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I'm a former editor of a weekly community newspaper in the Washington, D.C. area. I enjoy sports, music, writing, technology and foreign cultures. I also hope to write a novel someday.
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  • Redskins Should Fire Shanahan, but He's Not the Only Problem
    When a team is struggling, it's tempting to blame the coach. For a team that has had seven coaches since 2000, however, doing that is much too simplistic.
  • Griffin, Redskins Still Can't Get Away from Hyperbole
    After the Washington Redskins battled back for a 45-41 victory over the Chicago Bears, Washington Post Express columnist Rick Snider declared him to be the greatest Redskins quarterback since Hall of Famer Sonny Jurgensen.
  • Washington Redskins Rally from a 14-point Deficit and Their Own Mistakes to Earn Win No. 1
    I took a look at some of the key players in Sunday's 24-14 victory over the Oakland Raiders.
  • Redskins Are Their Own Worst Enemy
    A season after winning the NFC East, the Washington Redskins have stumbled to an 0-3 start. However, they've beaten themselves as much as any opponent besides Green Bay has beaten them.
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  • No Happy Endings
    In the wake of Oscar Pistorius being charged with murder and the fall from grace of Lance Armstrong, I wrote a set of lyrics about the thought that there can be no more feel good stories in sports.
  • Free Speech, Expensive Consequences
    The First Amendment is frequently cited for the freedom to express opinion. That right sometimes comes with expensive consequences that are part of the deal with "freedom" of speech.
  • Staging a Kitchen Intervention
    If someone you live with or someone you love is a kitchen disaster, you need to know when it's time for you to step in and change that. Here is how you do this.
  • A Divisible Union
    Reactions to the verdicts issued by the American people to victorious and losing candidates and ballot initiatives proved that the hostility among people with different opinions is a long way from healing.
  • Fighting the Flicker: An Account of Staying Home During Hurricane Sandy
    The worst combination of weather to hit the Washington, D.C. area in decades leads to few people braving the outdoors and a lot of grumbling.
  • A Nationals Fan of Cuban Descent Says "Good Riddance" to Ozzy Guillen
    Simply having a bad record as a manager is one thing. Offending a large segment of the population and then telling people to get over it is worse.
  • Why D.C. Baseball Fans Should Hate the Baltimore Orioles
    Too many baseball fans in the Washington, D.C. area are still Orioles fans. The writer explains why he hopes they go 0-162 and lose every game 100-0.
  • A Disappointing End to an Inspiring Story
    Lance Armstrong was more than a seven-time Tour de France winner. He was an inspiration to millions who had testicular and other forms of cancer. Now even that is tarnished.
  • How to Earn Influence at Work
    Having a lofty title isn't the only thing that gives people prestige at a company. There are ways to enjoy some of the perks without the responsibility of managing others.
  • Change Isn't Always for the Best
    A villanelle about the dangers of change simply for change's sake.
  • Real Fears of a First Flight
    Much of recent science fiction has spent a great deal of time focusing on technology of the future. This looks at a more basic element: The humanity of the journey.
  • Creating a Routine for the Unemployed
    Becoming unemployed for whatever reason is difficult, if not traumatizing for people who are creatures of routine. Here are some ways to build that routine.
  • A Moment in the Summer Spotlight
    I was not permitted to walk with either of my high school graduating classes, but I got the last laugh in a way. I was chosen to introduce the keynote speaker at the summer school graduation.
  • The Good New Days
    Pursuing a theme once sung by Billy Joel: "The good old days weren't always good, and tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems."
  • Joy and Pain
    Seeing a friend grieve over a dear friend's loss inspired me to write this.
  • Modern Day Humbugs of the Holiday Season
    Christmas music being played earlier and earlier and people who complain about saying 'Happy Holidays' instead of 'Merry Christmas' really get on this writer's nerves.
  • Baseball Gets it Right: A Fan's Take on the Owner's Meetings
    After years of criticism that baseball has gotten many important decisions right in the owner's meetings today.
  • RIP NBA 2011-12 Season
    The death knell for the 2011-2012 NBA season may not officially have sounded, but the fat lady is certainly warming up her vocal chords.
  • A Penn State Haiku
    A haiku I came up with as a result of the Penn State controversy
  • One of the Guys
    A song about being different, but also wanting to be accepted for who you are.
  • 9/11 an Occasion for Any Man to Cry
    Some changes that came from the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in New York and Washington are subtle. Here's a look at what has changed for the author.
  • Across the Way
    In light of the tragedies in Norway yesterday, I decided to write this.
  • Top 10 Cover Songs
    In a previous piece I wrote on cover songs, I explained a couple of formulae that make for a successful cover. These songs fit the formulae best.
  • When Love Falls Apart
    This is about someone you thought you knew ... when people change and you don't even recognize the people they've become.
  • A Danish Touch: The Best Summer Vacation I Ever Had
    Even though it's been over 15 years since I took a vacation to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., memories from that trip are still fresh in my mind
  • How to Improve Your Customer Experience with a Phone Representative
    Some of the lessons I've learned from working in call centers about ways to make the experience of talking to a telephone agent a better one for everyone involved.
