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Robert Donaldson

Robert Donaldson is a freelance writer and avid gardener living in Reno, Nevada. He attended the University of Tennessee where he studied biology, ecology, genetics, horticulture and plant pathology. He also studied writing at Laney College in Oakland, CA, University of California, Berkeley, CA and Electronics Engineering at the School of Communication Electronics, San Francisco, CA.
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University of Tennessee,Laney College, University of California, School of Communication Electronics.


All is changeable nothing is constant. This is the law of birth and death. Extinguishing the cycle of birth and death, one enters into the joy of Nirvana.
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  • Gardening For Kids
    Teach children the joy of growing flowers and vegetables in the garden. Gardening helps children learn about health, nutrition,responsibility and many other important lessons in life.
  • Learn to Grow Jerusalem Artichokes in the Garden
    Jerusalem artichokes produce tubers that have a sweet, nutty flavor. The plant--with its large yellow flowers and tall stalk--looks a lot like its cousin, the sunflower.
  • Learn to Grow Tomatillos in the Garden
    Tomatilloes are native to Mexico and were first grown by the Aztecs around 800 B.C.
  • Learn to Grow Rutabagas in Your Garden
    Rutabagas are a cross between the turnip and the cabbage. This root crop has flesh that is yellow in color and is sometimes called "yellow turnip."
  • Living With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
    COPD affects more than 25 million people in the U. S. and is the leading cause of death in the nation.
  • Growing Swiss Chard in the Garden
    Swiss chard has an earthy, mild flavor and it is an interesting and delicious alternative to such leafy vegetables as lettuce and spinach.
  • Learn to Grow Cantaloupe in Your Garden
    The cantaloupe has become increasingly popular fruit around the world. This delicious and refreshing food can be easily grown and harvested in 60-85 days.
  • Growing Chives in Your Garden
    Chives have found many uses in cooking. They are used to season soups, casseroles and sauces.This garden herb is easy to grow and requires little care, making it a gardening favorite.
  • How to Beat the Unemployment Blues
    Your unemployment check was never intended to be permanent. When you first become unemployed, start planning your strategy for getting a new job. This might be the perfect time to cosider starting your own small business.
  • Your Credit Report and You
    If you have social security number, you have a credit report. Your credit history can have adverse effects on your standard of living and your future.
  • Growing Celery in Your Garden
    Celery is a popular vegetable crop. This vegetable is used in many recipes in the kithen. Athough someting of a challenge to grow, celery is a favorite gardening crop around the world.
  • Testing the Soil in Your Garden
    Testing the soil in your garden is an iportant first step in your garden plan. Get a soil test and learn the condition of your soil and find out which vegetable crops would best fit.
  • How to Grow Lima Beans in Your Garden
    Lima beans are easy and fun to grow. This vegetable crop is a favorite of many Southern cooks.
  • Tips for Improving the Soil in Your Garden
    Garden soil comes in many varieties. Your will need to improve your soil so that your vegetables grow healthier and yield more food. Ther are some simple ways to improve soil that every gardener should use.
  • How to Grow Sage in Your Garden and in Containers
    Sage is one of the most often used herbs in the kitchen. This herb is used to season many foods including fish, poultry, meat, vegetables and lamb.
  • The Benefits of Using Mulch in Your Garden
    Adding mulch to your garden or landscape can improve to health a vitality of your plants. Grass clippings, dry leaves, wood chips, sand, gravel and other organic and inorganic material can be used as mulch.
  • How to Grow Oats in Your Garden
    Learn to grow your own oats in the garden. This popular cereal grain is easy to grow. Grow oats and use them in the kitchen to make cookies, muffins and bread. Oats can be harvested in 45-60 days.
  • Tips for Growing Rhubarb in Your Garden
    Get tips for growing rhubarb in your garden. This versatile vegetable can be used in many recipes including breads, muffins, pies and jams.
  • Tips for Growing Dill in Your Garden and in Containers
    Dill is one of the most popular herbs in the kitchen. The flavor of fresh dill can make many dishes taste better, including fish, soups, and salads.
