Nicole Humphrey Cook

Nicole Humphrey Cook

Nicole Humphrey Cook is a freelance writer and author, living in St. Louis, MO with her husband Mike and their 5 children. She is a feature writer specializing in articles on topics including Single parenting, Frugal Living, Food, Product Reviews, ADHD, Step & Blended Families, Books, Writing, Small Business, Homeschooling, Local St. Louis and St. Charles, Hobbies and Special Interests, as well as many social issues.
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ADHD seminars and workshops, Certification in Child Development, Early Childhood Related Workshops, 9+ years as Early Childhood Teacher, Scrapbook Instructor, Frugal Living Coach 5+ Years, Organizational Coach 2+ Years


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  • Christmas Eve Church Services in St. Charles, Missouri
    Do you live in St. Charles, Missouri or plan to visit during the holidays? Find a Christmas Eve service to meet your needs and make your holiday special.
  • Christmas Light Installation in St. Charles, Missouri
    Are you looking to beat the neighborhood competition with amazing light displays? Are you just tired of installing the lights yourself? If you are looking to find the best deal on your custom Christmas light installation needs, check this out.
  • Discover the Renovations: The St. Louis City Museum
    Take a closer look inside one of St. Louis' favorite attractions, The St. Louis City Museum and discover all the changes and new exclusive attractions.
  • Homeschooling on a Shoestring Budget
    More families are homeschooling than ever before, & those that are still considering it list EXPENSE as one of the top concerns they face. This series will lead budget-minded homeschoolers in the right direction.
  • Associated Content's Top Ten Homeschooling Articles of 2006
    In 2006 Associated Content Producers wrote all types of articles dealing with homeschooling; factual based articles, tips and tricks, methods and more. Here is a look at the Top Ten Homeschooling Articles on Associated Content for 2006!
  • Associated Content's Top Ten ADHD Articles of 2006
    ADHD is a subject that anyone afflicted by it should be researching. In 2006 Associated Content Producers wrote all types of articles dealing with ADHD, it's symptoms and affective treatment options. Here are the Top Ten ADHD Articles on Associated Content for 2006!
  • Tips on Homeschooling Without Support
    Are you interested in homeschooling your child, but you have little to know support from those around you? That's actually quite common for many when they get ready to homeschool. Learn how you can best deal when you have no support for homeschooling.
  • 5 Easy Side Dishes for the Holidays or Anytime
    Are you looking for something that is traditional but unique at the same time? These five easy recipes are sure to add something special to your holiday meal.
  • Top Ten Gift Ideas for a Birth Mother
    Many adopted children spend their whole life curious about who their biological mother is. When they finally meet and they are establishing a relationship, finding the right gift is often very difficult. These ideas are subtle yet let her know she matters.
  • Top Ten Gift Ideas for the Single Parent
    Being a single parent is time consuming, financially draining and exhausting. Do something special for the single parent in your life. Choose one of these gifts and see the appreciation from such a simple gesture.
  • Top Ten Signs You Have an Indigo Child
    The Indigo Phenomenon is becoming more wide spread as awareness to it is heightened. Do you have an Indigo Child? Do you know how to find out? Here are ten ways to figure it out.
  • Tips on Keeping Your Cat Off the Christmas Tree
    Keeping your cat off the Christmas tree isn't always easy. With all the bright shining ornaments and sparkly pieces of garland, their curiosity goes into over-drive. Learn some tried and tested methods to keep your cat off your beautiful Christmas tree.
  • The Indigo Child - Fact or Fiction?
    What exactly is an Indigo Child and is there really such a thing? Where did the whole Indigo Child concept come from? After reading this guide, you will understand more about the Indigo Child and how they came to be.
  • Top Ten Gift Ideas for the Dragon Lover
    Do you know someone who loves dragons? Do they have a collection or just an obsession? No matter where they stand, if you have a dragon lover in your life, these gift ideas are perfect.
  • The True Story of the Carte Blanche Tatty Teddy Bear
    Tatty teddies are highly collectible little bears. Their much loved appearance and ragged little bodies are reminscent of days passed. Find out everything you ever wanted to know about these cute little gray critters with the blue noses.
  • Top Ten Gift Ideas For Teddy Bear Lovers