  • Why I Posed for the NOH8 Campaign
    Advocacy takes many forms. In this case, I decided to have my picture taken as a statement of support for my friends and as a louder statement opposing bigotry.
  • Dance with a Stranger
    An unexpected encounter and journey
  • In Your Dreams: A Triumphant Return for the Queen of Rock & Roll
    Stevie Nicks waited 10 years to follow up her critically successful album Trouble in Shangri-la. Her new CD In Your Dreams, which dropped Tuesday, is well worth the wait.
  • Heroes
    People like to throw around the word "hero" too much. Some people think of heroes as people with superhuman abilities. Here's my take on a personal hero.
  • Closing a Chapter: Memories of Graduation
    Graduation Day can be a day filled with warm memories, even if some of those memories lead to sour events in the future. With a focus on happier times, the memories can still remain pleasant.
  • Karaoke Where Everybody Knows Your Name
    Singing at Fat Daddy's Saloon with songs provided by King Kong Entertainment gives weekend warbler and seasoned singer alike a chance to perform with a great sound system in front of great people.
  • Confessions of an Ex-Kitchen Disaster
    Years of cooking have taught me one thing: A great chef can screw up in the kitchen just like a self-professed kitchen disaster. What separates the great chef from the kitchen disaster is the willingness to learn from mistakes.
  • The Dream Revised
    For those of us who don't quite live our dreams, but have found fulfillment elsewhere in life. It's a lesson that there's nothing wrong with revising our life's goals every once in a while.
  • America's Second Civil War
    Discussion about lack of civility in American politics became rampant in the wake of tragedy. As the United States observes the 150th anniversary of the most brutal war fought on American soil, we've become embroiled in a civil war of a different kind.
  • All Fades Away
    A song lyric about a friendship that just dies due to age.
  • Five Habits of Effective Managers
    Managing people can be a challenge, especially when employees don't respond. However, things that work for many employees can make a difference in their experience and yours.
  • A Brief Refresher Course on Customer Service
    Whether you're new to helping customers get what they want or you've been in the business for years, a few tenets stand the test of time.
  • The Check's No Longer in the Mail
    Debit cards loaded with money to pay employees have emerged as an alternative to paper checks or direct deposit.
  • The More Things Change, the More Things Need to Change
    Winning the Senate's vote to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell was a battle 17 years in the fighting. However, the gay community's fight for full equality is still raging.
  • Going Back to Work? How to Make it Work
    An expert recently said that a sign the recession is improving is when people you know who have been unemployed are going back to work. For people who are facing new routines, here are a few tips for making the transition easier.
  • A Clash of Freedoms
    A recent effort to build a Muslim community center near Ground Zero in New York has garnered considerable attention from people on all sides. When the president weighed in, the reaction from Republicans was predictable. Here's why they're wrong.
  • Making Cover Songs Work
    Nearly every singer in the popular music business has done at least one cover. The ones that work best either stay true to the original or completely turn the song on its ear.
  • When the Cheering Stopped: An Alumnus's First-person Account of Watching the Maryland Terrapins Play in the NCAA Tournament
    Even though spring break reduced the numbers of students in attendance, those who watched the Maryland Terrapins at the Thirsty Turtle in College Park brought plenty of energy.
  • Becoming Your Own Biggest Loser
    With all the fad diets and proposed wonder foods out there, some old school methods helped the author shed 55 pounds.
  • Top 10 Stevie Nicks Songs
    From her early days as the new girl in Fleetwood Mac to the dawn of the second decade of the 21st century, Stevie Nicks has captivated her fans with a wide assortment of songs.
  • Mourning the Rocky Mountain News
    If anyone needed conclusive proof that traditional media are in their death throes, today's closing of The Rocky Mountain News provided it.
  • Principles of Document Design
    Experienced desktop publishers have some creativity, but many also operate under certain principles. These principles generally result in visually appealing documents.
  • It's Going to Take More Than Stimulus to Get the Economy Back on Track
    No matter what kind of economic stimulus package is approved by Washington lawmakers, stimulus alone is only the beginning of solving the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.
  • No Joy in Springfield as Blago Booted
    Citizens throughout the U.S. are likely feeling a swirl of emotions about the Illinois Senate's conviction of Gov. Rod Blagojevich, but there should be no joy in the fall from grace of an accused governor.
  • Hope and Change Meet Reality
    Barack Obama won the presidency based on a campaign of hope and change. Now that he's President Obama, it's time to look at reality and fix the problems our country faces.
  • Ways to Celebrate an Anti-Valentine's Day
    The popularity of anti-Valentines Day celebrations has been growing in recent years. There are a number of good reasons for this trend and ways to celebrate for those who aren't attached.
  • '70s Karaoke Klassics
    Picking the top karaoke songs from the 1970s is admittedly subjective, but here are a few acknowledged classics.
  • Melo's Injury Could Be What Nuggets Doctor Ordered
    Carmelo Anthony's hand injury certainly hurts the Nuggets, but could it also help them?

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