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Susan Elliott

Susan writes poetry and fantasy. She has written for the Christian Woman Magazine, and Virtuous Magazine. She is a native Texan, but lives in Virginia.
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  • So This Happened: I Think I Met Nicolas Cage
    I remember looking up from the screen and first noticing a gentleman with a very beautiful, and expensive black suit on. It was tailored, and hung to his body accentuating his magnificent form. I remember thinking, "Wow, this guy has money."
  • Tropical Winter Haiku
    This year is a tropical winter. Should I be glad we traded the deep frost for sandy beaches? Minus twenty burns...
  • Fantastic Halloween Window Art
    Acrylic painted windows with Halloween designs are beautiful and fun! It's easy to remove the designs from off of the glass once Halloween is over, and the designs look beautiful with light behind them.
  • A True Conversion Story
    Some say that religious conversion requires a direct operation of the Holy Spirit on a person's heart. Others teach that you should get a feeling deep in your soul telling you that you belong to God. It is also said that you should say a quick prayer...
  • He is the Air I Breathe
    He is the air I breathe, but today I nearly drowned. I was dying inside,flailing my arms, and screaming within because he was ashen, and cold.
  • An Obscure Promise to Abraham of Egyptian Bondage
    The book of Genesis is a book of beginnings. It is an account of the formation of the world. It also documents the creation of man and women, and it intimately portrays their struggles, something to which all of humanity can relate.
  • The Nations Descended from Noah: Genesis 10
    I am currently teaching a ladies class that covers Bible history and geography. This type of study might seem kind of dry to some, but it really is interesting. Studying the geography and history of the Bible allows a student to see things in a new light.
  • Six Promises of God: From the Garden to the Flood
    Genesis is a book of beginnings, penned by the inspired writer Moses. It is a book that describes the creation of man, the wickedness of man, and the hope of man. Throughout the book, God makes several promises, but not all of his promises are rewarding.
  • Cindy Colley's Facebook Group: Digging Deep in God's Word
    On the morning of August 31, 2011, I received an invitation to study the Bible via Facebook. It wasn't the first invitation I'd ever received for an event, and it probably won't be the last, but this was the first time I excitedly clicked to join...
  • The Extraordinary Inspirational Bible
    There is nothing more extraordinary than the Bible. The Bible spans thousands of years in time, is written by at least 40 different people and is a cohesive work unlike any other book in history. It is a pattern book, it is a history book, and...
  • In 9/11's Aftermath, There's Concern the Nation Has Lost Its Ways
    Ten years after 9/11, I am concerned for my nation. She has stood proud and tall for so long. She was founded by men who believed in freedom, true civil liberties (not those mandated by the ACLU) and justice. Ten years later, I still worry, pray and hope.
  • Perfection
    Perfect eyes and nails Tiny waist, button front jeans...
  • Remembering Life Through Jani Lane's Music
    Jani Lane, lead singer for the 80s hairband Warrant always seemed to be larger than life. The news that he was found dead in a hotel room on August 11, 2011 cut fans to the quick.
  • Prima Ballerina
    Her dichromatic eyes scour the fields tracing every petal, blade and leaf, as she swiftly flits through tulip kissed fields.
  • 'Castle': Derrick Storm Rises to Comic Book Status
    In May 2011, plans were announced for the release of the first book in the Derrick Storm series. While this book is not the first written by the fictional writer Richard Castle, it is the very first novel devoted to the early works of Castle.
  • Writing Your First Novel: Writing a Scene & Concluding the Novel
    The best way to start a novel, a chapter, or a scene is to just jump right into the action. This is the look and hook method. If you start a chapter with excitement, people will want to continue to read.
  • Writing Your First Novel: The Character Sketch & Dialogue
    Writing a book is a daunting task, no matter how you look at it. A typical book manuscript has 500 typed double spaced pages. It is a large work that requires a lot of time and devotion to complete. Completing a manuscript might mean...
