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Jennifer Bove

I am a parent of three wonderful children and a grandparent of one, so I have plenty of personal experience to share in that area as well as some schooling in early childhood development. I Also have some schooling and personal experience as well as extreme curiosity about the medical field, both in general practice and psychology. I have lived in the same area my whole life, just outside the City of Brotherly Love and love to research and make people aware of local happenings and supporting the local economy. As a teenager I started a career in modeling which rounds off my areas of interest. From beauty to politics, I love researching and sharing what I've learned through that research and my own personal experiences.
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medical office management, child development, psychology


Enjoy every moment and remember to treat others as you would like to be treated.


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  • Christmas Should Be All Year
    If only we could keep the feeling going all year round.
  • Listen
    If only we humans could be as in tune with nature's songs as our animal counterparts.
  • Winter Love
    A reminder that winter can be fun!
  • In the field: The best gloves for fastpitch softball players
    There is a difference for those playing different positions in fastpitch softball. The difference is size of the glove, so below, each glove is listed by position.
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  • Protect yourself: Best bike helmets for women
    Helmets save lives and preserve your mind. Please, no matter what your cycling "type" read on to find out about the different types of helmets offered to women.
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  • Obama Announces Re-Election Bid
    There are many different hurdles Obama has to overcome if he wants to win reelection in 2012.
  • When to Quit Your Job
    I know that times are hard these days and that anyone who has a job should hold on to that job. However, these five reasons are good reason to search elsewhere.
  • Youth Baseball Leagues in Upper Darby, Pa
    Upper Darby, Pa youth baseball associations are an important part of this township. I have listed three great Upper Darby Baseball youth leagues to help parents decide which direction they want to go.
  • Interview Mistakes to Avoid
    Some people are just perfect on interviews. They have a personality that just says "professional", and don't even have to think about it. However, unfortunately many people miss out because of etiquette and a little common sense.
  • Best Practice Baseball Fields in Upper Darby, Pa
    Upper Darby is one of the largest townships in the state of Pa. It has a great youth sports programs and has some great family friendly baseball fields for practice. Read on to see where the nicest ones are located.
  • Five Important Questions that Need Answers Before You Rent a Property
    Whether you about to rent an apartment in a duplex or a house, there are some very important questions that need to be asked before you sign that lease. There are many more than five, but these five are top of the list.
  • Follow the Beat of a Different Drummer
    Unique, that is the first word that comes to mind when thinking of either of these Delaware County, Pa music stores. There are many more words that come to mind, all positive. Read on and see why I picked these two top music stores.
  • Mega Millions Lottery Game Living Up to Its Name
    And the Mega Millions jackpot goes to.....Want to learn how to play? Checkout the winning numbers? Read on and good luck to all!
  • When You Plant a Seed
    Planting a seed is so much like....
  • Green Pancakes for Breakfast
    St. Patrick's Day. A day when all the sudden everyone has a little Irish in them. A day well-known for partying and craziness. For me it meant green pancakes, and far more....
  • After the Grammy's
    I have to admit I'm always a step behind. After seeing the list of winners from the Grammy's. I see I'm still a step behind. Esperanza Spalding topped Grammy news but my question was, "who?". If your like me, read below to find out more.
  • Coming Back
    After an extended leave, I am trying to return to the world of writing. I'm sure many have felt overwhelmed and lost when returning to writing after a long period of inactivity.
  • Holidays and Weight Issues
    Well, I'm a realistic person. I'm not going to write "How to lose weight" during the holidays. This sometimes sets us up to actually gain weight. The reason? When we set goals that are unrealistic when it comes to weight, we tend to eat more.
  • All My Friends on Facebook Have Turned to Cartoon Characters!
    People have done some interesting things to raise awareness on facebook. The latest is the retro cartoon characters you're seeing in place of your friends faces. Read on as to how this is raising awareness for....
  • Danny Bonaduce Dives into Marriage (video)
    Bonaduce and Amy Railsback have committed for life. What better surprise than a wedding ceremony in Hawaii? Read on for the details and video.
  • Great Restaurants for Brunch in Delaware County, Pa
    Brunch. Not quite breakfast, not quite lunch. There are so many local restaurants for this yummy meal in Delaware County, Pa. I've listed three great places for eating your brunch.
