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Dottye is a telemarketing manager, an internet marketer, and the published author of a book and several short stories, songs, articles and poems.
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BS Biology; Graduate work towards M. Ed.


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  • Taking Hurricanes Seriously in Florida
    We can take away many lessons from the ordeals of the 2004 Hurricane Season. I can sum those lessons up by saying: Be prepared for the unexpected.
  • Getting Started on Ebay
    eBay could care less about who you are, where you reside, or if you are good-looking. eBay levels the playing field and removes the roadblocks to earning that the real world constantly erects. If you can post items on the site, you can make it happen!
  • Make Money Online with EZ Niche
    It all started late one hot August night when I was cruising along on Ebay. I was looking for a way to make some money online, with a home-based, internet-based business of my own. There was something about this particular Ebay ad that caught my attention.
  • Product Review: Blogger Generator, Internet Marketing Tool or Ripoff?
    Anyone who has done any internet marketing at all knows the value of using blogs. The Blogger Generator promised to automate the tedious process of blog construction and maintenance.
  • How to Make Money with Public Domain Content
    You don't have to be Walt Disney or Randal Kleiser to capitalize on this treasure-trove. Even the "little guy" (or gal) can use public domain works in many ways to make money.
  • How to Use MySpace to Market Affiliate Products
    MySpace and other social networking sites give the internet marketer a built-in audience for products and services.
  • Handfastings- a Different Kind of Wedding
    A Handfasting ceremony is often referred to as a "Wiccan wedding". The ceremony may or may not be legally binding.
  • Before Dr. Phil, There was Uncle Max!
    You can either be a person who makes life happen, or a person to whom life happens- the choice is yours.
  • First Steps to Fixing Your Credit
    You need a good job so that you can get yourself out of the financial mess you are in and get your bills caught up. Yet, you get turned down for a good job on the basis of a credit report. Seems like a vicious cycle that you can't break out of!!!
  • High School Typing Class to Home-Based Business!
    Who would have thought that a class I signed up for as a "fill-in" over 30 years ago would continue to influence my life today?
  • Shiba Inus- Big Dog in a Little Dog's Body
    If you are looking for a canine companion who will follow your commands without question, and will try to please you, better look for another breed of dog. Shiba Inus require an owner with much patience, understanding, love and a stronger will.
  • Fighting Fat at Fifty!
    When a person becomes 50 years young, they are not exactly at the age in which the body's metabolism is a bullet train. The metabolism is more like the "Hooterville Cannonball", from "Petticoat Junction".
  • Using Testimonials and Product Reviews to Increase Your Online Income
    As an affiliate marketer, there are several strategies that will help you increase your income. One of the foremost ways is by using product reviews and testimonials. Savvy marketers know that this works very effectively in promoting a specific product.
  • Pay Day Loans EXPOSED!!! Part One
    You see the ads all the time- on TV, on the radio, on the internet. You see headlines reassuring you that "We Trust You- Cash for Your Signature!" Yes, your signature on a blank check!
  • Why Work from Home?
    There are many reasons to work from home, ranging from economic reasons to a better quality of life for yourself and your family.
  • How to Build Wealth by Investing in Foreclosure Houses
    As a Realtor, it's amazing to me what lengths people are going to in order to buy a house! Many of these people are dealing with "predatory lenders".
  • Your Dreams Can Give You Lottery Numbers!
    I was standing in line at my favorite convenience store in New Port Richey, FL, when five numbers came up for Fantasy Five. The Lotto machine at the store actually "coughed them up" and a mechanical sounding voice read off the numbers while I was inside the store.
  • How to Attract the Love of Your Life
    It's very simple, but some people won't believe it. If you want love from another, if you want the perfect mate, you first have to LOVE YOURSELF.
  • Jyotisha, the Vedic Astrology of India
    Vedic Astrology is still commonly used in India to help make important decisions.
  • How to Build an E- Mailing List for Your Online Business
    Of course, there are companies that are happy to help your site/business build a customer list for a fee that varies from small to thousands of dollars. However, there are also many tricks that you can use to publicize your sites for free.
  • Life on the Atkins Diet
    About three years ago, I tried the Atkins Diet for losing weight. The Atkins Diet is a very low-carb, high protein regimen. I did lose weight- almost 60 pounds.

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