  • Tips for Growing Radicchio in Your Garden
    Radicchio is becoming an increasingly popular gardening crop. This vegetable is quite popular in many Italian recipes. Radicchio is eas to grow and is ready to harvest in about ninety days.
  • Tips for Growing Fennel in Your Garden
    Fennel is a perennial that is used in many Mediterranean an Italizn food recipes. This plant resembles celery but has a flavor similar to aniise or locorice. Fennel is easy to grow and can be harvested in about 100 days.
  • How to Grow Anise in Your Garden
    Anise is a flavoral annual herb that is used in many ethnic food recipes. Its licorice like scent and flavor sets it apart from other garden herbs.
  • How to Grow Sorrel in Your Garden or in Pots
    Learn to grow the tangy sorrel in your garden or in pots. This perrenial requires little care and can be harvested in as little as four months. the tangy flavor of sorrel makes it an ideal addition to salads, soups or omelets.
  • Tips for Growing Horseradish in Your Garden
    Horseradish is an easy crop to grow. This pungent root crop can be used as a condiment with beef, lamb, pork and fish dishes. Horseradish grows quite prolifically and can take over your garden if preventative measures are not taken.
  • Growing Easy Elegance Roses in Your Garden and in Containers
    Learn to grow the popular Easy Elegance rose. This rose is quite hardy and resistant to disease and pests. The Easy Elegance comes in a variety of colors including shades of red, pink white and yellow.
  • A Beginner's Guide to Growing Roses
    Roses are easy to grow and can brighten your garden with bright and beautiful colors. Rose gardening can be fun and can provide hours of outdoor enjoyment.
  • Tips for Growing Knockout Roses in Your Garden and in Containers
    Knockout roses are quite hardy an disease resistant. This bushy rose is available in red, white, pink and yellow. They can be grown in the garden and in containers.
  • Gardening Tips for Beginners
    Get valuable gardening tips you can use before you plant your garden. These tips can lead to increased crop yield and healthier food for your family.
  • Affiliate Marketing: The New Craze in Online Business
    Affiliate marketing offers the beginner the opportunity to earn money working online selling affiliate products for a commission.
  • Get Ready to Garden: Preparing Your Garden for Planting
    As winter turns to spring, it is time to get your garden ready for spring planting. Get tips on garden layout and soil preparation.
  • How to Grow Celeriac in Your Garden
    Celeriac is similar in flavor to celery but with a stronger flavor. This vegetable is quite versatile and is used in many recipes including soups, stews and as a snack.
  • Tips for Growing Kale in Your Garden
    Learn to grow delicious and nutritious kale in your garden. This popular gardening crop is easy to grow and can be harvested in as little as 60 days.
  • Tips for Growing Your Own Mushrooms
    Grow your own mushrooms at home and enjoy the delicious flavor of this ingredient in your recipes. Mushrooms are easy to grow if you have the right information and the right equipment.
  • Tips for Growing Snow Peas in Your Garden
    Learn to grow sweet and delicious snow peas. This vegetable is easy to grow and is used in many Asian food recipes. Snow peas can be eaten raw or cooked. This vegetable can also be grown for its tender shoots.
  • Growing Radishes in Your Garden
    Radishes are a favorite gardening crop for beginning and advanced gardeners. This spicy and delicious vegetable is easy to grow and has many uses in the kitchen.
  • Tips for Growing Garlic in Your Garden and in Pots
    Learn to grow delicious and versatile garlic. This crop is easy to grow and offers many health benefits and has many uses in the kitchen.
  • How to Grow Parsnips in Your Garden
    Learn to grow delicious and nutritious parsnips in your garden. This unusual vegetable has become a favorite of many gardeners.
  • Growing Kohlrabi in Your Garden
    Kohlrabi is one of those peculiar vegetables that many gardeners avoid. Despite is odd appearance and different flavor, kohlrabi is becoming a popular gardening crop.
  • Tips for Growing Cabbage in Your Garden
    Learn to grow delicious, nutritious cabbage in your garden. This very popular vegetable is used in many recipes. Cabbage is a colorful and fun crop to grow/
  • Growing Soybeans in Your Garden
    Soybeans are a delicious and nutritious addition to the garden. This versatile gardening crop has found many uses in the kitchen and in industry.
