James Black

James Black

James Black is an English teacher, avid cooker, sports addict, and traveler. Currently he lives in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia where he is a TKT certified teacher at Lingua Service Center. Originally a native of small town Ojai, California, about 75 miles north of Los Angeles, but he has extensively traveled the world; namely throughout Europe.

James graduated from Biola University with a bachelors’ degree in Russian history. After his graduation, he moved to Russia in order to pursue his masters’ degree. Following a few years in Lobochevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod, he stopped pursuing his masters’ degree so that he could focus on English teaching.

In 2013 James married a Russian girl, Ekaterina, from a typical Russian village, Bolshoe Boldino. This village is also famous for the great Russian poet Pushkin. His lineage, descendant of maternal Germans and paternal Scots, now includes Russian.

James was a 2007 recipient of the Congressional Award, the highest honour awarded by Congress to youth.

Throughout High School he swam on the varsity swim team and taught swim lessons to child. During his High School summers, he not only taught swimming but also lifeguarded; as a certified life guard and swim instructor.
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Biola University: Bachelor of Arts in Russian History with a minor in Bible and teaching emphasis. Lobachevsky, Russian University, Russian Language. TKT Cambridge Exam.


The limits of my language are the limits of my world. Die grenzen meiner sprache sind die grenzen meiner welt. Wittgensteinism



