Ashley Mott

Ashley Mott

Ashley Mott is a freelance writer and entertainment reviewer. In addition to her Associated Content portfolio, she has also contributed content to Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Movies, omg! from Yahoo!, Yahoo! TV, Yahoo! Shine, Livestrong,, The Motley Fool, eHow Money, eHow, Tide, and AT&T. Ashley also maintains several content driven websites featuring her original content and is the Davenport, Iowa featured Celebrity Examiner.
Ashley has managed an e-commerce business since 2006 that specializes in antique books and vintage media while occasionaly venturing into liquidating clothing, accessories, and health & beauty supplies. For much of 2010, Ashley served as a part-time Postmaster Replacement (PMR) with the United States Postal Service.
In 2011, Ashley hopes to earn a Personal Trainer Certification and a Group Fitness Instructor Certification from the American Council on Exercise and become a certified Family Manager Coach.
When Ashley isn't working she enjoys reading and studying fashion magazines. Any given weekday you can find her testing multiple beauty products in search of the grand "Eureka" moment all beauty fiends experience when a combination of existing product produces mind boggling results!
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Bachelor of Science, Business Administration (Columbia College, 2014) Hypnotist (HMI), LSU-IS, Small Business Manager for 5 Yrs (Commerce), Small Business Manager for 8 Years (Content)



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