  • Tips for Growing Artichokes
    Learn to grow delicious artichokes in your garden and indoors in pots. This exotic vegetable is a popular vegetable in Italy, Spain and around the world.
  • Tips for Growing Watermelon in Your Garden
    Learn to grow delicious, nutritious watermelon in your garden. This delicious crop can be a refreshing treat for hot summer days.
  • Tips for Growing Mustard Greens in Your Garden
    Learn to grow the delicious and nutritious mustard greens in your garden. This vegetable crop needs little care and can be harvested in about forty-five days.
  • Composting for the Home Gardener
    Making and using compost involves simple collecting organic material that decomposes to produce rich organic fertilizer.
  • Protecting Your Garden from Insect Pests
    Insect pests are a threat to your garden. Avoid using chemical pesticides and instead use organics to fight off insect attacks.
  • Protecting Your Garden from Animal Intruders
    There are many animals that will find your garden vegetables quite tasty. Avoid using chemical repellents and traps to control intruders. Instead, use fences and other means to protect your garden.
  • Tips for Growing Okra in Your Garden
    Learn how to grow the delicious vegetable okra. It is a favorite in the Southern US. This delicious food crop can be used in many recipes.
  • Growing Cucumbers in Your Garden
    Learn to grow delicious and nutritious cucumbers in your garden. This crisp, cool vegetable is a popular gardening crop throughout the world. Cucumbers are used as an ingredient in many fresh salads and beauty products.
  • Broccoli: A Vegetable Gardening Favorite
    Learn to grow broccoli in your garden. This beautiful food crop can add lots of vitamins and minerals to your diet. Broccoli requires little care and can produce a bountiful harvest.
  • How to Grow Asparagus in Your Garden
    Asparagus is a perrenial that can produce delicious spears for many recipes. This versatile food crop can be boiled, steamed, sauteed, grilled or pickled.
  • Growing Brussels Sprouts in Your Garden
    Learn to grow delicious and nutritious Brussels sprouts. This popular food crop can be used in many soup and stew recipes. They can be grown all year and do well in cooler climates.
  • Tips for Growing Arugula
    Arugula is a flavorful herb that can be added to salads, sandwiches and many other recipes. It is easy to grow and can be a fun gardening crop.
  • Create a Raised Bed Garden
    Create a raised bed garden with simple construction materials. Grow vegetables in a raised bed and improve your crop yield, deter weed growth and improve drainage.
  • Install a Greenhouse and Garden Twelve Months of the Year
    A greenhouse will extend your growing season and give you a head start on spring planting.
  • Tips for Growing Lemon Grass in Your Garden & Indoors
    Lemon grass is an herb plant that has been used for years as a seasoning and medicinally to relieve headaches, fever and anxiety. Lemon grass is also known for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.
  • Rod Blagojevich: The Politician People Love to Hate
    Former Illinois Governor Rod "Blago" Blagojevich Found Guilty of Lying to FBI
  • Build a Cold Frame for Winter Gardening
    Build a cold frame to extend your gardening well into the winter months. A cold frame will also help you get an early start on spring planting by starting seeds early.
  • Winter Gardening for All Regions
    Learn to grow food crops even in winter. Enjoy fresh vegetables and herbs year round.
  • How to Grow Sweet Potatoes in Your Garden
    Learn to grow delicious and nutritious sweet potatoes in the garden. This crop can provide lots of gardening pleasure and produces a bountiful harvest.
  • Growing Bok Choy in Your Garden
    Growing bok choy in your garden can be a very rewarding experience. This crisp green is a popular ingredient in many recipes.
  • Searching for Gold in Nevada
    Learn what you need to know if you intend to go searching for gold in Nevada. Tips and information for anyone planning to look for gold. Get the tools equipment you need for successful prospecting.
  • Tips for Growing Black Eyed Peas in Your Garden
    Use these tips for growing black eyed peas to grow delicious and nutritious crop in your garden. They require little care and, with enough water, sunlight and nutrients, can produce profusely. Black eyed peas have a delicious flavor.
