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Lorraine Yapps Cohen

I design jewelry free from the constraints of textbook techniques and write non-fiction free from the rigors of technical expression. Chemist by training, creative by spirit, conservative in values, crazy about cars, and artist at heart. That s me in a nutshell.
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  • Dorky Door Key and the Locksmith's Daughter
    This is a true story about emergency locksmith service when a key jammed squarely in the lock of a front door. New favor is cast upon skilled entrepreneurial tradesmen who garner business from willing and expert service to customers.
  • Cow Farts Capture Capitol Attention
    The administration has alerted federal agencies such as the EPA to clamp down on methane emissions.
  • Invisaligns or Metal Braces?
    A comparison of factors for choosing between Invisalign or metal braces for straightening teeth is discussed. The writer has had personal experience with both.
  • Italian Jewelry Designer, Anna Porcu, Resurrects the Cameo
    Anna Porcu is an Italian jewelry designer who incorporates cameos into her contemporary jewelry designs. The innovative jewelry combines Italian leather with antique cameos for contemporary fashion with an old world look.
  • Global Warming to Be Written into Food Guidelines
    The nation's food guidelines will soon include foods deemed to have lower carbon footprints. The relationship between global warming and the newly revised food pyramid is explained.
  • $3.5M Tax Revenue from Colorado Pot Sales
    The first month of legalized marijuana sales garnered $3.5 million in tax revenues for Colorado. Demand was high for the legalized pot as was the tax rate for consumers and producers. Can your state be far behind in the sure way to raise money?
  • Invisalign for Seniors
    Seniors are never too old to straighten their teeth. Come with me on my journey to a better bite and a lovelier smile. Invisalign braces are my route for getting there.
  • Dependents Independence
    A poetic tax lament based on the long list of dependents we are required to support.
  • Geek Jewelry Turns Techno Fashion
    The use of electronics gave rise to geek jewelry. Student engineers in academic laboratories would fashion jewelry from soldered circuit boards and electronic components. The high-tech look lended itself to innovative jewelry designs.
  • California Drivers
    Californians have notable driving characteristics. Seven types of drivers are described as being common in California.
  • Water Restrictions in Dry California
    California is again in a dry spell. Congress will send $1 billion in aid but not a drop more of water. Political motives blame drought on climate change.
  • No-Fail Perfect Pie Crust
    A recipe for the perfect pie crust includes one important tip for success. Learn what causes pie crust preparation to fail.
  • Ferrari California T
    Ferrari has announced the new California T. Ferrari's most popular car has been redesigned, turbocharged, and is more powerful than its predecessor.
  • Blackwater Founder Erik Prince Finds Entrepreneurial Opportunities in China
    Erik Prince founded Blackwater, a company of contractors charged with the safety and security of U.S. diplomats working abroad. The State Department fired Blackwater, after which Prince applied his expertise to help build infrastructure in China.
  • Time Flies Faster the Older We Get
    Time appears to pass more quickly in maturity than in youth. We examine the reasons for the phenomenon and suggest ways that seniors can slow the passage of time as they age.
  • The Addition of "ish"
    A three-letter suffix is making the rounds in elite urban vocabulary. Adding the letters 'ish' to words in the English language has become a popular practice. Here's what I think about that churlish chore.
  • Gift Giving Made Perfect
    We love getting gifts, but getting them for others can overwhelm. Gift giving is a choice, not a requirement. Suggestions are made for giving the perfect gift.
  • Cow Flatulence, Climate Change Cause Célèbre
    Methane is the new celebrity molecule capturing blame for global warming. Its presence is most notable in cow farts and other noxious emissions. Is methane a menace to the environment or just another natural gas?
  • Endless Red Tape
    America's infrastructure suffers neglect and disrepair. Bureaucracies prevail to prevent the execution of large public projects. National progress stagnates from paralysis by federalism. It is time to end the endless red tape.
  • Enough with 'Get Over It' Politics
    'Get over it' politics is a Democrat tactic to influence the public acceptance of laws that don't work. Seriously flawed Obamacare meets with resistance, to which legislators can only respond, "get over it."
  • San Diego International Airport Expansion Plans
    A plan for relieving the cramping and crowding at San Diego's downtown airport involves a pedestrian bridge from Tijuana. The airport expansion concept has passengers both relieved and concerned.
