Jennifer Thomas

Jennifer Thomas

Jennifer graduated from Miami University of Ohio with a BS degree in Zoology and a focus in Animal Behavior. She owns a small in-home pet sitting business. Jennifer enjoys dog training and learning how to better improve pet and pet owner relationships. She also enjoys reading, writing, and exercising. Jennifer is a loving wife and mother to a furry family consisting of a dog (Zeke), kitten (Betty White) and guinea pig (Gracie).
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Miami University of Ohio, Zoology. Animal Behavior College, Dog Training Certification
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    Whether you're taking you first date to a fancy restaurant, a walk through a beautiful park, or out for a more casual dinner, New Bern is the place for first time daters!
  • Make a Living Pet Sitting
    Have you ever wondered how to make a living doing something you love? Do you love spending time with pets!? Then it's time to start making money!
  • Do I Need Pet Insurance?
    Have you noticed when you walk into the vets office recently they ask you if your pet has insurance? You've heard of car insurance, home insurance and life insurance, but pet insurance? Really? Yep, now you can insure your pet!
  • How to Toilet Train Your Cat
    We all love cats, but we hate the dirty, smelly, messy litter boxes! Well now you can enjoy your cat and not have to worry about a litter box! With a cat that uses the toilet you will never have to scoop poop again!
  • What's the Best Breed of Dog for Me?
    The key to finding the perfect breed for you and your family is to take a look at your lifestyle and ask yourself how you want your new dog to fit into that lifestyle.
  • How to Train a Dog: Find the Right Motivation
    Not all dogs are motivated by food. It's up to you to figure out what motivates your dog. Some dogs are much easier to figure out than others. Some dogs are much more eager to please than others. It all depends on your individual dog and his desires.
  • How to Prepare to Bring a Puppy Home
    Bringing a puppy home is a big deal for both you and your puppy. There is plenty to do before you bring your puppy home to ensure a happy and healthy transition.
  • DOG! Stop Digging
    Digging is a very natural behavior for dogs. Some dogs dig more than others. Here are a few techniques for you to implement that keep your dog from digging up your yard, carpet, driveway etc.
  • The Best Halloween Costumes for Your Pet
    Halloween is a holiday celebrated by children and adults alike. There are costumes for babies, children, and adults, so why not focus on a great costume for your pet too?
  • Pet Safety Tips: Halloween Weekend
    Halloween can be a scary time of year! It can also be spooky for your pets! This holiday brings a lot of obvious and hidden dangers for your pet. Safety needs to be your first priority when it comes to your pets over the halloween season.
  • How to Teach a Dog to Run Alongside a Bike
    A tired dog is a good dog. However, there are a lot of dogs that can be hard to tire out with a simple game of fetch, jog around the block, or even swim in the local lake. So let's take Fido for a bike ride!
  • Top 5 Wedding Photographers in Cleveland OH
    Photographs are what make your wedding memories tangible. They allow you to share and cherish your memories with others. Be sure you are choosing the right photographers for your special day.
  • Review of Introduction of the Article: Mammals in Which Females Are Larger Than Males
    In this paper I summarize, then review and critique the introduction section of a scientific paper.
  • Review of Methods Section of Article: How Far Do Animals Move? Routine Movements in Tortoise
    In this paper I summarize, review and critique the methods section of a scientific article. This was a very fascinating study about the movement of turtles.
  • Review of Results and Discussion Section of Article: Time of Contact and Step Length: The Effect of Limb Length, Running Speed, Load Carrying and Incline
    In this paper I summarized, review and critique the Results and Discussion section of a scientific article.
  • Review of Scientific Article: Hummingbird Flight Speeds
    This is a critique of a scientific article. Focusing on the format and content of the article.
  • Sibling Rivalry: A Parents Guide to Dealing with Competing Children
    I am not a parent, but I have a sibling. Close in age, we always fought, argued and competed for almost everything. This is a first hand account of what I wished was different and how my coped with sibling rivalry between my brother and I.
  • Breed Brief: Golden Retriever
    The Golden Retriever is known as a dog that doesn't bark much, never has bad breath, loves to give kisses, and is easily trainable, this breed may well be the perfect family pet.
  • Breed Brief: German Shepherd Dog
    Looking for the perfect family pet? Look no further than the loyal, friendly-natured German Shepherd. Easily trained, extremely intelligent, and very protective, this dog could become the newest member of your family.
  • Breed Brief: French Bulldog
    Frenchies are little dogs who are happy to enjoy owners company. He loves belly scratches and hugs as opposed to running, and playing. If you are looking for a lovable companion with an abundance of 'cute' look no further than the French Bulldog.
  • Breed Brief: Australian Shepherd
    The Australian Shepherd, or Aussie, is a breed known for it's athleticism and intelligence. If your family is looking for a dog to complement an active lifestyle, look no further than the beautiful Australian Shepherd.
