Daniel Barber

Daniel Barber

Daniel Barber aka Hotnuke is a freelance writer and artist living and working in the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area. A graduate of Medaille College in Buffalo, NY, Mr. Barber has worked in numerous fields in his 45 years, including the legal industry, technology sector, and administration.

An avid reader and film buff, as well as political junkie and sports fan of all teams from Miami, he's spent the past decade blogging about sports, movies, books, technology, and politics. He is currently working on a Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel he hopes to have published.

Having played and engaged in numerous sports endeavors when he was younger, he is able to bring both personal experience as well as an insightful commentary to his sportswriting, and is currently working to officially launch his own sports website

He's been most prominently found on the web in the past as a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report, which he enjoyed doing for nearly two years covering the Miami Heat, Florida Marlins, and Miami Hurricanes. However, he's also contributed to other sports blogs, as well as political, book review, and film discussion websites.

He's also an avid automotive enthusiast whose father was a mechanic and who loves to get his hands greasy working under the hood.
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