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Bug Mugg

I may be a pest, but I'm here to attest to the fact that once-in-awhile we all need a little bug in our ear. To be clear, in it; no subject is safe, nothing we hold dear will be spared from my "insect"-ious sneers and strafes.
I was also an extra in "A Bugs Life", "The Bee Movie", "The Jungle Book", "The Lion King", and "Dumbo" ( I played a circus animal in Dumbo..though you won't see me in most of these, as almost all of my on-screen scenes ended up on the cutting room floor, and I was just a tiny larvae at that point anyway, so you wouldn't have recognized me). My Dad was a beatle, (no, not one of the actual members of the best band in the world,...but we do jam with a couple of the members occassionally), and my Mom, an orange ladybug (thank God I didn't get her spots!) It was hard enough for me having to deal with them being a mixed species couple, so I grew up getting a lot of grief...maybe that's why I'm a bit of a sarcastic little bug...
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if it moves, ride it
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