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Working from home, cbjones hopes to one day be able to look back at his 4th grade teacher, and laugh in her face for saying that no body can claim ownership of Saturn s rings.It will be a day which will be documented in a Bollywood blockbuster titled Ringading-Ding

Till then, cbjones writes, draws and sometimes sings in the shower when he thinks no body is around to hear him butcher classics.
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  • How to Grow a Thick Beard like Brian Wilson
    Baseball superstar, and downright amazing person, Brian Wilson's become sports top dog in the hair department. His beard is a world wide sensation, and could probably run for president(and win) in 2012. Yo too can grow a face suit like Brian Wilson.
  • The Five Most Overrated Football Coaches of All Time
    When you think of overrated football players, names like T.O., Brady, and Manning may come to mind. More often than not, it's the coaches who are the overrated ones. A great player can make an okay coach look like a genius.
  • LeBron James: The NBA's Biggest Choke Artist
    LeBron James managed to go from being the peoples champion, to basketball's public enemy number one. His worst decision had nothing to do with going to Miami, it was to pretend that he was more than a human highlight reel.
  • 5 Reasons the World Isn't Ending in 2012
    The world is going to end on Dec. 21, 2012. According to people with little to no respectable credentials, Christ is set to return on that date. while the are people who believe everything they are told, Some of us would rather step back and weigh such..
  • 3 Reasons the Oprah Winfrey Network was a Bad Idea
    Normally, making a list for an online audience would mean the writer has at least 5 points to make. Not this time. It's clear to me why the Oprah Winfrey Network is dead in the water. And I suspect that people who are supporters of Oprah can agree with..
  • 5 Best Rock Albums of 2011(thus Far)
    Six months down, six more to go. We've already seen some amazing albums released in the first half of 2011.There are always a few that seem to stand out above others. The cream always rises to the top.
  • Top 10 Video Game Cameos
    What do Michael Jackson, Bill Clinton and Shaq all have in common? The same thing they have in common with Snoop Dogg and Fred Drust. More confused than usual? Don't sweat it, all will be explained after the jump.
  • 18 Months from Doomsday: What Will it Be Like?
    -With 2012 nearing, the talk of a possible doomday continues to get louder. Everyone has an opinion on the subject, but nobody is certain what they can expect from the world ending. What would it look like? How will it happen?
  • Overrated Feats in Sports: Golf Hole in One
    Golf is a fantastic summer sport. You can network, oggle beautiful locals, and aim for people when at the shooting range. Hole in ones are seen by most people as some sort of grand accomplishment. That's only true if your teeth in in a glass by the bed.
  • Most Memorable College Basketball Jerseys of All Time
    In sports, looking like a winner is just as important as actually winning. Nobody wants to have the ugliest uniform on the basketball court. Lets take a look at some of the best jerseys in College Basketball. No eyesores are in my top five, guaranteed!
  • Top Ten Reasons the NCAA Tournament Must Be Expanded
    The NCAA Tournamen is probably the best post season for spectators. It manages to garner attention from people who don't even watch sports, and has everyone filling out brackets every year. It's almost maddening. I say almost, because it can still be impr
  • 5 Best Rap Albums of 2011(thus Far)
    6 months into the year, and we've already seen some impressively creative rap albums come out.It's really a testament to the diversity of the genre. If you're looking to check out some of heavy hitters that came out this year, look no further.
  • 5 Surefire Ways of Ruining a 4th of July Party
    On this nations birthday, it's customary to stay outside for most of the day, eating fried food, then blowing things up after the sun goes day. It's great. Only way to mess it up? Snakes and a flame. The fun always stops when there's snakes and a flame.
  • Protect Your Children from Fireworks Accidents During July 4th
    -July 4th is a time for food, family, friends and fireworks. The 4 F's are grand when combined into one glorious day. fireworks in particular are an awe-inspiring sight to behold. But they are also a very dangerous thing, that no one should take likely.
  • Two Things Keeping Mugen from Being the Perfect Video Game
    As far as PC fighting games go, I rank all games made using Mugen at least a cut above the rest. Even games which I only played 3 or so minutes before sending to the recycling bin, even those are better that the non-Mugen computer fight...