  • The Best New Year's Eve Parades and Events Delaware County, Pa
    Bring in your New Year's Eve with a bang this year. Delaware County, Pa is a suburb of Philadelphia. It is made up of many towns and boroughs, most of them having their own New Year's events. Below is a list of some of the best ones.
  • Leslie Nielsen, 84 Has Passed Away
    We have lost another great actor. Leslie Nielson has passed on, and will not be soon forgotten.
  • Oprah's Twelve Day Holiday Give Away
    Easy to enter sweepstakes taking the internet by storm. Find out just how easy it is below, then enter to win yourself a great present from Oprah! Now people at home can win gifts as well as the live audience. Read below to find out how.
  • Top five sports bars in Delaware County, PA
    A great way to beat the boredom blues is to visit a local sparts bar and cheer on your favorite team. Delaware County, Pa is full of great ones, and I've listed my top five favorite ones below.
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  • The Best Ways to Spend a Saturday With Your Kids in Delaware County, Pa
    There are so many things to do in Delaware County, Pa with your kids it is hard to whittle it down to a short list. Many I've included are free or very inexpensive. Being short on the price doesn't have to mean short on great fun and memories.
  • First Person: Why Social Security Disability's Problems Affect Me at 39
    When a person becomes disabled, the wait time for recieving benefits of at least two years is unbearable. This however is no reason to act like animals, threatening bodily harm if the claimant does not get the result they were waiting for.
  • Robert Louis Stevenson's Day of Birth
    With such classics as Treasure Island and The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Robert Louis Stevenson will live on forever. A short article on this amazing man and his work.
  • Kare 11 Weather Reports First Snowfall of the Season
    Kare 11 Weather has been high on the list of google searches all day. Read on to find out why. At the end a little Philadelphia treat-awesome video!
  • Manny Pacquiao Vs Antonio Margarito Tonight
    Many are gettting ready to watch the Manny Pacquiao vs Antonio Margarit event. A short guide of information on the where and hows.Not to mention that weigh in video!
  • Eating Disorders and the Holidays
    Anyone that has suffered, is suffering, or knows someone who suffers from an eating disorder knoiws this is a hard time of year, to say the very least. Warning: video is a graphic depiction.
  • Mysterious Contrail Leads to Many Questions and Rumors
    Mysterious contrail reported in California explained as missle, airplane, even UFO. So what's the real deal? I dont think we'll ever know for sure. Here is some information I've gathered on it.
  • Go Smile Taking Coupon Lovers by Storm
    The View held a "freebie show", apparently with Go Smile taking on a life of its own. Definitely worth a visit to their website if you didn't see The View today to find out more. I've listed the info below.
  • Thanksgiving and the Differences Between Family One and Family Two
    A reminder of Thanksgiving. A reminder that its not just the day before Black Friday.
  • Black Friday Food Gift Basket Shopping in Delaware County, Pa
    Food gift baskets are a great way to go for your Christmas list this year. They are nice and personal, but not too personal for coworkers or neighbors. For loved ones you can go a step further and get the gift food basket customized.
  • Black Friday Culinary Shopping in Delaware County, Pa
    Chefs and food enthusiasts on your Christmas list this year will be quite pleased with your presents if you give one or more of these culinary shops a try on Black Friday.
  • Black Friday Video Game Shopping in Delaware County, Pa
    Every family is sure to have at least one-a video game enthusiast. Usually theres more than one these days. This short guide will have you covered if you live in the Delaware County, Pa area.
  • Craft Shopping on Black Friday in Springfield, Pa
    I can hardly believe it but Black Friday is quickly approaching us. Below are three great craft stores you should be sure to visit in Springfield, Pa on Black Friday for great savings.
  • Buying Kinect Gaming Console in Springfield, Pa
    Every Christmas there is a must have that cannot be found anywhere. Predictions are that the Kinect Gaming Console is going to be that item this year. The stores below is where Kinect Gaming Console is available as oif today, 11/06/2010.
  • Glad to Be Back
    A short something on my absence and return.
  • People of Philadelphia Beware:You May Owe Taxes You Had No Idea About
    A much needed fight against tax evaders has taken on a life of its own. This life is scaring upstanding citizens from taking on that second "job" during hard times in Philadelphia, Pa.
