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Kyla Matton

Kyla Matton has been writing ever since she could hold a pen in her hand. Her first piece was published almost 30 years ago, and since then she has written for a number of print and online publications. Her writing has also been published on Yahoo! Canada and Examiner, in The Senior Times, and in a number of other local and national print publications. She has several full-length projects in the works, including novel and biography writing. Additionally, she has a number of educational e-books published or underway.

Kyla holds an AEC in Gerontology, and worked in both medical and psychiatric wings at Ste. Anne s Hospital - Canada s last federal chronic care facility for war veterans. In addition to hospital work Kyla has numerous years of experience with special needs populations, and is herself the mother of children with autism and ADHD. Her work and personal experiences have led her to explore both mainstream and alternative medicine, healing plants and ethnobotany.

A student of education and of the social sciences and humanities, Kyla has cultivated an interest in a great many subjects: from literature and history, to social justice and earth based religions, to domestic and martial arts. She homeschools three children, and produces quality restorations of period textbooks and children s literature. Like Heinlein, she believes that specialization is for insects.

Child of two parents who proudly served in the Royal Canadian Air Force, Kyla was raised in Alberta and in central Canada, where she and her family enjoyed the unique blending of languages and cultures, and the meeting of the present day with times long past. She speaks both English and French, and is a supporter of both our regular and reserve military forces, and of the Canadian Cadet Movement.
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AEC Gerontology, College Marie-Victorin, 1989 Valedictorian. Extensive experience with special populations: adult literacy clients, senior citizens, special needs children.


Specialization is for insects


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  • Baking Bread with Instant Yeast
    Professional bakers prefer instant yeast, and you can use it in your home bread making too. Switching to instant yeast is easy, and it will save you time and money.
  • ADHD and Teen Romance
    Poor impulse control is a challenge for the ADHD teen, but this unique trait can be a positive when it comes to romantic relationships. Parents can help teens find healthy ways to express their enthusiasm.
  • Sibling Rivalry Helps Kids Grow
    Recent research shows that toddlers and preschoolers benefit from interactions with older sibling, including sibling rivalry. Even teasing and arguing improve vocabulary and social skills.
  • IEP Objectives to Target Bad Habits
    Teachers often use the IEP to target bad habits instead of academic skills. Parents can advocate for a balance between academics and habit training on their child's IEP.
  • Summer Loving and Your Teen Girl
    Your teen daughter is away from home and has fallen in love with a boy. Strong parenting will get you and your teenager through a summer camp romance and into the fall.
  • Autism Elopement: Supervision Not Enough
    The death rate for autistic people is twice the norm, much of it linked to dangerous wandering. Supervision alone is not enough. Experts & police must do their part too.
  • Do Food Dyes Cause ADHD?
    Many people believe chemical food dyes are linked to ADHD. Would a ban on artificial dyes mean fewer kids with ADHD? Can a special diet help your child control ADHD symptoms?
  • Police Fear the Worst for Missing Autistic Boy
    An autistic child goes missing. It's a parent's nightmare. Wandering is one of the biggest issues for people with autism, but police can help prevent serious injury or death.
  • School Bullying Video Goes Viral
    Australian teen Casey Heynes went from victim to worldwide hero when a video showed him body slamming a school bully who attacked him. A look at bullying prevention in schools.
  • Dalton's Sultry Heathcliff a Classic
    The recent release of Cary Fukunaga's 'Jane Eyre' occasions a look back at other Bronte film adaptations. The 1970 film 'Wuthering Heights' features a sultry Timothy Dalton as Heathcliff.
  • Home Health Supplies for a State of Emergency
    Surviving a natural disaster like Japan's 2011 earthquake depends on staying safe until help arrives. Alternatives like salt, iodine or bleach can replace commercial health care products in emergencies.
  • Curriculum Change Forced on Teachers
    Special needs students may suffer if Michelangelo School goes ahead with its plans to adopt an elite international curriculum. Teachers ask the EMSB to step in after their advice goes ignored.
  • School Board Under Fire for Funding Hawaii Trip
    A Quebec school board uses monies earmarked for professional development to send a select group to a conference in Hawaii. Education, edutainment, or misuse of public funds?