  • Five Reasons Trolling Alienates People Online
    Curious as to why nobody is paying attention to you in a chat room/online game/message board/twitter? Do you feel your ideas and point of view on the world should be considered as valuable? Would you prefer to see this typed in leet speak? Troll.
  • Top Five College Football Uniforms
    Just like Boise State's Blue turf, an ugly uniform has the power to ruin a potentially great college football game. Unlike that lame gimmick of a field, bad jerseys can be redesigned into good ones. Some jerseys are terrific, and need no alterations.
  • How Yo Reform Hoarders and Restore Sanity in Their Lives
    Picture waking up everyday,not being able to see the floor in your home and windows/doorways being inaccessible due to speed bumps made of old clothing. Now, picture yourself not being aware that this these are poor living conditions for a human being.
  • Five Things that Make Mugen One of the Greatest Freeware Games Out
    The Mugen fighting game engine has been around for a little more tahn 10 years now. With the recent updates released by a rejuvenated Elecbyte, It got me to thinking about why I still enjoy Mugen. Why is it that I continue to go back and ed...
  • Overrated Feats in Sports: Unassisted Triple Play
    The three most exiting things in baseball are fairly easy to determine. obviously, the homerun is king. Following that would have to be an acrobatic catch. And the standard triple play has a good bit of wow to it. What about the Unassisted Triple?
  • Gaming Easter Eggs & Trivia: Street Fighter Series
    Much like platform shoes, sagging jeans and high/low fives, The Street Fighter series will never truly die out. Those legendary martial artists of the video game world are immortal. The world warriors have a lot going for them . I've compiled a lis
  • Overrated Feats in Sports: Hockey Goals
    Hockey is such a great sport.It's playable outdoors, and indoors. It's not hindered much by the elements(unseasonable warmth not withstanding.) and best of all, some of the worlds best athletes play it! Goalies, believe it or not, are not that athletic.
  • Overrated Feats in Sports: Slam Dunk
    The slam dunk has been a major staple in the world of basketball for many years. Legends and modern day ballers alike are all connected by the act of jumping high enough to touch the rim for an easy two points. It used to be a great thing. Now it's lam
  • Top Five Twitter Bots that Make Me Laugh
    Most, if not all, Twitter users have become victims of spam bots. They follow a mass number of users, and do nothing but post advertisements over and over and over again. It's maddening. They give good wholesome bots a bad name.
  • Top Five Trading Card Game Video Games
    Like collecting cards, and battling people to see who's deck is better? Like playing video games against friends and complete strangers? Ever wondered if these two hobbies would some day meat and meld into a good combination?
  • Five Alternatives to American Football
    With the NFL lockout in full effect, and a strike looming, We take a look at football alternatives. 5 sports in particular stand out. Each have there fair share of football-like elements.
  • Top Ten Non-Madden Football Video Games (part 2)
    When you need your football fix on a rainy day, Madden might not always satisfy your pigskin taste buds. Sometimes, you just want something a little more...different, that strays away from the norm.
  • Ten Fun Things to Do After May 21, 2011
    Some random goober called Harold Camping says that May 21 is when the rapture is happening. If your a good person, you get sent up to heaven. The rest of us have to wait on earth for the bad man to come get us...What the?
  • Top 5 Street Fighter Characters
    With the continued success of Street Fighter 4, I can't help but reminisce favorite moments from earlier games in this franchise. The Barrel game from SFII, Alpha 3's special pre-fight intro between Sagat & Adon, and Akuma's ambush from Super Turbo
  • Top Ten Non-Madden Football Video Games (part 1)
    Football video games have been a major fixture in the industry for quite some time. Tecmo, Sega, EA and others have brought forth fun games that, surprisingly enough, rival or even surpass the Madden series in terms of fun factor.
  • Five Facts Regarding the NFL Lockout
    Before you take sides in the whole "who's to blame, and who's the "sympathetic victim"show" involving the NFL players and owners, you'd be better off taking time to look at a few interesting truths about the NFL lockout.