    Not all bears are created equal, though most teddy bear lovers don't seem to mind. Usually if someone loves teddy bears they at least have the start of a collection. Read this guide to get some great ideas for the teddy bear lover in your life.
  • Top Wineries In St. Charles, Missouri
    St. Charles has some of the finest wineries in the state of Missouri. Next time you come to St. Charles, be sure and visit these fine wineries found in the heart of Missouri Wine Country.
  • 5 Hearty Crock Pot Meals For Winter
    Crockpots get used more often in the cold winter months, and there is nothing better than the drifting smells from a meal that is cooking all day. Try these extra hearty recipes to keep your family warm and full through the long winter nights.
  • 5 Mouth Watering Holiday Brunch Recipes
    Christmas day is often full of non-stop action from the time the kids wake up, to the time you crash at the end of the day. Why not make brunch a little easier by trying one of these easy brunch recipes?
  • 5 Easy Holiday Appetizer Recipes
    The holidays are rapidly approaching, the guests have all been invited, and you've already decided what you are serving for dinner. But have you considered what to have as appetizers for your guests to snack on? Try these five easy recipes this holiday season.
  • Why Are Some Babies Born With a Caul?
    Legend has it that being born with a caul brings good luck and many blessings. Psychics believe that there is a different reason a baby is born with a veil. Read to find out more.
  • Best Bed and Breakfast Lodging in St. Charles, Missouri
    St. Charles, Missouri is well known for it's amazing bed and breakfast lodging. Many boast turn of the century homes. From the quaint bed and breakfast to the elegant amenities of an inn, there is something for every budget and occasion.
  • Country Music's Diva's Strike Again!
    What does it take to create a jealousy match on the country music circuit? Apparently, not much. Just throw in a couple of established country superstars and a newcomer. Add an award, and a website. What you get is more than most bargained for. What's your opinion?
  • Restaurant Review: Stefanina's Pizzeria - A Favorite Restaurant in St. Charles County
    Stefanina's Pizzeria has long been known as one of St. Charles, Missouri's favorite eateries. The friendly staff and the absolutely mouth watering food will keep you coming back to Stefanina's time and time again.
  • Choosing to Homeschool Your ADHD Child
    Choosing to homeschool is a big decision and should never be made lightly. Homeschool your ADHD child is not only a decision but a great big commitment. Here is a look into choosing and preparing to homeschool from another parent's point of view.
  • New Years Activities for Children in St. Charles, Missouri
    There are dozens of places for families to go on New Years Eve. In addition there are many places that children can go while their parents are celebrating the New Year. Here are a few around St. Charles, Missouri and immediate surrounding areas.
  • Celebrate New Years Eve in St. Charles, Missouri
    New Years Eve is a time for celebration. There are many fun and exciting events all over St. Charles from the low key bar to the extravagant gala. Choose something fun to do this year by checking these various events out.
  • Best Christmas Light Displays in St. Charles, Missouri
    Looking for some great Christmas light displays? St. Charles is notorious for going all out during the holiday season! Check out some of these seasonal displays with your family.
  • Starting a Teddy Bear Collection
    Teddy bears are fun and can be highly collectible items. Knowing what to look for when choosing your bears is important. Here's a brief history, and a beginner's guide to collecting those cuddly fur balls.
  • Helping Your ADHD Child with Better Study Skills
    It is a known fact that children with ADHD are chronically disorganized and lack proper study skills. Help your child begin to succeed in school by setting up a positive learning environment in your own home.
  • 10 Unique Gift Basket Ideas for Everyone
    Setting a budget for holiday spending is a challenge. Sticking to one type of gift for everyone on your list is one way to do this. Gift baskets are a great way to give unique and thoughtful gifts and stay within a budget this holiday season.
  • Top Ten Gift Ideas for Scrapbookers
    Scrapbookers are as unique as we all are individual. Finding the right gift for one might seem an impossible chore. However, using this top ten list you are sure to find the perfect gift for that special scrapbooker on your list, no matter their ability.
  • Top Ten Gift Ideas for the ADHD Child
    Children with ADHD have special needs and special interests that typically stretch beyond what might be age appropriate for them. Buying gifts should be done with that in mind.

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