John Barnett

John Barnett

John Barnett is a freelance writer, avid gamer, perpetual realist, apathetic introvert, textbook cynic, and an analytical intellectual. What more is there to say? Well, maybe a little more.

John has a childish affinity for giant monsters and robots. He easily gets lost due to his terrible sense of direction. This can likely be attributed to his mind typically concentrating on a wide range of topics that leave him little focus for direction. Friends say he does a poor job of comforting them in times of need due to his realist nature. John unapologetically agrees. John is known as The Traitor among his gaming group because of his tendency to set them on fire, blow them up, use them as meat shields, abandon them, or otherwise outright betray them when the game allows it. Were he not so polite and talented a player, they might not keep joining him.

He s been gaming since he was five and writing professionally since he was twelve. He graduated from MCHS where he focused on refining his writing. He s amassed a few hundred video games spanning over a dozen consoles. You may know him by his penname Kaiju.
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People never say anything and they never change.



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