  • 5 Things Learned from Watching the 2011 NCAA Tournament
    With Duke getting robbed of the chance to repeat, and Carolina falling short of making it to the Final Four as well, this year's tournament hasn't been light on upsets. The overlooked four are a prime example of why adding teams was a smart idea.
  • The Very Best NES Games Still Worth Playing
    There are a ton of NES games you could be playing right now. The cream of the crop isn't that hard to find. 8-bit greatness is just a button press away.Come see who made the cut!
  • The Very Best Xbox Games Still Worth Playing
    Before online gaming on the Xbox 360, there was online gaming on the Xbox! Since Microsoft shut down all servers of Xbox Live game, the perceived classics don't seem that classical any more. I found a few offline gems that are still quite fun to play.
  • The Unseen Linguist's Guide to Singing
    I like to peg myself as a fairly comparable song hawk(which is the more manly version of a song bird). I can croon with the best of 'em when in the privacy of my own bathroom. It wasn't always that way though. I used to be a horrid singer in
  • The Instigators Guide to Winning Arguments
    Being wrong all the time really sucks. It's hard to get by when people around you realize just how blatantly incorrect you are on most subjects. What if there was a way to be wrong, but still come off as someone who knows how to make sense of everything?
  • How Many Things on Earth Are More Annoying Than the Vuvuzela Horn?
    The 2010 World Cup is in South Africa. Good for them! Unfortunately, the annoying horn sound I herd while watching the Confederations Cup is also in Africa. It's called the Vuvuzela horn. And it sucks, to the extreme!
  • Top 10 Reasons I DON'T Know What You're Sayin'
    You know, Some people have a hard time expressing themselves. That's understandable, you know what I'm sayin'? It gets to the point where you don't know if they get the questions being asked, or if they even know what the word question means, you know?
  • Which Video Game System is Better? Wii, Xbox 360 or Playstation 3?
    Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft are in the middle of a war. All three are armed with the latest and greatest technology to help them ensure victory. When the dust settles, only one of them will get to sit on the thrown as gaming royalty.
  • How to Be a Grizzly Bear
    Ever choked the life out of somebody while executing a bear hug? Get your head stuck in a bee's nest while rubbing up against a tree? Steal picnic baskets? If you answered yes to any of those questions, than a life as a Grizzly bear is perfect for you!
  • Top 10 Senior Social Networking Websites
    Social networking is an unstoppable juggernaut that time can't destroy.How do I know this? Old people are joining in, and young people don't seem to be disgusted by it. If this were a fad, they'd all scatter like roaches after the fridge has been moved.
  • The PenUltimate March Madness Office Pool Guide
    College sporting events are boring for the most part. Who want's to watch a amateurs flailing about, while dozens of wasted students are in the crowd yelling at the top of their longs? It's way more tolerable when there's a small sun of money involved.
  • Hip Hop Power Rankings: Strongest Emcees
    Boastfulness is one of the foundations of rap music. Hip Hop artists are expected to flaunt their self proclaimed superiority when in the middle of a cipher. The strength of your metaphors could also relate to what you bench when in the gym.
  • The Skywalker's Guide to Winning Dunk Contests
    Can you fly like an eagle? Have god given ability to leap into the air, and get stunk for a limited amount of time? Can you do a quadruple windmill, tomahawk reverse jam? If you answered yes to any of those, you're either a liar or a Street Ball Legend.
  • How to Execute the Perfect Wedding Day Kiss
    Congratulations on meeting your soul mate. You should be proud. I hope you realize that finding that special someone was the easy part. The hard part comes in the form of a face to face showdown, with tongues drawn at dawn.
  • Top 5 Super Mario Video Games
    The Mario franchise has made Nintendo a lot of money over the years. Almost game staring the plump princess rescuing, gorilla battling, green dinosaur riding, mustache having Italian dude has been a success. This is s list of the top five Mario bra...
  • How to Modify Your Car for a Derby
    Apple pie, hot dogs, Derby, spam lunch meat, french toast. All of those things signify the core of America. Unlike everything else on that list, Derbies aren't experienced firsthand by the masses. This guide will help make your car into a winner.