  • Little Did We Know What Died with JFK
    The JFK era was a time of prosperity. President Kennedy enabled America to progress along with its hard working citizens. U.S. stood strong in the world community. Values stood strong in neighborhoods and communities. But, that ended.
  • How to Stop Being the Perfect Person
    Seeking perfection can take a toll on ourselves by creating an unattainable goal. Four ways to attenuate the quest for perfection are posed by Therapy Changes, the offices of San Diego psychologist, Dr. Rochelle Perper.
  • Snowden to Speak with Germany
    NSA whistle blower, Edward Snowden, has agreed to speak with Germany on spy programs the United States conducted against that nation.
  • Who's Spying on Angela Merkel?
    The cell phone of German Chancellor Angela Merkel appeared on NSA's collection list. For the past 10 years, NSA has been spying on her private conversations. Obama apologized but trust in the foreign relationship is damaged.
  • Speak for Yourself, Harry!
    Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, announced on Nevada radio KNPR that Americans are willing to pay more in taxes. Many Americans wonder where Reid got that idea.
  • Climate Change Policy: The Real Catastrophe
    The benefits of CO2 and a slightly warming earth are documented but masked by government and ignored by the media. The good news of climate change makes no headlines while government turns climate policy into propaganda.
  • Supreme Court to Hear EPA Climate Change Case
    The Supreme Court agreed to hear challenges to EPA's regulations on carbon emissions from stationary sources such as power plants and refineries. The Court will decide whether the EPA overstepped its authority.
  • How to Increase Your Thyroid Medication Without Palpitations
    Hypothyroid patients who need an increase in their thyroid medication can be prescribed the next higher dose but some experience palpitations. There's a secret to arriving at increased dosages without side effects.
  • Absurdity of Liberal American Leadership
    The government shutdown resulted from a showdown between Democrats holding power and Republicans seeking to defund Obamacare. It showed instead the malice that Democrats have for Americans and the nation.
  • Awaken to the Truth About Tesla
    The Tesla is an all-electric, zero-emissions, so-called environmentally friendly automobile. The truth of the Tesla is revealed in the less admirable characteristics of the car. Who pays and who profits are revealed in this article.
  • Starbucks and Schultz on Guns
    Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz issued an open letter regarding guns on company premises. He made a rational request of his customers while regarding their rights. His coffee enterprise stands to flourish despite the polarity of the gun issue.
  • Like, the Darling Word of Our Times
    The word "like" has entered the popular lexicon of cool youth and unknowing adults. The word is a measure of admiration, registering the attraction of the masses online. ''Like'' no longer has meaning and contains no content.
  • Psychiatrist or Psychologist: Whom Should You See?
    Psychiatrists and psychologists are different doctors who deal with some of the same mental health issues. Individuals seeking help should know the difference between the two kinds of care on the road to recovery.
  • IPCC Report Dials Back Climate Disaster
    IPCC will issue its Fifth Assessment Report on the status of climate change on September 27, 2013. It will report that the models are wrong. The world will warm much less than predicted but will bring on the benefits of CO2 in the air.
  • Climate Lessons for U.S. From Down Under
    Australia will cancel its carbon tax and scrap the climate change policies that are killing its economy. Rejecting the rampant politicization of science, Australian studies will aim its research toward achieving prosperity instead of doom.
  • It Must Be the Phlogiston!
    The term phlogiston has its origins in chemistry when that discipline was based more on the magic of alchemy than science. The term is aptly used currently to explain away the mysterious causes of global warming, or lack thereof.
  • New York and San Diego, Same Scandalous Selections for Mayor
    New York and San Diego have something in common: their propensity for selecting mayors scandalized by their sexual behaviors.
  • Guinea Pigs for Government
    The EPA conducts illegal experiments by testing pollutants on people. The human tests expose volunteers to lethal levels of EPA-declared pollutants such as soot, particulates, diesel exhaust, and chlorine gas, the chemical weapon of WWI.
  • Cowboy Hats Speak Style, Story, and Self
    A cowboy hat says much about its wearer. The Western head gear is favored by good guys and bad guys alike. It tells a silent story that begs to be told while providing benefits and protections.
  • Home Sales Plummet in July
    New home sales across America plummeted in July due to mortgage rates rising. The media calls it a hiccup in the recovery while real estate data exposes the slump as a stalled economy.
