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A published poet, freelance writer, screenwriter, and photographer. Working on my 5th and 6th book respectfully. I m enjoying this wonderful time as a writer and remind everyone to keep pursuing your dreams. Don t give up on your dreams, or your dreams will give up on you. -John Wooden.
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Graphic Art Design, Filmmaker, Screenwriting, Fiction Writer, Poetry, Photographer, Alternative Medicine


You must believe for great things in your life. Confidently moving in the direction of your dreams. Have faith, have imagination, and produce the life you want to live, anything is possible.
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  • Finding Your Inspiration
    For generations inspiration has been the driving force for creation. Writers finding their inspiration can instantly open the doorway to better understanding and answers we are all seeking.
  • The Artist
    Inspiration by Edgar Allan Poe whose work was unappreciated when it was told so long ago.
  • Ups and Downs
    Life flows and undulates, and knowledge comes to those who wait. Storms come and pass but we will last.
  • Catching the Morning Spring Sunshine
    The dawning of a new day is a celebration and not to be wasted.
  • Wonderful Feeling
    When all is said and done, let go, its in God's hands that make the plans.
  • Hero
    Heroes in mythology are seeking the same experience that we in the modern world are seeking. Understanding the meaning of life and our own purpose that resonates throughout our entire being and reality.
  • Dr. Who
    Great heroes in mythology and literature are legendary, all-powerful, immortal, and solitary beings, true heroes in every sense of the word. They represent the best of our qualities, like courage, devotion, great strength, cleverness, and wisdom.
  • Magician
    Godlike beings and heroes of mythology possessed great knowledge and wisdom, rewarding them with magical abilities to live forever. May have had help in achieving these supernatural feats.
  • Immortal
    A time traveler able to instantaneously travel thousands of years in time would appear to others to be immortal. Almost godlike in his ability to transgress time and space and never age at all. Who are the likely candidates that fit this description?
  • Time Travelers
    In physics and in science fiction, a method of time travel is often speculative at best. But what if time travelers actually existed? How would we perceive them? And what are the consequences of their actions?
  • Time Machine
    Possibly the ultimate journey of all time would be not to travel to the stars or to another planet or even under the great depths of the ocean but rather through time itself.
  • Time Travel or the Rip Van Winkle Complex
    Where did the idea of time travel originate from? What were some of the earliest time travel tales ever told? What are the consequences of traveling into the far future?
  • Free Energy
    The goal of free energy and cleaner forms of producing electricity was on the minds of great thinkers long before Earth Day awareness caught on. But misinformation and resistance to change has held this information back.
  • Solar Energy
    Earth Day awareness comes every April 22, but you can live cleaner and more efficiently year around with today's technology. In most cases, even becoming more economical as new inventions and discoveries happen continuously.
  • Renewable Energy
    Being more energy efficient is the way of the future. Great thinkers of our time are constantly in search of ways to make new and cleaner innovative methods to producing energy sources like electricity cheaply.
  • Snowflakes
    There comes no surprise that magic falls during snowflakes at night.
  • The Playwright
    The writing life can be a lonely one, especially if you're a struggling writer and philosopher, but the desire to speak, share insight, and tell a tale or two is overwhelming enough to continue when others have less faith.
  • Constantine and the Cross
    Constantine the Great and his revelation with Jesus.
  • Dreamscape
    Dreams are real and making them real in this world is a joy.
  • User Friendly Gadgets
    When gadgets become more helpful and technology actually works for us.
  • Greece Holidays
    A look at Santorini, Greece.
  • Weird Gizmos (Tech) Part Two
    A look at some interesting and unusual gizmos that may help in our daily lives.
  • Weird Gizmos (Tech) Part One
    A look at some interesting and unusual gizmos that may help in our daily lives.
  • Lady GaGa
    A look at Lady GaGa from her clothes, music, hair, and out of this world makeup.
