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Ismail was born in 1986, attended Nganwa High school, American Military University, Hunter College, Naval Corpsman School and Medical Education & Training Campus. His the author of How To Start Green Business and Founder of Community Resources. Ismail is also a yahoo contributor and an active duty service member in the U.S military.
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  • Pest Control: How to Increase Pest Control Sales
    Print business cards for your pest control company. Printing business cards of your pest control business is one of the cheapest advertising strategies. After printing business cards, make it a habit of giving out a business card everywhere you go.
  • Pest Control: Setting Up Customer Appointments
    The route manager must always call the customer a day before the appointment to confirm with the customer whether he or she is at home. The route manager must ask the customer the time frame at which he or she will be home.
  • Pest Control: Labels for Pest Control Chemicals
    In pest control field, a label for the chemical is law. A pest control professional must provide his or her customer with the label for the chemical before applying it to the customer’s property. Failure to adhering to label law illegal and criminal
  • Pest Control: Mice Control
    Green ways or methods of controlling mice from your property are those ways that take precaution not destroy the environment. Applying these methods means you only target mice and not anything else. This in turn protects the environment
  • Pest Control: Controlling Raccoons
    Many people do not know that Raccoons are so important as well as harmful to humans. Raccoons are sources of fur; they are sources of income to trappers and source of income to photographers. With that said, Raccoons are harmful to humans
  • Pest Control: Termite Control Service
    Termites are important to our ecosystem. They consume and recycle dead plants and wood material. However, the wood in our homes is just as delicious as any dead tree. Homeowners are not aware of termites in their homes until they have caused severe damage
  • Pest Control: Regular Pest Control Service
    In the Field of pest management or pest control, a regular pest control service is a routine monthly service done by pest control Technicians or professionals. Clients usually sign up for this type of service purposely to control destructive nuisances
  • Pest Control: Rat Control With No Chemicals or Poison
    Companies use chemicals or poison to save themselves money and to quickly control rats. This practice of using chemicals and poison is not environmentally friendly and is not safe to humans. Using green professional ways to control rats is safe but time
  • Is Online Education the Future?
    Many people out there are still wondering how, when and what Online Education entails. People attend Ivy Colleges and Universities because most of them (Ivy Colleges) are “Brick and Mortar” colleges. However, these colleges are not completely classroom ba
  • Pest Control: Carpenter Ants Callback
    This topic is familiar to pest control professionals. Many pest control or Pest Management companies in the United States get calls from their clients for carpenter ants. This is what is known as Carpenter Ant Callback in the field of Pest Control
  • U.S.A Study Abroad Experience
    Studying abroad was about getting an education different from what my home country offered. I always felt that to be born in a third world country, it also meant a third world education. I wanted to learn more about first world countries.
  • What is the Best Paint for the Interior and Exterior of a Home
    NOTE; latex paint is not the most preferred paint many homeowners use to paint homes because many people in United States are allergic to Latex. However, pros of Latex paint claim that latex paint is durable and easy to clean up.
  • Trendy Diaper Bags for Celebrity Moms
    For those new moms, things change when they find themselves carrying diaper bags than what they used to carry. Believe me or not, having a trendy diaper bag can make a big difference for those moms who used to carry trendy purses.
  • How to Winterize Your Home for Winter
    Homeowners need to plan for their homes before winter season. Homeowners need to know some basic strategies to ready their homes for winter. I will explore some steps that must be taken to ready your home or house for winter.
  • Things You Should Expect Raising Twins
    Making children is an easy task and a wonderful experience. However, raising children is another experience full of lessons and surprises. I learnt things raising my twins (Ishel and Nadie).
  • I'd Rather Watch Movies
    For a long period of time, both television and movies have been a method of entertainment for most people around the world. However, many things about television and movies have gradually changed over the years. We have seen pay per view, on demand movies
  • Snowstorm Story: Power Loss Yaphank, N.Y.
    Worst of all, I lost power last night. The snowstorm has caused many of my neighbors to stay home.
  • First Person: Snowstorm Snarls Yaphank, N.Y.
    Snowstorm in Yaphank City New York has caused lots of inconveniences. Michael a Vietnam war veteran
  • U.S Regional and National Educational Accrediting Agencies
    Students must know whether the school or university they are attending is accredited. This can prevent them from wasting time and money.
  • How to Start My Own Natural (green) Pest Control Company?
    What are Certifications, Licenses or Education Do I Need? To become a natural (green) pest control exterminator, it is imperative to learn all of the techniques that are used. If you are based in U.S, you will need to have your exterminator's license.
  • How to Start a Green Dry Cleaning Business 2012
    Dry cleaning business can be incorporated with laundry services as well. Remember this niche is good for developing countries. Many developing countries I have visited lack public laundry places and dry cleaning services.
  • African American Reconstruction
    What happened after slavery?
  • Freedom and Democracy
    American society during slavery
  • Were African Americans Patriotic During the American Revolutionary War?
    A patriot is a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.
  • Raw Deal Vs. New Deal
    An article on the great economic depression.
  • Du Bois Critique
    Du Bois, why blacks and whites should mingle.
  • Souls Still Alive
    what to do when in difficult
  • Pay Attention
    How to pay attention.
  • How to Improve Focus at Work
    Diminished focus at work.
  • Why I Attend College
    I have always wanted a professional career. After researching about many different careers and the process of getting into these professions, I realized that college was a must to attend.
  • World Trusted Websites
    Where to find facts
  • UN Peacekeeping Missions
    Has UN peacekeeping missions been successful?
  • Democracy in Islamic Countries
    Has democracy started yet in Iraq?
  • U.S. Relations with China
    U.S. Relations with China
  • Arms Sale
    How are authoritarian regimes able to suppress citizens? Should we blame the west?
  • 2011 Nissan Juke
    sports cars, mini SUVs, Nissan cars
  • Best Career
    Public health, a well recognized field of study, has a lot to offer. Majors in public health involve health economics, health ethics, and epidemiology (the science concerned with the spread and control of disease).
  • Sex of Your Baby
    How science has changed everything.
  • How Asylum Seekers Suffer in USA
    He applied for Asylum USA, he was referred to immigration court where his case is still pending. He has no house, no where to eat, no money and no medical assistance.
  • New York City Transit to New Lots
    It takes three to four hours to travel by train from 135th street to new lots during weekends...

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