  • Fish Fears from Fukushima
    Environmental activists are spreading the hype that radiation from Japan's Fukushima reactor is reaching the West Coast by sea. Studies of the science and accurate reporting debunk the needless fears about eating Pacific fish.
  • Enough With the Government Plantation
    Senator Elbert Guillory video went viral. "Why I am a Republican" explains the Louisiana senator's switch from Democrat to the Republican Party.
  • San Diego Mayor Bob Filner Resigns
    Bob Filner announced his intention to resign as San Diego mayor. Seventeen women came forward to accuse Filner of sexual harassment on the job. Filner apologized while declaring he was denied due process.
  • Top Four Cars People Do Not Want to Be Seen In
    A survey ranks the top four most embarrassing-to-be-seen-in cars on the road today. The vehicles rank high in odd appearance or flawed design.
  • How to Replace Worn Keyboard Letters with Laminated Labels
    Easy instructions and tips provide six quick steps to restore fading or worn letters on computer keyboards using laminated labels.
  • Reflections on Holy Communion
    A humorous tale tells of misconceptions about religious rituals at Mass. Parishioners wonder whether germs are spread while partaking wine from the chalice at Holy Eucharist. The truth of the chalice is exposed.
  • Sardonyx, the Gemstone of Cameos
    Sardonyx is the gemstone of cameos. A combination of at least two chalcedony stone layers, carnelian and onyx, comprises the starting material from which cameos are carved. Current cameos are made from sardonyx shell and different from sardonyx stone.
  • Helping with Homework, a Seven-Step Guide for Parents
    How does a parent help kids with homework? San Diego psychologist, Dr. Rochelle Perper of Therapy Changes, appeared on Fox 5 News to present positive tips for helping with daily assignments at home without the harangue.
  • California Goes to Pot in a Cannabis Plant
    California's agricultural growers experience selective enforcement of environmental regulations. Marijuana plants grow freely while food crop production is cited for infringement.
  • Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin, Not Meeting nor Friends
    The political friendship between President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin showed strain when their September summit meeting was cancelled. I look into the reasons for the mutual cold shoulder.
  • How to Customize Mah Jongg Tiles in 10 Easy Steps
    Mah jongg tiles can be customized with a photo image of your choice in an easy do-it-yourself project. Ten easy steps describe the use of laminated labels, or stickers, for making unique mah jongg tiles with a professional, personalized look.
  • Seniors Suffer as Doctors Depart from Medicare
    Medicare now manifests the law of unintended consequences by reducing the availability of quality medical care for seniors.
  • Garbage Gestapo
    The City of San Diego Environmental Services collects and disposes our trash. City dwellers' tax revenues pay for the weekly garbage truck pick-up that occurs under stringent collection rules, which can change without notice.
  • A New Colorado State in the Making?
    Several northern counties want to secede from the state of Colorado. Like California and Texas, some parts of Colorado want to dissociate themselves from the uberliberal influences elsewhere in the state.
  • Huge Oil Shale Deposit in Coober Pedy, Australia
    An enormous oil shale deposit has been discovered in Southern Australia, rivaling the resources in many oil-rich nations. Mainstream media in the U.S. is ignoring the find, while OPEC observes its newest competitor.
  • Top Ten Reasons Why Janet Napolitano is Fit for Heading UC System
    Janet Napolitano resigned as head of Homeland Security to head the University of California education system. Here are ten reasons why she is perfect for the job.
  • Study Shows CO2 Fertilizes Foliage
    Australian scientists have discovered that CO2 fertilizes foliage in the warm, dry regions of the world. By enabling green growth where vegetation is sparse, rising CO2 levels can benefit worldwide agricultural production.
  • Obama Warns South Africans, Earth to Boil Over
    In a speech, President Obama told South Africans that the 'planet will boil over' from the results of people having cars, big houses, and air conditioning. Our president exaggerated the ill effects of improved living standards on climate.
  • Wind Kill
    A rare white-throated needletail bird died by the blades of wind turbine in Scotland. Thousands of birds have met the same fate from the energy technology that is killing, rather than saving, the environment and its creatures.
  • Barack Obama Grabs Power from Radical Climate Agenda
    President Obama announced an aggressive plan to regulate power plant emissions for global warming. He used executive privilege to power around Congress when the people's representatives would not come up with a plan.
