Brian Rock

Brian Rock

I m an educator, a photographer, and a writer.

I work as a high school teacher in New Jersey, teaching social studies. I ve worked with every grade level, and I ve taught every level of course from special ed to advanced placement. I love technology, and I try to incorporate technology into my classroom as often as possible.

I m also a graduate student, working on an EdD at Rutgers University. I earned by B.A. at Rutgers in 2006 and my EdM at Rutgers in 2007. Since 2009, I ve been working on a doctoral degree. In early 2013, I will be starting my dissertation. I m studying various facets of educational technology - including the usage of tablets and Chromebooks in the classroom and the usage of blogs as a teaching tool for social studies classes.

Outside the classroom, I love photography. I do it at school, working with my students to create the high school yearbook. I also work professionally with an old student of mine at a NJ photography studio.

Finally, I have a background in web development. Not only am I researching educational technology, I aim to contribute my own tools to the profession and to build some basic web applications to help students learn and to help teachers teach.

These passions - education, technology, and photography - form the basis of what I write on Yahoo Voices. I also maintain a pair of blog about these topics.
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Rutgers College (BA) and Rutgers, Grad. School of Education (M Ed)


The internet can teach you anything. If you re willing and able to learn.



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