April Higney

April Higney

A love for writing poetry for many years. Main concepts are based upon past/present/future struggles & issues of life and relationships, love and family. I am strongly passionate about entwining my heart & soul in these words. To some it may connect, others it may not. I enjoy the in-depth romance writing. Currently working on a poetic novel. I hope you find something in my writing that stirs your heart as it does mine.
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Life is the education. Graduated HS in 1994, and focused in Fine Arts studies.


Within life there is a destiny, carved somewhere in stone....
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  • Kindle Versions for Blogging
    Technology expansion opening new areas for bloggers!
  • Author Interview with Jessica Kristie
    Author Jessica Kristie agreed to do an interview with me about her writing and her poetry book; "Dreaming In Darkness" Read my interview to discover another wonderful talent.
  • Author Interview with Donna Cavanagh
    An interview I did with writer Donna Cavanagh about herself and her book(s) I hope you do enjoy!
  • A Simple Flower
    Life, let it fall where it may. Poetry.
  • Silent Reverie
    Travel through thoughts to places of beauty.
  • Falling
    Reaching the peak of emotions, life circumstances, attempt to maintain beauty of heart, in nature's themes.
  • Who's Truth
    Poetry of old-fashioned notions in the beliefs of love and life. A kindred view.
  • Where Do Creative Hearts Go?
    A personal exploration through the creative realms on the world wide web, and resources for opportunities.
  • The Who that Loves True
    Just Another Sweet Valentine Poem
  • Creative Path
    Many of you wondering these days, where is April? I figured I'd let you know.
  • 2011 Plus Reasons
    Decisions, Changes, and Directing a Course.
  • Dear Christmas
    Making Merry a World Lacking for Tinsel & Trimming, Poetry
  • I Smile
    For my child. The smiles that seem to make any bad day, a better one, from our children. (been awhile since I posted much here, so I hope you enjoy)
  • A Simple Box Filled with Enchantment
    A poem inspired by a few online encounters, as well as a gift given to me by my mom on Mother's Day written lastnight. I hope you enjoy.
  • Memory Tree
    I published this upon my blog not so long ago, and figured I'd share here. Perhaps a view of a tree personified, or the comparisons to us with nature. I hope you enjoy this. A lot of meaning.
  • My Altered Images
    Here are some of my altered photos and art images. I figured I'd create a slideshow to share with you another aspect of what I enjoy. Making photos look more like art is one of my many loves.
  • Soul Eclipse
    The contrasts between pains of life, heartache and darkness - light emerging. Hope you also enjoy some of my altered photo images. (One here created for this poem)
  • Elements in Loves' Eyes
    I suppose when true love find each other, perhaps so much seen between. Here is a blend of thoughts, hearts merged in nature's beauty.
  • AC Poetic Inspirations Poem
    This is for Charlotte Kuchinsky's AC poetry writers' challenge, to highlight some of the other poets we so enjoy. Here are mine, in a poem.
  • You, You Make it Possible
    A special thank you for the words, encouragement, kindness, thoughts, art, the circle of beauty I'm ever grateful for.
  • Stonecutter
    Heart and Soul's Immortality - Love Within
  • Treasure Turtle
    Historically written poetic tale of abuse and discovery.
  • Purple Heart
    A battle of love within.
  • Heavy Wooden Door
    A broken heart, thoughts of love, and an unusual doorway...where could it lead?
  • One Last Breath
    When sadness rules the heart, it can rule the soul within....he struggles imprisoned to one day be released from the emotions.
  • Sweet Maple Syrup
    Upon a short conversation with an AC friend (Andrea Coventry) and her northern shivers, it sparked this writing, as I sit in the southern heat. So please be sure to click her link here provided!
  • Mountain of Souls
    An adaptation of after life....the journey of a soul.
  • Master of Words
    A rather historical placement of a writer...where words still live on.
  • Jagged Broken Window
    Forgiving the most difficult...he breaks the cycle.
  • Gray and Blue
    Visions, mindswept...holding the light.
  • Radio Static
    Rainy days, thoughts on love, and radio static. Enjoy! =)
  • His Oasis
    I decided to mess around with some photo editing, sparking this writing. Photo was originally my "Angry Skies" effect with clouds. I altered the poem in much the same theme.
  • A Single Sign
    Letting go of pain, she wanders through darkness to find a sign.
  • Unbroken
    An antique green vase....withstands the test of time.
  • Haunting Seas
    Written in conjunction with thoughts based upon the ships lost at sea (and a recent art edit I worked on)
  • Falling Behind
    Historical ghostly love presence.
  • The Book
    Hope you enjoy this poetic love story with its twisting emotion.
  • Dampened Soil
    When all that was once seen as darkness, an epiphany...light emerges.
  • I Forgive You
    Life hands us many things, in upsetting realities of life no excuses, but a path of attempting to better understand, and forgive.
  • The Old Locket
    Two Pictures, a man, and a woman, in an old locket, generations passed...wonder.
  • Author Unknown
    Encountering an extraordinary writer parallel, awakens long lost words. (Poem)
  • The Artist Behind the Poetess
    For some of you, you may already know my love for the arts beyond poetry writing, for others a view of some of my illustrations and paintings. Not the best, not the worst, but my love since before grade school.
  • Coffee, with Cream and Sugar
    Sweet as coffee, and love.
  • Offerings of Life
    An unusual vivid dream, based in spiritual sense of native offerings, dancing and drumming.
