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Lyn Lomasi is the Community Manager & Advocate at Yahoo Contributor Network. Email her with community issues, concerns, & ideas ( Read her tips for success on the official YCN blog. Find more tips at, part of Write W.A.V.E. Media, a group of websites Lyn founded to spotlight writers for their existing work and teach them how to succeed. She's been contributing to YCN since 2007 and previously acted as a Community Guide. Her work is featured across Yahoo verticals & all over the web. Catch this momtrepreneur cheering on her children, the Denver Nuggets, and fellow writers.

Basically, she's an internet and content pro. She's a giver and seeker of love & truth in everything at all costs, advocating for just causes and for the voiceless among all creatures, human or otherwise. Her jungle of a family is currently being raised in the Denver area. On her downtime (wait, she has some?!...), she enjoys yoga, hiking, writing (yes, more of it), photography, music, and film.

From parenting techniques, to energy usage, to humane animal treatment, homeless aid, reducing waste and more, Lyn is committed to saving the Earth as a whole. For this self-made momtrepreneur, green living and sustainability is not about a few small product choices. It s a way of life and a labor of love.

The meaning of Lyn is “waterfalls” and Lomasi means Pretty Flower . When the water falls, a pretty flower emerges. As such, Lyn strives to live by these words from Luther Burbank: Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.
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  • Parenting Guru: What I Never Want to Tell My Child
    Death is a fact of life - a very harsh one. We don't want our children to experience pain. But none of us have the power to say when this kind of pain comes and when it doesn't.
  • Parenting Guru: Messy Kids are Happy Kids
    Kids make messes. Why? Because it's fun. The clean-up isn't so great at times. But making a good mess can be quite entertaining. My kids seem to have mastered the art of mess-making from an early age.The most messy time of all had to be when one of my kids was two years old and the other was just si
  • Parenting Guru: I'm not like other moms - Are you?
    When other moms are dishing out the latest gossip, making date night plans, and getting excited over the latest fashions for moms and kids, I can't help but feel out of place. The things I want to discuss seem so different and I am often way out of touch with what everyone else is interested in. I'm
  • Paddle Your Way to Fitness
    When thinking of family fitness, paddle boats may not immediately come to mind. However, many city parks have them available, depending on the season and weather. Paddle boats are fun, but they really work the muscles, especially the legs.
  • How to Make Snowflake Wind Chimes
    These snowflake wind chimes are simple enough that kids can make them, but beautiful enough that many will enjoy them. Not many supplies are needed and the decoration will be appropriate all winter, not just during the holidays.
  • Should All Schools Return to Mixed-Age Grouping?
    In the early days of schooling, children would often pile into a one-room school house. These kids were not sorted into different classrooms based on age or grade level. Should all schools go back to mixing age groups?
  • Maximizing Upfront Payments at Yahoo! Contributor Network
    Many factors go into determining upfront offers and those factors can differ depending on several things. While following this guide may not guarantee that you will receive higher upfront payments, you may see greater opportunities within the network.
  • Maximizing Performance Payments at Yahoo! Contributor Network
    In the over four years I spent as a contributor, I learned quite a bit about getting quality traffic, leading me to page view millionaire status times over. You also have the power to increase your page views using several different methods.
  • Parenting Guru: A glimpse at our summer
    As the summer draws to an end, it's great to go back through the pictures we took and reflect on the fun times. My kids and I are the outdoorsy type, so we spent a fair amount of our summer exploring nature trails and having equally exciting outdoor adventures. This fun snapshot provides a very accu
  • Moving with kids: Keeping the process fun
    Moving with kids presents many difficult tasks and scenarios. But it doesn't have to be boring. Keeping the process fun will help avoid some of the possible stress that can come with moving. Kids need to feel like they are a part of things.
  • Moving Preparation: Keeping Things Organized
    Preparing to move? It can be so draining. But if you keep things organized, it will save you time and energy in the long run. The main part of moving organization involves getting rid of what you don't need. But there are other things you can do.
  • Homeschool tips: Teaching an inattentive child
    Innovative methods and activities can help to not only increase attention and focus, but can help a parent or other homeschool teacher in teaching an inattentive child.