  • Security Company Pleads Guilty After Woman's Rape
    Garda admits failure to keep an inexperienced security guard safe at an unsecured construction site, where she was raped. Experts highlight the need to follow up on safety for employees working alone.
  • Fate of Dying Baby Now Rests with Public Guardian
    A terminally ill baby may be transferred to a second hospital, where the child can be prepared for a peaceful death at home. The case raises issues around end of life care and legal parental authority.
  • Teach Financial Literacy in School: Task Force
    With household debt at an all-time high, a federal task force is recommending financial literacy classes be given to students as early as the primary grades.
  • Pregnant Woman Accidentally Given Abortion Drug
    A pregnant woman is accidentally given an abortion drug. It could happen to anyone. Steps you can take to spot doctor and pharmacist errors, and correct them before a tragedy occurs.
  • St. Patrick's Day in the Classroom
    Decorating your classroom green for St. Patrick's Day? Maybe you'd like to try blue instead! Facts and myths about St. Paddy's Day for the classroom teacher or homeschooler.
  • Living History: Guy Carleton, Lord Dorchester
    In the life and deeds of Lord Dorchester we find the intersection of Canada and America, of British and French, and of English and Irish. Dig deeper, and learn what your history teacher never taught you.
  • Cholera in Montreal: Then and Now
    A woman in Montreal infected with cholera has been successfully treated and released from hospital. Thousands of Irish immigrants in the 19th century were not so lucky.
  • Once a Month Cooking: Cuban Black Beans and Rice
    A Cuban dish of black beans and rice is called Moros y Cristianos or Arroz moro. It is a simple, nutritious vegetarian meal for your once a month cooking (OAMC) repertoire.
  • Swine Flu Shot Linked to Narcolepsy
    Will a suggested link between swine flu vaccine and increased cases of narcolepsy stand up to closer scrutiny?
  • St Patrick Parade in Montreal
    Montreal is home to the oldest and largest St Patrick parade in all of Canada. Join the city each March for a celebration of one of its largest and most influential ethnic groups.
  • Irish Films for the Classroom
    Broaden your students' horizons with an exploration of 20th century Irish history in film. These movies all deal with actual events, and are suitable for upper high school or college classrooms.
  • Once a Month Cooking: Bejeweled Bow Tie Soup
    A bowl of hot soup is the best comfort food when the weather turns bad. This easy recipe makes a truly attractive soup that will warm you right up and satisfy a serious hunger!
  • Curriculum Reform: Separating the Wheat from the Chaff
    Curriculum reform is ongoing everywhere, it seems. How do we select what to keep in the curriculum and what ought to be retired?
  • Once a Month Cooking: Easy Pizza Roll
    Homemade pizza made from dough is easier than you think. This pizza roll is a pretty dish to serve to lunch guests, and very popular with kids. Make extra batches and freeze leftovers for school lunches.
  • Once a Month Cooking: Beef and Vegetable Spaghetti Sauce
    Make ahead foods help cut down on preparation time and money spent on takeout and convenience foods. This large batch Quebec style spaghetti sauce is a great once a month cooking (OAMC) starter.
  • Traditional Irish Cooking: Yellowman Sponge Toffee
    Yellowman is a bubbly sponge toffee that crunches when you bite it and melts when you hold it in your mouth. A traditional fall treat from the North of Ireland, it can be enjoyed anytime by candy lovers!
  • Traditional Irish Cooking: Boxty Pancakes
    Irish potato pancakes known as boxty are generally thought of today as a side dish, but at one time this frugal dish was a staple in Ireland.
  • Traditional Irish Cooking: Dublin Coddle
    Dublin coddle is a simple one dish meal that can be prepared ahead and cooked in a crockpot or in the oven. This traditional Irish comfort food is both hearty and frugal.
  • Temperatures Drop Dangerously, Homeless Shelters Seek Coffee Donations
    As temperatures in central and eastern Canada remain dangerously low, homeless shelters and soup kitchens are running low on coffee to warm their clients.
  • Easy Handmade Oatmeal Milk Bath Sachets
    The final word in bath luxury has always been the milk bath. Offering this gift will make a big impression, especially if you mix up handmade milk bath sachets yourself.
  • Student Transit Fare Discriminatory
    Adults are returning to school in large numbers. Student fares that apply only to age 25 are seen as discriminatory, but there are viable alternatives.
