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MaryAnn Myers

MaryAnn Myers is the Bestselling author of Favored to Win, Odds on Favorite, and Barn 14 ~ Meg's Meadows of the Winning Odds Series about Thoroughbred racing, and equestrian novels Maple Dale, Maple Dale Revisited & Maple Dale ~ My Forever Home of the Bestselling Maple Dale Series. She is an equestrian, horse trainer, environmentalist and Earth Sage - and lives on an organic farm in Northeast Ohio.
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  • Jockey Jane Magrell Wins Her 1000th Win at ThistleDown Racino
    Crowd favorite Jockey Jane Magrell captures her 1000th Win at ThistleDown Racino!
  • East Hall Wins ThistleDown 2014 Ohio Derby
    Near record crowd braves the rain to root on the winner of the 2014 Ohio Derby! East Hall Rallies to Win!
  • Famed Jockey Calvin Borel Favored to Win the 2014 Ohio Derby
    Excitement is building at ThistleDown Racino for the 80th running of the Ohio Derby!
  • The Sport of Kings Challenge
    Ex-racehorses: Thoroughbreds, quarter horses, paints, and appaloosas, to compete in Hunter-Jumper, Dressage, Western Dressage, and Barrel Racing at Remington Park June 21-22 to benefit Thoroughbred Athletes, Inc. $6500 Prize Money
  • The Cleveland Grand Prix
    Betty Weibel's new book "The Cleveland Grand Prix - An American Show Jumping First" showcases efforts to bring the Chagrin Valley Grand Prix back to Greater Cleveland in 2015 by honoring its rich history.
  • Libana
    Women's World Music Ensemble “Libana” to give Guest Performance at the Women's Voices, Women's Visions Symposium June 21 at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York.
  • Ferdinand's Ball to Benefit Old Friends Equine Retirement
    Louisville-based all-female folk trio Southern Sirens will entertain guests and celebrities to benefit Old Friends on Thursday May 1st at the 5th Anniversary Derby Gala “Ferdinand’s Ball” in downtown Louisville, Kentucky.
  • Owning Your Own Horse
    Thinking about buying your first horse? There's a few things other than cost, breed, color or size you need to consider. Horse ownership is risky business. If you're not ready to be that horse's #1 best friend and advocate, you might want to think again.
  • Women's Voices, Women's Visions
    In less than two months Livingkindness Foundation will host their 2nd Annual Women's Voices, Women's Visions Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York. Helping to spread the word are several of the attendees from last year.
  • Flower Shops in Greater Cleveland
    Flower shops are not just about flowers anymore. The new kids on the block offer unique gift items, gourmet chocolates and cookies, home decor items and antiques. Vintage has a new venue!
  • Women Activists Seeking Social Change
    Livingkindness Foundation: Women's Voices, Women's Visions 2nd Annual Creativity, Leadership & Social Change Symposium to be held at Skidmore College - Saratoga Springs, NY June 19-22, 2014.
  • ThistleDown Horse Racing 2014
    ThistleDown Racino will launch its 90th season of Thoroughbred racing on April 18th with race day purses totaling $100,000, the highest purses have ever been at this classic track.
  • Horsesavers in Upstate New York
    Natural Horsemanship takes on new meaning in Upstate New York. At Horsesavers, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit horse rescue, wild horses and down-on-their luck horses find sanctuary in a natural setting.
  • Newly Elected Mayor of New York City Bill De Blasio Has an Agenda
    An debate about whether or not Carriage Horses should remain in New York City is heating up. Citing safety concerns for the horses, even before Mayor de Blasio was sworn in, he vowed to ban carriage horses in the city. But why?
  • Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance Wins 2013 Special Eclipse Award
    When the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance Foundation won the 2013 Special Eclipse Award, it was a win for all North American Thoroughbreds and everyone associated with the Thoroughbred racing Industry. Read all about it...
  • Fast Track, Inequality, and Accountability
    Given a virtual opportunity to sit down with the President of the United States today before he addresses the nation, I'm voicing my concerns. Hear me out.
  • Remember Me Rescue
    Freeze branding is gaining popularity in the quest to save Thoroughbreds from going to slaughter houses. A specifically designed bio-hazard brand on the horse's shoulder tagging the horse as unsafe for human consumption may deter meat processors.