  • Kids and Pets: Make a Coconut Shell Hamster House
    We like to take care of the pets in the most natural ways possible. So we are always coming up with new ways to make them feel like they are in their natural environment. Because of this, our rescued hamsters recently got houses made of coconut shells.
  • Parents don't have to ignore each other after kids
    Are you and your partner struggling to find balance now that you've had kids together? If you're like us and don't have or trust sitters, there are still ways to find time for your relationship. Parents don't have to ignore each other after having kids.
  • Keep Your Skin Looking Young Without Makeup
    Many types of makeup can actually be damaging to the skin. So while you are using it to cover minor issues, you may actually be making the situation worse. You truly can keep your skin looking young without makeup.
  • Moms speak: Teach your kids to cope with college distractions
    For some, college can feel like one big hangout session. The problem? People need to study, too. After all, that's the whole point. So how do you teach your kids to cope with college distractions? Moms from around the United States gave me the run-down.
  • Positive Parenting: Teaching Kids How to Interact with Dogs
    Thinking of getting a dog? Just want your kids to know how to interact with them? Either way, it's an important lesson for all kids to learn. Teaching kids to interact with dogs takes time and patience but is well worth the effort.
  • How to Use Paper.Li To Create a Twitter Newspaper
    If you use twitter, chances are you may have seen the tweets explaining that you or your followers are featured in someone's newspaper. Perhaps you've even clicked those links and thought it would be neat to have your own. I have created several.
  • Alternating Between Two Churches: Benefits from Personal Experience
    Many church-goers find one church to go to, often one in their own neighborhood, and then stick with that one church, provided they've decided it's the right one. There are a variety of ways to attend church, including alternating between two churches.
  • Helping kids balance homework and activities
    "Mom, can I go play with the neighbors?" "Did you do your homework?" "Not yet." If this conversation sounds all too familiar, you need to start helping your kids balance homework and activities. Both are important for different reasons.
  • A mom's advice on the first day of school: A word to my son
    In all actuality, my son has been to school before. But not in the way he will be going to school this fall. My youngest two kids have only known our home and the big, wide world as their school. He will be going to a more traditional school this fall.
  • How to get back to school supplies for under $25
    Back-to-school time can also indicate 'clear the wallet' time for parents and guardians. But it doesn't have to when it comes to school supplies. I know what you're thinking: '..."My child's list is huge! Can we really spend less than $25?'
  • Help! My daugher is starting high school: Beat the mommy jitters
    This year one of my daughters will be starting high school. It's so hard to believe she is that age already. Like many moms out there, it's both exciting and nerve-wracking. I've been doing my best to relieve my mommy jitters over the high school life.
  • Back-to-school nightmare becomes pleasant dream
    The back-to-school supplies were ready. They were even inside the backpack arranged perfectly. Outfits were picked out and arranged for the first week back. But instead that day was a nightmare for her because she didn't get to go.
  • Moms speak: Help kids with homework when you don't know the answer
    Your child is frustrated with a homework assignment and you have no clue what to do. Do you scream in frustration, too? Of course not. How do you help kids with homework when you don't know the answer? Moms around the United States gave me some insight.
  • Moms speak: Technology in the classroom a must-have or deterrent?
    Technology and computers are everywhere. Does high tech gear belong everywhere? What kind of technology is being used in your child's classroom? Several moms across the United States shared their thoughts with me on this growing trend. Do you agree?
  • Moms speak: Are school budgets affecting education?
    The economy will always have ups and downs. But it can be hard to swallow when things are cut close to home. Do you think school budgets are affecting education for your child? I asked moms all over the United States about their experiences.
  • Moms speak: Funny and nightmare first day of school experiences
    You pick out a cute outfit, the best supplies, and you take the day off work. No matter how much planning goes on, things can still go wrong. Moms across the United States shared with me some of their funniest and nightmare first day of school moments.
  • Moms speak: Advice to kids on the first day of college
    You've prepared for this moment for years. Your child is off to college for the first time. What advice do you give them for that first day and why should all kids take note? I posed this question to moms around the United States. Do you agree with them?
