Sophia Tesch

Sophia Tesch

Sophia Tesch is former Chairperson of the City of Mesa Human Services Advisory Board and Mesa Leadership Training and Development Board. Sophia has enjoyed participating in many volunteer opportunities throughout the Valley of the Sun.

Sophia, born in Sousse, Tunisia came to America in 1973, at the age of two-years-old. Traveling throughout the Northeast and Midwest as her father was transfered for work. Sophia learned about the many people, places and cultures of the world. This unique perspective shows through in her writing about civic engagement, empowering one self to achieve goals and live a satisfying life and contributes to her Moderate Independent political views. Sophia is the author of several blogs and contributes to many others. Sophia lives in Mesa, Arizona with her husband and children. Find out more by visiting her official website
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Former Chair, Human Services Board Mesa Arizona, Board Member, Mesa Leadership Training and Development


Leave the world better than you found it.



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  • A Great Boss Utilizes Tools, Talent and Total Vision to Create Success
    Taking the talent of a well-crafted staff, pairing them with the tools and resources they need to do their job, while offering support and guidance to assure a common goal is what make me a great boss.
  • ‘Border Trigger’ Puts the Breaks on Finding Real Answers for Immigration
    Forty years ago, my father emigrated from Tunisia. I was born there while my parents waited for his visa to clear and their new life in upstate New York to begin.
  • Even After Ruling, It's Not Over With Arizona Immigration Law
    The Supreme Court has handed down its decisions and with the "papers please" provision still intact the battle over Arizona SB1070 is not over.
  • Volunteer in Mesa, Arizona
    Mesa, Arizona has a strong volunteer tradition. There are many ways to build a better Mesa and contribute to the community by lending a helping hand with local politics, the arts and the second largest animal shelter in the nation.
  • Lesson Learned by Losing Whitney Houston
    The legacy, the story we leave behind, hough the world will not stop for anyone, if the world is somehow made better because an individual spent her time well here, in the end that is the best kind of life to wish for. Whitney Houston's legacy lives on.
  • 5 Great Ways to Get What You Want for Christmas
    Gift-wrapped packages surround the tree. Take the disappointment portion out of Christmas morning by letting your friends and family know exactly what you want for Christmas.
  • I Miss You Christmas
    Poetic longing for a simpler Christmastime.
  • Refrigerator Art
    For a mother the masterpiece of refrigerator art pieces from her children are priceless, precious treasures.
  • Finding Thankfulness
    Society and television commercials have trained us that the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve is a happy magical time when nothing bad is supposed to happen. But sometimes life knocks the wind out of people regardless of what the calender says.
  • 5 Ways You Can Say ‘Thank You’ This Veteran’s Day
    This Veteran's Day let's do more than say Thank You, let's put that emotion in motion and help veterans in meaningful ways.
  • A Capitol Christmas
    When Representative Joseph Christenson, comes to a church kitchen to give a political speech on Christmas Eve he finds an angel covered in gravy and cranberry sauce.
  • Snow White Lassitude
    Haiku describing Nature preparing for her wintry rest.
  • Perry May like to “poke Fun” but He Becomes the Joke
    Rick Perry was trying to get some voter interest for his “Cut, Balance and Grow” economic plan. It has to be difficult to be a Republican presidential candidate. Perry has made himself a joke by bringing this dead topic up again.
  • Does America Need to Rethink the Way it Does War?
    The recent passing of Momar Kadafi, Osama Bin Laden, Anwar al-Awlaki, and others all within a few weeks of one another brings up the question. Does America need to rethink the way it does war?
  • Reunited Under the Harvest Moon
    Ancient lovers are reunited under the Harvest Moon on a chilling Halloween Night.
  • A Herman Cain Candidacy is Good for President Obama
    Ultimately a Herman Cain bid for the presidency would be good for Obama. Taking the race issue off the table, candidates will focus on issues. Which is a weak point for the Republicans in this Election cycle.
  • Vertuccio Farm’s Fall Festival
    Vertuccio Farms Fall Festival is a really fun and affordable Harvest time treat the whole family will enjoy.
  • Fall-ing in Love
    A love poem in a cozy autumn setting.
  • Facing Breast Cancer with Homeopathy and Humor
    An inspiring story about how my mother, Anne Rose Lanouar, fought Breast Cancer with a little homeopathy and a lot of humor and won!
  • September Demands
    A poem about the demands of September which shock us out of easy summer reverie.
  • A Magnificent Opening for the Roxy Lounge in Scottsdale, Arizona
    A truly magnificent opening to The Roxy Lounge in Scottsdale, Arizona with the Magnificent 7
  • Southwest Ambulance an East Valley Community Partner in Water Safety
    August is Drowning Impact Awareness Month. As part of the effort to bring awareness and water safety to the community employees of Southwest Ambulance felt that the best way to keep children safer by water was to “teach ever
