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Navy service WWII and Korea, BFA, MA. Retired, experience: exec. speechwriter, advertising, sales promotion, PR, graphic art, photography, travel and humor writing. Follow me: @travel4seniors, Editor of my own travel blog travel4seniors.com and writer for my son s travel blog travel4people.com
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  • History of Dodgers Superstar Struggles
    Matt Kemp isn't the first troubled Los Angeles Dodgers hero. Here's a look back at five earlier team icons who had their problems.
  • The Boo Birds Take Over Dodger Stadium
    I grew up in Philadelphia, and attended many Phillies and Athletics games in Shibe Park. In addition to losing seasons, the players had to endure the infamous Philadelphia boo birds.
  • Sergio Garcia is a Racist, Should Be Banned from the U.S. Open
    At a European Tour awards dinner on May 21st, Garcia was asked if he planned on having Tiger over for dinner during the U.S. Open, and Garcia replied: "We will have him round every night. We will serve fried chicken."
  • Bangladesh Clothing Factory Deaths Reminder of 1911 New York City Disaster
    The recent clothing factory tragedy brings back memories of a similiar situation a century ago. My mother came to America with her family then as a ten-year-old. After just two years in school, along with many other girls her age, she went to work.
  • 5 Historic Restaurants in Hollywood
    Beyond all the tourist traps, street entertainers and souvenir shops, the movie capital offers great places to dine. Our favorites are those historic spots where tourists, locals and entertainment stars have enjoyed eating over many decades.
  • First Person: 5 Unusual Places to Retire in the U.S
    When we were about to hit retirement age, there were choices to be made. Before we settled there, we had considered other destinations, including some with special features and locations. Here are unusual retirement havens we discovered during our search.
  • 5 Most Evil Moms in Movie History
    On Mother's Day, moms certainly deserve to be put on pedestals, but there were some movie moms who didn't quite fit the image, and maybe should be taken down a few pegs.
  • Atlantic City NJ: My Eight Decades of Memories
    As a new warm weather season is about to begin for the venerable New Jersey beach destination, my thoughts of visiting Atlantic City once again go back 80 years.
  • This Veteran's Personal Recollections on Memorial Day
    Some of my earliest memories of this holiday go back to 1942, when I was about to graduate from high school. It was the custom at Girard College, a Philadelphia boarding school for fatherless boys , to hold an annual Memorial Day ceremony.
  • 5 Actors Who Played Action Heroes Beyond Age 65
    When most working people hit age 65, they're ready to quit their jobs and seek peaceful retirement in quiet sunset years. However, some actors who make it to that advanced age and beyond would rather continue to show the world they still got it.
  • In Warning Kids Against Tattoos, Sometimes Logic Actually Works
    A generation ago, I brought up my kids in a quiet Philadelphia suburb, when tattoos where not as popular as they are today. However, when my son, Freddy, told me he was considering a tattoo, he asked if I had any objections.
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  • My Memories of Seeing Jackie Robinson’s First Season
    The new baseball movie, 42 and celebration of this year's 66th anniversary of Jackie Robinson's first year as a Major League sports star bring back thoughts of when I first saw him play. I was a spectator at Philadelphia's Shibe Park in May 1947.
  • Five Weird Places to Stay Across America
    With spring and summer vacation time arriving, consider spending your travel nights in strange and exotic places.
  • Visiting Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia
    Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia is a reminder of how severely lawbreakers were punished for more than 150 years after it was built in 1829.
  • Opinion: Cutting Navy Blue Angels Season is a Bad Idea
    Because of the government's sequestration hysteria, the Navy announced the cancellation of the rest of the fiscal year's public performances by the world-famous Navy jet aircraft flight team.
  • Cruise Lines Offer New Ways to Buy Gifts for Cruise Passengers
    Since retiring more than two decades ago, my wife and I have sailed on many Carnival cruises together. We've also experienced Royal Caribbean and Norweigian and always like to see ways these major cruise lines innovate new products to make the cruise expe
  • Off-Leash Dog Beaches in Southern California
    Southern California's wide, sandy beaches are fun for everyone, including dogs. Some beaches allow dogs, but only if they're kept on a leash at all times. There are a few beaches where dogs can run free without a leash.
  • Oxford, England: My Visit to England's Legendary University Town
    After reconnecting with an old schoolmate who is now an Oxford professor, I visited him in England and explored this historic city.
  • First Person: Why I Retired at 70 Instead of 65
    By the time I was 65, I was ready to end my working career. I'd been with the same company for more than three decades, and involved in daily deadline jobs that got more stressful as the years passed.