  • Parent and child moments: Easy summer meals to cook together
    Cooking with your kids creates lasting moments and traditions. Whether your family is full of cooking pros or you eat out more than in, easy summer meals can come in handy. Save time preparing food so that you can spend more time with the kids.
  • Lessons Humans Can Learn from Hamsters
    When our family adopted our first hamster, we knew we'd learn a few things. But we were thinking more along the lines of hamster care and responsibility. Throughout our time in caring for various hamsters, we have actually learned quite a bit more.
  • Get Silky Soft Feet Quickly with Natural Remedies
    Are your feet scaly and undesirable? Wish you could slough off some of that old skin without harsh chemicals and over-filing? It is possible to get silky soft feet quickly with natural remedies. Results may occur as soon as the first treatment.
  • Get Your Hair to Shine with Homemade Hair Masks
    Is your hair looking dull and lifeless? You need a hair makeover. Revitalize your hair and make it shine with natural homemade hair masks. Chemical solutions simply coat and mask the underlying problem without actually solving it.
  • 5 Steps to Longer, Healthier Hair
    Tired of trying endlessly to get your to grow and be strong? It can be a difficult and grueling task with sometimes less-than-positive results. Because I believe in natural beauty, I am always finding things from nature to keep my hair long and healthy.
  • 5 Steps to Organizing Household Tasks
    Is your organization technique missing some steps? Do you even have a plan? Even if your to-do list is monumental, you can get it done by organizing your household tasks step by step.
  • Back to school: Must-have accessories for teens
    Is it really back to school time already? Is your teen prepared? Over the years I've learned that the supply list the teachers give out is only the beginning of the true list of materials needed. Accessorize your teen with items they can actually use.
  • Back to homeschool: Must-have accessories for homeschoolers on the go
    Homeschoolers on the go need to always have certain items on hand. But do you know what they are? If your homeschooling family is on the go like ours, it will make learning so much easier if you keep certain materials around.
  • Back to school: Laying ground behavioral rules
    Back to school time means picking up necessary supplies. But part of that also includes laying ground behavioral rules. Does your child know what you and the teachers expect where behavior is concerned? Are you sure?
  • Don't give up Chinese food because of your picky tween
    Chinese food is a favorite of many adults, but often children won't share the same sentiments. Tweens can be especially picky because they are starting to fully develop and realize their own tastes. Are you tired of desiring your favorite Chinese entrees, only to forgo them for something more kid-fr
  • Back to school: Must-have accessories for tweens
    Ready to send your tween off for another school year? Wait! Before you do that, make sure your tween has all the necessities. School supplies are far from the only thing your tween needs. There are some must-have items you may not think about.
  • Homemade Hamster Treats Vs Store Bought
    Is your hamster extra special? Of course! Do you want to show your hamster some extra love by providing treats? Which should you use? Store bought or homemade? Which ones are best for your hamster?
  • Do Guinea Pigs Eat Their Poop? Should They?
    Some animals, such as guinea pigs, partake in coprophagy either unhealthily or as part of their regular nutrition regimen. Should your guinea pig be eating his poop? If not, can you prevent guinea pigs from doing this?
  • Back to Homeschool: Planning Recess
    You have the learning materials ready, corresponding field trips planned out, and have turned your home into a classroom. Everything is perfect. But what about recess? For homeschoolers, back to school time means planning many things.
  • Kids and Pets: Ways Teens Can Volunteer to Help Animals
    Teenager constantly talking about animals? One of these options may be available to your teen at a local animal rescue or shelter. Your teen can talk to the staff to find out which options are available for those under 18, as well as the qualifications.
  • Summer Crafts Don't Have to Bore Your Kids
    If your kids bore easily, they may be victim to the growing trend of young people who need to be highly engaged at all times. If your kids think summer crafts sound boring, that's a sure sign they have not been to our home during a crafting session.
  • When Time-Out Won't Cut It and Spanking Isn't an Option
    Kids need to learn there are consequences for every action. But what if time-outs just aren't cutting it? Do you revert to spanking? As an experienced mom, I can tell you there are many alternatives appropriate for each unique situation.
  • Web Writing Tips: Know Your Audience
    Are you targeting the right people with your writing? Who are you focusing on either intentionally or unintentionally? How do you know? During my career as a web writer, I've learned several ways to figure out what my potential audience wants and needs.
