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Prentiss Whitley Jr.

I teach English IV in Houston, Texas. I write poems, short stories, and novels as well.
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Undergrad- Communication , Masters Human Relations University of Oklahoma


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  • 'The Office': The Nard Knight Rises
    A list is found in CEO Robert California's notebook. This drives the gang into a frenzy as they try to discern what it means. Andy, the new Scranton branch boss, must find a solution.
  • 'The Office' Michael Scott Goes; DeAngelo Vickers Goes Crazy
    In Michael Scott's last episode the emotions fly freely. As Michael says his goodbyes to each individual co-worker, Will Ferrel's DeAngelo Vickers simultaneously asserts and embarrasses himself every chance he gets.
  • 'The Office': Life After Michael Scott
    Michael Scott is scheduled to leave "The Office" after seven award winning seasons. Will Ferrel, Will Arnett, and series creator Ricky Gervais will stand in to ensure an epic send off to one of America's most endearing jerks.
  • 'The Office': Michael Scott Sends Todd Packer Packing
    Todd Packer returns to everyone's displeasure. Tension forms as Holly gives him his old sales seat back. Dwight and Jim conspire against Packer while Andy and Pam conspire against a computer.
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  • Legislators in Transformative Education Reform
    Lawmakers are responsible for almost all facets of public education. They okay the yearly planning, as well as approve the meager funding. It is time that the ones most responsible begin to face consequences of their massive failures.
  • Funding in Transformative Education Reform
    There are never enough funding sources and resources for America's education system. What message do "leaders" send when they feel that sports arenas and billionaire tax breaks are worth more than education and social advancement?
  • "The Office": Michael Scott Met David Brent!
    Series creator Ricky Gervais's show stealing cameo mixed with Andy Benard's absurd seminar. Sprinkle in a sprinting Kevin, creepy Creed, and top it off with one of Michael Scott's best/worst impersonations ever.
  • Others in Transformational Education Reform
    A lot of different groups have stepped up to the mantle in attempts to save and reform American public schools with wildly mixed results. Everybody has a say...except the teacher.
  • Students in Transformational Education Reform
    An open letter to America's students.
  • Teachers in Transformational Education Reform
    Teachers are invaluable to society. We need to take steps to develop our dynamic teachers as well as compensating them for the true professionals they are.
  • Ephemeral Mineral
    Another prophetic poem carved inside a recently unearthed gun safe
  • Give it Back for Kids
    Millionaires and billionaires will continue to get unnecessary tax cuts for two more years. We literally cannot afford that. Caught in the middle of this cold theft are millions of students. Here is a way we can make it right.
  • A Teacher's Worth
    This is an attempt to speak as plainly as possible about what this entire world owes to the teaching profession.
  • Rigor in Transformative Education Reform
    Students are dropping out at record levels. The kids that do remain in school are doing less and less. Why? High school is too easy.
  • Three Questions I'd Ask Texas Sen. John Cornyn
    Senator John Cornyn voted for the 2008 T.A.R.P program and slid away when the most recent Stimulus bill was voted upon. He has helped others campaign against the very bills he supported.
  • Discipline in Transformative Education Reform
    Part three in the ongoing discussion on true education reform. This next installment focuses on discipline in public schools
  • The Role of Parents in Transformative Education Reform
    This is an multi-part series exploring serious and realistic public school reform. This section focuses on the vital role parents play in our society.
  • Transformative Education Reform
    This is an ongoing series on the steps to true transformational reform in America's public schools.
  • What We Learned From the "The Office": "Viewing Party"
    Erin and Gabe put together a "Glee" watch party to break the ice on their new relationship. This causes tension between Andy and Michael. Meanwhile Jim and Pam discover Dwight has a curious way with young kids.
  • First Person: How Education, Middle Class Can Benefit from Spending Cuts
    Obama's deficit commission was tasked with getting America's fiscal house in order. What materialized was a terrifying taste of a future of raised retirement ages and massive cuts in Medicare, Social Security, and Education. America's battle begins here.
  • The Onkyo 7.1 All-in-One Home Theater
    7.1 Digital surround is the only way to truly watch a movie at home. Simple flicks become events and family movie night turns into grand spectacle.
  • Red Light Cameras: Life Savers or Money Makers?
    Since 2004 Houston has used traffic cameras at certain busy intersections. As the vote on whether to keep or remove them nears, it is important to understand the pros and cons of Traffic Light cameras.
  • Opinion: Why Bill White should be governor of Texas
