're looking for in a rental.
  • Hurricane Development and Global Warming's Impact on that Process
    Global warming and the impact it has on the development of hurricanes is no longer just a theory, but a reality of our lifetime that we must prepare for today.
  • The Difference Between Quran-Based Islam and Hadith-Based Practice
    Islam is a beautiful and simple religion in it's purest form: completely based on the Quran, a text considered by Muslims as the final revelation of God, which was revealed to the Prophet Mohammed over a 22 year span in the early 7th century.
  • Shock: A Life Threatening Condition
    Time is of the essence in every life threatening situation. As if most life threatening conditions weren't critical enough, the condition known as shock often sets in with many other conditions and can be fatal.
  • Choosing a Gym That's Right for You
    If you're in the process of looking for a gym, there are several important points you should thing about before making your choice.
  • Responding to an Emergency
    Emergencies can happen at anytime and often when you least expect them. How do you know how to react and even if you will react in such a situation? Read on to learn more.
  • Tips For Keeping Your Dog Healthy
    Your dog depends on you to give them the best chance at a healthy, long life. These techniques are relatively simple, can develop a stronger bond with your pet, and can save you money on vet bills down the road.
  • Frostbite Prevention and First Aid Treatment
    One of the most frequent emergencies to occur when someone isn't properly shielded from the cold and wind is frostbite. Frostbite can be quite painful and leave life-long consequences once the cold is gone.
  • Fighting Fair as a Couple
    Every couple fights. Learn some techniques that will help ensure your relationship has productive arguments that strengthen your relationship instead of harming it.
  • Protect Your Skin from Aging
    People usually don't consider proper care for their skin until that youthful glow begins to dull and the wrinkles start to appear. So what can you do to maintain or bring back that youthful appearance without seeing a surgeon?
  • A Special Evening in the Houston Area that Won't Break the Budget
    Whether it's an anniversary, a birthday, or Valentine's Day, planning a special evening for your significant other in the Houston area can be a hassle without breaking the budget.
  • MySpace Versus Facebook
    It can definitely be time consuming to keep up with two different accounts, so which do you choose: MySpace or Facebook?
  • The Dismal State of Tampa's Blue Sink Complex
    As with many rivers around the world, the Hillsborough River provides an important water resource for the Tampa area. The Blue Sink Complex is a major contributor to the Hillsborough River, yet it's been severely misused and contaminated in the near past.
  • Galveston Destroyed After Hurricane Ike
    Months after hurricane Ike made landfall in Galveston, Texas, residents are still picking up the pieces of their lives.
  • Health Concerns Linked to Red Meat Consumption and Alternatives
    Moderation is key in any area of life, and especially in diet.
  • Basic First Aid Techniques for Injuries
    As an American Red Cross Instructor Trainer, I present basic techniques for first aid when dealing with exercise injuries.
  • Remembering 9/11 and the Recent Atrocities in Our History
    In remembrance of those who have lost their lives, and those that gave them trying to save others in the many conflicts in history and around the world...
  • Our Lack of Respect for Diversity in Civilized Society
    Today when I was speaking with my father, he told me about a pilot losing his job for no reason other than that he and his wife are Muslim.
  • Pets Make Great Exercise Companions
    Pets can provide many health benefits to their owners. This article presents with humor some of the health benefits of pet ownership.
  • Don't Try to Be a Hero
    A near stabbing one night while running in Philadelphia.
  • Houston We Have a Problem
    In aviation, take-offs don't always go as planned.
  • Hog Hunting
    A first-timer's experience hog hunting in the Florida woodlands.
  • The Good Neighbor
    The family is work and love.
  • Interview with the Vampire : a Critique
    "Interview with the Vampire" is a romanticized representation of the inner-self of a vampire. This steady point of view allows a view of the darkness surrounding vampires since the 1700s to the present.
  • The Average Soldier
    Joey is visiting for 15 days of leave from his service with the military in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, a place of much hate for Americans. Bright lights and desert surround the trailer park the soldiers live in. He calls it a "concentration camp."
  • Suicide: An Alarming Trend in the Military
    The military's suicide rate is on it's way to a record high.

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