Reena Das

Reena Das

Reena Das is a professional freelance writer providing well-researched content to several online publications, which includes Yahoo!, Examiner, Trails, Travels and USA Today. She is a Yahoo-certified creator and among the top 1000 Contributors for Y!CN from 2009 through 2012.

Reena holds a master's in English and a bachelor’s in education from India. Her interests run the gamut, but her passion includes shopping and fashion, travel, wedding, Bollywood and lately – the nation’s capital – Washington, D.C.

Originally, from India, Reena has traveled across the Atlantic to make a home for the family in the United States. A stay-at-home-mom of two girls, Reena tries to educate them and instill important behavior aspects of positivity, confidence and courtesy.

Being well groomed is important to her, she loves to explore new fashion trends and shopping deals. A die-hard romantic, Reena dwells in the beautiful fantasyland of weddings, beautiful venues and soulful vows.

No matter where Reena dwells, the exotic world of Bollywood continues to fascinate her. While she is chauffeuring her daughters around, she still stays on toes with the latest happenings, buzz and gossips happening in her favorite cine world.
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Masters In English Lit ; BEd.


Don't let your victories go to your head, or your failures go to your heart.
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