  • Her Golden Tears
    Her golden tears began to roll displaying the bitterness in her soul. Torn apart and ripped asunder by wily men who claimed to love her. Great pain and anguish clothed her eyes, those "men of God" she despised...
  • Secret Sister Program & Questionnaire
    The secret sisters program is a great way of making new friends. Recently we have started the program where I attend worship. I spent several hours scouring the Internet trying to find a secret sister questionnaire, but didn't have much luck...
  • 'Eureka' Has Been Cancelled
    My 15 year old son rushed into my office, where I was working on an article about creating a tessellation project and urgently grabbed my attention by yelling, Mom, they've cancelled Eureka!
  • Sea Fever
    I must go down to the beach again, where the horizon meets the sky, and all I need is a surf board and my Coppertone 45, and the rise of the surf and the gull's song... My take on John Masefield's Sea Fever
  • Played
    Like a child riding a merry-go-round, spinning, whirling, flying fast then faster, gliding on air then in free fall...
  • Celestial Crown
    sparkling diamonds, set in obsidian night...A Haiku.
  • 'Castle': Rick Castle Blogs About Life, Writing and Crime Solving
    What is a 'Castle' fan to do during the long wait from one season to another? She could turn to Rick Castle's own personal blog.
  • Orange Sunrise
    Many lives seem to be white washed with anguish, and life seems to be something that it often is not. But, even when torn and tattered, battered and bruised there is always hope.
  • Pencil Drawing: Bunny Rabbit with Egg
    This is an easy to draw bunny rabbit. It is holding an Easter egg, but I thought it would be cute to draw or paint one with a large blue egg.
  • Tornado
    EEEE-OOOO pierces darkened skies,cutting the atmosphere like a knife making everyone's blood rush, pulsate...(Written as a Sestina)
  • Mother
    Like Sarai, I know you must have laughed, full of joy and wonder at the forthcoming of my birth. Nine long months you cradled me, shielded me in your womb, sang soft praises, schooling me of the Master.
  • The Wall
    Seventy-two glossy black panels, stand baking in the sun, Stand freezing in the cold, Stand erect.
  • Love One Another: I Corinthians 13
    Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. According to Thayer, the Greek word for charity is agape. Studies in I Corinthians 13...
  • One of Us
    She was not born of us but her smile brightens our hearts as though she has always been one of ours...
  • Using Encaustic Painting Irons
    Painting with hot wax is a medium that has ancient roots. There are many types of encaustic irons, but some are better than others.
  • Create an Elegant Spring Flower Garden in a Communion Cup
    Even the most ordinary objects can turn into beautiful works of art with just a little imagination and hot glue.
  • Chasing Butterflies
    I know I'm not perfect, not even close. Sometimes I fail completely even when I try the most...
  • Top 10 Ways to Annoy Your Teenager
    Have you ever read the book "101 Ways to Annoy Your Parents?" There are several different versions of this book, but these books are always about annoying your parents or teachers. This turned the wheels in my brain...
  • Spark Some Romance with These Timeless Films
    Romantic films can certainly start a spark when viewed at home by candlelight; but with a plethora of films to choose from, how do you know which film you should choose?
  • Lose the Freelancer Bulge with a Low Carb Diet
    Adopting a low carb diet is a great way to attack the freelancer bulge. It is also useful for anyone who has a job that requires you put in more time in a chair than standing or moving around. A person can individually tailor his medical needs..
  • Freelance Writing and Weight Gain
    I sit at my keyboard for hours a day. Only moving to get a steaming cup of Pike's Place Roast, ® or to go out to lunch. As of late I have noticed that I am getting slightly more lumpy than usual. This made me wonder if there are other freelancer writers..
  • Artist Anita Hochdorf Creates Amazing Art with a Simple Medium
    Sometimes art just has to be seen. Photographer and artist Anita Hochdorf shares her artwork and art techniques. While her artwork is breathtaking, its simplicity makes it an easy to achieve art project for artists of all skill levels.
