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Jack Wellman

I m a pastor at Mulvane Brethren Church (KS) & author who gives free training for Effective Evangelism at various churches in the states and have published 3 books on Amazon: The Great Commission, Teaching Children The Gospel , Do Babies Go To Heaven?, Why Does God Allow Suffering? , & Blind Chance or Intelligent Design?, Empirical Methodologies & the Bible . Contact me about free Evangelism Training that uses methods that Jesus used to reach the lost for door-to-door, Outreach, etc.
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Studied at Moody Theological Seminary, Masters, BA s (Edu/History), Minor in Theology


People don't care how much you know...until they know how much you care.
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  • Creator God in His Creation
    The creation reveals the glory of the Creator and reveals some of His glorious attributes.
  • Abraham's Promised Seed
    Genesis 12 records the unconditional promise given to Abraham that had implications up to our day and will for all eternity.
  • A Love that Never Dies
    What defines love and is beyond description? It is love in action.
  • Donating Organs is Donating Life
    Here is a simple way to make you pass on life even after you die.
  • God the Evangelist
    People may have the wrong idea about evangelizing the gospel. Who is responsible for a person being saved?
  • Abandoned on the Highway of Death
    There was this helpless kitten, in the desolate stretches of a Kansas highway...far away from any farm or home, this abandoned kitten, so tiny and so vulnerable, sat in the middle of the highway seconds from death.
  • Can Couples Fall Out of Love?
    Can married couples fall out of love? What does it mean when one of the marriage partners say they fell out of love?
  • The Queen James Bible - What to Expect
    There is a new Bible out. It is called the Queen James Bible? Why was this Bible written? What is its purpose?
  • The Toothless Gospel
    Many presuppose what the gospel is but here is a clear description of what the gospel is not.
  • Suffer the Children
    Some foster children have been through more pain and suffering in their childhood than most adults will face in their lifetime. Read the account of one young child's experience.
  • How to Stop Gossip
    What are effective ways to stop gossip dead in its tracks? Read on to find out how to tame the tongue.
  • What Will Heaven Be Like?
    Have you ever wondered what will heaven will be like? What does the Bible describe as the future home of every believer? You might be in for a few surprises.
  • Practicing Pure Religion in Nursing Homes
    What are ways that you can practice what the Bible calls "pure religion?" It's easier than you might think.
  • Lazarus and Me
    What could we have in common with Lazarus when Jesus raised him from the dead? The answer might surprise you because it's more than you might think.
  • God Plus One
    When the odds seem insurmountable, you can actually have a majority with God.
  • Walking with God
    What does it mean when the Bible said, "Enoch walked with God?" Why does the Bible call believers to walk with God?
  • Hope for a Broken World by Robert O. Adair
    Here is a book review of Dr. Robert O. Adair's book, Hope for a Broken World
  • Last Dying Wish
    Feline Leukemia took our beloved pet from us but not before he showed us something very special.
  • The Cost of Freedom
    This poem gives tribute to all of those who have and are presently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • The Prodigal Cat
    When we had given up searching for our beloved pet, we had the surprise of our lives. We were searching for her but she had found us.
  • God Is in the Storm
    Read about one man's personal journey of his family through cancer, death, and suffering and see how this man sees life through the lens of eternity.
  • Memorial Day Haiku
    A traditional haiku for Memorial Day.
  • Love Is a Verb
    Love is not just a feeling, or a passion, or just saying "I love you." Love is what you do.
  • Under Construction
    Read how you can take heart that you are not completed until that day and to learn how to forgive yourself.
  • Lamb of God (Haiku)
    What Haiku can describe the indescribable?
  • Greater Love Has No Man
    Jesus paid a penalty for the debt that He did not owe so that we could be forgiven for a penalty that we could not pay.
  • Dying for Company
    A majority of nursing home residents never receive visitors and many of these residents will die within the first two years of living there. Are these two facts related?
  • The Hearth of Friends in Winter’s Chill
    The older I get, the more valued my friends become to me. As the days fly by, as I cling to them tight, my friends I treasure, each day and each night.
  • Timeless Security in a New Year
    The Apostle Paul stressed looking forward and pressing on to the high prize of our calling instead of looking back to what was. Happiness is not the goal but the journey.