  • Desert Heat
    A haiku about the oppressive heat of the Arizona Desert
  • Hoping for More '9/12 Moments' Ten Years After the Attacks
    After the devastation of 9/11 my first prayers went to the victims, first responders and the soldiers. I prayed for the families of those affected by the destructive choices made by a few extremists that day. Then I prayed for my father's protection.
  • Volunteers Build a Better Mesa
    Volunteering in Mesa, Arizona can be a fun and satisfying way to get out meet the neighbors and as Gandhi's famous quote says 'Å"Be the change you wish to see in the world.' When the community comes together we really can Build a Better Mesa.
  • Another Chance for Peace
    Freestyle poem reaction to the summer of 2011
  • I was Going to Live My Dream But.
    A poem about the little ways our days evaporate and so do the opportunities to live our dreams.
  • Summer Fun Just Begun
    Summer is a time for melting Popsicles and fun.
  • Summertime Heat
    A summertime haiku sweaty, hot plea for relief from the heat.
  • Bravo Oreo!
    In a follow up to the Does Jello Temptations Commercial go too far? article. Do you have to be rude to sell food? Oreo finds a way to show the lighter, brighter side of selling snacks is it as effective?
  • Finding the Perfect Hire
    Employers walk a tightrope when hiring employees trying to obtain pertinent information during a job interview in order to make informed hiring decisions finding a winning hire can be a challenge.
  • Better Labor Data Means Better Strategic Job Creation for American Workers
    The Bureau of Labor Statistics announces 2012 budget proposal to modernize labor statistic gathering process getting usable timely data to policy makers and business owners in order to create and implement strategic job creation for America.
  • When to Know when It's Time to Go
    During times of high unemployment employees may find they become long on patience for things that during good times might be thought intolerable. No one wants to feel like they made a bad decision. When is it time to leave a job?
  • Does Jell-o Temptations Commercial Go Too Far?
    Is the new Jell-o Temptations ad mental child abuse? Do they go too far?
  • How to Host a Successful Business Networking Meeting
    Business is a contact sport. It's all about contacts and who you know. That is why business networking activities are so important. Learn how to plan a business networking activity that will be a success.
  • Oscar 2011 Overview
    The 2011 Oscars were unique in the fact that I watched them. I was pulled in and watched the whole thing! How did this happen? I'll tell you. P.S. Thanks Mark Zuckerberg.
  • Best Car Wash in Phoenix, Arizona and the East Valley
    Looking for a great car wash in Phoenix, Arizona and the East Valley? These car washes have great car washes, friendly service and good wait times. Because life is too short to wait a long time for a car wash.
  • Charlie Deaton Retires, Peter Sterling New CEO of Chamber of Commerce in Mesa, Arizona
    Mesa, Arizona with close to 500,000 people Mesa rivals in population better known cities like Philadelphia and Miami and yet many people still have never heard of it. Peter Sterling hopes to change all that as the new CEO of Mesa Chamber of Commerce.
  • Broadway Palms Dinner Theater Mesa, Arizona
    Since 2001 Broadway Palms West has been entertaining Mesa families with fantastic musicals and great comfort food. A great local dinner theater in Mesa, Arizona a hot spot of culture in the desert.
  • Mesa Community Family Restaurant in Mesa, Arizona
    Mesa Community Family Restaurant is an authentic local diner on Country Club Drive in Mesa, Arizona is an oasis to come slow down and soak in a bit of old-time humanity.
  • Warriors of the Gridiron
    Haiku written to honor the warriors of the Gridiron meeting for Superbowl XLV
  • Health Scare
    Life can change dramatically in a matter of hours, minutes, seconds. This is a story that happened in a hospital in Arizona a story of facing mortality and witness to the statement that the Lord works in mysterious ways.
  • Rights Come with Side Effects One of Which May Be Death
    Incidents like the shooting in Tucson may be seen by many as acceptable collateral damage, side-effects of First and Second Amendments Rights the question is what if anything need be done about such a reality?
  • How to Get Back to Normal After a Life Altering Event
    The recent tragic events in Tucson, Arizona left many with a feeling of shock and horror. How to get back to normal after a life altering event.
  • Great Holiday Gift Ideas for New Parents
    The first holiday season with baby is one of the most special times in a person's life. New parent's have lots of new gift desires which can be met with a great holiday gift for new parents.
  • Holiday Gifts for Daycare Providers
    Even though many may be feeling the Grinch pinch in their pocketbooks this year there are still quick, easy, affordable ways to remember those who take care of kids all year through daycare providers.
  • Guide to Child CPR Classes in Phoenix, Arizona
    5,800 children suffer out-of-hospital cardiac arrest each year from all causes. Taking a Child CPR class in Phoenix, Arizona can make the difference between a tragic story and a happy ending.

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