Jennifer Budd, RN HN-BC

Jennifer Budd, RN HN-BC

I am a certified holistic registered nurse and former radio broadcast journalist who worked in the NYC/NJ area for over a decade. Some of the stations I have worked with include Bloomberg News Radio, Sirius Satellite Radio, Fox News Radio (national news anchor), WFAN-AM, and WMTR-AM.

I reached the pinnacle of my writing career when I was awarded Yahoo! Contributor Network's Contributor of the Year Award for 2012.

I have an avid interest in health and science and a passion to educate people on their health and well being, which are the primary reasons I chose to go to nursing school. I enjoy writing about health related topics because it allows me to use the journalism skills I already have and blend it with the knowledge I have gained through nursing studies.

Awards: -
Contributor of the Year 2012
Content Spotlight Award Nov 2012
Top 1000 Content Producers 2009-2013
Hot 500 Badge Numerous times in 2010, 2011, 2012
Hot 100 Badge May, June, July 2010, Sept 2013
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William Paterson University BA Communications (1992), Connecticut School of Broadcasting (1996), Essex County College AAS Nursing (2011), Certificate in Clinical Aromatherapy (2013)

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