  • Food Fight Dos and Don'ts
    An abnormally large meatball is headed right for you! Don't panic, I've got a some tips that'll not only help you survive a food fight without injury, but also allow you to have as much fun as possible. heed my warnings & win 87.6% of the time.
  • Most Used Sitcom Christmas Special Cliches
    Television is a nice little way to help unwind and relax after a long hay of doing...Whatever it is people do at their chosen professions.One of my favorite television formats growing up was the sitcom Whenever the holiday season rolled around, there s...
  • Dos and Don'ts of Decorating Christmas Trees
    As with most other organized construction projects, there are a set of rules and regulations one must follow when wetting up decorations on a tree. Said rules are in place fore safety reasons. There's no point in participating in this activity if
  • How to Find the Best Christmas Tree Ever
    A tree can either make or break Christmas. Not all trees are created equal. Some are above average, but severely flawed in certain areas. Most trees are not worthy of being dragged into your house, and strangled with tinsel and popcorn on string.
  • Inexpensive Holiday Gifts for Sports Fans
    It's cold outside but, but the heart of your average sports fan pounds with the heat of a thousand suns.There are a ton of inexpensive sports related gear being sold on Amazon.com. There's are but a few interesting examples.
  • Best Rapper Alive: Weird Al Yankovic
    Two things are certain when it comes to rap. Every mixtape you ever hear will feature a verse with someone rhyming hood with good. Also, all rappers are extremely boastful. Ask any rapper who the the best is, and they will probably point at themselves.
  • How to Become a Race Car Driver
    Like driving? Like getting a paycheck for doing something you would probably do for free? Want the freedom to speed without having to worry about getting pulled over by the police? With my tips, you'll be swerving in and out of traffic.
  • Budget Christmas Shopping for Kids
    Inexpensive gifts are easy to find, you just need to know were to look. Children aren't that difficult to please when you really think about it. They haven't been around long enough to know disappointment. Thus, anything will will bring them happiness.
  • Top 5 Christmas Themed Video Games
    Ever since the Nintendo Entertainment system was released, video games and Christmas have been tied at the hip. There always seems to be some sort of special bundle for consoles and popular games released during the holiday season. With the ob...
  • The Wise Young Man's Guide to Being a Teenager
    Besides underage smoking, underage drinking, unsupervised parties, being a teenager is quite blah. You're not yet an adult, school is still in the way of what you really want to do, and some people appear to only exist to start drama in others life...
  • Best Vehicles for Snow Travel
    Since the dawn of time, man has racked his brain trying to solve the puzzle of getting from point A to point B then the ground is covered with snow. Many contraptions have been manufactured. Many of them either don't work well enough, or no
  • Budget Christmas Shopping for Your Wife
    Want to buy the perfect gift for your wife this Christmas? To bad, it doesn't exist. No earthly possession in existence is good enough for your better half. Letting her know this will only get you a one way trip to the dog house for not at lea...
  • UltimateThanksgiving Haiku
    Perhaps one of the greatest haiku of all time? Yeah, maybe.
  • Mugen Feature Wishlist
    Mugen is a Fighting game engine, created by Elecbyte, that is currently in open beta. The newer versions of Mugen are still quite buggy. Because it's not an open source engine, it's nature for people like myself to come up with wish lists, that cons
  • Letter to Santa: I'm on to You, Fat Man
    -I know we go back a longs ways man, but it's time to sever ties. You did some things that would completely uncalled for, and I did some things that can be justified because of that you did. Lets just call a spade a spade and go our desperate ways.
  • How to Save Money on December & Christmas Birthdays
    Christmas is a wonderful holiday, if you were born in December. You have friends that want to save money by celebrating your birthday on Christmas, and only giving you a few gifts that are supposed to count for both.Sucks to be you, eh?
  • Top 5 Mugen Games Worth Your Time
    There are more than a few Mugen full games out there. Most of them tend to range from okay, to laughably bad. I've taken time to weed out the stinkers, and feature a few of the good Mugen games.
  • MUGEN: The Return of Elecbyte
    Wow, so the people who created Mugen aren't dead yet. That great. It seems that the Elecbyte team has returned with a new version of the popular Fighting game creation engine, Mugen. With this welcomed return comes a few questions as well.