  • How to Grow Cilantro in Your Garden
    Learn to grow your own cilantro in your garden. The seed of the cilantro is called coriander. Both are used in many recipes.
  • How to Grow Onions in Your Garden
    Onions are a gardening favorite. Their delicious flavor make them an important ingredient in many recipes. With a little effort, you can grow your own onions in as little as 100 days for bulb onions.
  • How to Grow Spinach in Your Garden
    Learn to grow delicious, nutritious spinach in your garden. Spinach is a great choice for the beginning gardener and gardening pro alike. With a little care, you can enjoy fresh spinach over most of the spring, summer and fall.
  • Growing Peanuts in Your Garden
    Grow delicious, nutritious peanuts in your garden this year. Peanuts require little care and come in many varieties. They are a favorite of many home gardeners.
  • How to Grow Tomatoes in Your Garden
    Learn the best tips for growing tomatoes. This popular garden crop can be used in a variety of recipes.
  • How to Grow Popcorn in Your Garden
    Grow popcorn in your garden and later enjoy a delicious, nutritious snack. Popcorn you grow yourself has none of the chemicals found in the micriwave bags you find at the grocery store.
  • How to Grow Pumpkins in Your Garden
    Pumpkins are very colorful and have become a symbol of autumn. This crop is easy to grow and produces lots of delicious, nutritious fruit.
  • How to Grow Turnips in Your Garden
    The distinctively different flavor of turnip leaves and roots make it a favorite of Southern gardeners. Turnips are easy to grow and can be prepared in many ways. They can be easily stored in a root cellar or by freezing.
  • Growing Jalapeno Peppers in Your Garden
    Jalapenos are are spicy and delicious food crop. The are easy to grow and produce an abundance of pods. The jalapeno is used in many recipes. If you want to grow jalapenos in your garden, check out this guide,
  • How to Grow Summer Squash in Your Garden
    Grow the delicious, colorful squash in your garden. There are many varieties and a range of colors. The squash contains many vitamins and minerals that make for healthy human growth and development.
  • How to Grow Beets in Your Garden
    Beets are a gardening favorite. They can be grown in most climates and are grown for their sweet, delicious flavor. Beets can be canned or pickled and added to a variety of recipes.
  • Growing Lettuce in Your Garden
    The versatile and colorful lettuce is a gardening favorite. Lettuce is a basic culinary delight that can be found in the refrigerator of almost every family. It contains many vitamins and minerals that are important to human dietary needs.
  • How to Grow Bell Peppers in Your Garden
    Bell peppers come in green, red, yellow or orange color. They are easy to grow and a delicious and nutritious ingredient for many recipes. They have also been proven to reduce the risk blood clots and heart attack.
  • How to Grow Collard Greens in Your Garden
    Collard greens are a favorite of Southern gardeners. They tolerate cool weather and grow well in almost any type of soil. Collard greens are low in calories and contain lots of vitamins and minerals.
  • How to Grow Eggplant in Your Garden
    Learn to grow the delicious, nutritious eggplant. It is easy to grow and can be added to recipes to create culinary favorites.
  • How to Grow Carrots in Your Garden
    Carrots are easy to grow and add color to your favorite dishes. There are man varieties of carrots available. They contain many vitamins and minerals that a necessary for healthy human growth.
  • Tips for Growing Green Beans for Your Garden
    Green beans are a favorite crop for the garden. They require little care and are rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Grow Delicious Blueberries in Your Garden
    Blueberries are a delicious and nutritious fruit crop. They can be grown with minimal care and produce lots of fruit.
  • Growing Corn in Your Garden
    Learn how to grow delicious and nutritious sweet corn in your garden. Sweet corn is easy to grow and can be grown successfully without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
  • Growing Delicious, Nutritious Strawberries
    The versatile strawberry plant produces a delicious and nutritious crop of juicy berries that are great eaten raw or added to cakes, ice cream, pies and many other recipes.
  • Creating the Perfect Garden
    Organic fertilizers offer many benefits to the home gardener. They are safer than chemical fertilizers and help enrich the soil and promote the healthy growth of organisms that aid in healthy growth and fruit production.

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