I have studied Business, Journalism, Multi-Media, Film, Art Production. I have worked in the entertainment industry for many years in Los Angeles, California and I moved to Austin, Texas in 2003. I own One Eye Open Productions in Austin, Texas. I have recently semi retired and moved to Rockport Beach Texas. I am currently utilizing my time taking photographs of the beach and my new beautiful surroundings. My partner and I moved here the end of 2012.
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Citrus College Glendora, Ca., American Institute of Printing & Graphics Art Whittier Ca., Studio Seven Covina Ca, Cal State L A, Richland College Tx


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  • "Tomorrow , Is?"
    This is a poem, prose I wrote many years ago as a teenager. I sat in my room in the late 60's and this was the question that I was asking my self then and I am still asking myself the same question today, 2011.
  • Occupy Austin October 6 2011 Day 1 Opening
    This video was shot in HD and reduced to fit online format. This event is about bringing the government back to the people. I attended the opening event and shot very intriguing speeches and interviews of people attending the event.
  • Pow Wow and American Indian Heritage Festival in Texas
    "Passing Down the Legacy" 19th Annual Austin Pow Wow and American Indian Heritage Festival at Sunset Valley, November 6. 2010. This event is free to the public featuring fry bread and other foods, Indian arts and crafts,storytelling and dances.
  • Peace Love and War
    This is a poem about peace love and war
  • A Review of 'Alpha Female' , the April Christofferson Novel by Michael Greene and Vicki Trusselli
    In this novel April Christofferson combines her interests in varied causes with natural resource exploitation and mistreatment of the elderly amongst other topics.
  • Buffalo Billiards in Austin, Texas
    This video includes an interview with the General Manager; Tina Adamoski Bodell, of Buffalo Billiards at 201 6th Street in Austin, Texas and the interior of the 22,000 sq. ft bar. This is a bar that offers games, pool, drinks, food, dancing and music. A real piece of "Wild West" history is located o
  • War Love Peace
    This is a prose reflecting war love and peace. Lets all learn to live together with freedom, peace and love instead of war. Reflections of my thoughts as written by me in the summer of 1992.
  • Jaimi Shuey and Friends SXSW 2008 Austin, Texas
    This video was filmed and edited by Vicki Trusselli at SXSW 2008. The band is from Los Angeles, California. The music reflects stories of experiences and" just jammin'" in a country blues format. Rick Shea - Pedal steel guitar/guitar/Vocals Jaimi Shuey - Vocals/guitar Tracy Huffman - Vocals/guit
  • "Barack it Out" Texans for Obama
    This video presents the beginning of the Barack It Out! Guest speakers were: Jim Hightower, Senator Kirk Watson and Congressman Lloyd Doggett . The Grassroots Campaign is alive with positive energy in Austin, Texas. BARACK IT OUT! Sunday, March 2nd Jovita's - 1619 S 1st Street Austin, TX 787
  • Steve Dunn His Music, His Lyrics and Words
    Steve Dunn, a singer/songwriter from Farmington, Connecticut has a style described by one reviewer as a combination of rock/pop/contemporary with a new twist, combining acoustic and electric pop with country/rock influences for a new style and sound. The music is compelling with a calming vibe that
  • "Migrations and Integrations" at Diaz Gallery in Austin, Texas
    DIAZ GALLERY PRESENTS "Migrations & Integrations" Scenes with fabric by Stephanie Friedman, mix-media photography by Heather Harris. Heather Harris combines photography, art, computer art and welding to produce some very beautiful art pieces resulting in traditional and abstract impressions. Ste
  • Rick Shea performs at Brentwood Tavern Austin, Texas SXSW March 10, 2007
    Performing in the video are Rick Shea, Traci Huffman, Mike Bager and Dave Brewer. Rick is a honky-tonker with an edge. An original performance with a wild Wester beat.
  • Austin City Limits 2007 September 16 Performances & Crowd Footage
    This video includes a performance by Robert Earl Keen. This was Day 3 and I filmed free hand and off the screen above the stage. ACL was fun despite the humidity and heat of the three days. Thanks to all the performers and people involved in the festival.Check out Robert Earl Keen on My Space.
  • On the Edge of the Cultural District in Austin, Texas...sharing Red River Street with Such Renowned Musical Venues as StubbsBBQ is Asher Garber's Room 710. Check it Out!