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  • Idioms Related to Horses
    Students of English can come across many difficult to understand idioms. In this article you will be introduced to some idioms conntected to horses; work like a horse. I detail when and how to properly use these phrases. Lots of examples as well.
  • Learn English with Twitter
    Twitter offers the world a lot, especially to people learning English. There are many accounts that allow you to learn; word of the day, news, discussions, and so much more. Simply by following a few accounts, reading some tweets; your English can improve
  • Shangri-la Heaven on Earth
    Ojai valley is home to both Hollywood stars and nature. There are beautiful mountains surrounding the valley that give off a pink moment at sunset. The people as well give off a radiant smile which is the cherry on top of this American small town pie.
  • Five Points to Study Abroad
    Many opportunities await you if you are willing to pack your bags. Pack them, so that you can study abroad; leave your old life behind you. Just one semester in a foreign country can have life-long benefits for you. There's so much waiting for you abroad.
  • Stretching Your Day
    This article is for those that feel a little lethargic during the day. Starting your day off with a half hour of activity is all you need to find your inner strength. Samething for helping youself unwind at night, 30 minutes of sport. Either way, stretch!
  • Have or Have Got
    Have I got an understanding of English or do I have an understanding of English? If you can not choose the difference between those phrases, join the crowd. Learners of English are always stumped by this phrase and struggle to select.
  • Bed Time Phrasal Verbs
    What time do you turn in? When do you get up? I am sorry I'm late, I over slept. Anyone confused about phrasal vers, turn in or get up or over sleep? Then read about these phrasal verbs that will help you in the bedroom. They improve your bedside manners.
  • Taking on English Teaching
    Have you ever found yourself lost in communication? Foreigners know exactly what I am talking about. There are certain moments when you are speaking another language and you take on that look of confusion. Well no more, here's the key of take on.
  • Offensive Riding in Russia
    If you want to ride a bike in Russia there are a few things to take notice of. In this article I highlight what a cyclist has to look out for. How to ride safer and arrive without any crashes or worries.
  • Five Benefits of Bike Riding
    This read will show you the key to avoiding traffic jams. Help you lower your stress while at the same time shrinking that waist line. All that is required is some motivation and a bike. Motivation to ride that bike to work rather than driving or busing.
  • The Fourth’s Four F’s
    Living in Russia for awhile has taught me a few things, namely nostalgia. Don't ever forget or take for granted your heritage, for example the Fourth. Only to Americans can I say the Fourth and be understood. So here are four F's about the Fourth.
  • Yield for Fools
    On account of living in Russia for years and having been given the opportunity to drive I would like to share some advice with you. This is not only to prepare people for driving in Russia but also to help all of us drive a bit safer.
  • Lose Yourself Fitness Routine
    For four years I have been holding a seasonal sports routine. Seasonal means that I ski in the winter and surf in the summer. Irregardless of the weather though, I keep up a routine that includes running year round. Don't read, get up, and get moving!
  • College: The Stepping Stone into Life
    This is a little article that I wrote regarding my views on college. I explain why college is important to me and the significance that college has for me.
  • Irony Lightens the Mood
    A look at some British authors, Thomas Hardy and George Bernard Shaw, who use irony to make a weighty subject manageable. Hardy focuses upon death and God, while Shaw examines society, especially the role of women.
  • Philoshopical Undertones of Walter Pater and Oscar Wilde
    An examination of The Renaissance written by Walter Pater, especially his urging of university students to live a different life. Brief examination of the philosophy, the mindset of high society, that was prominent in the time of Wilde.
  • Decline of the Victorian Age
    This is an analysis of two prominent Victorian writers, Arnold and Huxley, view of their society. Whereas Huxley saw the rise or science and subsequent fall of religion as beneficial to society, Arnold did not entirely agree.
  • Masaccio Rendition of the Tribute Money in Painting
    An overview of the painting Tribute Money by Masaccio and how he describes Matthew 17:24-27 in art. His painting is as subtle yet powerful as Jesus when Jesus taught this parable.
  • Religous Inclinations in Poetry
    An overview of some poems written by Robert Browning and others that have a decent amount of religion. Some of the religion is obvious while the rest is hidden within the text.
  • Japanese Internment Camps of World War II
    An examination of the internment camps that Americans forced Japanese and Japanese-Americans into. Focusing on the despicable conditions and horrible treatment of the prisoners. Also the fear that Americans had toward their once friends and neighbors.
  • The Genuis of Tennyson
    Tennyson is able to accomplish and say a lot within only a few short lines. A look at how Tennyson's poems were so popular that he became poet laureate.
  • Social Unrest in Victorian Writing
    Look at prominent factors found in Victorian writing such as social unrest, industrialization and the rise of the middle class. The Victorian era has been called an era of rigid morality but that era dealt with common problems found in modern society.
  • British Romantic Literature
    Byron, Shelley and Keats are three profound Romantic writers. They share many Romantic characteristics but one defining aspect of these three writers is the vitality and energy they wrote with, which was not common among the earlier writers.
  • Romantic Prose Writers
    Romantic writers are thought of as poets but some were essayists. The prose, like the poetry, shows the turning from reason to emotion, the exploration of the inner self, and the interest in nature, the commonplace, and the supernatural.
  • A Look at Trench Warfare in World War One
    Research into the effects that trenches had during the course of World War One and the future of warfare. A look at how the trenches began and then evolved as the war progressed.
  • Excessive Violence of the First Crusade
    A look at the motives behind the First Crusade and whether or not it was a successful mission. Examination of how the Pope assured peasants of salvation for their contribution of the first crusade.
  • Analysis of the Magician's Nephew
    An overview of the first chronological book in C. S. Lewiss The Chronicle of Narnia. It takes a look at the author, setting, and overarching theme of the book.
  • Supernatural Content of Samuel Coleridge: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
    This article takes a look at Coleridge's most famous poem 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner'.
  • Russian Morality
    This is an in depth look at morality in Russia during the 20th century. Examines morality during the Soviet Era and then the transition after the collapse of communism.
  • Russian Literature
    In depth examination of the Yeshua character found in Master and Margarita.
  • Book Review: Crime and Punishment
    Book review on one of the greatest books written by Russian author Theador Dosteovsky.
  • Orthodox Church
    Timothy Ware writes an in depth examination of the Orthodox Church. He breaks down the Orthodox Church for Non-Orthodox and Orthodox people.
  • British Literature: The Poems of Robert Burns and William Blake
    Here is a review of some British literature poems from Robert Burns and william Blake.
  • Book Review: Only One Way
    An indepth review of Only One Way edited by Richard Phillips and co-authored with six other acadamics.
  • British Literature Analysis: William Wordsworth
    An analysis of some British literature from William Wordsworth.
  • Book Review of The Pleasure of God
    A review of the book that John Piper wrote involving the pleasure of God.
  • Mark Dever Book Review: Nine Marks of a Healthy Church
    Mark Dever examines what is necessary for a healthy and vibrant church in Nine Marks of a Healthy Church.

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