  • Cañonero II
    Cañonero II - The Rags to Riches Story of the Kentucky Derby's Most Improbable Winner - is the dream come true story of a longshot Thoroughbred yearling valued at $1200 because of a crooked leg - that goes on to almost capture the Triple Crown.
  • Begin Again Horse Rescue
    Imagine a blind mare in foal abandoned alongside a highway. Imagine how frightened she must have been. Imagine her being rescued and having a safe place to give birth. This is what Horse Rescue is all about. A second chance at life.
  • Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary
    Horses turned out to pasture takes on new meaning at Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary where horses are allowed to roam free, are loved and cared for, and never ever have to leave. This is their home.
  • Healing Through Divine Light
    A photographer's fascination with nature transforms into a masterpiece of images. Birds in flight, trickling water, leaves floating in the breeze...all come to vivid sensory life on in this newly released treasure of a book.
  • ReRun - Adopt a Thoroughbred Program
    The second-career program for Thoroughbred racehorses at ReRun, Inc. is a winner! It's no longer yesterday's news when a racehorse's career is over. His or her life by way of a second career is just beginning....
  • Becoming an Author
    How to write a novel when all you have is an idea. Where do you begin? How do you get started?
  • Balancing Act by Toni Leland
    Author Toni Leland delivers the goods in her new Kovak & Quaid Mystery, "Balancing Act." Intrigue, deception, greed and danger are at the core in this equestrian setting. And if that's not enough for the hook, the love of horses will draw you in.
  • A Diabetic Alert Dog for Elijah
    With the help of a Diabetic Alert Dog, possibilities are endless. Elijah, diagnosed at the age of 16 with Type 1 diabetes, will now have a highly trained dog to assist him in pursuing his goals of independence and competitive swimming.
  • Still Point Meditation with Pamela Frost
    What is Still Point Meditation? What are the benefits? How does one become perfectly still when one still has to breathe? How does one accomplish this even if it is just for a brief moment in time.
  • Becoming an Author
    How does one become an author? How does one write a novel? Where do they begin? How do they begin?
  • Hitch-in-Time Carriage Rides
    Who hasn't dreamed of a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride? Who hasn't longed for a ride in a horse-drawn sleigh, blanket on your lap, snow falling all around. Dreams do come true at Hitch-in-Time Horse Drawn Entertainment.
  • Thoroughbred Racing Needs a Liaison Person at Every Racetrack
    Champion racehorse Monzante did not have to be euthanized.
  • Monzante
    Why does the Thoroughbred Racing Industry stand by and allow these injustices to the Thoroughbred Racehorse to continue? Why aren't owners and trainers held accountable for these inhumane practices. Why?
  • Women's Voices for (a) Change Symposium
    Livingkindness Foundation rolled out the red carpet at Skidmore College for Women Activists June 20-23! Women from near and far gathered to celebrate activism as only women can, with song, with dance, with laughter, with tears, with conviction.
  • Raja - Story of a Racehorse
    What happens to the Thoroughbred racehorse when it's racing career ends? Whose responsibility is it to find that horse a home, a new career? Raja, Story of a Racehorse tells one horse's story and offers promise to many.
  • Multiple Stakes Winner "Zee Oh Six" Winning Classics Again - in Top Form
    Oklahoma Classics Winner Zee Oh Six finds second career in Classic winning style as he helps teens find their way in the world of show jumping. Horse lovers are once again counting his wins!
  • Women's Voices for (a) Change
    Women cultural creators, social networkers, educators, public media officials, spiritual leaders, artists, activists and writers will assemble at Skidmore College this June 20-23rd to make history. Come join them!
  • Top Ten in Amazon Kindle Horse Racing Bestsellers
    History in the making. What are the odds of the Top Ten Kindle Horse Racing Bestsellers all being written by women, or about a woman?
  • Other People's Horses
    Natalie Keller Reinert's much-anticipated second novel "Other People's Horses" is hot off the press! Travel along with Alex again of "The Head and Not the Heart" as she journeys from her Ocala Thoroughbred farm to the prestigious Saratoga Racetrack.
  • Horse Tied to Lawn Chair Facebook Post
    There is current photo post on Facebook post about a horse tied to a plastic lawn chair. At first glance, one is supposed to read the happy slogan and feel good, feel positive. Look again.....