  • Web Writing Tips: Innovation Rules
    Do you know what it takes to get noticed? Unsure how to get more attention? It's as simple as being unique and innovative. People with fresh, new ideas get more readers, more clients, and more opportunities. Their quality is often impeccable all-around.
  • Web Writing Tips: Never Give Up on Your Dream
    Family, friends, and complete strangers telling you it isn't possible to make it in web writing? Is your faith in yourself beginning to fade away? Are you working too hard with what seems like no results? I've been there. Never give up on your dream.
  • Kids and Pets: Important Lessons from Hamster Care
    Based on our family's experiences, there are many important life lessons kids can learn from hamster care. While this wasn't our intention when the kids began rescuing hamsters, we quickly learned that hamsters can teach kids a thing or two.
  • Positive parenting: Teaching kids how to interact with cats
    Before adopting, kids need to learn about cat care and how to relate to them.
  • Positive parenting: Extra study tips for tweens
    'But I just don't get it. It's too hard.' If that sounds like your tween, you need to implement some extra studying time. But that doesn't always mean just hitting the books. There are also great benefits to extra study.
  • Positive parenting: Teaching teens career responsibility
    Your teen is growing up and with that comes more responsibility. They will soon be out on their own. Therefore, teaching teens career responsibility is a must.
  • Web Writing Tips: Getting Started
    So you've decided to be a web writer. Now what? Getting started in web writing is not as hard as it may seem. It can be a simple way to make money for people who have a genuine love for writing and the talent that goes along with it.
  • Web Writing Tips: Marketing No-Nos
    "Please subscribe to my work. I promise I will read yours too." Those are words many web writers hear on a daily basis. In mentoring fellow writers, I often get asked about promotion. Here are 5 of the many marketing no-nos for web writers.
  • Web Writing Tips: Zany or Serious?
    Web writing can be both zany and serious. Knowing which one you should choose can sometimes be a tough call. Some topics could use a little humor to spice them up. But are there certain topics you just shouldn't go there with?
  • Web Writing Tips: Fan & Follower No-Nos
    It's great to have fans and followers because it means you know what your readers want. It's also a fun way to connect with your readers and the writing community. But there are some fan and follower no-nos that every web writer should be aware of.
  • Web Writing Tips: Lead, Don't Follow
    One key component that I see in every web writer who stands the test of time is leadership. If you want to make yourself well known in the world of web writing, be a leader, not a follower.
  • 5 Ways to Brand Yourself or Your Company on Twitter
    You're just talking to thin air, right? Wrong. If you use twitter correctly and tap into the available resources, you have access to a very wide audience. I've been using twitter to brand myself in several niche areas for years. So how do I do it?
  • Natural Earwig Repellents
    There's nothing worse than seeing an earwig, pincher and all, in your home or garden. It's downright creepy and frustrating. Plus, if you're like me, chemical repellents are out of the question. Luckily there are a few natural earwig repellents.
  • How Much Money Can I Make Writing for Yahoo! Contributor Network?
    The most common question I get as a peer mentor and Community Guide is, "How much money can I make writing for Yahoo! Contributor Network?" The answer to that question depends on you and here's why.
  • Things Friends and Family of Online Writers Need to Remember
    Often friends and family of online writers don't understand their lifestyle or career. It's not something they do on purpose. They just really don't understand. Here are some of the top things family and friends of online writers need to remember.
  • Parenting Guru: Five places I want my kids to see
    Every parent has those places they treasure and want to share with their kids, as well as places they've never been but want to experience the magic as a family. As I sit and think, the five places I want my kids to see the most are a fair mix of both.Niagara Falls in New York and Canada - If you've
  • Back to homeschool: Establishing a routine
    Back to school time! It's your family's first year homeschooling and you need to establish a routine. Having experienced the beginning-of-the-year dread several times over, I've learned a thing or two.
  • Yoga Poses for Relieving Tension Headaches
    You can barely concentrate and your whole head is aching. It seems to affect your whole body and probably your mood as well. That, my friend, is what a tension headache may feel like. I quickly discovered that there are a variety of yoga poses that help.