  • Access Denied: Tips for Creating Strong and Secure Passwords
    Twenty bucks says my password can bench press your password. My password could compete in the Olympics. He does nothing but workout all day and drink protein shakes. What does yours do? look at at the sun all day, right?
  • the Exhausted Mans Guide to Wooing Women
    Being a Casanova is a lot easier than it looks. When you're able to make it look effortless, it's the other way around. My technique will help any fidgety dude come off as the smoothest human being who ever walked the face of the earth.
  • The Above Average Mans Guide to Being a Tough Guy
    We all aspire to be better than we really are. It's human nature. Most will never reach high enough to achieve that goal. Because of this unfortunate fact, I've some up with a fool proof guide to help the meekest of meek become tougher than the rest.
  • Quick Start Guide for Gaia Online
    It's amazing the things you can do with a little imagination. On Gaia Online, your imagination, coupled with amount of free time and virtual currency are your only limits when it comes to creating an alternate reality to play abound in.
  • NBA 2009-10 Season Preview
    Before Shaq costs LaBron a trip to the Finals this year, the regular season has to be played first. There will be injuries. There will be controversy. there will also be disappointments in the form of questionable officiating and mascots.
  • Xbox 360: South Park Tower Defense Review
    South Park: Let's Go Tower Defense Play! is a Tower Defense clone. You must defense South Park against an angry mob of minor characters, who want the show canceled because it's been on long enough(probably.) Spoiler alert: Kenny may die at some point.
  • Five Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Cats
    First rule of making homemade Halloween costumes for cats: don't force them to wear anything. They have claws you know. I've heard cats are known to have scratched a few people before. I wouldn't know, because I try not to rile 'em up too often.
  • Do's and Don'ts of a Tailgate Party
    Football and tailgates go together like, well, two things that go really will together. It doesn't take a word smith to realize that. If you want yours to stand out, and not implode before a pass is thrown you might want to read this article.
  • NBA Live 10 Vs. NBA 2K10: Which is Better?
    EA Sports has build a dynasty around making the type of sorts games that appeal to anyone with a gaming console. 2K Sports is on the come up, and is making strides at taking the crown. Who'll come out on top in this head to head battle?
  • Five Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Dogs
    Halloween isn't just for kids, and adults who which they were still kids for the whole free candy aspect. It's a Halloween that all members of the family can partake in. When I say all members, that includes those of the four legged verity.
  • Xbox 360: NBA Live 10 Review
    NBA live is like an old friend. When ever it comes by the house, I know exactly what to expect. Usually, I can expect fun, good tunes, and even a few laughs. Unlike my real friends, I can sell Live 10 to Gamestop if I'm dissatisfied by that it offers.
  • Xbox 360: NBA 2K10 Review
    NBA 2K10 features a new mode for created players that allows you to simulate that rookies and less talented players go through in the NBA. Not sure if there's hazing involved, but you can participate in the NBA's development league!
  • How to Be a Basketball Superstar
    You want to be the next LaBron, Jordan, Bryant or Wade huh? Unless are willing to change your real name multiple times, it ain't gonna happen! You can, however, give the impression that you are almost as good as those basketball titans.
  • Fondest Halloween Memories
    Halloween is one of the greatest holidays in existence. That statement is true, not because of the candy and sweats that are given out, but because of the unfortunate costumes some are trotted out in.
  • No Downloads Needed: Top 7 Web Apps
    I have having to download files for a program that I probably won't even use long term. Web applications are fantastic because you can access and use them from within your chosen web browser.
  • My Plans for Honoring National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
    When is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month? It's in October. Know what else is in October? The World Series. as a dude who is also a sports fan, I'm not ashamed to say that I have more of a vested interest in Breast Cancer Awareness than a bunch
  • Do's and Don'ts of Halloween Party Etiquette
    A good Halloween party isn't that different from a bad one. Both have their fair share of frights, and and funny moments. But when the cops are called over to check out the ruckus at a good party, the blood can usually be explained.