  • A Pledge to Vote
    There's something about this tactic that bothers me. I'm glad campaigners come to my door to inform me of elections and issues, but now that it is getting close they seem more like telemarketers.
  • Where to buy hockey equipment in Delaware County, PA
    Hockey is a great sport but also quite expensive. So you want the equipment to be of good quality and your shopping experience to be pleasant. Below are two examples of great stores to purchase your equipment needs.
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  • 10/14/10 Day Fourteen of Breast Cancer Awareness Month
    By understanding that this disease affects the people we know and love in one way or another, perhaps there will be more awareness and prevention. Anyone who would like to be a part of this please contact me at
  • Upper Moreland Township Proposes Fines for Unlocked Cars
    Upper Moreland Township is a suburb of Philadelphia. They have just announced a proposal to fine people who do not lock their cars. While I can see why they want to do this, I can find just far too many ways this is just plain wrong.
  • 10/12/10 Day Twelve of Breast Cancer Awareness Month
    By understanding that this disease affects the people we know and love in one way or another, perhaps there will be more awareness and prevention. Anyone who would like to be a part of this please contact me at
  • 10/11/10 Day Eleven of Breast Cancer Awareness Month
    By understanding that this disease affects the people we know and love in one way or another, perhaps there will be more awareness and prevention. Anyone who would like to be a part of this please contact me at
  • 10/08/10 Day Eight of Breast Cancer Awareness Month
    By understanding that this disease affects the people we know and love in one way or another, perhaps there will be more awareness and prevention. Anyone who would like to be a part of this please contact me at
  • 10/07/10 Day Seven of Breast Cancer Awareness Month
    By understanding that this disease affects the people we know and love in one way or another, perhaps there will be more awareness and prevention. Anyone who would like to be a part of this please contact me at
  • 10/06/10 Day Six of Breast Cancer Awareness Month
    By understanding that this disease affects the people we know and love in one way or another, perhaps there will be more awareness and prevention. Anyone who would like to be a part of this please contact me at
  • Facebook Status "I like it on ..."
    I got an email via Facebook yesterday sharing about this I like it on status on facebook to create breast cancer awareness.
  • 10/05/10 Day Five of Breast Cancer Awareness Month
    By understanding that this disease affects the people we know and love in one way or another, perhaps there will be more awareness and prevention. Anyone who would like to be a part of this please contact me at
  • 10/04/10 Day Four of Breast Cancer Awareness Month
    By understanding that this disease affects the people we know and love in one way or another, perhaps there will be more awareness and prevention. Anyone who would like to be a part of this please contact me at
  • Local Politicians in Norwood Neglecting Responsibilities
    In a small suburb of Philadelphia, politics cannot move forward after republican council member George Reed was charged with tax evasion. A ploy by remaining republicans have caused a complete halt in their small town.
  • 10/03/10 Day Three of Breast Cancer Awareness Month
    By understanding that this disease affects the people we know and love in one way or another, perhaps there will be more awareness and prevention. Anyone who would like to be a part of this please contact me at
  • 10/02/10 Day Two of Breast Cancer Awareness Month
    By understanding that this disease affects the people we know and love in one way or another, perhaps there will be more awareness and prevention. Anyone who would like to be a part of this please contact me at
  • 10/01/10 the Beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness Month
    There are so many different things I feel need to be discussed about breast cancer. Let's start with putting some faces to this disease. It is a lot harder to ignore when it gets personal.
  • Pictures of Jenn's NieghborHood After Tropical Storm Nicole
    Amazingly the water has already receeded in Darby Township. The water for the most part receeded before I got these interesting pics. Reminder of how powerful water is.
  • Manan Trivedi and Jim Gerlach Running for Pennsylvania's 6th District
    Where these two officials stand on education and government spending is very different. Please read on and click the inks to their very own websites to see how.
  • Infamous Darby Creek Floods Darby Township Again
    Darby Township has been under water many times. Click the link to see the video. It is where what used to be the new bridge they built after the last time.
  • Quick Update on County Flooding 10/01/10
    This is a very quick short update by county what is happening with flooding in the Philadelphia and surrounding counties.