  • 'Law & Order:SVU': Bystander Syndrome and Viral Rape Plague the Net
    "Law & Order: SVU" has never shied away from topics, and no topic can be more timely than Bystander Syndrome and viral crime. The episode "Spectacle" explores these ideas, leaving the audience uncomfortable and perhaps ashamed.
  • 'Castle': Memories Shatter with the Final Nail
    People cling to ideas and memories as though they are solid truths. Castle learns the hard way that not everyone is who they seem to be.
  • Put a Little Sci-Fi in Your President's Day with 'Independence Day'
    While 'Independence Day' is not the most traditional President's Day movie, it certainly can stand on its own as one of the best presidential films ever made. It stars Will Smith, Bill Pullman, and Jeff Goldbloom.
  • Don't Give Up
    They may break your heart tear you apart, and you, you've done nothing. They may hurt you with vicious lies...
  • Architecture
    barrel vaults, painted skies, lacey, ornate windows...A short poem.
  • 'X-Men: First Class' Trailer Goes Viral, Leaving Fans Wanting More
    The "X-Men: First Class" trailer has gone viral, and leaves many fans counting the days until its opening weekend. "X-Men: First Class" opens on June 3, 2011.
  • Give the Gift of Tea
    You can create homemade tea and display it in a beautiful jar, or give it as a special gift. This simple craft is perfect for any level crafter.
  • 'Castle': Beckett Wants to Feel Shiny
    In "Lucky Stiff" Castle learns a little more about Beckett's greatest wish, and the audience learns why they might not want to win the lottery.
  • Justin Bieber Reaches His Adult Fan Base with 'Never Say Never'
    'Justin Bieber: Never Say Never' releases on February 11, 2011. Throngs of screaming teens are expected to attend opening weekend, but you can expect more than a few adult Beliebers in the crowd.
  • A Brief History of the Costume Designers Guild
    Costume designers create amazing ensembles through the use of fabric, texture, color and silhouette, and it is the Costume Designers Guild that protects and encourages their artistic endeavors.
  • Fond Memories of Saint Patrick's Day
    Many people pass right through Saint Patrick's Day without a second thought, but not us. It is a day to celebrate and to learn about our family history.
  • CDG Awards: Subtle Differences Between Costume Designers and Fashion Designers
    People not in the movie or fashion industry may have never considered what the real difference is between a costume designer and a fashion designer, but with the 13th annual Costume Designers Guild Awards approaching fast, maybe it's time they did.
  • 'Law & Order: SVU' Sweeps Up with Debra Messing
    The Spring 2011 season of "Law & Order: SVU" promises to be an exciting one. It kicks off guest starring the beautiful and talented Debra Messing.
  • David Duchovny, Black Moor Fish and Larry
    Sometimes love is like the X-Files. It is something completely unexpected, turns up in the strangest places, and envolves people you'd never expect.
  • Castle: Firefly, Serenity, or Close Encounter of the Murderous Kind?
    In Close Encounters of a Murderous Kind, Castle pays hommage to two Sci-fi greats, the X-Files and Firefly.
  • Easy to Make Sea Salt Scrub
    You can create your own sea salt scrub with just a few ingredients. Sea salt scrub is easy to make and even makes a great gift.
  • Create the Dead Sea in a Jar
    You may not be able to take your Bible class to the Dead Sea, but you can bring the Dead Sea to your class with just a few items. While this project is simple, it really makes an impact with your students.
  • Cherry Blossom
    Born of another half a world away. You, my dear, are as dear to me as any child born of my flesh...
  • Castle: Lip-Locked and Under Cover
    Okay, so you may have read an insider blog, like Castle-Fans, before watching the latest episode of "Castle," or seen the teaser trailer multiple times, so you should have expected a wham-bam toe-curling episode...