  • Strangling CO2 Restrictions for Power Plants
    President Obama is soon to announce imposing CO2 emissions standards on power plants. The measure is expected to increase energy costs, decline the economy further, support the expansion of big government, but not improve the environment.
  • Survey Shows America in Final Stage of Emergency
    A survey conducted among Californians indicated a push for radical change in an America entering the final stages of emergency as a nation. The survey employed Alexander Tyler's "fatal sequence" as the stages of great democracies.
  • FBI Ignores Tea Party in IRS Investigation
    The FBI is conducting an investigation of IRS targeting abuses but has not yet contacted any Tea Party members. FBI Director, Robert Mueller, knows nothing on the progress of his own agency's investigation.
  • The Economist on Capitalism for Reducing Worldwide Poverty
    The Economist cited capitalism and free markets as the factors that affected decline in worldwide poverty. Economic growth eases destitution within a nation, not the poverty programs where aid flows from wealthy countries to the poor ones.
  • PRISM, Verizon Phone Records: Too Much Information to Be Used Responsibly
    Government conducts widespread data collection on ordinary Americans through Verizon phone records and PRISM. The surveillance is said to thwart terrorist activity while the public fears the information will terrorize the people.
  • A Cookie is My Poison
    The best way to break a bad habit is to call the offending substance your killer. Identify where your killer resides, then make those things your mortal enemies and avoid them at all costs. Your life depends on it.
  • Chrysler Set Up or Showing Defiance on Jeep Recalls?
    Chrysler refused to recall 2.7 million Jeeps when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claimed leaking fuel tanks could cause fires on rear-end collisions. Was Chrysler targeted for a fall or just defying government?
  • Chrysler Refuses Recall of Jeeps
    Chrysler refused to recall 2.7 million Jeeps in a defiant move against nanny government. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claims fires might arise upon rear collisions, but Chrysler stands by the safety of its cars.
  • The Real Meaning of "Share the Road" Signs
    A polemic on road safety for bicyclers reveals the true meaning behind signs suggesting that motorists "Share the Road."
  • Government Gone Rogue
    Opinion: The government has gone rogue under President Obama. Scandals scourge his presidency but leave him untouched. IRS, FBI, Justice Department and government agencies harass ordinary citizens but do the president's bidding.
  • Peggy Noonan Calls for Stopping the IRS Now
    A Wall St. Journal opinion piece called for a halt of IRS operations in light of the scandal that surrounds the revenue collection agency. The IRS harassment of Catherine Engelbrecht is revealed.
  • California to Ban Fire
    Beach bonfires and fire pits are soon to be banned in Southern California. Air quality authorities may require removal of the popular beachside structures because of alleged risk to human health.
  • Tips for Choosing a Hand in Mah Jongg
    Choosing a hand is the biggest challenge for new players to the game of mah jongg. With 52 hands to choose from and 13 tiles to start, mah jongg players agree that deciding on a hand is part art, with the help of a few tips from the experts.
  • May Day, May Day, a Date Named for Violence
    Violence marked May Day in Seattle and L.A. The day reserved for celebrating spring has morphed into a date for demonstrating discontent.
  • CO2, a Boon to Plant Life
    Carbon dioxide benefits plants and makes fruits, vegetables, and food crops grow better. But EPA banned CO2 as a pollutant. The cover-up about the benefits of the maligned molecule are exposed by science.
  • Liberal Buzzwords of the Unthinking Left
    Four buzzwords dominate liberal rhetoric. Thomas Sowell examines the effect of these words on people and analyzes how these words are abused to promote a political agenda.
  • Pro-gun Billboard Morphs into Liberal Propaganda
    Billboards in Greeley, Colorado, expressed what happens when government disarms its people. Using Native Americans as the example, the billboards were turned from a public expression into liberal propaganda.
  • ExxonMobil Top Taxpaying Corporation in U.S
    ExxonMobil pays more in taxes than any other corporation or individual in America. It is inaccurate for anyone to declare that ExxonMobil does not pay its fair share.
  • California Style Windmill Farms for Scotland?
    Donald Trump initiated an ad campaign against windmills in Scotland. Seeking to save the view from his Trump International Gold Club in Aberdeen, Trump's ads were banned by Britain's ad standards agency.
