Charity R. Dean

Charity R. Dean

Charity Renee Dean is a freelance writer and contributor to various news and entertainment publications, in print and online. She is also the founder of A proud wife and mother, Charity has a strong sense of community and a love for politics. Her writing varies from political commentary to the joys and trials of motherhood.
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Bachelor of Arts , Political Science, Oakland University



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  • The Cost of Ministry
    Ministry is often mistakenly viewed as a glamourous entity in which one can promote him/herself. The truth is that ministry is often a very lonely place. There is a high cost for following Christ. Are you willing to give all?
  • Reflections on Egypt and Freedom
    Egypt's crisis should be a lesson to all of us on the cost of freedom.
  • 7 Ways to Be a Stress-Free Bride
    How to remain stress-fress while planning a wedding.
  • Politics as Usual in the 13th Congressional District of Michigan
    A reflection on the campaigns of Hansen Clark (D) and John Hauler(R) in 2010 elections. Find out which is better for the state.
  • These Hips
    An inspirational poem for women of all ages
  • Absent Dad
    This poem highlights a sad reality in the african-american community; the cyclical pattern of absent fathers.
  • Health Care Plan for America ....Simplified
    Are you lost in the political overtones of the health care debate? This articles cuts through the politics and explains how the Health Care Plan affects the average person.
  • Detroit, the Paris of the Midwest
    A reflection on what is good in Detroit.
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  • The Meeting
    Sometimes we move through life so fast, we forget the things and people around us. Angel is moving so fast, it takes a morning like this to put things into perspective.
  • Easter's Promise
    Easter comes every year, awakening our darkened winters.
  • Writer's Block is for Wimps - Just Do It
    Are you tired of staring at the blank word document on your computer? Need inspiration? This article will inspire you to get past the inevitable condition that threatens the imagination and determination of every writer.
  • Break Free
    An inspirational poem as we begin the Easter season.

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