  • Top 5 Automated Bookkeeping Software Programs for Non-Profits
    It is very important to keep detailed books for a non-profit, just as it is for a profit business. First you must consider the size of your non-profit, along with other things to consider.
  • The Best Bike Shops in Delaware County, Pa
    These three shops are easily accessible. All have excellent quality bikes and wonderful customer service. There's a little bonus in the reviews of one of these bike stores as well, so read carefully.
  • Best Delivery Food in Cifton Heights, PA
    When you find a place that makes your pizza and sandwiches just the way you like them, you just have to stick with them! Read on to find some of the best pizza delivery places in Cifton Heights, Pa.
  • Top Ten Punk Crafting Blogs
    Here's a short guide to the ten best punk crafting blogs. Sit back relax and click the ones that sound like they suit you, then have a little fun!
  • BRT Draws Criticism from a Civic Watchdog Group and Voters Alike
    BRT has been around for decades upon decades. Philadelphia voters voted to oust this agency last spring, then BRT was brought back by the Supreme Court last week. Mayor Nutter has vowed to make important changes to help Philadelphia taxpayers.
  • First "Frankenfish" Now Infant Formula
    We have long been using foods that have been modified, just think-hormones. Nobody really thought twice. Many didn't even know about it. Once the genetically engineered salmon hit the news, that's all changed.
  • Last Night's Visit
    Sometimes love can just overwhelm your heart, this is how I felt last night in a flash, a moment in time. This is a little glimpse of a visit with my grandaughter.
  • School Reform Commission and Resolution A-28
    A whopping $1,006,959.43 was spent for turnstiles at District headquarters. The decision to spend this money was done privately, then disclosed after the fact.
  • Where Gubernatorial Candidates Stand on Government Waste and Education
    We are very lucky citizens as we get to elect our officials. Unfortunately because of so much double speak and promises broken, many voters give up the right by not heading to the polls on election day. Here's why you should use your voice and how.
  • Philadelphia Housing Authority Needs Major Reform
    With the economy in the condition it is, the PHA is probably needed more now than ever. Unfortunately, Carl Greene is still costing the taxpayers of Philadelphia money.
  • FDA Considers Genetically Modified Salmon
    The debate of genetically engineered food has been going on for a long time. For the first time, a genetically modified food has hit the news. This salmon has some people excited, some afraid.
  • President Obama Visits Philadelphia for the Second Time in as Many Weeks
    With the election coming near, this race is literally neck and neck. Perhaps with the president supporting Sestak, the tables will turn.
  • Elizabeth Warren Will Play Important Role in New Financial Protection Bureau
    Elizabeth Warren has made it very clear that she does not want to become the agency's director. She has, however, shown her clear and driven ability to help run this agency and has promised to help name a director.
  • The Wonderful Ocean
    This morning I'm writing about fall, today I'm spending the day at the beach-ain't life grand?
  • Prettiest Fall Foliage Route in Philadelphia
    Fairmont Park in Philadelphia, Pa is a great place to enjoy what the fall has to offer. Particularly the pretty fall foliage. All you need is comfortable walking shoes and a camera if you please.
  • Best Fall Indoor Activities for Tweens
    I know, at the "tween" age, the last thing your kids will admit is to wanting to spnd time with their family. Believe it or not they crave it though. Create some memories that will last a lifetime just by simple activities.
  • Delaware County's Top Two Local Bowling Alleys
    Bowling, it seems the perfect answer. Fun for all ages, families and single people, bowling is very accessable here in Delaware County. In this short guide ar three of the most popular bowling alley's in Delaware County, Pa.
  • Controversial DROP Program in Philadelphia Overshadows This Session
    A loophole allowed people to retire, collect their large lump sum of money then return to work in a day. While this loophole has been closed, taxpayers have a hard time trusting this program now.
  • The Bus the Tire the Chicken and My Foot
    Did the bus run over the chicken with its tire? No, my foot doesn't fit that scenerio. Did I kick a chicken with my foot then hop on a bus? No, I would never dream of doing so. Read on and find out what the common thread is in these things.
  • Vladikavkaz Market Terrorized 09/09/2010
    In the Vladikavkaz market that is no stranger to terror attacks, many have been seriously injured, and fifteen are said to have died in a suicide car bombing.
