Christine Lorraine

Christine Lorraine

Christine Lorraine has written and published hundreds of articles on the internet. Some of her areas of expertise include politics and political humor, how-to pieces, real estate, music and mass media. She worked in the advertising field and previously held the elected position of Majority Inspector of Elections in her local area.

After serving the U.S. Army in Bangkok, Thailand, she authored a handful of novels, was the editor of a local newspaper, and spent two illustrious decades producing and writing television shows and commercials.

Christine also worked as a licensed real estate agent for several years, and has written and performed dozens of original songs as a bassist.

Favorite writing genre: Humor
Favorite musical artist: Sting
Favorite actor: Dustin Hoffman
Favorite actress: Ginger Rogers
Favorite book: A Clockwork Orange
Favorite TV shows: The Office (2001 BBC) with Ricky Gervaise, and Dark Shadows (1966-1971)
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Gannon University: Real Estate and Communications U.S. Army: Voice Radio Operator certification


Without honor there is no valor, without valor there can be no glory. ~~ self 6/1/13



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