  • The Green Hornet's Black Beauty
    Some toys are more desirable then others in the world of super heroes, and the Black Beauty is no exception. She is a stylish, technologically superior car that even gives the Batmobile a run for its money.
  • Indiana Jones Made Me Who I Am Today
    There is one film that without a doubt influenced my life in a way that I never could have imagined. In fact, it not only influenced my life, it has influenced the lives of thousands of people around the world.
  • Who is the Green Hornet?
    If you had listened to The Green Hornet radio broadcast on April 18,1943 you might have heard these words: "He hunts the biggest of all game, enemies that try to destroy our America," but who is this Green Hornet?
  • The Twin Dolphin Cinema: Port Lavaca's Own Movie Theater
    Recently my family relocated to Port Lavaca, Texas. We love to go to the movies. In fact it has become a weekly tradition, so one of the first places I had to find when we moved to town was the local cinema.
  • Rick Castle: Getting to Know Nikki Heat Upclose and Personal
    Perhaps it's the dream of most writers, but have they actually thought it through? What would it be like to have your own masterpiece adapted for the silver screen? What would happen if you were face to face with your own creation? Rick Castle knows.
  • God's Gift: A Bible Class Craft for High School Students
    Teenagers are often appear disinterested in Bible class, even when they are listening. You can help your high school Bible class retain more of the the lessons you teach through the use of crafts.
  • Resources for Artistic Inspiration
    There are many websites that are perfect for helping an artist find inspiration. Whether these sites are homepages for famous art museums or simple blogs of unknown artists. There is an entire world of inspiration available online.
  • The best Houston Astros gifts
    Find the perfect gift for every Houston Astros fan this year! There are many Houston Astros themed gifts available online.
  • Build Your Own Flower Pot Smoker
    Surprise your favorite BBQ Master with a flower pot smoker. This smoker works great for smoking all types of meats, and is extremely easy to make.
  • More Than a Must See Movie, TRON: Legacy
    If you didn't live through the early 1980s you might not be aware of the early computer culture. To a small child, raised by a sci-fi nut, the world was a magical place of arcade games, televisions that asked questions...
  • Make Your Own Bead Curing Rack
    Have you ever wanted to have your own oven proof bead drying rack? You might have noticed they can be rather costly, but there is great news! You can make your own with just a few supplies.
  • The Bible: A Weary Soul's Refuge
    "When I am down, and oh my soul's so weary, when burdens come and my heart troubled be," it is then that I turn to the good book for inspiration, and comfort...
  • Make Your Own Silver Screen Inspired Christmas Tree
    Bring the magic of the silver screen inside this year with a beautifully decorated silver screen inspired Christmas tree.
  • 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' Inspired Holiday Yard Art
    Is there anything that really shouts Christmas better than "How the Grinch Stole Christmas?" You can bring a little bit of Whoville home with this Whoville inspired Christmas tree yard art design.
  • Harvesting for My King
    I see myself tall by his side, walking along matching stride for stride. Together serving the God most high, harvesting His vineyards changing darkness to light...
  • The Real New Year's Eve Baby
    I have always loved New Year's Even get togethers; however, there is one that is more memorable than any other. You only have one first born child, and they only have one first New Year's Eve. My son's first New Year's Eve was a night no one will ever...
  • Best Gifts for Your Favorite Artist
    The art world may seem confusing to outsiders, even to one who appreciates his favorite artist and wants to encourage his loved one's passion. This gift giving season let me help you find the perfect gift for your favorite artist.
  • Painting in Reverse: Chandelier Prism Ornaments
    Learning to paint in reverse is not as complicated as it may seem. Creating small glass Christmas ornaments is a good way to learn the technique and create one of a kind Christmas treasures.
  • Ocean's Bounty Christmas Ornaments
    Oyster shells can be found at the edge of many beaches. They are often over looked by shell collector's because of their conglomerate shape; however, they can make great hand-painted Christmas ornaments.