  • Freeware Game Review: Silver Knights
    Giant fighting robots and video games go together like short shorts and chunky butts. Silver Knights delivers fact paced combat, as well as easy to learn controls so everyone can have a blast without getting totally blasted.
  • Top Five Hip Hop Duos
    In hip hop, a potent one two punch can come in many flavors. You can have a rapper with a DJ, two MC's, or even one emcee and a human beatbox. The vest best duos all have one thing in common: Creativity and passion.
  • Top 5 Uses for Vodka Bottles
    Vodka is great, isn't it? Those bottles though can quickly become a nuisance when the tasty liquid is all gone. Why not turn that empty space into a useful tool or container?
  • Gaming Easter Eggs & Trivia: Sonic the Hedgehog
    Sonic is a video game icon. Once the sole rival to Nintendo's plump plumber, Sonic has been at the summit of gaming super stardom. Some of his Cameo appearances are almost as buzz worthy & interesting as the evolution of the Sonic series it's self.
  • Mayweather Vs. Marquez: The Aftermath
    When the dust settled, only one man stood tall as the victor.When he looked around to see his adoring fans, he saw only a fragment of the possible millions who should have cared about the outcome.
  • The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights Season Premier Summery
    The UFC already has an interesting cast of characters. Some have nicknames, others don't but probably should, and Brock Lesner is was a pro wrestler. With Quinton Jackson's tutelage, Kimbo Slice could become the newest star in MMA's premier organization.
  • Xbox 360: Darkest of Days Review
    Did you ever want to play a game that was like Back to the Future meets a low budget SyFy movie, with light first person shooter elements? Well then, Darkest of Days is for you!
  • Top 10 Uses for a Deflated Basketball
    Don't throw away that old, decrepit and punctured basketball just yet. You can get a lot of use out of it still, even in it's deflated state. All you need is an imagination, too much free time on your hands, and a tasty beverage to keep you hydrated.
  • Nintendo DS: Dirt 2 Review
    Dirt 2 on Nintendo DS tries hard to be as good as Dirt 2 on non-handheld consoles. Because of the omission of one very important feature, this version can only lag behind, spinning it's tires.
  • Six Most Wanted Features in Mugen
    What can you do in Mugen? Set up a one on 1 fight between Street Fighter's Sagat, & Legend of Zelda's Link, and recreate your favorite 2D fighting game. What can't you do in Mugen? Too much to list when given a 255 character limit.
  • Top Five PS2 Games that Need a PS3 Remake
    Sony had a few certified classics on their Playstation 2 gaming system. There's a reason they dominated Microsoft's Xbox and Nintendo's Gamecube. Developers would be smart to upgrade some of these hits for a powerful system, like Playstation 3.
  • Freeware Game: Little Fighter 2
    What does Little Fighter 2 have that your favorite old school brawler doesn't? A great deal of customization, a good amount of depth, and the ability to play online multi-player games.
  • Best Software for Extracting Compressed/Archived Files
    Decompressing and creating archive files is pretty easy to do. With a fairly large selection of utilities that all claim to be cream of the crop, it's hard to weed out the clunkers form the true gems.
  • What is File Compression?
    -File compression makes sending a large number of files easy. No need to upload files one at a time on sites like MegaUpload, or RapidShare. Just archive multiple files transfer them all at once!
  • Gaming Easter Eggs & Trivia: Final Fight
    Remember Final Fight? It was game where you walked around beating up gang members and saving a cute blond. There were also a few hidden goodies that you may have missed the first play through.
  • Top Seven 2009 College Football Predictions
    College Football is an unstoppable plague that no scientist has be able to contain in a sanitary environment. It consumes and and changes all who are exposed to it. a mild mannered lad from the south has mutated into an all knowing football soothsayer.
  • Fan Game Review: Sonic Robo Blast 2
    What happens when you place one of gamings most popular non-human mascots in the world of DooM? YOu'd get significantly less gore than one might expect, but still something pretty special.
  • NFL 2009-10 Season Predictions
    Hey, can you guess what time it is? It's football season time! No more slow paced baseball games that take forever to finish. It's time for huge collisions and Hail Mary passes. Woot-woot!
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