Karon Brandt

Karon Brandt

I have been a freelance writer for 50 years. My favorite topic is dogs, but I may write about anything that interests me.

I was the head of dog rescue for four years and have owned dogs all my life.

I am a former child welfare caseworker. I m married and have two adult children. I live in PA with my husband, and we ride motorcycle daily, weather permitting.

By way of background behind being a featured pets contributor, my daughter and I headed a non profit, all-breed, dog rescue for 4 years, with the help of 4 dog trainers, 5 foster homes, several vets and the help of many other breed rescue organizations. We re-homed 120 dogs, which we personally had temperament-tested and evaluated before placing them in their new homes. We did home evaluations, vet checks and follow ups. We had all dogs meet with their new families, including other dogs, before adoption. I never met a dog I didn t like, but relinquishing owners and unrealistic adopters were sometimes a problem. My goal in life, on behalf of dogs, is to match people with compatible dogs by offering reliable information about dogs and helping people to understand dogs as companion animals.

Graduated as Reiki Master in May. Now I can use ancient healing techniques to benefit humans and animals. Husband, daughter, and 3 dogs are my daily subjects.
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Former dog rescuer; B. A. in psychology; former child welfare caseworker; freelance writer; Reiki Master


If Dogs could rule the world for one day, it would be a better place.


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