  • Gone
    I grieve for you sister. I long to feel your presence -your quick embrace,a peck on the cheek...
  • A Close Encounter of the Dream Kind
    I awoke from a dream a close encounter with you, the taste of your tongue on my lips...
  • Decorative Halloween Windows
    You can have the coolest most spooktacular house on the block this Halloween by creating your own window painting decorations.
  • HOME
    It's not mountain air or never ending pine forests, but miles and miles of blue skies and sun baked blooming cactus...
  • Familial Exponents
    1+1 = US, 1^2+1 = Charles...A little mathematical poem.
  • Autumn
    not this or that not live or die but these and those laugh and cry...
  • Designer Painted Jeans at Home
    It doesn't take much time in the mall to see clothing styles are diverse. Some kids prefer a more traditional look while others prefer a hip-hop vibe. It is easy to accomplish some of these more trendy styles through the use of paint.
  • An Author Speaks: Lynn Nodima on Writing
    There are many great writers who have not been published by any of the major publishing houses. That doesn't mean that their works don't have merit;it just means that they weren't one of the lucky ones. Everyone should read Lynn Nodima's works.
  • HWY B
    Pushed, thrown or jumped; what does it matter? She landed with a crunch eating pavement. We ran towards her. She, confused, disoriented reeking of alcohol... True Story
  • New York Times Crossword Puzzle Table
    Add a literary touch to your shadow box coffee table with a New York Times crossword puzzle design.
  • Tutorial: How to Sketch American Zigzag Fences
    Learn the basic concepts of sketching an American Zigzag fence in this basic tutorial. Once you understand the basic concepts, you can add fences to any craft you choose.
  • How to Transfer Your Sketches for Mass Production
    You can easily mass produce your original sketches with charcoal paper.
  • Make Your Own Snowman Christmas Ornaments from Paint Sticks
    Some people might not think Christmas is a year round affair, but crafters are often hard at work making Christmas crafts during the hottest months of the year. You can join their year round endeavor by making your own snowman Christmas ornament.
  • Science Fiction at Its Best: Dune Chronicles
    As a child I remember watching Dune, the evil, grotesque form of Baron Vladimir Harkonnen haunted my dreams, and the great worms, Shai-Hulud, seemed terrible beasts that could swallow me even as I lay sleeping in the comfort of my bed...
  • Is My Spouse Cheating: Signs in a Technological Age
    Facebook, MySpace and Twitter may be hotbeds for cheating spouses. Technology may be breeding intimate familiarity between friends.
  • Make Your Own Twisted and Coiled Bead Bracelets
    Create your own glass bead and coiled wire bracelet, or learn how to make the same bracelet with your own hand-crafted polymer beads.
  • Secrets
    Sister, born of another mother, but dearer to heart than flesh or blood, I know your pain, even before you; weeping for hours, watering my pillow...
  • Mississippi Magnolia Wooden Heart Craft
    As the Mississippi State flower, a magnolia represents state pride and patriotism. You can create your own variation of the State Flower and State Flag design applying these simple steps.
  • Riding the Rays
    He left his ring on the table before he walked out the back door. He'd threatened this was coming, but she never knew for sure...
  • How to Make an Enchanted Fairy Canopy Bed
    Become your little girl's hero by making her an enchanted fairy canopy bed. A canopy bed can be easily made with curtains, curtain rods, flowers and fairy ornaments.
  • Magnetic Tape
    Sometimes I don't know. Why do I even try? I let you walk across me for days, months, years...more than I can even remember...
  • How to Make an Outdoor Sculpture Garden
    The high school that I attended in Liberty Hill, Texas, had the most beautiful sculpture garden. It was full of geometric shapes, and fluid looking sculptures.
  • Answerbag
    What's the tallest suspension bridge? France's Millau bridge. Is Barack Obama a mason? No, but "they'd be proud."
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