  • A Night at the Races in Chagrin Falls, Ohio
    What happens to retired Thoroughbred racehorses? How does the owner or trainer go about finding them a home? CANTER USA can help and so can you. Come to "A Night at the Races" for information, delicious food, and horse racing fun!
  • Horse Rescue United
    Horses bound for slaughter find homes thanks to Horse Rescue United and their devoted volunteers.
  • Hellriegel's Inn: Timeless Treasure in Painesville, OH
    Hellriegel's Inn in Painesville, Ohio, has a long and illustrious history dating all the way back to 1805.
  • Zoe
    What makes a dog special? Is it inherent in the breed? In the way the dog is raised. Is their personality a reflection of the owner?
  • John Kasich Medicaid Promise Benefits Children, Elderly
    Will Ohio Governor make good on his promise to cut taxes and increase Medicaid spending?
  • Cleveland-Area State Park Offers English Tradition and Atmosphere
    State parks are not usually associated with fine dining, elegant lodging, Mother's Day buffets, linens, and fine china. But that is exactly what patrons enjoy at Punderson State Park in Newbury, Ohio. Oh, and my personal favorite, bubble and squeak.
  • Earth Sage
    Is there a difference between being an Earth Sage or Wiccan? Is the difference in theory or practice? What is the difference? There are few, there are many. We are sisters.....
  • Affordable Health Care
    Of the many epidemics in this country: political bickering, name calling, finger pointing, one fact remains, if we as American citizens do not have health care, we are doomed.
  • No More High-Powered Assault Weapons on the Streets in America
    The message President Barack Obama delivered to our great nation today is one we as United states citizens should all be proud of. It is time we stand up as one and support efforts to end the violence.
  • Euclid Beach
    Does anyone know how Euclid Beach got its name? Built in Cleveland in 1895 and demolished in 1969, Euclid Beach Park memory lives on....
  • Promise Land the Movie. The Myth
    Hydraulic fracturing or hydro fracturing is a process stimulation procedure of drilling that has been used by the oil and gas industry since 1947. Why is it only now getting recognition? Because it's caught up with us and it is deadly.
  • Thoroughbred Racing New Year's Resolution
    Imagine the Thoroughbred Racing Industry starting fresh, starting new? Imagine letting go of old dogma and putting the safety of the horses and jockeys first and foremost. Imagine....
  • Thoroughbreds and Zen
    When thinking about Thoroughbreds, a calm exterior doesn't come to mind to a lot of people. We think of them as high-strung and excitable. We think of them as power houses. Think again. They can have a calmer gentler side.
  • Show Horses, Drugs, and the New York Times
    The use of performance enhancing drugs is rampant in the Horse Industry. For years now the Thoroughbred Racing industry has been under fire. Sadly, with the death of a pony named Humble, the horse show industry is being exposed.
  • My Doomsday Resolution
    Doomsayers predict the end of the world on December 21, 2012. Does that mean it's too late to live a dream?
  • Pasta Anyone? Healthy Pasta?
    Are you watching your carb intake? Do you have diabetes? Do you love pasta and think you can't enjoy it anymore? Think again.
  • First Person: Pearl Harbor Reverberates Decades Ahead
    I grew up knowing my father was a decorated war hero. His purple heart with oak leaf clusters and bronze medals were kept in a worn leather case, taken out only on occasion. His Army picture hung on the wall.
  • Do Thoroughbreds Need Medication to Win Races?
    Does a racehorse really need to be medicated to race? Is medicating a racehorse cruel? Would not medicating them for soreness be even crueler? Bev Brady of Equine Massage & Rehab offers alternative treatment.
  • Wickliffe Floral
    Looking for Christmas magic? A step back in time? Flowers, poinsettias, ornaments, wreaths, pine roping, Spode, Ranko, Thomas Kinkade, Religious items, Figurines and statuary.
  • Take Charge Senator-House Speaker John Boehner
    Why John Boehner should lead banishing Norquist's No-Tax Promise Sheet
  • Prepping Sense & Sensibility
    Concerns over global warming, extreme weather; drought, hurricanes, tsunamis. war - What should a person do to help insure their survival?