  • Safe Blood Test for Down Syndrome
    Noninvasive Down syndrome screening could soon be universally available to all pregnant women. A simple blood test promises to eliminate up to 98 percent of amniocentesis.
  • Health Benefits of Chai
    Masala chai, simply called chai in the west, is a centuries old blend of sweetened tea, milk and warming spices. Drink it to relax or revitalize yourself, and for its health benefits.
  • Easy Desserts: Gingersnap Pie Crust Recipe
    Cookie crumb crusts are easier than rolled pastry, and this gingersnap pie crust is a tasty change from graham cracker crusts. Nut free alternative and filling suggestions included!
  • Frugal Oatmeal Pie Recipe
    Oatmeal pie is a frugal and healthy dessert that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth without making you feel guilty! Serve as an alternative to pecan pie, sugar pie or shoofly pie.
  • Autism Vaccine Controversy in the News Again
    Could autism be caused by a childhood vaccine? Science has never been able to prove it is, and yet the belief persists even among highly educated people because of one flawed paper and just 12 kids.
  • 3 Minute Chocolate Cake in a Mug
    Microwaved mug cakes are both a treat and a temptation! Learn how to make a rich, moist serving of chocolate cake in a matter of minutes.
  • Family Friendly Robbie Burns Night Supper Menu
    Robbie Burns Day is a second national holiday for Scottish folk the world over. Serve a family friendly Burns Night Supper at home using this do it yourself menu. Includes vegetarian alternatives too!
  • Traditional Scottish Desserts: Puddings, Trifles, Creams and More!
    Looking for a special dessert to serve after supper on Robbie Burns Day, St. Andrew's Day or Hogmanay? This collection offers a number of options, from quick and simple, to elegant and divine.
  • Complete Homemade Bannock Mix
    If you love bannock but don't get around to making it as often as you'd like to, try making up this homemade mix. Just add water & knead. You're ready to cook up a batch of Scottish bread!
  • Philadelphia Chromosome, Leukemia and Stem Cell Transplants
    A genetic mutation that creates what is known as the Philadelphia chromosome also causes leukemia. It can be helped by drugs that target the mutation, and by stem cell transplant.
  • Taking Bendectin for Morning Sickness
    Bendectin is also sold under the names Diclectin and Debendox. The medication is used to treat nausea and vomiting in pregnancy (NVP) '" a condition most of us know as morning sickness.
  • Bannock: A History and a Recipe
    Bannock is the name given to a flat, round Scottish bread originally made from oats. The recipe was brought to the New World, and is sometimes known as Indian bread or fry bread.
  • Fast and Easy Cock-a-Leekie Soup
    Cock-a-leekie soup is a Scottish dish made with chicken, leeks and barley. Thick enough to be a stew, it will fill you up on a cold winter's night. This version is quick to make, but keeps the traditional taste.
  • Ginger Mint Tea Recipe
    Ginger has been used for thousands of years to help with stomach complaints. When you or your child suffer from indigestion or nausea, this tea can help make it better. It's great for colds too!
  • Queen Elizabeth Welcomes First Great Grandchild
    The birth of a first great grandchild to Queen Elizabeth II, and the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton, highlight opportunities to examine and replace existing laws of succession in England.
  • Term Paper Help: Writing for Subject, Audience and Purpose
    College term papers can be tough, even for good students to write. Learning to analyze your subject, audience and purpose will cut down on work and stress, and help you get better grades.
  • Radio DJ Blasted for Smoking Salvia on Air
    Salvia divinorum is a hallucinogenic herb popular among youth. A radio DJ who smoked salvia while on the air highlighted the plant's uncertain legal status.
  • Healthy Choices for Your Bathroom Renovation
    Bathroom renovations provide an excellent opportunity to make healthy choices, and to plan ahead for the special needs of children, disabled family members and senior citizens.
  • Writing Prompts: The Facebook Numbers Game as a Writing Tool
    We freelance writers are sometimes accused of spending too much time online, and on Facebook in particular. Learn why the "Numbers in Status" game is actually a productive exercise for writers.
  • Turkey Stuffing Recipes for the Holidays
    Looking for a turkey stuffing recipe? Me too! Here's a roundup of both traditional and unique stuffing recipes for a Christmas or Thanksgiving meal, or anytime at all!