  • Wish You Could See
    One magical fairy sits and wonders at the strange world of humans, and reflects sadly at what she sees.
  • The Moon
    Careful what you wish for. It may come true under the Moon.
  • Neptune's Curse
    A poem inspired by the works of Edgar Allen Poe.
  • New Gadgets for 2010
    Some of the latest cool tech arrives in 2010. Keep tabs on your new tech.
  • Star Bright
    A look at the Goddess of Creation working overtime while she creates the galaxy of stars.
  • Winter Olympics
    A look back at the film Downhill Racer and the start of the XXI Winter Olympics in Canada.
  • Dear
    When you find it hard to say the words of love that is in your heart. Let this poem be a good start to help compose them.
  • Cupid
    Sometimes we need a friend like Cupid to show the ones we love, how much love them.
  • Rose
    Giving love to the one you love is the best kind of love.
  • Love
    Does it really take a rocket scientist to figure out how love really works?
  • Passion
    When heavy passion takes over your emotions and the joy of the moment that will last a lifetime.
  • Light Years
    When you take that unexpected cosmic journey across the universe!
  • Internet TV
    Television was once just for viewing channels for entertainment and news, but coming very soon will make TV much more than just watching channels.
  • Tesla
    His inventions changed the world, an unappreciated genius, and visionary who understood the how the very nature of the universe worked. Tesla biography, part two.
  • Nikola Tesla
    Some say he was a man born out of time, a man born too soon, that his inventions changed the world, and that he was an unappreciated genius who's wanted to give free energy to people. Tesla biography, part one.
  • Blue Moon
    A poem under that magical moment once in a blue moon real love happens.
  • The Terminator
    Seems you need to be a cyborg from the future to fix the woes of a dying State Empire fallen on financial hardship.
  • Faces
    A poem about the hidden messages in faces, some sad, some glad, and pondering on better times.
  • Winter Chill
    A poem about when you want a change to happen, waiting for it, and you consciously surround yourself with other people to help expedite it.
  • The Waiting
    When you found your lost love and can't see them or when your still waiting for them to appear and unlock your loving heart.
  • When in Doubt, Shout it Out
    When true love has it's doubts it's time to make clear what brought you there in the first place.
  • Gently Weeping
    A poem about hardship and despair that befalls everyone in time. And the hope the God is listening and cares.
  • New Year's Resolution Ideas
    Keeping a New Year's resolution may seem daunting at first but staying focus on goals and ideas can help you get there. Here are ten ideas to help you get started.
  • The Consciousness of Water
    Comprehending the meaning of ordinary water having memory and consciousness. Does this prove that there is a universal cosmic consciousness at work?
  • The Stages of Spiritual Growth for Christians
    Understanding the development and principles involved in becoming a Christian.
  • When Love Has No Rules
    You can't stop true love or passion and when it happens, it is unstoppable.
  • Eloquent Display
    A poem about showing everyone everywhere what your made of ostentatiously.
  • Patrick McGoohan
    Remembering this great actor and his talented career.
  • Magnetically Treated Water
    The power of magnetism and the healthful benefits it offers.
  • Brittany Murphy
    Brittany Murphy's career is cut too short and dies suddenly of cardiac arrest.
  • Darling You
    A poem about spending time with your love on that bright sunny day.
  • Alkaline Diet
    The benefits of the Alkaline-Acid Diet and the best foods to eat to restore balance in the body.
  • Winter
    A poem about the winter season and the joys of the holidays.
  • When Love Sees You
    A poem about when true love sees you.
  • Poised
    A poem about wondering thoughts and being confident.
  • She
    She had the look that could pierce into your soul. A poem about silently communicating.
  • The Renaissance Affair
    Long ago under the skies of old, lovers speak about loving each other forever more.
  • Through the Pillars of Time
    A poem about love that will never die.
  • Happy with You
    A poem about lovers spending time in the moment.