  • Blue Imagination
    The unseen, envisioning different views.
  • Lovemaking Silhouette
    Stormy skies with patches of deepening blue skies....his eyes, she dreams with eyes wide...
  • Posing Questions
    Could it be, a catastrophe far greater than the blackened waters?
  • Silken White Ribbon
    A childhood friend drifts quietly away.
  • Broken Floor Boards
    Chaos, destruction, in historical notion, and love is the best way to describe this poem.
  • When Time Has Time to Think
    For the quiet calm portions of life, a poem of stillness in the day.
  • Life Shading Me
    An odd flow of poetry emerged today, so I wrote it quickly. Rather a ghostly poetic flow.
  • Splashes of Song
    In such a vast world with so many things to see, sometimes we miss things as we float along through life.
  • Trailing Kisses
    Love, romance, passion, and little game of chase.
  • He Stood in the Doorway
    Watching his life go by, grasping the present family and love.
  • Today, as Everyday
    My mother's day poem. The laughs! Fun in New York 2009-2010
  • I Didn't Think You Knew
    Sometimes in youth we don't understand things we don't know, sometimes don't speak of because we don't know the reactions. Mother's know more than we think they do...
  • Sweet Summer Love
    Sipping tea, the sunlight casting shadows, the beach, and two hearts enjoying the summer.
  • Lake Champlain
    The first kiss.
  • Dancing Raindrops
    The lightning falls behind her, in the breaking of a thunderstorm.
  • Amongst Angels and Devils
    A poem written of love based upon the surface (tattoos) and what goes below the surface impressionism.
  • Styrofoam Cup
    My poem for "Earth Day" ~ taking care of our world.
  • Leapster 2, a Mother's Review
    LeapFrog's Leapster 2 Gaming System ~ an incredible learning tool and fun too!
  • Listen Closely
    Making up is hard to do. A conversation between loves.
  • Beautiful Moth
    The Hidden Beauty ~ Poem written after my child's cocoon revealed a large moth rather than a butterfly.
  • Over the Telephone
    Reconciliations, apologies, forgiveness, and a loving serenade.
  • Waves of Time
    Visions of Romance Emerge On A Beach "Dream" In the Night
  • True or False of He and She
    Between True and False Loves ~ No true guidelines to "lead" just keep hope alive that the ones that are true will be found.
  • A Place in the Deep
    Inspirational strength ~ many things in this life that can be taken away, but what is held within is our own.
  • Mosaic Tile Heart
    Putting pieces of the heart together, mosaic tile pieces representing certain emotions.
  • Dream Dance Romance
    Theme of Romance, Historically Set
  • Take My Hand, Walk with Me
    Memories sparked this poem, a smile for the thought.
  • If Only He..
    Poem of dreams of love lasting, passion and romantic connection.
  • Unspoken Heard
    When nothing needs to be said.
  • To Catch the Soul of a Smile
    Restless chase of the heart.
  • Windows Open
    A flutter of a summer dream.
  • Inner Path
    Poem of the attempt to follow the right paths in life.
  • Handprint in Glowing Ink
    For the lives touch, and hopefully to have touched in some way.
  • Drifts Within
    Time reflecting.
  • Sapphire
    Passion/nature poem originally published in 2003.
  • Bridge of Life
    Originally published in 2003, figured I'd share this "structure" of a poem with you. A rather "torn" bridge seen within, stepping back on the outside from afar unnoticeable its need for repair.
  • Featherless
    Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Thankful for the Many
    A special thanks to so many, as I'll be stepping away for awhile until I get back on my feet. Gratitude to all for being here for me.(Leaving sometime after Thanksgiving, unsure when I will be back!)
  • She Swims, He Flows
    Love Poetry, the meeting of minds.
  • Believe
    Holding on to thoughts that love can be real between hearts and minds.
  • Holiday Hustle
    The visions of the holiday season.
  • Brightened like Lights Strung
    A Christmas poem, from one year to the coming holiday.
  • Signal Shot
    Wrote this poem lastnight, Nov. 9, 2009 ~ Oddly the poetic writing flowed of this one, and another "love" poem (on my blog) at the same time. This one hold the notion of one in emotional anguish, somehow a life saved with love and intuition.
  • Dearest Santa
    My poetic version letter to Santa.
  • Maine Memories
    A travel poem about a trip to Maine 11 years ago.
  • On Banks of an Old Memory
    Remembrances can sometimes be so vivid.
  • A Sad Christmas Memory - 2004 Personal Year of Change
    A personal sad memory of Christmas, 2004.
  • The Seedling, the Medallion, and the Thorn
    A Poetic Journey, Compassion, Devotion, and Love
  • You Did Not See Me
    Unusually sparked writing of this poem ~ not sure quite the realm of it, as I regard myself as a spiritual person in respects of all religions. This seems to set a rather "religious" tone within it. Not quite sure how to represent it.
  • Stained Glass
    Broken pieces of glass merge enlightening.
  • Magnetic Emotion
    Emotionally Charged Poetry - Inspired by a twittering friend and incredible poet, with a few words of kindness regarding my poetry.
  • The Everlasting Pumpkin
    Want to make that great pumpkin search quest really worth it? Check out this interesting craft method on making that possible.
  • From Complexities to Simplicities
    A poem reflecting the difficulties of the world, to maintain a vision of something better.
  • Lava Flow
    A loving heart moves through a flow of "lava" in emotion.
  • Halloween Haiku
    A wolf's howl haiku halloween.
  • AC Twitter Challenge - a Social Quest of the Heart
    Everything that can inspire a poetry writer with encouragement, inspiration, and friendships.
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