  • The Origins of Christmas
    Have you ever wondered about the origins of Christmas? You might be surprised to know just how this holiday came into existence.
  • What Christians Believe
    What are the basic tenets of the Christian faith that come directly from the Bible? Here is what most Christians have bet their lives on in the past 2,000 years.
  • Black and Bruised Friday
    Beware of Black Friday. No, its not about the Stock Market and its not about the Friday before Easter. Its an event where you are safer running with the bulls than you are shopping for bargains.
  • The Origins of Thanksgiving
    What were the original ideas behind the American holiday, Thanksgiving. You might be surprised by how it all began and when it all started.
  • The Powers in the Message - Not the Messenger
    Telling others about Christ does not depend upon you. The power is in the message and not the messenger. It is not your responsibility, it is their response to His ability but it is your responsibility to share it.
  • Become as Little Children
    Read about the true story of the faith and trust of a young boy that reflects the unconditional love of Christ for all who would come to him.
  • Should Harold Camping Be a Stockbroker or a Sports Bookie?
    Harold Camping fails again at yet another "end of the world" prophecy. Hasn't he ever read the Bible? What key Bible verse does he ignore that Himself Jesus spoke?
  • The Radical Christian
    Christians often are seeking the will of God. They want to know what God's purpose is for their life. Read this and find out clearly what the will of God is for your life.
  • Who is the Author of the Gospel of Mark?
    Mark is said to be the author of his gospel but who really wrote it? Whose is the ultimate source of this gospel? The answer might surprise you.
  • Charles Spurgeon on the Ten Commandments
    What did one of the most famous preachers think about the Ten Commandments? Did he believe that they are still relevant today?
  • Miracle Healers or Fake Dealers?
    Here is how you can spot a fake faith healer and to see what the Bible actually says that the sick are supposed to do when they have infirmities.
  • Pray for Your Pastor
    Fifteen hundred pastors leave the church every month while eighty percent of seminary graduates will leave the ministry within the first five years. Read stunning statistics why it is more important than ever to pray for your pastor.
  • The Great Omission
    Over 50% of those polled from ages 25 to 69 are open to someone coming to their door to invite them to church even though less than 4% of churches nationwide have an active Outreach program.
  • Carnal Christians
    We are not saved by works but for works so what is the fate of a no-works carnal Christian?
  • August 6th, a Time of Fasting and Prayer
    The Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, has called for a national day of fasting and prayer on Saturday, August 6th. I am going to encourage the church I am the under-shepherd at to join in.
  • Victory Life Ministries
    How is this church successfully reaching out to those who most churches and society tend to avoid? Find out how Victory Life Ministries is making a difference for eternity, one soul at a time.
  • Charles Spurgeon on the Centrality of Christ
    Many messages from the pulpit are nothing more than a real good, feel good message that has no long lasting impact. Find out what's missing.
  • Home Sick Cure
    After being gone for about 10 days, I have grown more to appreciate what home is all about. Its all about family.
  • Opportunities Gone, Paradise Lost
    What do Muhammad, Kublai Khan, and Mahatma Gandhi have in common? Something very surprising.
  • The Gates of Hell
    The choice is simple. If you walk past Calvary, you go directly to the gates of hell. Here's how to instead go to the pearly gates.
  • Camping Out for the Lord
    Here is yet another dooms day prediction about to fail. Harold Camping's convinced millions worldwide that Jesus is coming on Saturday, May 21st, 2011.
  • The Dark Side of the Universe
    In our universe Dark Matter resides within Dark Energy, a so called Cosmological Constant. What is Dark Energy and Dark Matter and what is their purpose in the universe?
  • Why We Love Our Pets
    Pets love their owners in such an unconditional way that I asked myself the question: Why do our pets love us without question?
  • How to Start a Spiritual Conversation
    Here is an effective way to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that is non-offensive and easy to remember. You can use this method with anyone, anywhere, at any time.
  • Christianity - Living in the Body of Christ
    How does the Christian affect the church and what does being a brother or sister in the church mean? Is the church a building and how are Christians to relate to one another?
  • When Your Children Scream "I Hate You!"
