Sandra Johnson

Sandra Johnson

When it comes to the Olympic Games, Sandra Johnson is not only an authority, but also a longtime fan. She has worked for the United States Olympic Committee and she has covered three Olympic Games.

In addition, Johnson grew up as a competitive swimmer, and she still coaches and participates in the sport today.

Before she ventured into the freelance world, Johnson spent five years in a newsroom reporting on sports and current events for daily newspapers. Since joining the freelance workforce in 2008, Johnson has been published on sites such as Yahoo! Sports, Yahoo! News, CBS and USA Today. In July of 2012, she was awarded the Y!CN Contributor Spotlight Award for her coverage of the 2012 Olympic Games.

She has a BA degree in journalism and certificates in human resources, small business development and sales and marketing. In her free time she coaches swimming, competes in triathlons, Masters swim meets, and runs marathons. When she isnt participating in or attending sporting events, she can be found reading a romance novel or traveling across the United States.

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B.A., Journalism and Public Relations, A.A., Small Business Management, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources
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