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Kate Owens

My name is Kate, and I live in riverside county, CA. I am very playful and silly when it comes to life, but also know when to be serious.
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Murrieta Valley High School, Mount San Jacinto College


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  • How to Make a Profit by De-junking Your House
    There are several ways that you can turn your old junk into money, and its EASY!! Almost everything that you don't use or need any more can be turned into a profit.
  • The ACT Versus the SAT - Which Test is Right for Me?
    The college application process can be complex and confusing. Students then have to make a choice as to which test they are going to take; the SAT test or the ACT test, or both.
  • Unbeatable Senior Cruises for 2010
    Here are five of the top picks for cruises for seniors in 2010. They specifically cater to seniors and provide a wide variety of atmospheres that cater to any type of personality. You are sure to enjoy yourself on these cruises.
  • Baby's Head Shape: What is Normal?
    When should a parent be concerned? How much flattening is still normal? If you have ever asked yourself these questions, read this article. It provides basic descriptions of a baby's head and what is considered normal.
  • Spring Break 2010 Hotspots
    A guide to the top five hotspots for 2010 spring break.
  • Mardi Gras Party Games
    Here are a few Mardi Gras games that are sure to be a blast and break the ice at your party.
  • Mardi Gras Fun for Everyone
    Here are ten of the best Mardi Gras printable coloring pages that I found. Each one brings a unique feeling of the Mardi Gras spirit, you and your kids are sure to love.
  • Mardi Gras Party Invitations
    Some fun do it yourself Mardi Gras invitation ideas. Cute, fun and budget friendly.
  • A Few Ways to Make Legitimate Money Online
    Making money online is becoming a prospect more and more people are beginning to look into. This article is a breif explaination of the few that I personally have tried that have turned out to be legitimate.
  • Hi-Tech Automotive Murrieta, California
    Hi-tech Automotive, located at 26450 Jefferson Avenue in Murrieta, CA, is a company that in my opinion, does not stand behind its warranties or its faulty service. Here is my experience with the company.
  • How to Earn Money for College
    Everyone is struggling financially right now, but there are ways that you can earn money for school for you or a loved one, and you can do it by just going to the store or taking a few online surveys!

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