  • Feds Move to Arrest Sheriffs in Colorado
    Colorado state senate and house passed a bill giving the Secret Service the right to arrest sheriffs in Colorado who refuse to enforce unconstitutional gun control laws.
  • How to Reduce Stress Insomnia at Night
    Insomnia produced by stress doesn't have to keep us awake at night. Three tips are presented for reducing the unproductive thinking that keeps us from sleeping.
  • What Happens to People like You when You Choose Abortion?
    Abortion can have long term consequences that relate to eugenics, the selective reproduction of certain kinds of individuals to the exclusion of others. Academics who hold this view seek to improve the human race at the expense of some of its members.
  • How to Make a Multistrand Necklace
    A designer inspired multistrand necklace can be created at home in a few easy steps. No jewelry making skills are required to craft this do-it-yourself fashion accessory.
  • The Economist Joins Growing Skepticism on Climate
    First it was ClimateGate spreading the climate hoax, then Jim Hansen's (NASA) doctored data, followed by Science publishing manipulated results from Marcott's PhD thesis. The Economist turned its perspective on climate to the skeptical side.
  • Are Eco Fanatics Losing Their Voice?
    Americans may be rising to their good senses on climate, but alarmists may never give up the good fight to show catastrophe coming. Climate alarm and activism pervade our institutions, representing powerful, if irrational, forces.
  • Climate Crowd Can't Cope
    Green campaigners are losing the debate on global warming. Alarmists have lost the lure of climate change catastrophe. While dire predictions are overstated, if not entirely wrong, Mother Nature has not cooperated.
  • CARB Members to Meet in Chico on Trucking
    California Air Resources Board members will meet in Chico, California, on March 28 to discuss regulations on diesel trucks. Such regulations cause compliance issues and drive trucking companies out of state or out of business.
  • California Assemblyman Dan Logue Reveals Obamacare Unknowns
    A California Assemblyman held a town meeting to reveal the great unknowns of Obamacare. Although everyone will have health coverage, it is uncertain that everyone have health care. A panel of experts expressed their doubts.
  • Tips for Dealing with Separation Anxiety in Early Childhood
    Separation anxiety can occur when young children go away from home and parents for short periods. San Diego pyschologist, Dr. Rochelle Perper, recommends strategies and tactics to deal with the phenomenon.
  • Climate Change Clique Caught Conning
    Global warming alarmists have been caught doctoring data again. Climate watchdog, Steve McIntyre, found questionable warming results in a paper published in Science. The magazine refused to retract the story
  • California #1 in Diabetics
    Diabetes in America has reached epidemic proportions, costing the nation $245 billion in 2012. Acceptance of overeating and tolerance for consequent waste of resources must be controlled.
  • Global Warming Solutions Act: Epic Failure in California
    Los Angeles Times has declared AB 32 an epic failure in California. Known as the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, the legislation aimed at improving the environment is actually bankrupting the state.
  • The Wonderful Gal from Chelyabinsk
    An interview with a young lady from Chelyabinsk reveals the effects of a meteorite strike on her home town in Russia and on her future in America.
  • Global Warming Skepticism Grows a Majority Among Scientists
    Skepticism about global warming is growing among scientists, despite the alarmism that prevails with the president, environmentalists, and special interests such as Al Gore, who seek to continue gains derived from promoting the hoax.
  • Sacramento, All for Jobs but Against Business
    State Assemblyman, Dan Logue, would like to use Rick Perry's Texas model for growing California's economy but finds frustration in the restrictive politics that prevails in the state.
  • Assemblyman Dan Logue Curbs Cost of California College Education
    Dan Logue, California State Assemblyman, proposes legislation called Affordable College Act for capping the costs of college educations in California.
  • San Diego Police Chief Landsdowne Attacks Gun Rights
    Another absurdity has arisen in California with San Diego's Chief of Police, William Landsdowne, announcing support for tougher gun controls.
  • Of Myths and Dream Worlds
    Americans live in a dream world, driven by Utopian politics, myths, and dreams that never come true.
  • What Does a Woman Wear when it Rains?
    Whatever the weather, earrings of the raindrop design are the perfect jewelry statement for any day. Be it rain, shine, sleet, or snow, raindrop earrings say you have a sense of style and good taste in pearl jewelry.
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