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Renee Raville

I recently graduated from Wayne State University with my bachelor degree in Psychology. I love writing, am working on editing and publishing some interesting memoirs about the local sex industry, am applying to graduate school, and trying to make some money doing what I love
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American Psychological Society, Living for Sundance, Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit


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  • Running home to the self
    The last several weeks have been a blur. I have been working many 16 hour days. Feeling constantly on the run, I have been eating out a lot. I have also been walking less since the weather is cooling. I have had no time for self. Finally, I crashed. Feeling exhausted, sick, and bloated I said, "Enou
  • When the marathon seems pointless...
    This morning I am feeling a bit downtrodden and tired. I have been working a lot - balancing 3 jobs and the rest of my life. I had to turn down an awesome job offer with Thresholds has been talking about offering me a position as a "qualified mental health professional". But because I can't afford a
  • The benefits of walking
    This has been a great week. I have been working out every day and pushing myself. I am back to eating a balanced diet that includes natural sugars from fruits and complex carbs from whole grains. I feel so much better than last week.I did jogging sprints for 6 miles two days this week. I hit the gym
  • Reflection and Ranting
    In general, I am pleased with my work outs over the last 11 days. I have been hitting the gym and/or walking and jogging (switching back and forth between the two) an average of 6 miles every day. The only days I have missed working out was the day I purposely took off for rest (the first week of th
  • The Yoga of Marathon
  • Day two in the life of a marathon runner wannabe
    Several things come to mind as I think about what to say about day 2 of my 365-day marathon training experiment. First, I am excited about committing to this blog. It helps me stay mindful of my health and fitness goals throughout the day as I see and hear things that I wish to include in my blog la
  • Day one (was yesterday) of Marathon Training
    Yesterday I began training for a marathon. It will probably take me a year to train. I found a training program that Nike suggested for running a marathon. I need to do some pre-training just to begin their training program. They say I should be able to run 3-5 miles with ease. I currently run 2 and

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