  • My Diabetes Journal
    Know someone with diabetes? Have you just recently been diagnosed yourself? "My Diabetes Journal" could be the key to your successful diabetes management. The perfect gift for you, a loved one, co-worker or friend. A gift of giving.
  • Two Greater Cleveland Landmarks Tell Stories of Millionaires
    Ghosts at Mooreland Mansion and Squire's Castle? Or just fond memories? Legend, folklore, or just a rich history? You might want to visit them yourself and be your own judge.
  • First Person: Ohio Voters Determined Voters at the Polls
    Voters braving the lines at the polls in Ohio
  • Sherry Ames - Voter Opinion
    Who to vote for in tomorrow's election? It's a personal choice. Make it an informed choice.
  • Eating Organic - All Natural on a Budget
    How to feed your family healthy organic and all natural foods on a budget. Everyone wants to feed their children healthy foods and snacks. Find out how you can afford to do that.
  • Vote for Democracy Not Dictatorship - Women's Vote!
    How do I vote? How do I decide? Who's telling the truth? Who's lying? Vote for what's right!
  • In Second Debate, a Stellar Performance by President Obama
    Will tonight's presidential debate seal the re-election of Barack Obama?
  • Stoney the Pony's Most Inspiring Year
    How to help children understand when a family member or loved one is struggling with addiction. Stoney the Pony's story will show them the way. A book for children. A book for parents, grandparents, friends and family. A success story!
  • Thoroughbred Racing Down on Its Luck
    Can Thoroughbred Racing survive the public scrutiny? Can it come out alive? What's going to become of the Thoroughbred Racing industry?
  • Thoroughbred Racing Ills Continue
    The proposed ban on race-day drugs fails. The anti-bleeding drug ban fails. Thoroughbred racing needs to take a good hard look at itself. Are these drugs necessary? And if so, why? The racing public wants to know.
  • Barbaro
    Champion racehorse and Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro's memory lives on. His victories, his defeats, his legacy.
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  • Westminster Dog Show
    Mark your calendars! The 136th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Champions Only Dog Show is this coming Monday and Tuesday, February 13 & 14, 2012 at Madison Square Garden! New York, New York
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  • Extraordinary Horsemen Todd and Pat Swann
    Blacksmith Todd Swann and Horse Trainer Pat Swann tell it like is! With a lifetime of experience and success under their belts, they say it all comes down to doing right by the horse, always. Listen....
  • Emergency Supplies Every Horse Barn Needs
    Equine Emergency - Be prepared! You need to know what to do when your horse is injured or sick. Equally as important, you need to know what NOT to do.
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  • National Day of the Horse
    Exactly what does the United States' declaration of a National Day of the Horse mean? What does it stand for and what is the hope behind its origin?
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  • Instinctive Horsemanship with Julia Felton
    Understanding why and how your horse interacts with not only you, but with strangers and other horses might not be as mysterious as it seems. Horses can't talk, but they do communicate. We just need to listen.
  • Facebook -- What's it All About?
    Facebook used to be fun. You would log on and get updates on your friends and family, see recent photos, hear about upcoming events. Not anymore!
  • Thoroughbred Racing & Religion -- Racetrack Chaplaincy
    When you walk down a busy shedrow at a Thoroughbred racetrack, you hardly expect to see a Chaplain there working his ministry. But look again, because they are on the job.
  • “BUCK” Documentary About the Equine Legend Buck Brannaman
    Horses are synonymous with Saratoga Springs. It is home to Saratoga Race Course, colorful statues of horses line the streets, champion equestrians hail from Skidmore College. What better place for a showing of the documentary film, "BUCK."
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  • Horse Show Photographer Linda Finstad
    The goal of a horse show photographer is to make time stand still within an action shot, to take one's breath away with the beauty on the capture a memory in an equestrian's life that they will cherish forever.
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  • Veterinarian Dispels Rumor of Lusitano Stallion Injury
    A photo of a Lusitano Stallion has been making the rounds on social media, depicting him with an abusive injury to his side. This is simply not true.
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  • The Million Mare and Male March
    Imagine seeing a horse for the first time. Imagine the wide-eyed awe of a child seeing a horse for the first time. No one has to tell a child that a horse is beautiful. Somehow they just know. And that horse knows that a child cares.
  • Rescue, rehab, re-home: Where does the Thoroughbred go when it is done racing?