  • Moms Speak: Keeping Kids Safe on Fourth of July
    Did you know that in 2008, over 7,000 people went to the emergency room for fireworks-related injuries? Even more significant is that over half of the reported injuries were in children. I talked to moms around the United States about firework safety.
  • Realizing your tween is becoming a teen
    "I don't want to go there anymore. That's for little kids." "When can I start wearing makeup?" "Can I ask that girl out?" Those are all questions older tweens may ask. When your tween is becoming a teen, it can be both difficult and rewarding.
  • Positive parenting: Tame the toddler pouty lip
    Tired of that pouty toddler lip sticking out everywhere you go? Toddlers may use the lip to indicate frustration, sadness, and even to get attention. Why is your toddler pouting and how can you tame the toddler pouty lip?
  • Help! My kid only eats junk food!
    "Ew! I am NOT eating that, mom!" "Me either! I'm not eating dinner tonight!" If this sounds like your house, your kids may be in a habit of eating only junk food and you are the one left screaming for help. It's actually something many parents face.
  • Is your teen ready to babysit?
    Is your teen ready to babysit? You'll want to test that out in several different ways. Here are just some of the tell-tale ways to discover babysitting readiness.
  • Keeping kids cool and hydrated on a long hike
    Keeping kids cool and hydrated on a long hike requires careful thinking, as well as creativity.
  • Free Math Activities for Kids: Count and Collect
    Fun math activities are one of the methods I use with my kids as a mom and homeschool teacher. Count and Collect is just one of the many games I've invented to help teach my kids how to count, add, and subtract faster.
  • Maintain your work-at-home job when kids are on summer vacation
    Kids on summer vacation from school and you still have a job to do? As a veteran homeschool teacher and work at home mom, I have learned a trick or two. You can maintain a work at home job when the kids are on summer vacation.
  • Can Hamsters Be Housed Together in the Same Cage?
    Can hamsters be housed together? That depends on many factors. As a pet grandparent who's had experience with several hamsters, I can tell you with experience that it largely depends on each situation.
  • Fun mom and teen moments: Tame frizzy hair the homemade way
    Is your teen having a hard time taming those frizzies? Need to find time to relate to each other? One way you can work on both issues is to make homemade beauty products together. Your teen will appreciate less frizziness, the lesson learned, and the time
  • Celebrating Fourth of July with Small Animals in the House
    Many professional fireworks shows occur before Independence Day. Try going to one that's before the holiday. Most likely, your neighborhood will be the loudest right on Fourth of July, when you can have a get-together that involves your small animals.
  • Back to Home School: Online vs Textbook Curriculum
    When choosing a child's curriculum, you first want to be sure that it will suit the child's needs and meet requirements. Once you have narrowed it down, you might find yourself deciding between an online curriculum and a textbook curriculum.
  • Should I cut my child's hair for the summer?
    While a summer haircut may be right for some kids, it may not be for everyone. I've discussed this topic with all of my kids at some point. Together, you and your child can make an informed decision after considering all the options.
  • Small Animals Need to Keep Cool During the Summer
    Small animals need to keep cool and require special care during the summer. The methods we use for ours may surprise you as can some of the methods we do not recommend.
  • Positive Parenting: Dealing with a Supermarket Meltdown
    Many kids try this charade at least once, more if you let them. Dealing with a supermarket meltdown can be trying. My experience as a veteran mom and former nanny has taught me a trick or two on this front.
  • Positive Parenting: When Older Kids Won't Share
    When older kids won't share, I find it doesn't always indicate they are being mean. There may be a deeper issue or maybe even a simple solution.
  • Aurora Section of Highline Canal Trail Great for Family Hiking
    One of our favorite areas to walk is the Aurora section of the Highline Canal trail. The path is large enough to fit strollers, bikes, or a large group of people. Walking and hiking are longtime habits in our family.
  • Is your teen ready for a job?
    Your teen may express interest in working or perhaps you think work is a good idea for financial reasons. Is your teen ready for a job? While most kids like the sound of making money, there are other signs to look for as well.