  • Why Philadelphians Were Throwing Pineapples into the Delaware River
    It was supposed to be a fun Labor Day picnic that is held annually in Philadelphia, Pa. Instead, tempers flared and pineapples were thrown into the Delaware River.
  • President Obama to Hold Fundraiser for Democratic U.S. Senate Nominee Joe Sestak
    This is good news for the working class families in Philadelphia, PA. Although the president and Joe Sestak have had their fair share of disagreements, they are coming together to support our families.
  • Top 5 Hybrid Vehicles Released in the Fall of 2010
    These amazing new hybrid vehicles are being shown at well known expos from many different areas. All are very intereting and unique as you will see in this short guide.
  • Oktoberfest Celebrations in Philadelphia
    One of the great things about Philadelphia, Pa is the diversity. If there is a celebration to be had, no matter where the origin, you can bet there are celebrations going on in Philadelphia, Pa.
  • Best Trucks Released in the Fall of 2010
    There are many different uses for trucks, so I've included a short list of five new fall truck releases to cover different needs.
  • Republican Senate Candidate Pat Toomey's Stance on Gun Control Has Some Reeling
    With problems with gun violence in the Pa area, specifically Chester, Pa and Philadelphia, Pa of which our family lives between, Pat Toomey's flippant remark has many and anti-violence groups and grieving families reeling.
  • Apartment Hunting Made Easy with These Three iPhone Apps
    Your iPhone can now help you find the perfect spot when apartment hunting. Try one or more of these three great apartment hunting apps and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the ease of your search.
  • Scully Welding Supply Explodes into Flames
    09/01/10 Scully Welding, a company that fixes propane and oxygen tanks exploded into horrific flames. Because of this explosion, people evacuated for at least a quarter mile as firemen tried to get control of the fire.
  • Best Musical Instrument Store in Springfield, Pa
    I have to say hands down the best music store in Springfield, PA is Springfield Music store. Anything you can imagine needing as a musician, or budding musician is right there.
  • Ten Great Halloween Sewing Patterns Found Online
    These days our hours are filled with so many activities and errands we just don't have the time for our creativity to shine through. With this list of Halloween costume patterns found online that leaves one less place we have to drive to.
  • Researchers Make a Landmark Discovery HIV-Destroying Protein
    Scientists have come up with some amazing medicines that have helped infected people live longer, healthier lives. Now this discovery gives even more promise. A prtoein called TRIM5a is their new hope.
  • President Obama's 'No Child Left Behind' Overhaul Plan
    The original "no child left behind" education law, was a great idea at the core of it, but the flaws overcame the benefits. President Obama is now planning a long overdue overhaul of NCLB.
  • This Halloween Make Your Own Face Paint
    It doesn't take a lot of material or money to create your very own look for Halloween this year. Have fun by using homemade face paint. Learn how to make face paint with this article for a great look for your child this year.
  • Two Great Rosh Hashanah Recipe Ideas
    Rosh Hashanah is a very symbolic time. From the actions of people to what they eat in their meals. I have included two Rosh Hashanah dinner recipes and what they symbolize in this short guide.
  • Jenn's Favorite Tuna and Rice Meal
    This Tuna and Rice meal makes for a great lunch. It will fill you up until dinner and keep you from those nasty empty snacks. The canned tuna is very high in protein content, which is not only good for you, but helps those dieters out there.
  • Easy and Quick Spam and Fried Rice Recipe
    This is an easy Spam Fried Rice Recipe. Feel free to do a little experimenting on your own using this recipe as a base.
  • Jenn's Favorite Pumpkin Craft Idea
    There's something about making your own Halloween decoations. Its a great way to spend some quality time with your children, plus gets you in a festive fall mood.
  • Help Your Coworker Transition into Retirement with Some Laughs
    There's nothing like a few gag gifts to make someone laugh. Its not too often we get the chance to show our sense of humor and employ gag gifts. Retirement is one of the best time to pull out all the stops.
  • Nocturnal-The Best Skateboard Shop in Philadelphia, PA
    Instead of going to one shop for a board, another for your vans and yet another for clothes, just go to this one stop skateboarding shop. Nocturnal Skateshop.
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