    Are there too many Thoroughbreds in the racing business today? Are there just not enough homes to go around for these horses once they no longer race? What's happening to the Thoroughbred business?
  • Recommended Reading - "No Ordinary Time" Written by Jan Phillips
    Jan Phillips, author of "Marry Your Muse" & "The Art of Original Thinking" named Book of the Year by ForeWord Magazine, has stepped up to the plate and delivered another thought-provoking homerun!
  • Agreements: A Must-Read Book of 2011
    Do we come into this world by choice? Or do we just happen? Do we live and breathe? Is this all an illusion? Or is there a soul, a consciousness that lives on and on? What is life all about?
  • "Houses of Cards" Author Pamela Frost Meets Beth Vanderpool Bracale and Amy Temple
    Why would a person spend years of their life in solitary writing a novel? And why this novel? Why this story? What inspires them? Authors Pamela Frost, Beth Vanderpool Bracale, and Amy Temple offer their insights.
  • Candlelight Winery in Garrettsville, Ohio
    Where can you go for your choice of 15 distinct wines, a family atmosphere, bring you own picnic or order from the menu, enjoy a light show surrounding a firepit, live music, and relax in a countryside setting? Candlelight Winery
  • Howard Lewis
    The legendary Howard Lewis's association with horses began as a young boy. Eighty-five years old now, he cannot even imagine counting all the horses he has schooled, ridden, shown, and hunted in his lifetime as an equestrian and trainer.
  • Kwan Yin
    I didn't go searching for Kwan Yin. I knew very little about her. I was looking for answers about my mother. Who was she? What could she tell me from the past?
  • The benefits of equine massage
    Can your horse benefit from a massage? Will it help them get over sore muscles, injuries? Will it help them prevent injuries?
  • Horses and extreme heat: When it's too hot
    Horses sweat as a way to cool their body temperature. Can they sweat too much? Not enough? Yes. When the heat index rises, so should your concerns.
  • Jane Eyre
    Jane Eyre is a timeless classic. It is a story of love in the deepest sense. It is superbly written.
  • Ruler on Ice wins the 2011 Belmont Stakes; Irwin a sore loser: Fan reaction
    When horses break from the gate, anything can happen. That's horseracing. When Animal Kingdom owner Barry Irwin took a shot at Isn't He Perfect, saying he didn't belong in the race, Irwin fired a shot at horseracing in general.
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  • Best and worst fictional equestrian sports dads
    Everyone has favorite movies and characters they love or hate. Add horses to the mix and our passions run even deeper. I'll never forget the father in my favorite horse movie...
  • Retired champion Thoroughbred racehorses
    What happens to a Thoroughbred racehorse when they can no longer race? What happens to a Thoroughbred racehorse stallion when they can no longer breed? Who cares for them? Where do they go? Who takes them?
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  • Kentucky Derby
    Is the field too large for the Kentucky Derby? Some say it can't be too large - leave it up to the owners and trainers who pay $50,000 to run. Let them play the odds. But what about the safefy factor? The practicality?
  • Mother's Day Story of a Surprise Foal
    Giving birth is instinctual. Animals don't stop to think about the process. When the time comes, they follow their instincts and give birth. Somewhere right now, a mare is in the throes of labor and before long, that little one's going to be born.
  • Mother's Day the equine way: First-hand account of the relationship between mother and foal
    Do mares and their foals experience lifetime attachment and recognition? Do they look at one another and just know they are related, even if it's been years since they've seen one another?
  • Equestrian Drill Team
    In many areas of equine competition, individuals compete against other riders, but drill requires a team. Drill requires changes in speed, quick changes in direction, as well as locking back to keep your spacing.
  • How to Find a Good Pet Sitter
    It's never easy to go away from home and leave a pet behind in a kennel. Compound that with many animals and pets, and you could very well worry yourself sick at just the thought of leaving home. A pet sitter may or not be the solution.
  • Horseback Riding Instructors vs. Trainers
    Instructing an equestrian student on how to ride a horse, or training that person to ride has different implications. Can you actually train a person to ride? Hmmm....
  • Does Thoroughbred racing have a future?
    Thoroughbred racetracks across the country are hurting. Attendance is down, handle is down. Record numbers of racetracks have closed their doors or in danger of failing.
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