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  • Prior Dog Exposure Educates Kids Before Dog Adoption
    My kids have adopted several small animals before. However, hamsters and dogs are entirely different. My method for preparing kids for dog adoption includes plenty of exposure. I firmly believe that prior dog exposure educates kids before dog adoption.
  • Teaching tweens independence
    Teaching tweens independence is not just a one-shot deal. You have to be persistent and consistent, working at it throughout the tweenage years. There isn't just one magic tip or activity you can do to ensure independence. It's a way of life you lead.
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  • Teaching Kids How to Clean the Guinea Pig Cage
    Time to clean the guinea pig's cage for the first time. Cleaning the cage seems simple enough. While teaching my kids to clean the guinea pig cage, I realized there are important things to remember so that the guinea pig is safe at all times.
  • Teaching Kids How to Clean a Hamster Cage
    Teaching kids how to clean a hamster cage is not as difficult as it may seem. Having a ready supply of all required materials makes things go so much smoother. While showing the kids what to do, patience is key as is explaining each step as it is done.
  • Does My Child's Hamster Need a Bath?
    You notice your child's hamster is a little dirty. Should you give your child's hamster a bath? Is it safe? Does the hamster really need a bath or is there something else you should do instead?
  • Should You Use Klout to Measure Your Social Media Influence?
    Anyone using social media to engage their audience can benefit from extra information on their actions. How influential are you to your following on social networks like facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn? Klout is one of many social media tools I use.
  • Helping Your Child Adopt a Rat
    Where do we go? Is my child ready for this? Should my child adopt a rat? As you will learn, advance preparation and knowing where to go (and not go) will be extremely helpful when assisting your child with rat adoption.
  • Helping Your Child Prepare to Adopt a Hamster
    Many animals are adopted without advance preparation. Helping your child adopt a hamster responsibly includes learning all about their care. It also includes following various procedures. Advance preparation can go a long way.
  • Help! My Child is Neglecting the Hamster!
    "Help! My child is neglecting the hamster!" Oh no! You adopted a hamster and thought everything would be fine. But now your child is neglecting the hamster. What should you do? Is this an automatic reason to return the hamster or is there hope?
  • Should Web Writers Comment on Their Own Work?
    Comments might include compliments, insults, random thoughts, and more. Sometimes a reader may leave remarks that prompt a reply. Should web writers comment on their own work?
  • How to Teach Kids to Care for Pets
    "Please, Mommy. Pleeeeaaaase! He's soooo cuuute!!" If your kids are begging you to get a pet, think first before making that purchase. Many pets are bought on an impulse, which is sometimes not a good thing. Before you bring an animal into your home, be sure you teach your kids how to care for pets.
  • Helping Your Child Adopt a Guinea Pig
    "Mommyyyyyyyy!! He's so cuuuute!!! Can I have him? Pleeeeease?!" The squeals of an excited child are hard to resist mid-moment. Helping your child adopt a guinea pig is about much more than making the purchase and gathering the necessary supplies.
  • 5 activities to help boost your teen's self-confidence
    The teenage years can be difficult to get through. But a healthy dose of self-esteem can play a vital role in helping them get through all the ups and downs of hormones and life itself. Self esteem isn't always something that comes naturally for everyone.
  • Would You Hide Your Child's Gender in Exchange for Fairness?
    Would you hide your child's gender in exchange for fairness? That's exactly what some parents are doing and they claim it's for the better. When I first read about this decision, I have to admit that I didn't understand why a parent would want to do this.
  • Are My Hamsters Boxing? Why They Might Be
    You glance at your hamsters and they are standing upright making moves as if they are in a boxing ring. As an experienced hamster parent, I've seen this behavior in several hamsters. I know what you're thinking: "Are my hamsters really boxing?"
  • Should My Hamster's Cage Have a Second Level?
    You may get your hamster's cage home and discover it isn't as big as you'd like it to be. So how do you solve that issue? Perhaps you did buy a large cage but it has a second floor that's pretty high. Should your hamster's cage have a second level?
  • Can My Hamster Eat People Food?
    If your family is like ours, the hamsters may be close by no matter what you are doing. This could lead you to wondering if the hamsters can share a snack or a meal with you. Can hamsters eat people food? If so, what kind, how much, and how often?
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