    In order for Texas children to have a future (not to mention a job) we must stand and deny Rick Perry a chance to ruin anymore of Texas. We need Bil White in Austin next year.
  • After Avalon
    Angela Grey arrives to see her friend in the ICU unit. Very soon she realizes two things: This will be no regular visit just might be her last.
  • Abstinence-Only in Texas Only Creates More Pregnancies
    In less than two weeks we will vote for almost seventy different political positions in Texas. We must make sure these future leaders do not repeat the same failed sex education strategy.
  • Texas Board of "Educators" Debate Reality
    While Texas "educators" debate nonsense like human/ dinosaur co-habitation our students are being set up to fail. What we don't invent today we buy tomorrow. If we are not making students world leaders we are regulating them to followers.
  • Democrats Should Stand Up for Themselves
    Democrats in red states are running away from President Obama's progressive agenda. Wrong move. All historic steps toward equality have been democratic principals. Texas state Rep. Scott Hochberg is a good example of a strong governance.
  • Fraudulent Voter Group Alleges Voter Fraud
    True the vote, a false voter suppression right wing group posing as a watchdog group, plan to obstruct and meddle with minority voters. This tried and true republican strategy disenfranchises the very voters they work against.
  • Politically Poisoned Pastors Do Not Deserve Tax-Exemptions
    This year 100 pastors participated in Pulpit Free Sunday with a supposedly innocent mission to re-dress some clergy's issues with the Federal Tax Law of '54. Of course the truth is less spiritual and more sinister.
  • Riding the Republican Hate and Hypocrisy Highway
    The two-faced Obama hate machine must stop. This is not a game. People's lives are being torn asunder while Republicans play politics.
  • False Facts and Politics Pounce on Texas Textbooks
    The Texas School Board recently decided to include false information and political propaganda in order to clandestinely influence young children.
  • TAKS Tests Fail Texas Students
    The yearly TAKS test does more harm than good. With its dismally low percentage required for passing, Texas students find themselves unprepared for the future.
  • Struggling Texas Kids Have Fat Chance with Governor Perry
    Houston's obesity rate is epidemic. Overweight, sugar and fat-filled kids perform poorly in school, adversely affecting all facets of society. Governor Perry's lawsuit steals money from healthy lunch alternatives.
  • Why the Moratorium Must Remain
    Much criticism has surrounded the 6-month moratorium on deep water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. However, 11 people died and millions more were affected forever. A through inspection of all rigs must happen to ensure no more unnecessary casualties.
  • Governor Perry Claimed Texas Didn't Need 'Race to the Top' Funding
    Governor Rick Perry is wasting tax dollars to sue the U.S government for trying to provide funds for the millions of school children in Texas who desperately need the resources. Seriously.
  • Everything is Bigger in Texas-Including the Dangerous Neglect of Education
    I am a high school teacher in Texas. I have seen first hand how the current state government has systematically crippled k-12 public education system. More programs with less funding. More instruction with less planning time and more students.
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum Review
    Review of the new Batman game available on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.
  • Pangaea Panacea
    Another cryptic and prescient"journal" entry carved into the walls of a large gun safe found open on a beach in Virginia.
    An excerpt of a "journal" that was found in a open, rusted gun safe the size of a Porta-Potty found on the southern tip of the Virginia Beach coastline late 2010.
  • The Great Year
    An excerpt of a "journal" that was found in a open, rusted gun safe the size of a Porta-Potty found on the southern tip of the Virginia Beach coastline late 2010.
  • Race Relations: Thoughts on Race Pre-Obama
    I was asked to write an opinion piece in 2004 on race relations in general, and to comment on why some things perpetually resurface in this national disgrace. It was MY opinion, in 2004 no less. Stay tuned for the 2009 update.
  • The Ultimate "Crackberry" Curve
    In one Blackberry users opinion: the three things that seem like no brainers when discussing smart phones that are missing from the Blackberry Curve 8330.
  • Racism, Cops, and Culture: A Conversation Before the Age of Obama
    A series of interviews with private American citizens discussing the most prevalent issue throughout Americas' short history.
  • Not to People like Us by Dr. Susan Weitzman Book Review
    Book review of "Not to People Like Us", a novel which explores the oft overlooked world of upper class spousal abuse.
  • Glimpse: A Short Story
    The opening salvo of a career spanning epic story covering 26,000 years of human past, present, and future. Glimpse tells the harried tale of Carter and his escape from a clandestine compound.
  • Wonderfull
    The clouds open in my mind, and the paper is deluged with love. A collection of musings in prose about life told in seed and weather metaphors.
  • Fear: A Poem
    The poem that explains life's main motivation...

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