  • Advice for My Teenaged Daughter: Make Life Better Today
    What if our teenaged daughters didn't have to wait while it gets better?
  • Quebec Cooking: Authentic Sucre a La Creme Recipe
    Sucre a la creme is a traditional holiday treat in Quebec. Similar to fudge, but with a slightly grainy texture, this candy will melt in your mouth. Careful, it's addictive!
  • Tim Hortons Christmas Coffee Mugs Create Controversy
    A Tim Horton's Christmas coffee mug is supposed to be a nice treat for your kid's teacher, or a stocking stuffer for a spouse. How can a coffee mug design stir up such controversy?
  • Top 5 Christmas Cookie Recipes
    Broaden your Christmas baking repertoire with one or more of these great holiday cookie recipes from the talented writers at Associated Content
  • Cross-Curricular Activities for the Winter Season
    Don't waste precious teaching time on busywork right before or after the Christmas holidays! Check out these fun activities that teach creative writing, math, science, social studies and art!
  • Inexpensive Holiday Gifts for Teachers
    Not sure what to give your child's teacher, Scout leader or daycare provider for Christmas? Check out these gift basket ideas! They are a please to give and receive, and won't break the bank.
  • December Holidays for the Classroom
    A collection of five December holidays you may not have thought to explore with your students!
  • Law & Order: SVU Looks at Gray Rape, Medical Abortion
    A recent Law & Order: SVU episode looked at a college student accused of causing his girlfriend to miscarry after he used a sexual lubricant he had laced with an ulcer drug. Could it really happen?
  • Visual Support for Vocabulary Acquisition in Autism
    Adapting the school curriculum for an autistic student is not a simple matter of using pictograms and selecting worksheets for younger students
  • Gynecological and Obstetrical Uses of Misoprostol
    Ulcer medication misoprostol is perhaps best known for its off-label use in medical abortion, but it also has a number of other uses in pregnancy and women's reproductive health
  • Effective Communication for Teachers of Special Needs Students
    Teachers working in mainstreamed or inclusive education settings can decrease their workload and improve student success by learning to use effective feedback
  • Nasal Flu Vaccine Availability in Canada
    FluMist nasal influenza vaccine has finally been approved for use in Canada. Will Canadians be offered the choice between a flu shot in the arm and a needle-free vaccine this year?
  • Advocating for Your Special Needs Child
    Parents of children with an autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, Down's syndrome or other childhood developmental delays are their child's best advocate when it comes to obtaining services
  • Slideshows, Stock Images and Original Content
    If you publish your work online, you know not all internet content is public domain. But do you know what content sites like Yahoo! Contributor Network consider original content?
  • Adapting Instructional Materials for the Inclusive Classroom
    Teaching in a mainstreamed environment means extra work, but teachers can learn to adapt instructional materials for special needs kids, immersion classes or second language learners.
  • Can Special Needs Students Be Bullies?
    When does aggression equal bullying? We all know that special needs kids can be targets for bullying, but can they also be bullies themselves?
  • Free Flu Shots in Canada
    Canadians at high risk for flu or complications from influenza can receive a free flu vaccine, but recognized risks vary by province. Do you qualify for a free flu shot?
  • Rescued Chilean Miner Has Silicosis
    The oldest of the rescued Chilean mine workers, 63-year old Mario Gomez, has a lung condition called silicosis. Both physical and mental health for the miners will be a focus in the coming days and weeks.
  • Controversial Video Aims to Prevent Military Recruiting in Schools
    Mothers of fallen soldiers were offended by a controversial anti-military video designed to ban armed forces representatives from schools and return deployed members from Afghanistan
  • Drugging Autistic Children
    There is no drug approved for treatment or cure of autism, but some people feel an awful lot of autistic kids are on psychiatric medications all the same. Are these feelings born out by research?
  • Behavioural Treatments for Autism
    Is your rejection of a standard treatment for autism based on misunderstanding? Behavioural treatments are medically necessary & they involve more than discipline.
  • Remembrance Day Activities for Secondary Students
    Remembrance Day means elementary students cutting poppies out of construction paper, but what about high school students? Get older students involved through movies, postcard writing and creating mashups.