  • Breed Brief: Doberman Pinscher
    The Doberman Pinscher is a strong sleek dog originally bred for guarding. This breed has now proven to be, not only a great working dog, but a loyal family pet as well.
  • Five Tips for New Students at Miami University of Ohio
    Away from home, in a new place, a new home and new friends can be a scary thing to deal with. Here are a few tips for all you new college freshman.
  • Endocrine System: Hormone Review
    Hormones and how they travel through the endocrine system.
  • The Nervous System
    A complete summary of the nervous system. Follow the action potential through nerves, axons, synapses, to their final destination.
  • Factors that Determine Mean Arterial Pressure and Blood Flow
    Blood flow as determined by cardiac output, TPR and MAP.
  • Best Coffee Shops in Oxford, Ohio
    A small college town is absolute the best place to indulge in a hot cup of java. Whether you need an extra boost of energy to make it through the day, or you just need a place to kick back, enjoy some entertainment and relax, these places are for you.
  • Best Dog Park in Cincinnati, Ohio
    Dog parks are great way for dogs to get the exercise they desperately need. A combination of wide open spaces with a relaxing atmosphere allow dogs and owners alike to enjoy the exercise experience.
  • If Your Water Breaks in Public, Don't Worry About It
    Should you clean it up? Will people point and laugh? Did you just pee your pants? Find out what really happens if your water were to break in public.
  • Dog Park Rule and Etiquette
    The ability to run free is a wonderful treat for a dog that is cooped up all day at home. Keeping dog parks clean and safe will allow these places to exsist for a long time to come.
  • Top Five Must Have Items for College
    From curing late night hunger to making a room feel more like home. These items will help your student feel a bit more settled as they start their new journey.
  • How to Prepare for College
    From books to bathroom supplies; here is how to get it all organized and ready to go.
  • Free Things to Do in Wadsworth, Ohio
    If you are looking for family fun, great small town charm and a fun filled day, then Wadsworth is the town for you and your family.
  • Top Ten Fall Out Boy Hits
    Fall Out Boy has been cranking out hit songs for years. Here a just a few from their amazing collection.
  • Important Fireworks Safety Tips
    Use these compiled tips to help you have a safe and happy celebration.
  • Life Changes Plan
    This is plan designed to help you make healthier decisions in your life.
  • Top Five Dashboard Confessional Songs
    They may be little known, but once heard, Dashboard Confessional will never be forgotten.
  • Top Five Laptop Computers Under $1,000
    Here are a few laptops that are cheap on your wallet but still have the ability to meet the high performance standards of an expensive computer.
  • How to Keep a Goldfish Alive
    Owning a goldfish can be a long lasting experience. With the right tools and a little bit of knowledge you and your fish can have a happy, long lasting experience.
  • How to Begin Training Your Dog
    Whether its a new puppy or and old dog, every pooch needs training. Here are some steps to help you build the relationship needed between a master and his dog in order to generate successful training.
  • A Parents Guide to Social Networking
    Social networking like Facebook and Myspace are taking over the lives of teens. Here are my suggestions (as a college student) as to how parents should handle their children using these types of sites.
  • Things to Do on the Internet: Boredom Be Gone
    Ever found yourself bored sitting in front of the computer? Here are a few ideas for a bit of fun and productivity while on the Internet. Make some friends, make some money or go to college anything is possible on the Internet.
  • Your Makeup Fashion Tips for 2009
    The wide world of makeup can be large and overwhelming. Here are some tips to keep you up to date and on the right track when it comes to your own personal makeup. Have fun and look good this season.
  • Top 10 Cheap Makeup Products to Make You Look Good
    These days everybody is on a budget. Do not let that budget cut into your looks; here are ten products that will keep you looking good while also keeping your wallet happy.
  • Easy Ways to Find Work Online
    Find easy jobs online that will make real money real fast.
  • Fun Facts About Left Handedness
    If you are left handed you know this world was not made for you. Here are some facts that will confirm your feelings.
  • Top Ten Maroon Five Hits
    Maroon Five is an alternative band that has been allured its audience with songs about love and heartbreak with just a touch of sexual inkling. The following ten songs demonstrate the best of what Maroon Five has to offer.
  • Unique Recipe for Chocolate Cravings
    I made this up one night and love it! A chocolate and peanut butter recipe.
  • Easy Recipe for Kids
    Individual Pizzas are quick and easy for when kids need to feed themselves.
  • Top Ten Yellowcard Hits
    Yellowcard is a band that has generated a multitude of songs all with different meaning and emotion. Each and every one of those songs has had an effect on me and my life. I want to share my favorites.
  • Adaptations and Acclamations of the North American River Otter
    This paper was an assignment to relate three individual aspects of ecology. A look at the North American river otter (the main topic) and how it relates to the common raccoon and littoral zones of bodies of water.

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