  • Ireland's Ashford Castle Offers a Great Golf Experience
    While Scotland might be the traditional birthplace of golf, Ireland also has a long history with the game. I enjoy playing golf in both countries, as I feel it's a purer version of the historic game.
  • White House Tours Discontinued: What You Can Do About It
    Blaming the sequester austerity and cutbacks in government spending, an announcement declared all White House tours were to be abruptly suspended effective Saturday, March 9. No one knows if that means for a week or a year, or more.
  • London Shopping: 5 Great Department Stores
    London is a great city for shopping and is home to some of the world's greatest department stores. These are like mini-cities of commerce, filled with floor after floor of the world's most fabulous products.
  • A Winter Trip to Buenos Aires
    While most of the country shivers, sneezes, and digs out from under the latest snowstorm, I recommend a trip south to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our winter is their summer, so temperatures are warm, the sun is shining, and there's a lot to see and do.
  • Visiting Death Valley National Park
    The park's close proximity to both Los Angeles and Las Vegas makes it an essential and convenient stop for any visit to the southwestern United States.
  • A Guide to Golf Cruises
    With the cruise ship becoming a floating hotel and clubhouse, players have the opportunity to experience a range of courses in different locations, as the ship docks in different ports of call.
  • Eagles Fan Opinion: NFL Player Salaries Are Too High
    Multi-millionaire Eagle football quarterback Michael Vick filed for bankruptcy in 2008 after serving time for his involvement in illegal dog fighting. Although he was ordered to pay back creditors, he has spent nearly $6 million a year since then.
  • VA Announces 22 Veterans Commit Suicide Every Day
    In my opinion, the reasons for emotional casualties from current wars are not that much different than those of past conflicts. As a Navy crewman, my ship carried Marines into Iwo Jima, one of the final and bloodiest battles of World War II.
  • Traveling to Hong Kong
    Traveling to Hong Kong is quite simple for Americans, just get on a plane and go as there are no visa requirements. Here is a basic guide to visiting Hong Kong.
  • An Ice Hotel Comes to North America
    I must admit, I'm not a fan of cold weather. If I was ever going to stay in an ice hotel, I would want it to be a luxury experience.
  • Former Sgt. Chuck Hagel is Excellent Choice for Secretary of Defense
    I served as a sailor in the Navy during World War II and the Korean War. At all times I was made well aware of the strict caste system that gave officers special privileges and absolute power over enlisted personnel.
  • Philadelphia Flyers Fan Hopes Old Tradition Works Magic This Year
    Now that the NHL is finally back on track after the long lockout, I'll be rooting as usual for the Flyers. My loyalty goes back to the Philly Flyers first games as a new team in 1967, and then hit the heights when they scored Stanley Cup wins.
  • Philadelphia Phillies Phan View: Did Bastardo Rate a Raise?
    When considering the winning Phillies pitchers of that time and since, stars including Hall of Famers Steve Carlton and Robin Roberts, a look back at their statistics and pay can be interesting compared to today's players like Antonio Bastardo.
  • San Francisco: Vermeer's Girl with Pearl Earring on Display
    As a graduate of the Philadelphia Museum College of Art, I've enjoyed a lifelong fascination with portraits. On display in the United States for the first time in two decades is what I believe to be one of the most famous portraits in history.
  • How to Get a Vietnam Tourist Visa
    Vietnam is a destination becoming more and more popular and more and more accessible for American tourists. Unless you're traveling for emergency purposes a valid tourist visa must be obtained in advance of any travel.
  • What This Senior Wants Obama to Say in His Inaugural Address
    At age 87, I want President Obama to say that Social Security will continue to support our Nation’s seniors. With faith in our government, we paid into the fund throughout our working years and deserve fair return on our investment.
  • 3 Great Formula One Drivers from the 1950s
    My earliest memories of auto racing were when my father took me to the track north of Philadelphia, called the Langhorne Speedway, when I was three. The thrill of watching those races have stayed with me ever since.
  • A Fan's Take: My Suggested MLB Changes for 2013
    As Major League Baseball spring camps begin pre-season workouts, it's time to consider some of the challenges they face this year. As a Phillies phan, here are some changes I think the whole league needs to make.
  • Boston Travel - Visiting Faneuil Hall Marketplace
    For more than 350 years, Faneuil Hall has been a gathering place for Bostonians seeking food, entertainment and social activities. We first visited several years ago when our daughter was a student at nearby Boston University.
  • New Orleans, Louisiana is Great City to Visit in 2013
    New Orleans is a great tourist city to visit all year 'round. Mild weather, great music, Mississippi River cruises, dining to die for and much, much more. Of course, it will all be even better when the annual Mardi Gras festivities begin.