    What do you do when your children scream at you "I hate you!"? What does the parent do? What is the best thing you can do in this situation?
  • Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
    Is there any proof of the resurrection of Jesus Christ? Could you prove it to anyone who would ask you about it? Yes you can!
  • The Parent's Guide to Protecting Children from Pedophiles
    The author reveals clear signs and symptoms of children who have had to endure such a terrible and criminal acts and how to take preventative measures to keep this crime from occurring.
  • Effective Evangelism Door to Door
    Evangelism Unlimited is an awesome way to share the gospel while at the same time showing the community you and your church cares about them. All the resources are absolutely free.
  • Torn Apart/Restored
    What is broken heals all the more stronger and shows that its not all the sinners' responsibility; it is their response to His ability. Holiness is not the way to Jesus -- Jesus is the way to holiness.
  • The Pink Cross Foundation Takes on Pornography
    There is a Christian non-profit organization that is taking on about one of the worst scourges and blight on human society; pornography. See how they are taking on this battle of the mind.
  • How to Create Your Own Bible Studies
    By printing out chapters or scriptures in the Bible and putting the question who, what, when, where, why, and how to them. See my latest to see how you can create your own.
  • A Funeral for Baby
    "Mommy, what does God look like?" Today this girl could tell us a few things about what God looks like and also give us a vivid description of what heaven is like.
  • My Baby Went to Heaven Last Night
    Mommy, what does God look like? This little 5-year-old knows what God looks like now for she is in heaven today.
  • The Cambrian Explosion and the Incompatibility of Evolution
    Three hundred million fossils are held, 100 million species are known, yet there is not even one complete set or partial set of transitional fossils showing one specie evolving into another. Why is there a roaring silence of evidence?
  • Egyptian Unrest - Dangers of Spreading Violence?
    With the dangerous unrest in Egypt is it made even more dangerous with the threat of this violence spreading through out the Middle East? What does this portend for Israel's future?
  • The Ugliness of Pornography
    Fifty Three percent of men are addicted to pornography. Every one in three pastors struggle with this. There was a 33% increase in women becoming addicted to it. Learn how to shatter this stronghold to pieces.
  • Now Counts Forever
    The only thing we can bring to heaven with us are the souls of men and women who we witness too about the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ.
  • Creating a Prison or Jail Ministry
    You can either write letters to prisoners or start a prison ministry yourself. Here are easy to follow steps in order to share the gospel with those who are incarcerated.
  • The Unforgiven: Judging a Book by Its Cover
    You can not always judge a book by its cover. The same truth holds with human beings. No one knows what is inside the person. What it means to be forgiven and to be forgiving.
  • Church Bulletin Bloopers and Blunders
    Here is a collection of a few of the best church bulletin blunders that I have found. These are real bulletins that churches printed and were read by the congregations and you just won't believe them.
  • Fred Phelp's Westboro Church Pickets Our Church
    On Sunday, December 19th, 2010, Fred Phelps Westboro Baptist Church picketed our Mulvane Brethren Church in Mulvane, Kansas. How did we respond?
  • Westboro Church to Picket Our Church
    Fred Phelps Westboro Church of Topeka coming to picket our local church on Sunday, December 19th at the beginning of our services on Sunday, December 19th. Find out why.
  • Are the Ten Commandments Still Relevant Today?
    Do you think the Ten Commandments are still valid for this day and age? Are they outdated? Do you think Jesus nailed them to the cross? What does the Bible say and what does Jesus say about the Ten Commandments.
  • If Anyone Is Thirsty - The Woroniecki Family's Story
    The Woroniecki family are going into all the world. In fact they are turning the world upside down. And the world will never be the same.
  • But God..
    "but God" it is fantastically good news even if you think you have too much baggage, too many sins to overcome, too much to have forgiven. Rest assured that Holiness is not the way to Jesus, Jesus is the way to holiness.
  • Letters to Death Row
    The clock slowly ticks away, and the hours swiftly rush by. You are waiting for your eternal destiny...death. Is there any hope if you are sitting on Death Row?
  • Hell's Best Kept Secret
    What is it that the Devil doesn't want you to know about? What important secret does he want you to be kept in the dark about? It might surprise you.