    "Based in Austin, Texas, Steve Power has been described as, " Guy Clark meets Joe Ely, and Billy Joe Shaver on the way to Keith Richards' house." Steve has been entertaining since his childhood in California where he sang duets with his mother for tips in San Diego restaurants. Since then he has:
  • Dr. Todd and Ken Huncovsky Performance Room 710 Austin, Texas
    "Todd Moore hails from Beaumont, Texas. Todd attended and graduated from The University of Texas with a BS degree in Radio, Television and Film. In 1979, Todd Moved to San Francisco to pursue a master's degree at San Francisco State University. The Judy Bloom band performed in Austin and Houston as
  • Brandon Rhyder Austin City Limits 2007 Interview & Music
    This video tells Brandon Rhyder's story with an interview, writing and music. His music is country with an upbeat reality depiction of life. "Home Again" conveys sentiments familiar to anyone who has ever left home. He has an industrial technology degree and thanks to his persistence, his music is h
  • MetroCycle Pedicabs "The Green Machines" Lifesavers at Austin City Limits
    I met MetroCycle Pedicabs at Austin City Limits this past weekend Sept 14th-16th, 2007 as I walked out of ACL. Sitting behind the driver was a great relief after standing and walking in 100 degree weather for many hours. "Metrocycle Pedicabs LLC (MP) operates during the peak nightlife hours of Sixt
  • The 2007 Austin City Limits Artist Panel with Paolo Nutini & Ray Benson
    This is a presentation of the 2007 Austin City Limits Artist Panel that was held in the media tent near the BMI stage. Andy Langer moderates the all star panel. Paolo Nutini is an extremely famous performer from Scotland. Ray Benson is from Texas and his band is Asleep at the Wheel. The song credit
  • Will Hoge Interview Austin City Limits 2007
    This presentation is a short interview at Austin City Limits with Will Hoge.This is a video story. "Decades ago, before the first rock and roll idols turned music into a product, musicians played music the way cobblers mended shoes and carpenters built homes. It was a trade like any other job and me
  • Austin City Limits September 14, 2007 "The Fire"
    This video includes some live fire footage with two Emergency Response interviews. Four Austin City Limits employees were injured in a fire Friday afternoon at ACL September 14,2007. The fire started in a recreational vehicle that was parked in a gated service area. The fire spread to two 18-wheeler
  • Austin City Limits September 14, 2007- Day One - a Few Performing Artists Interviews
    Austin City Limits is a three day event. This is live footage from Day One of Austin City Limits 2007 with some great interviews of fantastic musicians who performed this year. The interviews were conducted in the Media Tent behind the BMI stage. This explains about the music and ambient noise in th
  • Infinite Partials Performance May 27, 2007
    "They met at the Blue Theater in east Austin, Texas. Grant found himself quite taken with their style of music of string players, a violist and a cellist. Grant asked the violist if he and his cellist friend would like to be a part of a musical project. The violist and the cellist introduced themsel
  • "The Discarded" the Teaser/Trailer
    This is a teaser/trailer of our documentary in production regarding homeless vets in the Central Texas area. More interviews will be conducted and we are focusing on finding vets from Iraq. There will be voice over, etc. This is for Associated Content to have a peak preview of the doc before complet
  • The Steps Interview Austin City Limits 2007 'Rockin'
    This video presentation consists of a short interview with The Steps of Austin, Texas at Austin City Limits 2007. Their music is infectious and bleeds rock and punk. I hear their music and think of The Clash and Rolling Stones. They are beyond their years. They began garage sessions in 1995 and ha
  • Austin City Limits 2007 the Jellydots Interview & Performance
    The Jellydots performed Sunday September 16, Day three at ACL. Their music rocks with tunes written for kids. The current lineup is: Doug Synder on Guitar and vocals, Gray Parsons on drums and percussion, Shawn Jones on bass, Stephen Bres on guitar, percussion and VOX. They played on Austin Kiddie L
  • Austin City Limits 2007 Interview & Live Footage with Kara Grainger
    Kara Grainger is from Australia and now lives in Los Angeles. Kara is backed by her Austin-based mates, Chris Maresh and Rob Kazinel. Kara's show features cuts from her latest project, "Grand and Green River"recorded through Sydney based Craving Records and spiced with her distinctive vocals and lea
  • Austin City Limits 2007 September 15 with "Back Door Slam
    Back Door Slam performs at Austin City Limits 2007. The young blues-rock band is at home on The Isle of Man on the British coast or on stage. Davy Knowles plays guitar and sings. Adam Jones plays bass and Ross Doyle plays drums. Back Door Slam released its debut album, "Roll Away" on their home isla
    In this video Rick Lacey gives an actual presentation of the procedure that he performs to refill ink cartridges and why recycling is so very important for our Earth: "Yes, only 20% of the billions of dollars worth of printer cartridges purchased annually are currently being recycled. The rest usual
  • Moondog Matinee Austin, Texas Onward and Upward
    Vicki Trusselli interviews the up and coming band, Moondog Matinee at their practice session in South Austin, Texas. They play blues, rock, rock-a-billy and other formats of music. The band has two lead vocalist/guitar players named Ben Todd and Ben Sirko. Their vocals and guitar stings dramatize wi
  • Video Content from First Fundraiser for the Documentary About Homeless Veterans in the Central Texas Area!