  • Glamour Girls
    A poem about dancing to the music and letting go.
  • Black Triangles and UFOs, Part Four
    An examination of the origins of the mysterious UFO's known as Black Triangles.
  • Black Triangles and UFOs, Part Three
    An examination of the origins of the mysterious UFO's known as Black Triangles.
  • Black Triangles and UFOs, Part Two
    An examination of the origins of the mysterious UFO's known as Black Triangles.
  • Black Triangles and UFOs, Part 1
    An examination of the origins of the mysterious UFO's known as Black Triangles.
  • Christmas Themes
    How to choose the best themes and decorations for your house for Christmas.
  • The Mystical Journey
    A poem about letting go and taking a ride to a mystical journey toward the unknown.
  • Retired USAF Colonel's Close Encounter with UFO's
    The amazing story of Wendelle C. Stevens, a retired Air Force pilot-turned-UFO investigator and researcher.
  • Astronauts and UFO's
    Famous Astronauts recount their close encounter with UFO's.
  • Movies with Compelling Subjects that Ultimately Failed, Part 2
    Films that have a compelling message are received in a lackluster way.
  • Movies with Compelling Subjects that Ultimately Failed, Part 1
    Films that have a compelling message are received in a lackluster way.
  • Faithful Searching
    A poem about keeping your faith in dreams.
  • Daydreamers
    A poem about daydreaming lovers who met once, parted, and still love each other.
  • Thanksgiving Day, Recipes, and Fun Family Activities
    The history of Thanksgiving, different types of menu, and family fun activities during this festive holiday.
  • Fallen Starlet
    This poem is about falling and the bittersweet ending.
  • New Gadgets for the 21 Century
    A look at new tech you want to have in your collection.
  • Into This World
    The eternal story of immortal lovers created to love one another through time.
  • With the Milky Way
    A poem about wishing under the stars of the Milky Way galaxy.
  • The Power of Healing Music
    Music has the amazing ability to nurture, heal and inspire us.
  • John and Paul
    The real dynamic duo. Two music legends from Liverpool make a big impact on the entire world and influenced generations to come.
  • The Mayan Mystery
    The year 2012 AD and the ancient Mayan calendar.
  • In the Twilight of Love
    When lovers meet for the first time in their lives and realize that destiny has other plans. "Love is a promise, love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear." -John Lennon
  • Vibrational Healing Energies
    The creation of the universe and our consciousness are connected spiritually as vibrational energy.
  • Jet Back
    A traveling homesick poem inspired by the Beatles, Steve Miller, and Paul Pena.
  • Life in the Music Lane
    She plays the guitar to help her cope with her sadness in a fleeting relationship.
  • Dreamer's Journey
    Sail away with your dearest friends and lovers and enjoy the time together. "It matters not, who you love, where you love, why you love, when you love or how you love. It matters only that you love". -John Lennon
  • Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind
    Close encounters of the fourth kind and the different types of this strange phenomenon.
  • Alien Abduction Phenomenon
    For thousands of years people have claimed of seeing strange creatures appearing from thin air and abducting victims.
  • UFO's and Human Evolution
    Ancient cultures have encountered beings with supernatural powers and believe they have tampered with human evolution.
  • Ancient Astronauts
    A look at ancient astronaut theory.
  • Midnight Dreams
    A poem inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft.
  • Summer Moon
    A poem about lovers under the summer moon.
  • Sky Blue
    Lovers spending time under the blue sky. "Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted." -John Lennon.
  • Zombie Films
    George A. Romero didn't invent zombies but he certainly made this voodoo lore into a landmark of gore infested film genre that is more popular today than ever.
  • Disney's Best Classic Halloween Films
    Spend Halloween watching these all-time favorite films from Disney.
  • Jack O'Lantern
    Learn the story behind the Jack O'Lantern and how to make one for your home.
  • Halloween
    A historic look back at the evolution of this ancient holiday.
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