  • Full-Day Kindergarten in Ontario Schools
    Ontario's new full-day kindergarten option promises two adults per classroom, seamless integration of school day and extended childcare, and an academic head start
  • Britain Declares Druidry a Religion
    Druidry has been declared an official religion in Britain, paving the way for other earth-based religions to gain similar status
  • Tips for Making Science Classes Fun
    Science teachers who love their field will pass on a love of science to their students. Follow in the footsteps of successful science teachers, and get your class excited about science too!
  • Using Movies to Stir Up an Interest in Science Classes
    Supplement your science lectures with a movie about science to spark a greater interest in what is often a difficult subject. These science movies can help engaged students deepen their understanding too!
  • Flexible Fall Leaves Science Lesson Plan
    This free fall science lesson plan includes activities and suggested resources for elementary teachers, as well as related science and cross-curricular themes. Activities are easily customized to fit the class.
  • Writing for Associated Content: Using Legal Stock Images
    The lightbox feature at Stock.XCHNG helps freelance writers find and organize stock photographs easily, and speeds up web writing assignments
  • Donating Your Hair for Wig Making
    Human hair wigs made from donated hair can boost the morale and self-esteem of a child or a woman with cancer, alopecia or burns. It's so simple to make a difference in someone's life!
  • Diagnosing Autism by Brain Scans
    A British study published in August could mean a 15-minute diagnosis for autism
  • Person First Language: Creating Change or Convention?
    Person First Language is intended to change how the world thinks about & treats people with disabilities. Can it accomplish this goal?
  • Types of Homework Teachers Assign to Students
    Homework assigned by teachers falls into one of four categories. Parents can help kids get the most out of homework if they can recognize them, and understand how they benefit the student.
  • Home Entries in Your Child's Communication Book
    The first time I was faced with writing in my son's communication book I was stumped. It takes time to learn how to use this important tool! Advice from an experienced Mom.
  • How to Write a Communication Book Entry
    Home and school communication books are a valuable tools for teachers and parents of special education students. But what to write in them? Read on to find out!
  • Disability and Language
    The language used to refer to disabilities has changed over time. Some expressions, while they have fallen into disuse, are not as rude as we may think.
  • Tourny Fountain
    This prize winning fountain is 7m high & 4m wide. It has 43 jets, all in the shape of frogs spitting water from their mouths. It was made in France in 1854 & later moved to the National Assembly of Quebec in 2007.
  • Gardens at Quebec's National Assembly
    Gardens and statuary in front of the National Assembly, the seat of Quebec's provincial government
  • Preventative Leave for Pregnant Teachers
    Preventative leave program, unique in North America, protects pregnant teaching staff who don't have immunities to viruses like the one that causes fifth disease.
  • Unconventional Advice for Back to School Routines
    Today's parents know sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day, no matter how organized they are. A Mom of four offers unconventional advice for back to school time management.
  • Abstinence-Only Programs Criticized at AIDS Conference
    While the PEPFAR program is criticized for its emphasis on abstinence, Obama's Global Health Initiative will cover more bases.
  • Educational Benefits of Joining a Cadet Corps
    Canada's Cadet Movement is a bit of a national secret. Air, Army and Sea Cadet programs offer many fun educational experiences to our country's young men and women. Take a look!
  • Health Risks Associated with Silly Bandz Are Genuine
    Silly Bandz health warnings circulating on the internet are genuine. While the bracelets can be worn safely, parents and kids should learn how to prevent injuries and health complications.
  • Back to School Equals Back to Peanut-Free Zones
    Peanut-free policies in schools appeared in the mid-1990s, with concerns about the safety of students with peanut allergies. Should more recent research lead to changes in policies?
  • Letters to the Teacher from Students with Special Needs
    Introduction letters to teachers from students with special needs are like "quick start guides" that set the student and teacher off on the right foot at the beginning of a new school year
  • Canada and the Great War: Multimedia Learning Kit Review
    Canadian homeschoolers are often challenged to find affordable tools for teaching civics or history. This free multimedia learning kit is ideal for a homeschool environment.
  • Texas Parents Sentence Teen to Free Babysitting
    Texas father Robert Rausch is making his daughter babysit for free because she broke curfew. The punishment is both public and creative, but does it represent a natural consequence?
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