  • Five Great Sunny Resorts to Escape Winter Weather
    When we lived in cold, clammy and snowy Philadelphia, our family always looked forward to winter vacations. Then, for a week or so, we could escape to sunny and warm resorts. These five are among our favorites.
  • 5 Great Movies to Watch when Snowed In
    What can you do when the family is stuck at home because of a big, heavy snowfall? Watch a movie about being snowbound, of course.
  • Senior Exercise: Still Kicking Butt at 88
    By alternately kicking butt and offering encouragement, I hope I helped recruits get started well on their careers in the Navy and later life. I believe I gained as much as they did from the training and other factors that have been very helpful to me.
  • Struggling Philadelphia Eagles Should Grab Tim Tebow: Fan’s Opinion
    So, it could be that I'm too much of an Eagles fan to come up with what could be an impossible question: Why don't the Eagles put out a bid to the New York Jets to acquire Tim Tebow?
  • Great English Hotels for Celebrating Traditional Christmas
    Especially in this year, the 200th anniversary of the birth of "A Christmas Carol" author, Charles Dickens, travelers in England this season can have a true Dickensian Christmas.
  • Top Ten New Year's Resolutions for Seniors
    This is the time of year when some seniors over-indulge in food, drink and other pleasures during the holidays. Then they make solemn New Year's promises to change their ways. How I did it may help others live up to their resolutions.
  • First Person: Sober Imagery of Pearl Harbor Remains with WWII Navy Veteran
    I was with a group of high school friends at a Sunday afternoon movie when the screen suddenly went dark. The manager then came on stage and announced that Pearl Harbor had been attacked by the Japanese.
  • 5 Strange European Christmas Traditions
    Christmas is celebrated in many unique ways throughout Europe, and in many countries, Santa Claus has different names. For example, he's Babadimri (Albania), Dyado Koleda (Bulgaria) and Swiety Mikolaj (Poland).
  • Celebrating a Charles Dickens Christmas in London
    This year, the world marks the 200th birthday of Charles Dickens. One of the events will be the re-opening of the newly-restored Charles Dickens museum in London on December 10, just in time for the Christmas season.
  • The Twelve Daze of the New York Jets: Fan's Holiday Wishes:
    At this usually happy season, this New York Jets fan is beyond unhappy with the team. So far, their dismal record is four wins and seven losses, five of them by 17 points or more.
  • First Person: My Thanksgiving Made Special by the Littlest Angel
    Many years ago, as community relations manager for a large insurance company, one of my more pleasant company tasks was to invite kids from a downtown homeless shelter for an annual special event. We hosted a holiday lunch for them in our dining room.
  • NFL Thanksgiving: Eagles I’d Invite to Share My Turkey
    My beloved NFL Philadelphia "Iggles" are not doing well this year. With just three wins against seven losses at mid-November, their season may already be as done as a well-cooked Thanksgiving turkey.
  • Whiz Quiz: Which Phillies Players to Invite for Thanksgiving
    I go back a long, long way in my loyalty to the Phillies. While today’s players are excellent athletes, if I had the opportunity to invite five favorite Phillies baseball stars to my Thanksgiving feast, I’d choose classic Whiz Kids of the 1950s.
  • Fan's Look at the NFL's Top 5 Rookies
    Making into the National Football League is tough enough for rookies, but to survive and thrive during their first year in the NFL is an even bigger challenge.
  • 5 Presidential Sex Scandals
    A look back in Presidential history can find similar incidences of well-known wandering husbands and the Presidents involved seemed to have survived with their reputations intact.
  • Greatest Downhill Ski Champions of All Time
    Also called alpine skiing, many forms of the thrilling race has been practiced in those snowy peaks for centuries. It was first made an official Olympic sport in 1921, and has been one of the most popular features of the Winter Olympics.
  • Hillary Clinton Will Run in 2016: One Voter's Perspective
    I want Hillary Clinton to run because I believe the United States is more than ready for its first woman Presidential candidate.
  • Why I like Pro Soccer More Than NFL Football
    Maybe I’m prejudiced because I grew up in a school with no varsity football. We had the best soccer team in the city of Philadelphia, and beat the hell out of so many high school teams, our season also included playing college junior varsity squads.
  • 5 of the World's Greatest Street Foods and Where to Find Them
    Paris, Berlin, Rio, Tel Aviv, and Brussels all offer travelers unique food to-go available from street vendors.
  • 5 Celebrity Hotel Rooms Where Anyone Can Stay
    What do Franklin D. Roosevelt, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Babe Ruth and Billie Holiday have in common? Not much, except that hotel rooms they once occupied in various American cities are still available for booking.