  • Desperados
    What does a person do when they have no home, no car, no food, no job, no money and no friends? There's only one thing that a desperado can do.
  • Jesus' Amazing Fulfillment of Hundreds of Prophecies
    There are far too many prophecies of Jesus Christ that were prophesied in the Old Testament and fulfilled in the New Testament to leave room of any doubt that He is the Son of God.
  • A Split-Second from Death
    He was only a split-second from death. Only a shadow saved his life and he would never, ever be the same again. For him, it changed his entire eternity.
  • Organ Donations - the Gift of Life
    What are some of the reasons that you might like to sign up to donate your organs? Plenty! You could be a hero, saving someone's mom, or dad, or brother.
  • The God Delusion Debate - Richard Dawkins Vs. John Lennox
    Oxford University Professors Richard Dawkins debates with John Lennox, in an Evolution vs. Creation debate that addresses the most perplexing issues between both sides.
  • How to Receive the Desires of Our Heart
    Every human alive has a desire of their heart. They aspire to be, they hope to become, they strive to do; something that is in their heart. Here's how to receive the desires of your heart.
  • Did Jesus Believe in Evolution?
    If you could ask Jesus about evolution, would He say He believed in it? You can find His answer in the scriptures.
  • Gone Phishing
    The phishing schemers are getting more and more clever. Find out the latest free federal websites to protect you from being scammed, defrauded, phished or having your identity stolen.
  • Skunks, Spiders and Snakes: The Least Are the Greatest
    I love the underdog, the unlovable, the least regarded. Even spiders, snakes, and skunks have a purpose.
  • Blue Jay Bombers and Parental Sacrifice
    Blue Jays have given their lives defending their nestlings. Parents do the same thing everyday for their children, watching, protecting, & giving their lives in a labor of love until they leave the nest.
  • The History of Independence Day and the Declaration of Independence
    Read about the origins of the Declaration of Independence and the launching of a nation and its celebration of Independence Day. You may have a few surprises to read about.
  • Biblical Signs of the End of the World and Christ's Return
    Jesus Christ, Paul, Peter, John, and Daniel describe the signs in the earth and in society that appear just prior to Jesus' return and it is closer today than ever.
  • Missing Links, Missing History and Missing Evidence
    Evolutionists in 2009 unveiled a nine month old primate, Darwinius maxillae, found in Messel Germany, touting it as concrete evidence of a missing link between humans and hominids. Opps...wrong again!
  • The Importance of a "Father's Day"
    The overwhelming conclusion about involved fathers is that children get better grades, get along better with others, are less likely to be involved with pre-marital sex, alcohol and drugs.
  • Do You Believe in Angels?
    What does the Bible say about angels. Do they have a specific purpose for us? Does each child and believer actually have a specially sent angel?
  • Thus Saith Man or Thus Saith the Lord - Can You Believe the Bible?
    Was the Bible written by man or by God Himself? If by man, then it could contain prejudices and errors. If by God, then we would expect it to be perfect.
  • Fal$e Profit$ of God - Overturning the Moneychangers Table
    Promising what they can't deliver, telling people they can get their homes paid off or out of mortgage is nothing less than stealing the widow's mite, robbing hope, and making God out to be a quid pro quo God.
  • Memorial Day and Miracles
    Whether you believe in miracles or not, there are multiple thousands that have been documented; too many to document and to cover in one article. Here are a few.
  • Blessings Magazine to Debut in June 2010
    A brand new Christian Magazine debut's in June, called Blessings. This magazine has something for everyone with content for Christians and for non-Christians as well.
  • Scientists Create New Life Form - Not so Fast!
    Has Dr. Venter really created a new life form? Does this mean mankind can now create life forms from non-living, inorganic matter? Not so fast.
  • The Hounds of Heaven Pursuing You
    Who pursues us like no human lover ever would & would go to the ends of the earth to draw us to Himself & looks for us and seeks us out to no end?
  • Why Does God Allow Suffering? - the Purpose Behind It
    Why does God allow suffering in Christians and the world? What is the purpose behind it?
  • Gifts for the Homeless
    Conservative estimates are that there are over one million homeless in the U.S. How can one person make a difference?
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