Rhonda Greene

Rhonda Greene

Rhonda Greene is a freelance writer and craft designer residing in a small town in Michigan.

She grew up with a handyman father in a house undergoing constant renovations, and learned much about home improvement from a very early age. By the time Rhonda reached Middle School, she knew how to frame in walls, hang drywall, and install flooring. These experiences have fostered a lifelong love of DIY work, which she has since employed at every residence in which she has lived. She also enjoys crafts of many disciplines, from crocheting to jewelry making to paper crafts and more.

Rhonda also loves the arts. She enjoys drawing, painting, creative writing, and making music. She has also participated in stage productions, including playing the lead role in a 2002 West Shore Community College production of "The Insanity of Mary Girard."

She spent seven years working at a major video store chain, more than half of which she served in a management position. She has a deep knowledge of movies, both old and new. She also has contacts within Michigan's thriving film industry, giving her access to insider information about upcoming films long before they hit the screen.

She has extensive experience in many other areas as well, including retail, food service, interior design, and photography. She is also an avid hobbyist, enjoying a wide variety of DIY activities, and has traveled around the world.
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Grand Valley State University 1998-99, West Shore Community College 1999-2008


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