  • Route 66: Revisiting Vintage Landmarks on America's Highway
    I live in Los Angeles, California, just a city block away from historic Route 66 as it proceeds westward along Santa Monica Boulevard.
  • Pennsylvania Dutch Country - My Favorite Family-Style Restaurants
    Autumn harvest months are the best time of year to eat in the famed Pennsylvania Dutch farm area. Vegetables are fresh-picked and meals are made with delicious traditional recipes.
  • Surviving the Holidays with an Overactive Bladder
    Despite the usual constraints of being age 87, I continue to travel as much as possible. With the holiday season approaching, I look forward to the pleasure of visiting family and friends in various areas of the country.
  • Disposable Underwear Tips for Cold Climates
    It has been more than 70 years, but I still remember everyone tumbling into our family Ford Tudor sedan on an early December morning. We then headed north from our home in Philadelphia 100 miles to the snow-capped Pocono Mountains for some ski adventures.
  • When Will the Jets Wake Up and Start Tebow?
    Tim Tebow had an excellent year in 2011, leading his Denver Bronco team to the playoffs. Then, did the Jets buy the very hot Tim Tebow just so he could cool off on the bench and watch the Jets lose?
  • Voters' Picks: The Storm Changed My Vote from Romney to Obama
    Until the storm hit the East Coast, I was leaning toward voting for Romney. I’m an old guy who cast his first presidential vote for Harry Truman, and mostly for Democrats who ran in subsequent years.
  • Lance Armstrong’s Doping Punishment is Too Severe: Fan Opinion
    Does Lance Armstrong deserve to lose all his championships, product endorsements, prize money and being barred for life from bike racing? According to the rulings of the International Cycling Union, let the punishment fit the crime.
  • Classic Scary Movies for Halloween
    Many of today's horror film fans are addicted to the high-tech, cartoonish creatures that fly spaceships through the air or stumble around as bloody zombies. My preferences are for the more creative movies that frightfully delighted me in the past.
  • Halloween Travel: Mutter Museum in Philadelphia
    If you live in the Philadelphia area or will be visiting the venerable City of Brotherly Love around Halloween, consider a visit to the always eerie Mutter Museum.
  • Autumn Travel: How Not to Bring Colds and Flu Home
    It was a three-hour return flight, a trip I've taken dozens of times with no health problems. I boarded the plane feeling fit, then less than a day later, I was sick in bed with a bad case of the flu.
  • The West Hollywood Costume Carnaval - Halloween Travel
    If your plans are to be in Los Angeles for Halloween, consider attending the annual West Hollywood Costume Carnaval. This year's celebration is expected to include more than half a million spectators and thousands of creatively dressed revelers.
  • Benefits of Moving to a 55+ Community
    When I retired, we sold our empty-nest home and planned to move from the wet, icy East to a warm, dry climate. In the three months before the new house owner took over, my wife and I visited many 55+ communities in Florida, California and Arizona.
  • World Series Memories: My Phillies
    When my hometown team, the Philadelphia Phillies, won the 1950 National League Championship, it was an enormous event for the fans. It was the first time our guys had been in the Fall Classic since 1915.
  • World Series Legend: New York Yankees’ Joe DiMaggio
    Although they happened many years ago, I still have two very clear memories of seeing Joe DiMaggio play in my hometown of Philadelphia. One was in the summer of 1941 and the other in an autumn World Series game in 1950.
  • A Baseball-Inspired Haiku
    Enjoy this haiku poem inspired by MLB and the approaching postseason action.
  • 5 Strangest Exhibits at the Smithsonian Museum of American History
    There are many reasons why the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., is nicknamed "America's Attic." One is that in its sprawling complex of buildings in the nation's capital city, there are 137 million separate items.
  • NYC Shopping Guide for Seniors
    Whether you're a tourist or local, you should be aware that shopping in New York City can be pricey. However, if you know how to find them, bargains are everywhere.
  • Top Bargain Hostels in Jerusalem, Israel
    Since Biblical times, Jerusalem has been one of the world's most popular destinations for travelers. Continuing the tradition, some go there seeking the roots of their religions, while others want to experience the ancient history and culture.
  • Seniors: Escape Your Comfort Zone
    Many seniors, my age and younger, spend their sunset years in a meaningless comfort zone. They watch television, nap, complain and stare blankly into what little is left of their future.
  • 5 Must-See Sights in Florence, Italy
    The Italians call it Firenze, but by any name, it's one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Florence, the capital of the region of Tuscany, was where the Renaissance evolved in the 15th and 16th centuries.