    This video begins with an interview with Douglas Greer in front of Room 710 Red River, Austin, Texas. This is a preview of the concert featuring Kevin Brown, Dr. Todd & Ken Huncovsky, Jimi Lee and Moondog Matinee. Produced by Vicki Trusselli & Mike Greene of One Eye Open Productions. One Eye Open Pr
  • SXSW Billy Joe Shaver's performance on March 11, 2007
    Billy wrote 'Georgia on a Fast Train' and 'I'm Just an Old Chunk of Coal But I'm Gonna be a Diamond Someday' Shaver's heartfelt lyrics helped to define the careers of Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings
  • Austin Music Rooms a Musician' S Community Center
    The video records an interview with Kirk McDow,the entreprenuer who started this cool musician's community center this year on a beautiful 6 acre lot on the geenbelt in South Austin. The 24/7 practice rooms include private bathrooms and storage places with monthly rents starting at $250. This is an
  • SXSW Hill's Cafe Texas Heritage Songwriters Awards March 11, 2007
    Aaron Barker, a hit songwriter with songs recorded by George Strait, Lonestar, Willie Nelson, Clay Walker, Aaron Tippin, Tracy Lawerence and many others recieved the well deserved award from the Texas Heritage Association. He wrote "Baby Blue" and many other songs, "Real stories about real life."
  • Austin Studios SXSW Open House March 10, 2007 2 pm- 5pm
    SXSW Austin Studios Open House. Music by DJango's Moustache, a South Austin Gypsy Jazz Band. An interview with Kenneth Rector Business Manager with I.A.T.S.E. Local 484 is included with the laid back introduction of the event.
  • SXSW Hill's Cafe South Congress Austin, Texas Part Two
    W.C. Clark is "The Godfather of Austin Blues". W.C. Clark has been playing the blues from the east side of Austin to stages around the world for 40 years.
  • SXSW Hill's Cafe South Congress Austin, Texas
    Rosie Flores's closest friends and musical influences are James Intveld, Dwight Yoakum, Elvin Bishop, Emmy Lou Harris and many others in the music industry. Rosie was a mentor at SXSW Music Conference.
  • Just A Man
    Douglas Greer's 2006 debut album "Just A Man" features appearances by Ramos (John Mellencamp) on keyboards, accordion and percussion, Hallman (Carole King) on piano and backing vocals, David Grissom (the Dixie Chicks) on lead guitar, Tommy Shannon (Stevie Ray Vaughan) on bass and Michael Longoria (P
  • Views from the Peak: A View from Mt. Bonnell Rising Over 700 Ft. Above Lake Austin
    Overlooking the Lower Colorado River and rising more than 700 feet above the west bank of Lake Austin sits Mount Bonnell , an Austin landmark and popular tourist attraction .
  • "The Key"
    As one struggles through the year of our lives before and after 2007.
  • A Stroll on Auditorium Shores, Austin, Texas
    Auditorium Shores is located on Town Lake. Austin City Limits was originally filmed across Riverside Drive from this location. Music composed by Lionel Wilder, Vicki's son in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Exploring Town Lake in Austin, Texas
    An artsy video exploring Town Lake in Austin, Texas with music by Lionel Wilder in Los Angeles,CA. Lionel is a musician and Vicki's son who lives in Los Angeles, CA. The short video is produced by Vicki Trusselli and Mike Greene in the summer of 2006.
  • A View of Bats Under The Congress Street Bridge in Austin, Texas
    Mexican Fruit Bats live under the Congress Street Bridge above Town Lake in Austin, Texas from early spring through September.
  • "The Laughing Clown"
    The earth becomes a tiny blue marble from far away amongst the stars, the moon, the sun
  • "A Rose is Red"
    Roses bloom on the land, the ocean spreads the waves upon the shore as the rose spreads pedals upon the land. Love blooms with the rose, the pedals fall, the waves flow with the tides.
  • "Footprints on the Sand"
    Oceans with waves undulating onto the shores of my memoirs of prose of the beach and beyond....years ago looking out at the ocean in Santa Monica, California. The rivers flow the oceans flow from California to Texas.

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