  • Five Century-Old Restaurants in the U.S.
    When traveling to historic American cities, I always seek out the restaurants that have earned their reputations by serving the best food for 100 years or more. I enjoy both the atmosphere and the sense of history they offer.
  • 3 Great Places to See Nature’s Most Awesome Autumns
    Many backyards, city parks, and roadways become parts of the season's bright displays. Additionally, there are beautiful places in the country where the leafy hues and scenic views seem even more spectacular at this time of year. These are my 3 favorites.
  • Asian Cities Great for Fall Travel
    I've been traveling to Asia for nearly 70 years, starting with Navy service in World War II and the Korean War. Since then, on business and pleasure trips, I've visited dozens of times. Each journey gives me new experiences and more understanding.
  • Five Best Traditional Restaurants in Copenhagen
    One of the friendliest and beautiful cities in the world, Copenhagen, the Danish capital, also has some of the best restaurants. The town that invented smorgasbord offers endless varieties of good food.
  • Aetna Dispute with Physicians Could Impact Our Family and Employees
    A dispute between Aetna and the California Medical Association could have an impact on us if the insurer continues their practice of removing doctors from their network for participating in a lawsuit between the two.
  • First Person: I Saved $50 on My Fuel Bill Last Month
    After looking in my owner's manual, I noticed the advertised mileage for my car was almost double what I had been experiencing. After a few basic changes in the car I was able to instantly cut my monthly fuel bill from $210 per month to $160 per month.
  • A Senior's Reactions to Mitt Romney's Speech
    While I admired Mitt Romney's optomistic speech tonight, I'm still not convinced I'll vote for him in November. His promises were too broad, and considering the poor economy, not likely to happen.
  • First Person: Inflation is Killing My Retirement Income
    When retired 22 years ago at age 65, I had an adequate combined income from my company pension and Social Security. Since then, my income has increased 10 percent, while costs for the basic necessities I need to live, have jumped up to 50 percent.
  • NFL Players from Colorado State University
    Here's a look at the eight current NFL players who went to Colorado State University and which three are the top players.
  • Paul Ryan RNC Address Opinion - He Reminded Me of John F. Kennedy
    Watching Paul Ryan speak at the Republican National Convention took me back half a century. Then, another young, virtually-unknown politician rallied Americans with his intelligence, energy and winning personality.
  • RNC Convention Guide: Three Great Tampa Restaurants
    Here are my three favorite restaurants in Tampa, Florida.
  • First Person: 5 Ways Volunteering Helped My Career
    Several times when I was between jobs, I increased my volunteer activities until I could get my career back on track. I often found that volunteering actually helped in many ways to find my next paying job. Some were very beneficial.
  • 4 U.S. Cities Where Summer Lingers Through September
    For many cities around the globe, September is the beginning of the cold seasons. Whenever I want to stretch my warm summer days and nights for as long as another month, these welcoming places in the U.S. do it for me.
  • Great European River Cities
    There are some magnificent cities in Europe that developed along great rivers. Since the river was the main route people traveled, buildings along the river were designed to appeal to people riding by in boats.
  • 5 Best U.S. Labor Day Weekend City Destinations
    Based on my own travels, here are some suggestions for great places to spend a Labor Day weekend and say goodbye to the summer.
  • Best Activities for Your Heart
    By the time a man reaches middle age, how he takes care of his heart is critical to what happens for the rest of his life. It will indicate whether age 50 is truly the middle of a long, healthy lifespan, or will be much closer to life's end.
  • Single Senior Vacations - Three Great Ideas
    Late summer and fall are the perfect times for single seniors to get away on vacations where they can mingle with others of the same age and tastes.
  • First Person: Dealing With Tenants With Irregular Income
    I'm a landlord and many of my buildings are in a middle-class neighborhoods in Los Angeles. That makes my situation unusual, as many of my tenants are in the entertainment industry and don't have a steady income.
  • Marilyn Monroe Entertained Me in Korea in 1954
    The movie star was at her glamorous best when she performed ten USO shows in four days for U.S. soldiers, airmen, Marines and sailors during the Korean War in early 1954.
  • Las Vegas: My Favorite Winter Destination
    Call me unconventional, but my favorite destination for winter travel is Las Vegas. I'll pass on crowded, leg-breaking ski resorts or overcrowded beach resorts and spend the holiday season amidst the glitz and glamour of this exciting city.
  • First Person: A Landlord's Guide to Settling Tenant Disputes
    In addition to fixing repair problems I have in my apartment buildings, I try to mend damaged relationships among our tenants.
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